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I can assure you, Phoenician, I will indeed be at any return of such panels. As to basic wound healing, the Wikipedia page is a decent starting point (especially its references): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Healing

I'm actually rather curious about the core differences of healing and immune response in gargates versus mammals and other animals.

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Stone Sleep -- the sun/food math appears to be based mostly on a combination of Anton's comments in "Metamorphosis" and decades-long fan logic that was likely more fruitful during the annual Gathering's biology panels. But here's some of mentions of the subject from back in the day (the first few pretty early in fact): https://www.s8.org/gargoyles/askgreg/search.php?qid=172

And here I'm definitely showing the limits of my understanding of biology, but what is actually required for any living thing to heal itself?

The basic notion I have is that healing, say, a minor cut involves whatever part of the autonomic nervous system (triggered by the initial pain sensed) leads to the creation of new cells that naturally grow near and eventually seal the wound (with pus and white blood cells and other fun immune system components playing a role to prevent infection). And Algae mentioned protein plays a role, I figure in helping those cells grow, but that's all I got there. But hey, I figure this little curiosity about what other 'ingredients' a creature (or plant, fungus, germ, what-have-you) requires to heal could add a fresh perspective to what Greg Weisman has already revealed about stone sleep for gargates.

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ADAM> I doubt gargs could go indefinitely without food, even if stone sleep makes them somewhat less reliant on it than an animal of equivalent energy needs.

If nothing else, healing in stone sleep would require they get the extra protein from somewhere.

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Been a while since I have posted on here, but there has been something I have been pondering about Gargoyles over the last couple of days.

It is said that humans can go three days without water and three weeks without food. Does the same hold true for Gargoyles? If they go a night without eating or drinking, does it affect them the next night? Or does their stone sleep "reset" the clock on drinking and eating?

On a related note, how often do Gargoyles eat? Do they eat three meals a day, like most humans? Or are they once a night?


Perfect sixth, once again.

I'm both watching the two-week run of new DuckTales episodes (culminating this Friday with The Duck Knight Returns!) and reading the Ravnica novel, not to mention trying to fit in the time to "finish" Kingdom Hearts III when I can between work, preparing to head to a cousin's wedding this weekend, and planning a few other small trips for personal enjoyment (a few concerts in driving distance, a convention across the country at the start of August, a local expo in September, etc.). Suffice it to say, my entertainment schedule is QUITE full for the foreseeable future.

Brainiac - [OSUBrainiac at gmail dot com]
There is balance in all things. Live in symmetry with the world around you. If you must blow things up and steal from those around you, THAT'S WHAT RPGS ARE FOR!

Forever Fifth!!!!!
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Deplorable and loving it!

Kane, Kanaloa, Ku, and Lono!

Slowly catching up with the new "Duck Tales" episodes as well, though as my roommate and I tend to be watching around 12-15 shows at any given time across various platforms, it faces stiff competition for my abysmal attention span.

I tend to prefer watching a wide variety of content 1-2 episodes at a time, instead of binging through a single one.

Masterdramon - [kmc12009 at mymail dot pomona dot edu]
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I've been watching the new "Ducktales" episodes as well, and enjoying them.

I'd like to recommend, to everyone who's been watching these episodes, the Don Rosa Library (published by Fantagraphics Books) which reprints Don Rosa's Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck stories; I've spotted a few allusions to them in the "Ducktales" reboot. (For example, Rosa drew up a history of the McDuck family, and a couple of its incidents have gotten into the series - such as the McDucks owning the patent on the longbow in medieval times, which was mentioned in the episode where they visited Castle McDuck. Rosa's account had an additional detail that didn't make it into the television episode: because of the McDucks' patent on the longbow, the English purchased a large supply from them to stave off the invading Normans in 1066 - but still lost at the Battle of Hastings, because they neglected to read the sales contract all the way through - specifically, the part about "Arrows cost extra".)

Incidentally, I finished reading Greg Weisman's "Magic: the Gathering" novel - and spotted another "Gargoyles" allusion/in-joke in it, in a remark about one of the guilds insisting on naming all its big plans, echoing Hudson's remark about humans insisting on naming everything.

Todd Jensen

A happy Mothers Day indeed.
Yeah, I've been catching up with Ducktales. Didn't expect this huge rush. Almost like they're trying to catch up after that long hiatus.

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A Happy Mother's Day to all celebrating. :)

Anyone else keeping up with Disney's massive splurge of DucKTales episodes??

"The suspense is terrible, I hope it lasts" -- Willy Wonka