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dph writes...

My Review of Comic #3

I enjoyed some of the old characters make appearances.

1)'Nice Mask' - Is that a reference to a certain line spoken during Awakening Part 2?

Nice to know that Jeffery Robbins hasn't quite put together 2+2 in regards to Hudson yet. The line "we all wear masks" seems very appropriate.

It was nice to see our favorite bickering couple, but Margot not knowing what a cyborg is seems odd.

2)Is Angela's choice of clothing a reference to The Wizard of Oz?

Broadway sorta looks like Leo in his get-up, but I guess more importantly he looks like the Lion from Wizard of Oz. Elisa Maza as Princess Jasmine is something to think about. I'm sure that there's more symbolism behind that choice than I can think of at the moment.

It's nice to see the battle between Thailog, Talon, and Claw.

It's interesting that Judge Roebling remembers Goliath.

Elisa meet . . Deliliah.

3)Why are the guests seemingly try to make Alexander quite older than he is?

Ambassador Chung and Son Terry - that's a reference to future plans for New Olympians. Nice way to introduce references to them for future development.

4)if this question will be covered in the next issue of the comic, please ignore it: Who is David Xanatos speaking to in private?

5)Aside from David Xanatos hosting a party, is there any particular reason that Thailog chose this particular time to 'liberate' the clones?

Morgan talking to Deliliah. What could they possibly have in common to talk about?

It's nice to see that Owen was prepared for seemingly the worst. It's also nice to see Owen's diplomatic skills at work.

It was the worth the wait to see more future seeds for stories thrown out with this issue.

Greg responds...

For the record, this actually seems to be a review of issue #4.

1. Yep.

2. Um... yep... Angela as Dorothy. Broadway as the Cowardly Lion.

3. I'm not sure I understand the question. Alex looks older than he is.

4. See issue #5

5. I'll let the rest stand on it's own.

Response recorded on May 18, 2007