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Electric Tiki, Rubén Procopio, Goliath and Me...

Electric Tiki, Rubén Procopio, Goliath and Me...

I literally just got back to my office after a trip to Rubén Procopio's studio in Burbank. Some of you, I'm sure, met Rubén at this summer's Gathering. Rubén is sculpting Goliath for Electric Tiki, and Tracy Mark Lee of Electric Tiki was at Rubén's studio too.

Rubén's Goliath sculpt -- in its final approval phase before baking, sanding, etc -- just kicks ass!!! Tracy and I had some extremely minor notes, but really, even if it went out exactly as is, I'd be thrilled!

I'm a big fan of the Randy Bowen Goliath that I've currently got sitting on my desk -- which is very much Randy's interpretation of the character. By contrast, what Rubén has done is bring the television show's Goliath to life in 3D. It's totally on-model, and in fact Rubén's workspace is surrounded by actual model sheets of the character from the series. Tracy tells me the sculpt will be available next summer, so if you're a fan of Goliath, Gargoyles or just great sculpts in general, start saving now! I've already reserved my copy!

I have some pictures of Rubén and I with the in-progress sculpt, which I'll figure out how to post or link to or something soon. Stay tuned.