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Jonny Modlin writes...

Hi Greg,
I am very excited about getting Gargoyles Comic #6 by Slave Labor. I will get the remaining Gargoyles comic books by Slave Labor of 7-12, Bad Guys, Pendragon, Timedancer, The New Olympians, Gargoyles 2198, Dark Ages, etc. I NEED to know how the sales of Gargoyles Season One and Season Two, Volume One DVD sets are doing! How are the sales for Gargoyles Season One and Season Two, Volume One? I need to know if Season Two, Volume Two of Gargoyles will come out, so I can complete the entire series of Gargoyles on DVD with Season One, Season Two, Volume One and Season Two, Volume Two containing 65 episodes. Thank you.

Greg responds...

I have no new news to report. And I never get sales figures. Disney treats those like state secrets.

Response recorded on October 16, 2007