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Last week, Disney contacted me asking if I'd like one of the new Randy Bowen sculpted Goliaths. I, of course, responded with a VERY enthusiastic "YES!!"

They sent it to me, and I'm staring at it now in my office. It's pretty darn amazing: Goliath looks fantastic, and his wingspread is stunning. Heck, even the base is very cool! I recommend it to any fan of the show who has the disposable income. Remember also, that the best way to get Disney interested in producing more Gargoyles-related stuff is to vote with your wallets!! And whether or not you buy one, please help us SPREAD THE WORD about it.

It's Randy's interpretation of the character, and I've always been big on letting the artists take liberties that suit their personal style, but I find it interesting that some of the things he added, like Goliath's armband and earring are things that Greg Guler put on Goliath's original development design (before Frank Paur had our Japanese designers simplify all the characters). Don't believe me: compare and contrast Goliath from the original pitch, viewable on the Season One Gargoyles DVD.

Anyway, I want to thank Randy and the folks at Disney Collectibles (Scott Robertson, Steve Carrasco and Emily Shoji) for sending me a copy. I'm thrilled to have it!