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Gantros writes...

I've been hearing about the Team Atlantis voice track that featured Demona and has been played at Gatherings. I've been unfortunate at being unable to hear it myself. Do you intend to post it on the net? If it's a matter of attracting people to Gatherings, you could commission the comic artists to create something like a Powerpoint slideshow or simple storyboards set to the voice track that's exclusive to Gatherings, while those of us that can't afford to travel to the Gatherings can hear it on Station 8 or wherever.

Greg responds...

I could "commission" the comic book artists... with WHAT money exactly?

The fans are working on putting together an animatic of the vocal track. If you're an artist and are interested in helping out, contact Vashkoda at the Station Eight comment room.

Otherwise, I don't see what incentive I have to take a Gathering exclusive and make it non-exclusive. I realize that some fans can't afford to attend the Gathering, and I'm sympathetic, but that doesn't change the fact that there SHOULD be some perks FOR attending. This is one of them.

Response recorded on May 14, 2007