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Been awhile since I did this. Here's where we are...

101-118 have aired.
119 is in the can and will air on March 3rd, premiering with DC NATION.
120-126 are all complete and in the can, ready to air.

201 is in post-production. We're actually locking the final cut in editorial today.
202 is in post-production. We're waiting for retakes.
203 is in post-production. We're calling retakes today.
204 is overseas, being animated, but it should ship back to us next week.
205-207 are overseas, being animated.
208 is overseas, being animated, while we're simultaneously finishing the color models.
209 is overseas, being animated. We still have color models to work on.
210-211 are both overseas, being animated, and we still have color models to work on. Plus we still have one voice actor to record, who was out sick. We've temped in the lines. (I did them, actually.) We'll have to pick him up in post-production, using ADR.
212 is overseas, being animated. We still have color models to work on.
213's storyboard is in track and checking.
214's storyboard is in revision and track.
215's storyboard is in notes.
216's storyboard is in and going to slug.
217's storyboard is in.
218 is in storyboard. Still have two actors to pick up for this one.
219 is in storyboard and fully recorded.
220 is in storyboard. We're picking up a couple actors early today, and recording the rest of the cast (hopefully) this coming Tuesday (Feb 7).
Yep, that's right. ALL the scripts for Season Two are locked and final.

Issues #0-12 are available for purchase.
Issue #13 is at the printers, I think.
Issue #14 is being inked by Chris Jones.
Issue #15's script is done and ready for Chris to pencil.
Issue #16's script is being finished off by me this weekend.
Issue #17 is plotted. Kevin Hopps is working on the first draft script.