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Okay, I clearly messed up. Previously, I posted a guideline mandating a ten question max per post, and yesterday in my mind I changed it to five - and guilty of what I accuse others of - I did not check to confirm. So I'm here to (a) admit my mistake and (b) live with it - as we all will have to from here on out.

If in my head, the number shrank from ten to five, it's most likely because my patience has ebbed since I posted the ten question limit. Ten seems like a huge amount now - though lower than the twenty-questions-in-one-post that triggered the current guideline change. Frankly, FIVE seems like more than plenty per post, but I realize it's silly to require multiple posts on the same topic when questions are closely related, and five (or thereabouts) seems like a reasonable number.

So I do apologize for the error. But I'm not changing the new policy.

I have talked to Gorebash and our two moderators about updating the rules/guidelines on the front page, and that should be done in the next couple days.