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It's February, 1992 and we're circling in on our concepts. Trying to find names for our characters. Here's a memo I wrote to organize an effort to get the names once and for all. The people addressed include my bosses Gary Krisel (President of TV Animation) and Bruce Cranston (Vice President of Development for TV Animation), Gary's assistant Kim Mozingo (who was copied to make sure that Gary actually got this e-mail). My assistant Hali Helfgott (who I asked to copy the e-mail to the artists who didn't have computers, including Art Director Bob Kline, character designer Greg Guler and development artist Paul Felix.) Also copied were Development Associates Kat Fair, Fred Schaefer and Mike Ryan. This, at the time, was the team involved in developing the series.

[3] From: Greg Weisman 2/l/92 8:13PM (4538 bytes: 86 ln)
To: Gary Krisel, Kimberlee Mozingo, Greg Weisman, Bruce Cranston, Kathy Fair,
Fred Schaefer, Mike Ryan, Hali Helfgott

------------------------------- Message Contents ------------------------------
Hali, please copy Bob, Paul and Greg.

We need to come up with new names for most of the characters in Gargoyles. The method we used for "Wind-Ryders" seemed fairly successful, so we'll try it again. [Wind-Ryders was another series we developed and failed to sell. Wind-Ryders was just one of its names. It was set in a VR world. The Cade & Togo characters mentioned in a previous memo came from Wind-Ryders.] Please take a few minutes to write up your suggestions and then turn them into me a.s.a.p.

I've included our theory on names. It's only a working theory, however, so if you've got a great name that doesn't fit, don't hesitate to include it. (Though you might also try to give me one that does fit the theory just in case.) I'll collate all the entries and we'll put em to a vote again.

Gary and I discussed the notion that naming things is a human peculiarity. [This actually became the key to solving our name problems. I think deep down I realized that. But I didn't yet have confidence in it.] Gargoyles don't normally do it, referring to each other by their job-descriptions, (e.g. Gargoyle-Master or Gargoyle-Warrior) or by "Hey, you!"

When they all wake up in the 20th century, their new friend detective Maria feels that they need names. My guess is the three kids each pick their own fun names and also choose a name for the dog. [See. We did that.] Demona might pick her own name as well, either before or after she leaves them to join Xavier. [Back then, we had Demona waking up WITH the other gargs. Then switching sides. (As you may recall, the Demona name was left over from the old comedy development. When Dakota became Demona.]

Ralph probably can't think of a name, so Maria picks one for him. [This more or less happened with Hudson, except that Hudson's naming, became the catalyst and key to our other New York City inspired names. This THEMING of all the names was eventually very important to give us all something to hold onto, instead of having a bunch of random names, as listed below.]

The Gargoyle-Master might choose his own name or Maria might choose it for him. Shouldn't matter much, we still want something heroic and classical, I think. [We eventually allowed the tenth century humans to name this guy, instead of Maria/Elisa.]

Here are the characters we need names for:

THE GARGOYLE-MASTER (I'd rather not have anything reminiscient of "Vincent" the name of the live-action T.V Beast. Whether he chose his own name or not, we might want to wind up with something Shakespearean or Mythological. Something that sounds heroic, certainly, but might have an edge of sadness to it. This is the tough one.) [I wrote a few notions of my own on my copy of this memo: "ATLAS, STONE, CALABAN, PROMTETHIUS, TITAN". You can see that I didn't have the name "Goliath" yet, but I had the feeling I wanted in mind.]

DEMONA - (We might still use this name, but Gary is concerned that it might be too on the nose for the pitch. Would she pick a name that labels her as a villain? Does any villain think of him or herself as a villain?) [I wrote: "Angelica, Carve, Dagger". When Demona's "origin" was altered (to in effect take over the tragic idea of a gargoyle being ALIVE AND AWAKE for a thousand years) this dilemma went away. The idea of Macbeth naming her and her liking the name came later. But you can see that the Angelica/Angel/Angela (opposite of Demona) name was already roaming about in my head.]

RALPH - This is our old past-his-prime former Warrior. Caretaker for the young gargoyles. [I wrote: "ROLF, RALPH, ROCK" For some reason, I really liked the name Ralph for this character, this proto-Hudson. I was stuck on it for awhile.]

CUBBI - This is the small, male, trouble-making, adventure seeking Gargoyle. [I wrote: "NASTI, AMP, STATIC, MOE". This was the garg that looked a bit like Lex, but had Brooklyn's personality. He had been called (at least briefly) "Amp" in our old comedy development. I was still stuck on that. Cubbi, of course, was the name of a Gummi Bear, another of our inspirations.]

BELUSHI - This is our larger, female, party-animal gargoyle. [I wrote: "BELUSHI". This was our female proto-Broadway character. The one who was called Coco in the comedy development. Of course, years later, we'd cast Jim Belushi as Fang. But the inspiration here was Jim's late brother John.]

KRAMER - This is our sorta out-there, easily distracted, easily fascinated gargoyle. Modeled after the Kramer character on Seinfeld. [I wrote: "LASSIE, WEDGE". This character looked vaguely like Brooklyn but had a bit of Lex's personality. Though more of an idiot savant, than Lex's technically brilliant guy.]

DOG - Our angst-ridden pet. [I wrote: "LASSIE, DOG". Our proto-Bronx.]

MARIA CHAVEZ - When we actually do the show, we might be able to go back to this name. (We'll try anyway.) For purposes of the pitch, however, we don't want a name that emphasizes that she is hispanic. [I wrote: "LISA REED, ELISA". This paragraph is really embarrassing. I had been told by my bosses that we couldn't SELL the show with an Hispanic human lead. And so I pandered to get it sold, with every intention of going back to "Maria Chavez" once I was definitely in business. In the interrum, I fell in love with the first name Elisa. So she became Elisa Chavez. (And we did end up using that name in the pitch. Later when we cast African-American/Native-American actress Salli Richardson, Elisa's last name changed to "Maza". But we used the Maria Chavez name for her boss and Captain. So I feel good about the end result. But I'm ashamed that I didn't demonstrate the courage of my convictions throughout the process.]

XAVIER - Marvel has a semi-prominent character named Xavier. So we just need a new name that gives us the same effect. [I wrote: "MR JONAH, CARRIOS, SKANE". Yuck.]

CATSCAN - Catscan is fine for his super-villain name. We need a name for the scientist, before he becomes Catscan. The first name should probably be fairly normal. The last name (though it doesn't have to be an existing word) should probably have an ominous or dangerous sound to it. [I wrote: "DR. SKANE". I'm surprised I didn't revive this Skane name for Sevarius. But it obviously didn't stick with me.]

CY.O.T.E. - CYber-operational works great for me, but I'd like to get some other options on the T. and E. [I wrote: "C.Y.O.T.I CYber-Operational Transferable Intelligence". Ultimately, C.Y.O.T.I. became just Coyote, because we didn't want to tip that he was a robot right away.]

ROBOT & ROBOT ORGANIZATION - Could be the same name. (I.e. if the organization is called TOBOR CORP. Than the Robot could be called the TOBOR-1 or something.) [I wrote: "SKARAB, R-CORP". We wound up keeping the Scarab Corp. name. But we barely used it in the show.]

Thanks, G.W.