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Following up on my post from yesterday: based on this Facebook post, it appears that Alan Quah’s intended cover for #3 was a rad picture of Hudson: https://m.facebook.com/story.php/?id=666139277&story_fbid=10162959918739278

The Desdemona Quah cover seems to be intended for #4, even thought it was in all the solicitations for #3 and even the Cover Gallery. Has anyone actually seen the Hudson cover variant? I may ask Nate Cosby about this on the Platform Formerly Known as Twitter.


A creativity demon about upcoming "Dark Ages" issues:

[SPOILER] The quartet rouse the dragon by taking a cup from its hoard. Probably not, since that idea's been done before - twice - but I couldn't resist speculating it. [/SPOILER]

Todd Jensen

I received my physical Dark Ages #3 issues today, which are beautiful as usual. However, one peculiarity: The Alan Quah cover (variant B) was not included along with the other variants I had ordered. Which isn't strange in and of itself; it wouldn't be the first time a lone variant shipped separately for whatever reason. What really makes me curious is that the solicitation for Dark Ages #4 (as seen on the inside back cover as well as various online sources) shows the same Alan Quah cover that appears in the Cover Gallery for #3! So, is this the cover for #3 or #4? Did Quah miss an issue, or was there some mixup? Is there, in fact, no Cover B for #3 (in which case, I need to request a refund)? Curious if anyone else has encountered this, and whether their local comics stores were able to shed any light.

Fifth? Is fifth a thing?

Feeling pretty good that I've gotten through "Manhattan" #7 and DA #2, with the rest (8-9 and 3) sitting here in sight waiting for me. I'll get caught up to the spoilers yet, I hope. (I *am* enjoying going back through the comment archives meanwhile to find the discussions for those issues.)

morrand - [morrand276 at gmail dot com]

Looks like Gorebash updated the links on the right side of the page -- links to the Dynamite Comics, NECA figures, and Disney+ join the DVD and GargWiki links. :-)
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Todd Jensen

"And, thus, given no choice, we waited..." - Alesand, "The Reach"

Jurgan - [jurgan6 at yahoo dot com]