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Maria writes...

Hey there Greg :)

Are we ever going to learn more about Matt and Hacker's FBI days? Are there any good stories from that time when they were partners (relevant to the master plan or, you know, just interesting stories by themselves)?

Also, thinking about it, Matt suddenly reminded me a lot of Percival himself. Back when he was still "the pure fool". Although I wouldn't call Matt a fool, is the sort-of parallel intentional? Lot more I want to say about this but I don't want to break the "idea" rule.

So I'll just ask this last question; Hacker says in 'Revelations' "You impressed us". Who's "us"? Has Hacker himself been pushing for Matt's membership? Or did Duval personally give the go ahead? Hmm. Actually you know what, this all sounds more like "How does Illuminati membership work?" which is a whole other dealy you won't probably (and understandably, we do have the comic now. Yay ^_^ ) want to be forthcoming about. Though, if you do want to throw a little something something our way about any of that i don't think anyone will stop you ^_~

Greg responds...

Ever? Sure.

Response recorded on September 05, 2007