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It's been a bit of a while, so I thought I'd post a production update on Young Justice:

101-125 have all aired.
126 airs this coming Saturday and Sunday on Cartoon Network. (Check local listings and cable guides.) It's our big finale. You REALLY don't want to miss it.

201-206 are all in the can, and currently scheduled to begin airing one week after our Season One Finale. (Which makes me happy.)
207 - We previewed the music score today and we're mixing it on Thursday. If all goes well, it should be in the can by Tuesday at the latest.
208 - We spotted the music today. And should be in the can one week after 207.
209 comes back from overseas tomorrow for retakes and editing.
210-211 should arrive on the heals of 209. We still need to pick up one actor (who was unavailable at the time of the original recording) for these two shows in ADR, but that'll take about an hour or two for both episodes. It won't cause any delays.
212-216 are all overseas being animated.
217 ships today.
218 is in storyboard revision.
219 is waiting for Brandon and I to give notes on the storyboard.
220 - The board is being cleaned up now for notes.

Issues 0-14 have all hit the stands and are available at stores or on-line.
Issue 15 concludes our Atlantis two-parter hits the stands this week.
Issue 16 is at the printers.
Issue 17 is being pencilled.
Issue 18 is scripted and waiting its turn.
Issue 19 is plotted and is being scripted now.
Issues 20-22 have been pretty much locked down story-wise, i.e. I know exactly what stories we're telling in these issues.
Issues 23 and Beyond - I've already got a fairly clear idea of where we're going and what stories we're going to tell. Not locked in, but I'm pretty clear.