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Abigail Thorne writes...

How did Goliath and the others learn that Demona and Macbeth can only be killed if one kills the other? Demona told Brooklyn in "Temptation" how she had been dealing with humans for hundreds of years, and Macbeth told Goliath in "Enter Macbeth" how he had named Demona, which she herself said in "Awakening Part 5" happened long ago. So I get how they could figure out both were immortal, but how exactly did they figure out the terms of the spell?

And another thing--if they knew that only Macbeth could kill Demona and vice versa, how come they thought Macbeth died in the crash in "The Price" and Demona died in the fire in "The Reckoning'?

Greg responds...

From the Weird Sisters, after they were captured -- but before they were released -- in "Avalon, Part Three".

"The Price" took place before "Avalon". And they never said she was dead in "The Reckoning". Goliath simply acknowledged that he wasn't sure. I mean how many questions have I had to answer here about the rules of the whole Macbeth/Demona thing. If you all have some doubts about how that spell works, don't you think Goliath and Angela might also.

Response recorded on July 10, 2000

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Jarrod writes...

I was watching Gargoyles today mainly the "Cities of Stone" episodes. I noticed when demona was casting her spell she said to Owen when he was in a frozen state "You are the tricky one so we will make sure you stay put". Which makes me wonder, did Demona know that Owen was Puck? And if she knew that Owen is Puck, how long has she known that?

Greg responds...

Yes, she knows. She's known since before the rest of the clan was awakened.

There's a similar clue in "The Mirror", when Demona says to Puck, "You serve the human [i.e. Xanatos], you can serve me now." (Or something like that.

Response recorded on July 10, 2000

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Aris Katsaris writes...

Hmm, now that I think of it, I'm not even certain if 'revelatory' is a real word...

Anyway on the Theseus business, something a bit less... deep: In "A Midsummer's Night Dream" it is said that Titania had an... affair (ahem) with Theseus - would you say that's true in the Gargoyles Universe?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on July 07, 2000

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galvatron writes...

Is the reason that Alexander is considered a Children of Oberon while Merlin is considered a halfling because Alexander is basically more powerful than Merlin?

Greg responds...

Who made those assumptions?

Merlin's technically a halfling because Oberon is his father but his mother is human.

Fox is also theoretically a halfling. Her mother is Titania. Her father is the human Halcyon Renard.

Alexander is technically a quarterling, I guess. He's fully human on his father's side and half human on his mother's side.

Response recorded on July 07, 2000

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WereFox writes...

Hi Greg

Once agian I'd like to thank you for the opportunity to satisfy our enquiring minds.

Here we go. What does love mean to Titania? I'll ellaborate on what bothers me about her. We have seen in countless episodes how our villains' best and worst laid plans have gone awry because of certain factors were byond the control of the planners. Chances were taken, disaster was courted, and the scheme falls apart. With all this in mind let's consider Titania's actions.

In I'll Met by Moonlight", Titania exposes Obereon's weakness to Iron Bells to Tom and the Princess. She must have had some insite into their characters and was reasonably sure that they wouldn't kill Oberon. Still despite her fantastic judge of character, she is taking an enourmous chance here with people she hardly knows. What if Tom had to kill Oberon in self defence? Certainly she didn't want this.

Then there is The Gathering. Titania manipulates Oberon into a conflict with Xanatos that jeopardized the lives of two people she cares about. Renard might have died when Fortress 2 crashed. By the time Oberon reaches Fox and Alexander, he is clearly beside himself with anger and frustration. Who are these pitiful mortals to stand in the way of what he wants? A calm Oberon might not have taken Fox up on her "Over my dead body" vow, for fear of alienating Titania. Yet Oberon is hardly rational at this point. Again, these circumstances are beyond Titania's control. Sure things worked out for the best, but things could have just as easily goe the other way. What was she thinking in goading Oberon into this situation?

Finally, what of the many people who died in hospitals or in car accidents, when Oberon puts the entire city to sleep. Do they mean anything to her?

I congratulate you in creating so complex a character. I realize that on first viewing it might seem like Titania is on Fox's side, but as with all complex characters, the only side she is truly own is her own. Still if Titania truly cares for Oberon, Fox , her ex-husband Renard, then why does she envolve them in schemes that are so hazardous?

Greg responds...

You're assuming -- because she needed none -- that she had no contingencies planned. That's not a safe assumption. Plus, as far as "The Gathering" is concerned, you're taking her word for it that she had it all planned to go this way from moment one. She PROBABLY did. But that's not a completely foregone conclusion either.

Finally, I think that Titania is still a character in mid-evolution. You've never met the tenth century Titania. But keep in mind that in those days, she was LESS mature than Oberon, less responsible, less loving. She's grown A LOT. But let's not confuse a LOT with ALL THE WAY.

Response recorded on July 05, 2000

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Nemi writes...

Hi! I'm back! Anyways, these questions are going to be on the apearences of The Lord and Lady of Avalon.

1. What's up with Oberon's broken nose? Can't he change it, or what? (I've heard a couple of theroies on this, but i want to hear it from the source.)

