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Billy Kerfoot writes...

Hi again Greg. Just wanted to let you know (and get to my question) that I just bought the five comics available and they made me cry. Seeing the continuation of your brilliant series was overwhelming, even if it's not on TV. I even introduced my brothers to the series thanks to my DVDs as well after showing them how much of a retro guy I am (I've been TiVo-ing the episodes that haven't been released). Although they still prefer Ducktales as their favorite Disney cartoon ever, they really dig Gargoyles!
My main question is: After "Leader of the Pack", why weren't there any more Lexington-centered episodes? I know he had some key moments in some of the later episodes but the next episode that truly revolved around him that I know of would be "Ransom" and that's not a real episode of course.
Anyway, great comic so far Greg, keep up the good work!

Greg responds...

We have a very large cast to service, so I'm afraid, sometimes characters -- as involved as they might be in the action -- lie fallow for periods of time as other stories seem hotter. Lex will get his turn in the spotlight, as soon as issues #7-8.

Response recorded on October 22, 2007