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Polgara writes...

Is Demona drunk every time she goes out and tryes to kill the Clan?? She keeps teling them how the defeat her!! First in temptation, telling Brooklyn that Goliath would obey however holds the spell, and then, in Hunters Moon.
Is Demona actually and in some way, as inocent to think that with a few friendly words exchanged she can trust any of the gargoyles the secrets to success? Is she just desperate to share her victory that forgets to keep at least some things to herself? Or she is just raving?
Has she ever got drunk, by the way? >:>
Mmm, oookaaayy, thats it Thks again Greg, for the show and taking the time to answer our questios. GARGOYLES ROCK ON!!

Greg responds...

Generally, speaking Demona isn't drunk. Beyond that, I guess I might as well leave things to your interpretation... and/or check the ASK GREG archives under Demona, where this topic has been covered ad nauseum.

As for whether she's EVER been drunk, well I'd guess that over her LOONNNNNNGGGG life, the answer would be yes.

Response recorded on June 12, 2007