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Vashkoda writes...

Here are some more guesses. I hope you don't mind me posting several Antarctica guesses at once, for the sake of saving space in the archive. Hm, I wonder if you'll give each one half a point. Btw, if someone names an entire continent (such as Africa), and let's say for the sake of this argument that there was a clan there, would you give zero points because it was too broad an answer, or would you still give it a fraction of a point? I guess what I'm asking is, how broad can you be before you stop awarding *any* points?

Castle Carbonek, Lemaire Channel (Antarctica), Zavodovski Island (Antarctica), Deception Island (Antarctica), Bouvetoya (Antarctica), Dry Valleys (Antarctica), Paradise Harbor (Antarctica), Iceland, Greenland, Manhattan, Avalon, Ishimura, New Olympus, Paris

Greg responds...

I'm only giving full points and half points. So if someone put North America, I guess I'd give it a half point for the Manhattan clan. The half point indicates the answer isn't all wrong, but that it's not right either. But that means that the United States would get the same half point that North America would get, that New York State would get that New York City would get. Only Manhattan would get the full point.

Five full points. Six half points.


Response recorded on August 02, 2000