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Todd Jensen writes...

My thoughts/review on #6.

It's unfortunate that this one was plagued with production errors (especially the wrong pictures on one page), and I hope that future issues won't have that problem. But you've already covered that part, so I won't say more about it.

The flashback story felt a little hurried, in order to get it into one issue, but was still interesting. Master Dawa made a good new character; I especially liked his verbal wit with such lines as "Their souls are fortunate that their bodies are such lousy shots" and "Listen with your heart, Sangpo... if that doesn't work, I'll translate later."

The revelation that Iago hadn't taken over Coldstone's body, but that Coldstone pretended that he had to prevent Goliath from bringing him back to the clan (and thus potentially endangering the other gargoyles when Iago *did* succeed in taking over Coldstone again), was also well-handled.

And I was amused by the opening of the flashback, with the skiff arriving in a laundry pot, since it reminded me of a few discussions that I'd seen in Gargoyles forums as to how small a body of water Avalon could transport one to.

While the "present-day" part of the story wasn't advanced much, we still got some enjoyable tidbits. It seems that Thailog has finally met his match in Shari, something which makes this new character all the more interesting. And I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how things go between Xanatos and Coldsteel. (It seems that his motives for providing robotic bodies for the other two souls inside Coldstone weren't as altruistic as he claimed. Though, knowing Xanatos, that shouldn't be such a surprise.)

At any rate, a good story; I just wish that there hadn't been as many production errors. And I hope that we don't see any (or none of this magnitude) in future issues.

Greg responds...

Just had to end the post with another mention of the errors, even though you already mentioned them -- and as you said I already covered them -- and you wrote " I won't say more about it." at the top of the post.

You guys are going to make Cranky Greg return.

Response recorded on October 16, 2007