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W. C. Reaf writes...

Hi Greg

Long time fan first time questioner. I'm eagerly anticipating the Spectacular Spider-Man series and I know it'll be good with your amazing writing talent in charge. I know you can't really talk about it yet so I won't be asking any questions on it now.

I've got a question on the public perception of Gargoyles in the Gargoyles universe. Why does the public see them as wild beasts and monsters but they don't notice they don't notice or comment on the fact that they're wearing loincloths that are meant to cover their modesty?

No other animal wears clothes just for that purpose so that shows at least the Gargoyles are more than the average monster in the public eye.

Greg responds...

Frankenstein's monster wears clothes. Doesn't make him less of a monster in the eyes of the public.

Look, if they didn't wear clothes, people would notice and be further scandalized/horrified/whatever. But the fact that they are wearing clothes doesn't necessarily register. Given their basic anatomy, I think it's largely taken for granted. Do a few people stop and say, "Hey, they're wearing clothes..." Well, yeah. No response is monolithic. But the majority don't pay particular attention.

Response recorded on October 11, 2007