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Purplegoldfish writes...

My review/comments/thoughts on #6- "Reunion"

I'm not going to go into the errors-it's already been talked about and I know it's being fixed. I did notice the page 12 error right away.

Art is nice-Gordon Purcell did a good job and I wouldn't mind seeing him working on the book again. He's especially good with the human characters. The only complaint I have is that the pencil lines are a little too unfinished and choppy in some panels. It distracted me a few times and interrupted my train of thought from the story.
And hats off to Dustin Evans for his coloring work-great color palette and he did a good job with the lighting and shadows.

Good story, it fits in nicely with previous episodes and comic issues. A lot of people have said that the story feels too rushed. I don't think it feels rushed so much as we're only seeing just a small snippet of what happened.

I guess the first two pages are there to assure the audience all is well with Goliath and Maggie. But it feels a little awkward to me. I don't understand why Angela is in such a good mood-sure nobody died, but they were attacked and essentially driven from their home-as Brooklyn says, that's not really cause for celebration. (Also, how did they find out about Maggie?)

Shari and Thailog- What the heck is going on there? :P. Lol, I love the toga! Acting out the part of a Roman Emperor-Hilarious.

The travellers-
heh, and I thought the pool in Arizona was weird!

I like Elisa's line about Hawaii and her aggravated stance on the next page. It's pretty clear that by now Elisa is pretty fed up with the World Tour-and it seems like this isn't one of her favorite adventures. That girl deserves a tropical vacation.

This place must be COLD if Goliath, Angela, and even Bronx feel the need to dress warmly. It's cool seeing Goliath wearing something other than just his loincloth, and I love Bronx's doggie vest :)

Yetis, lol. I thought we were going to get to see real ones ;)
Master Dawa is an interesting character who has some good lines-I hope we see more of him...But how did he and Sangpo get to that cave before Goliath and company lol?

I like Goliath's concern for Elisa in the cold-reminiscent of "Eye of the Storm"

YES! Jalapena rears its head yet again ;) Who's saying it though? I'm guessing it was Elisa. (I don't think Angela has said it in the series yet)

I like Coldstone's reaction to Angela's telling him about Gabriel. I can't help wondering if there is some interest in the biological part, considering what he/she/they have become.

I'm disappointed in Coldstone/Othello here though. I thought his actions were too violent and unnecessary-particularly with grabbing Elisa by the neck. I understand his reasons, but I don't understand why he couldn't just have a long talk with them about his plight and why he can't go with them. (It's not as if they can force him anyway).

I guess Coldstone and the monks shipped the travellers off to Shambahla. I had no idea this was a mythical place until people in the comment room brought it up. I love learning about new mythical places though, and I've since looked it up.

I also wonder along with thailog what will come of this adventure. And I'm ashamed to say that I'm curious to know if Shari took a peek under his toga after he turned to stone ;).

I don't think we've heard from the Scarab Corp. since "Awakenings." Nice little touch.

Xanatos working with Coldsteel. I'm not surprised. After all, if he built those robots just for Goliath, Othello, and Desdemona's benefit, he wouldn't even have built a robot for Iago. I'm guessing this has something to do with Xanatos' Illumniati assignment.

Overall, a good story which leaves a lot more questions in my mind. I like how the past and present stories intermingle nicely, and it all fits together rather well. Really looking forward to number 7! Great job, Greg! And keep em' coming :D

Greg responds...

A little time has passed, enough to have learned about Maggie's condition.

"Driven from their home"? I don't see that, really. Freed from being trapped in their home, I think.

I'm not sure Elisa was truly fed up; all of us grouse -- it's human nature.

Dawa and Sangpo will reappear.

And they didn't get to the cave before Goliath and company. Not sure where you got that...?

Elisa said Jalapeña.

The travelers can't force Coldstone to go with them, but if they see it as their quest, they can refuse to depart without him.

RECAP was also from Scarab.


Response recorded on October 24, 2007