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Asatira writes...

Hi, Greg! Glad to finally get the issue 6, and to finally see something we fans have known of for a while, but never got the details. So that's what Coldsteel was doing all this time. And good to see another place from legend exists in the Gargoyles universe, I just wish there was more space and time to see more. Ah well, each medium has its pros and cons. There's a number of other things I liked about this issue, that can be summed up with one word: characters. For instance, I found the demand from Thailog to Shari for a story, and her feeding him grapes, rather funny because she outranks him. I think she's just mollifying him for now. I am glad that Angela recognizes the differences about parental concerns about biological relationships, but still barrels ahead with her guess about Gabriel's relationship to Coldstone. And his follow-up comment, quoting the "biological" but still saying son, which was most important. I kind of wonder how much Desdemona overheard and if some of that pause was her taking it in as well. Reminded once again, when Coldstone mentions his concern about children with the image of Angela, how important the clan's eggs really were to the clan. I'm like many on the site and curious about the revelation at the end. What could Xanatos have to do with Coldsteel, and will the later be cooperative?

Greg responds...

Hang tight. You're just an issue away from learning more about your last question.

Response recorded on October 16, 2007