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jayhicks writes...

Hi Greg,
Having recently purchased Gargoyles Season 2 vol. 2, I just wanted to say I'm very pleased to have the opportunity to revisit the series from beginning to end (and finally "retire" my bootleg copy of these episodes).

I'm nearly through the season 2 vol. 1 set and am really enjoying your intros for each episode and commentary for city of stone. I was disappointed (but not surprised) to see that none of these features exist for the recently released vol. 2 set.

My question is, have you ever considered recording commentaries/intros for this set, (i.e. audio recordings/podcasts) and posting them online for listening alongside viewing?

Your insight and commentary provides so much additional richness to what already is a series rich in depth, lore and multi-layers.

While I doubt you have the time nor inclination to do so, as fan of the series since it aired 20 years ago, I am once again enjoying it (likely even more so now) and look forward to introducing Gargoyles to a new, young generation of future Gargoyle fans.

Thanks and gratitude!

Greg responds...

I don't have the technical know-how or capability to do that.

Response recorded on March 24, 2016

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Gargoyles Season Two, Volume Two

Gargoyles Season Two, Volume Two is now available for one and all on Amazon:


Spread the Word!

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Megan J G writes...

Hey Greg, I just wanted to say I saw the Gargoyles DVDs at Walmart yesterday, so if anyone wants a copy they might be able to find it now. I never got a chance to buy them when I was younger, so I was incredibly glad to finally be able to own them. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing series!

(And The Mirror is also one of my favorite episodes, so I was happy to see that it was one of yours too!)

Greg responds...

Cool. Your post was back in March, but as I understand it, Walmart has it now too, with a new better-looking cover. As always, I urge fans whenever it's financially POSSIBLE for them, to vote with their wallets in order to send the message to Disney that this is a property they should be doing more with.

Response recorded on October 23, 2014

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Raphael writes...

Is there a viewing order for Gargoyles that differs from the airing order?
You said that the airing order hadn't aired a single episode out of order in a quote here:
But I believe that was before season 2 was finished.
I'm just about to start season 2 and wanted to clarify this before I got too far in.

Thanks! And I should have another question on a completely different topic in a couple of minutes.

Greg responds...

Well, by now, you've probably viewed everything. (In any case, I hope you haven't been waiting six months for this response, as there are many other resources where this information is available.)

A couple episodes did air out of order the first time through. But the DVDs are all in the correct order.

The correct airing order is available at http://gargwiki.net/Episode_Guide.

Response recorded on September 24, 2014

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Jarrod writes...

Hi Greg!

Thank you for all your amazing work on YJ, Gargoyles, SSM, and the many other series you have been a part of. All of them were beautifully animated and fantastically written.

I was excited that Season 2 part 2 of Gargoyles was finally released. I was hoping that we would get some more episode intros from you. They were a great boost to the season 2 part 1 dvds. I suppose Disney wasn't interested/didn't contact you about the possibility?

Anyways, My Boyfriend and I both loved YJ, he even went to NY Comic Con as your YJ Nightwing! He got many compliments and it was fun to Attend the informal YJ meet-up with Christopher Jones.

I recently heard that Cartoon Network has cancelled Beware the Batman, and that in order to keep the DC block going, they might bring back YJ? I know you probably don't have a say in such things, but we all hope for it.

Thank you again!

Greg responds...

We had some - minimal - contact about the DVDs, but they clearly weren't interested in putting any extras on there.

As for your YJ rumor - that's all it is. YJ is not back in production.

Response recorded on January 27, 2014

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Keith Patti writes...

I'm watching the Season 2 of Gargoyles on DVD and I just wanted to say that I have always been a fan ever since I was a little boy in the 1990s. I guess if I had to ask a question it would be, did you intend for Demona to be a villainess completely or did you expect her to be viewed more sympathetically as a tortured soul? To this day I've always been impressed how ambitious the series was by having rather complex characters for a children's show. Very groundbreaking. And I'm 29, by the way, and have been meaning to attend a convention for yours :)


Greg responds...

I'm not sure if sympathetic is the word I'd use - but understandable, maybe.

Response recorded on November 27, 2013

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Gargoyles DVD News

Greg GXB Bishansky points out the following:

"Well, look what's now even more widely available. I like to think this is because it's selling well on the internet.


Best case scenario, Disney notices and decides to exploit the property even more with a direct-to-dvd movie."


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* writes...

Heya Greg!

Not really a question. I just wanted to let you know there was a feature on Gargoyles on Disney's (as in actually made by the Mouse House) "Oh My Disney" Blog.


In related news, some of the Ducktales and all of Rescue Rangers episodes are now available through Amazon Prime's streaming app.

Hopefully these are signs of good things to come for Gargoyles.

Greg responds...

By now you should know that Gargoyles S2V2 is available on DVD through Disney Movie Club.

Response recorded on July 10, 2013

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GARGOYLES NEWS - DVDS and CONvergence/Gathering

Well, I've been out of the country and OUT OF THE LOOP, but we have some REALLY BIG news on the GARGOYLES front.

Season Two, Volume Two of Gargoyles has been released on DVD as a Disney Movie Club exclusive. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm planning on getting at least a couple copies, as I'm told by reliable fan sources who have already received their disks that these are the uncut and correct versions of the last twenty-six episodes of Season Two, including such fan favorites as "M.I.A.", Future Tense" and all three parts of "Hunter's Moon".

