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Charisma82 writes...

Hey! I'm taking a break from Gargoyles and going into Buffyverse…

I just finished reading your Buffyverse top 40 for Angel's last season and it got my mind thinking back on the show. I was wondering which show you preferred more, Buffy or Angel? Me, myself, and I loved Angel. When I was younger, I watched about 1 or 2 seasons of Buffy on reruns. I stopped watching it and never really went back to it. I remember liking the first season I watched (which was when Buffy was in her last year of High School), but was a bit more disappointed in the season that came on after that. I happened to be talking to a friend about the show later on and she told me that if I liked the character Angel (which was one of my favorite characters in Buffy), I'd like his spin off show. Spin off show? I'd never heard of it. When I found out, Angel was in its 4th season, and I didn't really think of watching it, until… I found the reruns! I've seen all of the Angel episodes and I think that they are WAY better than the Buffy shows I remember. What I liked the most is how the characters totally changed from when they started the show to when they ended it. Who would've thought Cordelia from Buffy would ever end up the Cordelia at the end of Angel? And the same with Wesley. Then the show added some regulars on. I really liked Doyle and was sad to see him go. I also liked Gun, Fred, and Lorne. It was also interesting when they threw Spike into the mix in the last season. I have to agree with you that Angel's last season was one of great exits. Cordelia's death was terrible for me because I had grown to like her character a lot. I really like how Angel and her part for the last time. I wonder to myself sometimes that if Angel had to pick between Cordi and Buffy, who would he would choose. He never got into a real boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with Cordi like he did with Buffy (which is probably for the best). I myself have always hoped he would pick Cordi since the two of them had grown closer to each other as great friends and then to something a bit more. I know that Buffy will always be one of his loves, but hey, you can't blame me for wanting to see him with Cordi. Anyways, back to the deaths. I was sad when Fred died and there was no way to bring her back. I was crushed when Wesley died and it made it even sadder when Illyria pretended to be Fred for him. I would have really liked to know what happened to the rest of the gang (though it is pretty obvious). I kind of hope at least a few of them made it through the final fight in some way. That's hoping for ya. I'll never forget one of Angel's last lines though. "Personally, I'd like to take the dragon." HA! Out of all the sad moments in that episode, that got a good laugh out of me. Well, I know I've rambled on long enough. Just thought I'd put my 2 cents in about Angel. Hope it didn't bore you too much.

Thank you for your time and patience.


Greg responds...

Episode by episode, there were some shows I liked more than others, but I basically LOVED both Buffy and Angel. No preference, per se though between the series.

Response recorded on May 08, 2007