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Graymonk writes...

Wow, three posts in one day, ussualy months go by between my posts to Ask Greg, must have something to do with being on summer vacation.

Anyway thankyou in advance for your answers to my Bad Guys questions, I've re-thought my Clan contest entry since Sunday, I now think the surviving clans are:

1)London, England
2)Ishimura, Japan
4)New Olympus
5)Rome, Italy
6)Loch Ness, Scptland
8)Valley of the Kings, Egypt
9)Manhattan, U.S.A.
10)Labyrinth, U.S.A.
11)Xanadu, China
12)Wyvern, scotland
13)Paris, France

Thankyou very much for your attention

Greg responds...

11 full points, one half tyca

Response recorded on July 30, 2000