Wish I knew more. I've e-mailed a Disney contact for more info but haven't received a response yet. But you can probably find all the information you need by asking the fans in the comment room:


Anyway, as always, I'm not asking you to spend money you don't have. But if you can afford it, please help us prove to Disney that Gargoyles is a viable property with a strong fanbase. You can do that in two important ways. (1) Buy the DVDs, of course. And (2) SPREAD THE WORD! Use Tumbler, Twitter, Pony Express, whatever. Just help us let people know that these DVDs exist and are out there for sale.


I was waiting until CONvergence was over on Sunday to announce this, but it seems they've already made the announcement here:


Next summer, one of my favorite conventions, CONVERGENCE in Minneapolis, will be dedicating their annual convention to the theme of "A Midsummer Night's Dream". And a major part of that theme will be the celebration of the TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF GARGOYLES!!! I'm going to be a guest of the convention, and we've already begun discussions to create a Gargoyles convention within the convention. That's right, folks, the GATHERING OF THE GARGOYLES is back!! There will be a RADIO PLAY! There will be a BLUE MUG!! There will be the ROCKY HORROR GARGOYLES SHOW-ING OF THE TRADITIONAL VIDEOS!! There will be ASK GREG LIVE!! And there will be other Gargoyles related guests to be announced!!!

If you came to any one of the thirteen Gatherings that we held between 1997 and 2009, you know how much fun this can be. You'll want to be there again! If you missed the Gatherings and always wished you had had the opportunity, now is your chance! If you've never heard of the Gathering, but like Gargoyles (or any of the other shows I've done or am doing - including W.I.T.C.H., Spectacular Spider-Man, Young Justice, Rain of the Ghosts and/or Star Wars Rebels, etc.) then this is an opportunity to talk with me and other like-minded fans about them. (We'll probably have panels on them all!)

And if you're interested in just attending a great comic book and science fiction and fantasy and genre convention, then Gargoyles aside, you just can't beat CONvergence:


The camaraderie of the Gatherings was truly something wonderful, and the closest I've ever come to that outside the Gatherings is CONvergence. I honestly can't think of a better con to merge with, even if it's just for one year. (For starters, the ENTIRE hotel is rented to the convention, and the parties go on all night. No more being told by management that we have to stop talking and/or move to some other location. We can and will continue until we drop!)

Now, let's think. Let's strategize. CONvergence is going on NOW. As I type this. And it will last through the end of this July 4th weekend. Next year's convention is exactly one year away. That's plenty of time to plan, to save up money, make travel and hotel arrangements etc. But mostly, what we've got to do in that year is SPREAD THE WORD!!! I want to see a HUGE GARGOYLE FAN TURNOUT at CONvergence 2014. Let's stun CONvergence, the world and DISNEY by showing them how immensely popular Gargoyles still is. And for sure, I don't want any Gargoyles fan saying, "Gee, I didn't hear about it."

So help me, please. I'm sure there are a lot of old fans out there that long ago stopped reading ASK GREG. Contact them. Contact EVERY Gargoyles fan you know, young and/or old. (Don't assume they must already know.) I want to see all my old friends. And a lot of new ones. So, please. Help me. SPREAD. THE. WORD!!!!!!

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Tyler Reznik writes...

Hello yet again, Mr. Weisman. This is the first of three consecutive posts (REALLY hoping I won't be blocking up the queue). For this post, my questions revolve around Roy Harper (both of him; three if one were to count Jim).

1. After the the clones (Red Arrow and Guardian) were force-grown to whatever age the Light needed them to be, they subsequently aged at a normal human rate, meaning that Red Arrow is (as of Team Year Six) biologically 23 or 24, and Jim Harper is physically 29 or 30. Am I correct in assuming this?

2. Once it was discovered that Red Arrow and Guardian were clones, did the League and/or the Team take measures to remove the programming that left them vulnerable to the Light's control? If so, what measures?

3. When did Guardian discover that he was a clone?
3a. Is he aware that he's a clone of Roy Harper, rather than Jim?
3b. For that matter, what's the status of the original Jim Harper? I would assume that he's dead, but I have no way to be sure.

4. Now that he's found the original Roy, has Red Arrow rejoined the Justice League?

5. I've noticed personality differences between Arsenal and Red Arrow, some that are subtle, some that are... less so (for instance, I can't really see Red Arrow risking the outcome of a mission just to spite Luthor). These differences are, I think, the result of the vastly different life experiences of the two Roys. Was exploring the ways that experiences can shape a person's personality part of the plan when you (and, I'm assuming, Brandon Vietti, and probably several other writers) devised the whole "Roy Harper clone" plotline, or was it just something you all realised would come up after devising the storyline itself? I mean, experiences changing someone is all a part of character development, but I'm referring to how the different lives managed to produce two very different versions of what is essentially the same man (Cadmus programming for Red Arrow notwithstanding).

Also, I'm happy to say that I received a set of Gargoyles DVDs for Christmas. The show's every bit as good as I remember, and Keith David's performance at the end of Awakening Part I was some of the best voice acting I've ever heard.

Greg responds...

1. At the start of Season Two, Roy is biologically 23. Jim is biologically 30.

2. Yes. Miss Martian made the first pass on Roy. Both Miss Martian and Martian Manhunter subsequently scanned Roy and Jim.

3. More or less immediately following the events depicted in "Auld Acquaintance".

3a. He is now, yes.

3b. He's long dead.

4. He's continued his leave of absence. But for a very different reason. Right now he's focused on being a dad.

5. All of the above.

6. Glad you liked it! Can't say enough good things about Keith.

Response recorded on April 17, 2013

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