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Young Justice Stats - Part II

Young Justice Stats - Part II

I typed ALL this up yesterday, posted it -- and it vanished into the ether.


We've completed the scripting and recording of all 26 episodes of Season One of Young Justice.

Episodes 1-7 have aired.

Episodes 8-9 are in post-production.

Episodes 10-13 are being animated in Korea.

Episodes 14-15 are having their models colored.

Episodes 16-18 are getting final models on characters, props and BGs finished.

Episode 19 is in checking.

Episode 20 is in timing.

Episode 21 is in storyboard revision.

Episodes 22-24 are awaiting storyboard notes and revisions from their directors and/or the producers.

Episodes 25-26 are in storyboard.

In Season One, we have 179 named characters from the DC Universe. That's an average of 6.9 characters introduced per episode, though of course some introduce more and some less.

We used 66 actors total. That's 2.7 characters per actor, though that's a particularly meaningless number, as some characters don't speak or only grunt. Also many actors only performed a single role, while others performed considerably more than 2.7. The record holder (with 11 roles under his belt) is Kevin Michael Richardson with 11, beating out Jeff Glenn Bennett by one.

The average number of actors used per episode is 12. The episodes that required the fewest actors were 3, 9, 12 and 24 that needed 9 actors each. The episode that required the most actors was 25, which needed 19 actors.

Our shortest scripts -- at 31 pages each -- were from episodes 1 and 12. Our longest scripts -- at 35 pages each -- were from episodes 6, 7, 9, 16, 21, 22 and 25. The average page count across the 26 episodes was 34 pages.

The average line count was 231 lines of dialogue per script. The largest line count was 276 for episode 25; the smallest was 213 for episode 8.

Our longest dialogue track was 14:33 for episode 7. Our shortest was 10:07 for episode 12. The average length of our dialogue tracks is 12:14.

Of course, by the time you see them, all episodes will be the exact same length, give or take 30 seconds, including our 20 second main title -- which is a length dictated by the network. (I guess the days of minute-long theme songs are over.)

That's it for now...