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David writes...

I just read your apology for Gargoyles #6. Yes, I think it was the weakest comic thus far, and yes, I'm glad to know it's not unnoticed by SLG and yourself. But that being said, you seemed really down about it, and I wanted to give you at least one fan's response to your apology. I really appreciate your integrity,(Nice to know you stand by Renard's words!)and I won't pretend that the issue was as well done as the others. That being said, it's in a very very large part of you that we have an issue #6. Or an issue #1, or anything after Hunter's Moon Part Three. You mention not expecting our unlimited patience, but you need to know, you already had mine. Ten years from the last good episode of Gargoyles, you came through in spades. You did the impossible, and you brought Gargoyles back to me, and all the Garg fans out there. Thanks to your hard work, I finally got to see Goliath and Elisa proclaim their love for each other. A moment that brought me closer to tears then anything else in years. Thanks to you I've seen a little more of what would happen to the Manhattan Clan after finally reclaiming their old home, and forcing an alliance of sorts with Xanatos. I saw more of the Illuminati, and perhaps the best Thailog story to date. And soon, thanks to you, I'll see Bad Guys, and quite possibly the other Gargoyles spin offs that I honestly never thought would happen after the show's cancellation. As I write this I see that a lot of that is, in fact, thanks to YOUR "unlimited patience" as well as your refusal to give in and let Gargoyles die. Believe me, if you never write another Gargoyles story again, I'll consider these six issues a worthy return on my patience. Please know that all you have done for Gargoyles and it's fans is far from unnoticed. And while I can only speak for myself, I think all Gargoyles fans would agree me. So what? You stumbled a little along the way bringing us something we had all but given up hope of ever seeing. YOUR "unlimited patience" has shown us the impossible is possible. Why would we give you anything short of our own in return?

Greg responds...

Just to be clear, I'm apologizing for production errors. When you say the issue was not "as well done as the others" or "the weakest comic thus far", that's not an opinion I share, though of course you're entitled to yours.

Otherwise, thanks for your kind words.

Response recorded on October 18, 2007