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YOUNG JUSTICE: INVASION: EPISODE: 206: "Bloodlines" Premieres! And check out the comic too!

YOUNG JUSTICE: INVASION: EPISODE: 206: "Bloodlines" Premieres!

Saturday morning, June 2nd (and repeating Sunday morning, June 3rd) is the Cartoon Network premiere of "Bloodlines", the sixth episode of Young Justice: Invasion. This is a fun episode, written by Peter David, introduces IMPULSE and marks the return of KID FLASH (Wally) & FLASH (Barry). JAY GARRICK even speaks! It's a four generation extravaFLASHza! Check local listings and/or cable guides for times.

MEANWHILE, issue #16 of our companion comic book has also hit the comic book shops (plus it's available for e-purchase online). This features three, three, THREE stories in one, all set during Season One. There's a Green Arrow/Artemis adventure. A Flash/Kid Flash mystery. And some Batman/Robin action too. (Pure coincidence and totally unplanned, but today I wore a Green Arrow t-shirt to work. Line Producer David Wilcox wore a Flash t-shirt. And producer Brandon Vietti wore a Batman t-shirt. Isn't that specific combo kinda amazing?)

Anyway, that's two heaping helpings of YJ in one week. Don't miss 'em!