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Grey Wolf writes...

I'm just going to ramble on Brooklyn's crushes. (Am I the only one who's favorite character is NOT him?)
The way I saw them, Maggie was the only genuine crush. He really seemed to care for her, and loved her enough to let her go rather than fight Talon for her. Angela could almost have been a rebound, and teenage boy + only avalible girl is going to inevediably create sparks. Poor guy's probably lonely too. Delilah, she was just a shot in the dark. He didn't know anything about her, but he was darn willing to learn! I think he's just looking for ANYONE to love him. He needs more specific standards.

Greg responds...

I don't see Angela as a rebound. It was a full-on crush, easily equal to or not greater than Maggie, IMO. Otherwise, I largely agree with you.

Response recorded on June 25, 2007