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dph writes...

My review of issue #6

Where do I begin? This is obviously an immediate follow-up to the previous issue, which I enjoy. I enjoyed seeing Thailog in yet another change of clothes. It seemed quite plausible for the Society to be aware of the travelers' trips around the world and put together that Avalon was sending them places. I found the entry point for the travelers to be quite . . entertaining. It was also nice for humans to be treating gargoyles with respect, even if that was an order. It was nice to see Coldstone's reaction to seeing Angela and Coldstone's natural curiosity about how he was found. It's nice to know that Angela recognizes Coldstone as Gabriel's hatchling. At this point, it's nice follow-up to High Noon that Coldstone does not want to rejoin his clan out of fear of causing them injury. The way that he convinces them that the evil one has taken over is quite good. It's interesting the way that Coldstone brought them down. Then it's nice to learn where they really were as well as nice to add another mythic place to the gargoyle's universe. Also, it's very nice for Thailog to be outsmarted for once, showing that he can be. The ending with Coldsteel was quite interesting and also quite trusting of David Xanatos.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story. When I picked up comic book, I inquired about being the only one in my area who ordered Gargoyles comics. I had a pleasant surprise to find there was one other. Next time I go to the comic book store, I plan on leaving contact information so this other person can contact me.

Greg responds...

Xanatos? Trusting?

Response recorded on October 17, 2007