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Rebel writes...

Hi again, these questions are about Brentwood. Will he always remain loyal to Thailog? Will he eventually get a little...er...more educated, or always be more of a goon for Thailog? Since Brentwood chose to join him, and since Thailog no longer has a "clan", will he start to treat Brentwood with more respect or still more like a slave? If Thailog makes another "clan" with the stolen genetic material from #5, would Brentwood have any sort of authority or preferential treatment in it, or would he be treated just like the others? And finally, if Lex is gay, is Brentwood gay too?

Ok, that's enough questions from me for now. I do have some more questions, but I'll hold off on them until tomorrow or a few days from now.

Greg responds...

Rebel, I appreciate the enthusiasm, but I'm not going to reveal future... well, revelations. Why scoop myself when we now have the comic?

Response recorded on October 16, 2007