2. Why does Titana wear, forgive me, something so skimpy? She seems to have more self respect than that.

3. what's up with Oberon's cheek bones/ultra chiseled features? You could get a paper cut on them!

4. Did Titana always these sorts of cloaths, or is this a new thing for the Gathering?

5. Speaking of cloaths, What's up with Oberon's thigh high boots?

6. Did Titana inherit her coloration from her family or did she decide on it?

7. Is Oberon wearing shorts and thigh high boots or boots and pants that are tucked into the boots, or something completely difrent?

8. what is Titana wearing on her feet? I never got to see, even though Oberon has enough footwear for all of Avalon.

9. Did Oberon inherit his coloration from his family, or did he just decide to be blue?



I Like Anubis too.

Greg responds...

1. Oberon has a broken nose? Don't think so.

2. She's got it. She flaunts it. She's not short on self-respect.

3. I don't know how to answer this. But I don't think Oberon would appreciate these personal observations.

4. It's her style.

5. Again, how do you expect me to respond? It's a style.

6. Both.

7. He's not wearing short pants.

8. Geez. What are you wearing right now? Anyway, I seem to recall she was wearing boots.

9. Both.

You like Anubis TOO? Wow, does that mean you like Oberon & Titania? Cuz I sense a lot of hostility towards 'em.

Response recorded on July 05, 2000

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A Fan writes...

I'd appreciate your thoughts on the accuracy of my hypothesis. I know you are likely to be cryptic, so I promise to be only somewhat annoyed it you are, although I'd prefer if you weren't.

About time travel, why is the Phoenix Gate the only time travel device out there? Or is it?

It is likely the only magical way, because if not, why would Oberon want it so badly? Unless it is like a washing machine. You can wash it by hand but you'd rather use a machine.

You've established that the past cannot be changed, and that Xanatos's current position in society is solely because of his little trip to the past.

Establishing that the Phoenix Gate is gone, except for its little TimeDancing trip, does that mean that time travel in the gargoyles universe is now totally impossible?

the final question would have to be, since you don't believe in a changable past, does the Gargoyles universe contain parallel time tracks, entire other universes with a different version of events.

Finally, I apologize if I missed previous answers to these questions. I have been reading the archive since it started, but my memory is a little bad at times.

Greg responds...

1. I didn't say that the Gate is the only device out there. Depending on your point of view, one could say the Grimorum acted as a one-way time travel device for Goliath et al. And for the Coldtrio as well.

2. Who said Oberon wanted it so badly? Puck thought it would make a good bribe. Who knows if he was even right?

3. I wouldn't say "solely" but sure, what's your point?

4. Not necessarily. But I'd never make it easy. (And calling TimeDancer a "little...trip" is the understatement of the day, at least.

5. Ehhh.... Those things tend to be abused whenever they're introduced. Look at the X-Men. That book became unreadable to me eventually. As I've said before, I'm open to thinking about parallel universe/tracks etc. But I tend to think I'll end up saying no.

6. S'O.K.

Response recorded on July 05, 2000

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Anonymous writes...

How many children has Oberon had with immortal and mortal females? If you can't tell us the specific number then is it more than a 100 or less than a 100?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on July 03, 2000

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Todd Jensen writes...

In your opinion, is much of Merlin's status as "the greatest wizard of all time" thanks (from the perspective of the Gargoyles Universe) to his being a biological son of Oberon's? Given how much magic Oberon must have in him, it does seem logical that an offspring of his, even a halfling, would have more magic to inherit than a halfling child of any other fay, or a fully-human wizard.

Greg responds...

Merlin was certainly born with a lot of magical potential. But potential can be squandered. (Just look at my life over the last four years.) Merlin worked to become a great wizard.

Response recorded on June 30, 2000

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Duncan Devlin writes...

First off, great show, always worth saying. I would like to thank for Oberon, who led to a five page description that got me an A for seventh grade English, Titania, whose description got me and A for eighth grade English, and Macbeth, a text whose knowledge got me an A in ninth grade English (although these grades did not come from spelling.)

On my seventh or eight watchings of "Ill Met by Moonlight" and "The Gathering", my rather large screensavers, I noticed a few things and came up with some stuff.

1) Anubis appeared to be one of the people in line at the Gathering, this seems a little odd. Who takes care while he is away?

2) Who, if anybody, is the dube with the hat that kisses Oberon's hand before the Banshee gets dropped?

3) Oberon refers to himself as "we" in some cases and "I" and other cases, what is up with that?

(I did not see these in the archives, if any are there, sorry)


Greg responds...

1. Takes care of what? Away from where?

2. That "dube" is Nought.

3. Artistic license. I generally liked for him to use the royal we. But occasionally having him say "we" was very confusing, because it gave the impression he was talking about the group at hand. So occasionally, we cheated and used "I". Fortunately, Terrance Mann, who voiced Oberon could make the lowliest I still sound like the royal we. Which is probably why you didn't notice it until your seventh viewing.

Response recorded on June 29, 2000

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