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Jarrod writes...

Hi Greg! I was very sorry that again, i could not make the gathering this year, I had the time, but not the funds. :-( Very sad. Anyways, my question is:

Have you seen the new Transformers movie yet? I just saw it tonight, and it is amazing! I do not know if you even like transformers, but I figured as one cartoon guy to another, What do you think? Thanks!

PS- Oh and I love the comics, and I cant wait for Bad Guys!

Greg responds...

I have seen Transformers, and I enjoyed it. But that's not the same as thinking it's very good. I thought the movie had a lot of problems. A lot of logic gaps. Fight photography that got on my nerves because it made it difficult to tell who was who -- although to be fair my color deficiency may also have played a role in that. But I was dreading it a bit, so I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it.

Also, I do NOT know the Transformers cartoons (any of them) at all. So I have no emotional connection to any of the characters, human or robot. And I still don't, I'm afraid.

Response recorded on July 17, 2007

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