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Charles Logan writes...

In the sixth and latest issue of the new gargoyles comic the same page is used twice. This page is the one where Goliath and Coldstone meet up in the cave and Coldstone throws Goliath over his shoulder. The first time we see this page the dialogue does not seem to correspond with the picture, was this a mistake? Will you be reprinting the comic with the correct pages and dialogue? If not will we be able to see the page online? Should questions about the comic be left at AskGreg or will there be a place to do this at Creature Comics? I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the new adventures of the gargoyles and cannot wait to start reading Bad Guys. I read somewhere that Bad Guys might become a new animated series, is this true?

Greg responds...

By the time you posted this, I had already responded to all these questions. I'd once again like to ask EVERYONE to read responses/archives/faqs and even check things out at the Station 8 comment room before posting here. I'm trying to avoid creating a huge backlog here.

As to Bad Guys becoming a new animated series... no, it's not true. Where did you read this?

Response recorded on October 18, 2007