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Side Trip


So yesterday, I took a brief - about four hours - side trip to an alternate (or parallel) universe. My counterpart in this universe, I assume, changed places with me, as I did not see him there. (And I also didn't see him here when I got back.) As far as I could tell, everything was EXACTLY the same in that universe as in this universe with one exception: the word for "pineapple" over there is "palm-apple". I brought back a 6 oz. can of "Dole's Palm-Apple Juice" as proof of my trip. I noticed no other differences, though of course in only four hours, I hardly had the time for a thorough investigation into every aspect of history, science, entertainment, current events, etc. But if it weren't for the pineapple/palm-apple thing, I'm not sure I would have even noticed the shift.

It makes me wonder if we're shifting all the time. But that the differences between universes are so subtle, we miss it.

Oh, and the juice tasted exactly the same too. And there's no difference visually either. A palm-apple there looks and tastes exactly like a pineapple here. It's just the name.

Weird, huh?