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newbey writes...

Switching to Karine Charlebois's pencil art was quite a change from Nir Paniry's, which I started to get use to. First off about the comic, was that Finnella & Mary in the future (they're suppose to have a part in Timedancer, so ... curious). Seeing Dr. Sato from Deadly Force was refreshing. The art for the first four pages was a little too disney (Thailog was just too cuddly). Out of 666 Illuminators, is there one ranked zero, or a one ONE? Life just gets worse for Brendan, maybe Margot is still mad about the terrorist thing in City of Stone (sorry, didn't mean any suggestions by that). The Gar-costumes were amazing; the boots, the open backs, elbow slots! Angela is certainly relatable to the teen girls, AND SHE IS REALLY EXCITED, IN THIS ISSUE! I've re-read the issue to see if Thailog actually used all 8-blades accordingly. It was nice to see the revelation of Robbins, kinda similar to Season3 episode Dwindling light. Who was L.B.J.? Is Xanatos going to be a gopher for the Illuminati(rumour)? Overall, the clone battle would've been funny as an episode, with all the voice actors talking (Keith & Salli shuving then luving, same with Bill & Brigitte). Delilah is acting like both Demona and Elisa in-sync. Did Elisa and Lex just sit there while Thailog cut a chunck out of them? Hearing Goliath's last grunt had me scared, but the 'I love you...' scene was perfect. Seeing Malibu with Delilah was just another blow to Brooklyn, cause that was a sense of what Brooklyn is suppose to become. Thailog being with the Illuminati was no surprise to me, BUT SHARI!? Why did I just learn her name now!? Hope the comic pulls through issue #11.
P.S. in Gargoyles #3, Angela's hair was brown, just to let you know.

Greg responds...

There are zero members ranked at zero of course. One one. Negative seven Negative sevens, etc.

L.B.J. was Lyndon Baines Johnson... President of the United States. (Man, you really just made me feel old.)

Response recorded on September 07, 2007