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Titanium Dragon writes...

Another, unrelated to the first question.

I noticed that in "The Awakening", the commandos fighting the Gargoyles are among the best fighters in the whole series. The Gargoyles don't take them down with one punch, they roll, do flips, ect. and generally make things very difficult for the Gargoyles. Why were these commandos so much more effective than the ones who showed up in the rest of the series, who generally were incapable of really fighting the Gargoyles evenly?

Greg responds...

I'm not sure what you mean by "the ones who showed up in the rest of the series".

The commandos were the commandos were the commandos. Same five people, from "Awakening, Part One" until "Monsters" when four out of the five drowned, leaving only their leader Bruno alive.

Certainly, they benefitted from (a) being somewhat prepared to fight what they were fighting and (b) the gargoyles being wholey unprepared to fight in the modern era against modern weapons and techniques.

We wanted the commandos to be formidable, and I think they were, but no, they were never in the top tier of Garg-opponents. Still they did fairly well, in episodes like "Metamorphosis", I think.

Response recorded on May 04, 2007