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This year, I will be attending WonderCon in Anaheim and San Diego Comic-Con, both as just a regular joe. I will also be attending Denver Comic-Con as an invited guest:


A few people have asked me recently if there are any other conventions I might be attending. At the moment, the answer, I'm afraid, is no. Mostly because I haven't been invited, and I just can't afford to go to a con on my own dime. [WonderCon is both relatively local and free for me to attend, and San Diego is (sometimes to my chagrin) - still an I-can't-afford-to-miss-this-in-the-business-I'm-in event. And at least I can go to the con itself for free. So they're both exceptions.]

Chris Jones, my partner in crime on the YJ comic book, posted this message about con attendance, and it's so on the money, I'm just going to cut and paste it here:

"Guys, if you want to see me as a guest at a particular convention in your area, the best thing to do is for you and your friends to let the convention runners know you want me there! I can't afford to travel to many out-of-state conventions so when a convention invites me as a guest and covers ... my travel/hotel expenses, it makes it MUCH more likely that I'll be able to attend! :-)"

In fact, I've literally NEVER turned down an invite to be an invited guest. (Okay, yeah, I'm a bit of an attention-whore. I admit it.) So if you want me in your town, tell your local con!