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Angel writes...

I have more questions, hehe

1. Did Donna Troy called herself Troia when she joined the Team or did she had other codename before? Let's say Wonder Girl?

2. Most of The Light's members seems to be people that have idealist beliefs so I find it interesting how Black Manta became a choice for The Light's membership, what were The Light's motives to offer him a place in their society?

3. How many villains are aware of The Light's activities? If there are, even tough they may not know The Light's motivation or plans, Are there some villians that may actually rivalize or oppose them over the fact that the may monopolize villians for some criminal activities? We've seen that The Light in fact doesn't tolerate this kind of activities when Sportsmaster attacked Intergang

4. I've seen that in some of your answers you don't seem to know too much about some modern comics, I remember that in the early stages of developement you choosed the lead characthers over around 100, some were elected based on how much screen time they had before, how they fit with the story, how they can contribute to the story, etc. I even have vague memories about some early concept art of Mary Marvel.

Did you needed to read some issues in which some of those recent characters appear to help you decide which ones will be elected or you just researched the ones that you think would be good for the show?

5. I remember that when The Batman was on air, they introduced Batgirl first in the show just because they couldn't use Robin because he was on Teen Titans, so when Teen Titans ended they in fact introduced him in the next season. There have been some cases like the fact that Superboy couldn't be named Superboy in Legion of Superheroes because Smallville was on air so they renamed Superman

With Teen Titans Go! on air now, if Young Justice were to be renewed for another season that would mean that we would have said good-bye to screentime for Nightwing, Beast Boy or Robin? or we would have never seen Starfire, Raven or Cyborg? Or Nightwing would be safe as he is counted as a different character of Robin? Would Tim Drake be safe as he is not Dick Grayson Robin or he would need to change to Red Robin?

Greg responds...

1. Troia.

2. His competence and their need for his specific skills and tech mostly. But Manta believes his motives are pure.

3. A number are vaguely aware. Only a few really know who's in the inner circle, let alone understand their true intent. I could see certain villains opposing them. Joker, for one, who was not initially aware that he was being used by them when he was part of the Injustice League.

4. Clip art of Mary, not concept art. We never got around to designing her, even in a rough stage. And, yes, I read a number of recent comics to get up to speed. But it's not a comprehensive education by any means.

5. I don't know for sure what happened in the past, but I think your claims in the question aren't quite accurate. I don't think Superboy in LSH being called Superman had anything to do with Smallville. I think that was about legal issues DC had with the estates of Superman's creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. And I'm not even sure if the real reason Batgirl came before Robin in The Batman had anything to do with Teen Titans either. Maybe, but I'd guess otherwise. In any case, vis-a-vis YJ and TTG, I don't think there's any issue with two such different versions being on the air simultaneously. But the situation changes all the time, so who knows?

Response recorded on September 19, 2013

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Quentin Beck writes...

Hey Greg. I was just wondering if you were a Blockbuster fan? Not of the rental store, but of the DC Comics villain. I ask this because the episodes you wrote featured him in it. For example, in the Batman episode Meltdown, which you wrote, I noticed Mark Desmond was the chief scientist working on trying to cure Ethan Bennett. Blockbuster also appeared on Batman: Brave and the Bold. He was in the teaser for Death Race to Oblivion, which you wrote. FInally, he appeared on Young Justice, great premier by the way, which you wrote and produced. I'm a bit of a Blockbuster fan to so I just wanted to know if you were? Thanks for taking the time to read this and keep up the good work.

Greg responds...

I do like Blockbuster, although his appearance in B&TB, at least, originated with Producers Michael Jelenic and James Tucker, who came up with the entire story for that episode (including the Teaser).

I can't remember if, on The Batman, it was story editor Duane Capizzi or myself who decided to use Desmond. Could have been either of us.

But it was definitely my idea to include Desmond/Blockbuster in YJ.

Response recorded on January 13, 2011

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Marcus writes...

Hey, Greg! I love what you've done with Spectacular Spider-Man. The the best show ever. The 90s show compared to yours is nothing. This show rules!! Here's my question:
Every season in Spectacular Spider-Man has 4 arcs. Each arc is 3 or 4 episodes. You were involed in "The Batman" but you weren't the main director. If you were the main director and producer of "The Batman" when it was first planned, would you have done the same thing you did to Spectacular Spider-Man (having 4 arcs per season)?

Greg responds...

I'm not a director at all. (Well, I've been a voice director, but I'm guessing that's not what you're talking about.)

What you seem to be talking about is me being a writer-producer. But no series exists in a vacuum. The arcs weren't my idea on Spec Spidey -- they were part of my marching orders -- though I took to the notion like a duck to water.

Regular readers of Ask Greg know I'm not too fond of hypothetical questions, but asking me about The Batman in this context is just... well... a hypothetical that borders on the silly. (Sorry.) There are too many unknown factors for me to evaluate. But since clearly the producers of The Batman had no such marching orders, the odds are slim that we would have taken that approach.

Response recorded on August 06, 2009

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David Blyth writes...

Hi Mr. Wiesman

A question related to "The Batman", it was a very different kind of Batman series, fresh off the gridiron and airing alongside the final seasons of JLU, I'm not sure if it had a chance to really "define itself" in light of such a strong legacy, but part of what gave it it's own identity was the hard work of Duane Capizzi, Alan Burnett, a great voice cast (Mitch Pillegi!), and your own scripts.

"The Everywhere Man" featured the voice acting of "Superman Returns" leading man Brandon Rough, who played the main antagonist, his co-star was Allison Mack, aka Chole Sullivan from long-lasting Superman series "Smallville", so all in all, it felt like a big Hollywood atmosphere

1. Do you have any memories of this beyond just the scripting process?

2. Were you told to write characters that "complimented" Brandon and Allison or did you know they were coming in?

Greg responds...

1. Well, I was at the voice recording, and it was a lot of fun. Both Allison and Brandon were VERY nice. SUPERMAN RETURNS had not hit theaters yet, but was due out soon, and Brandon really struck me as Clark Kent.

2. Didn't know who was going to play the characters when I wrote the script.

Response recorded on July 07, 2009

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mike p. writes...

I think spectacular spider-man is great and probably one of the best animated series in the past 5 years. The only other series that I can think of that have equally strong plotlines, acting, and sense of continuity are those in the DCAU (DC Animated Universe) created by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini. That whole shebang spun off of what was originally the standalone Batman: The Animated Series because of the commercial and critical success of that show. I already know that you're considering doing DVD movies after Spectacular Spider-Man ends it's run, but would you ever consider doing other shows set in the same self-contained Marvel Universe like that of the DCAU? Just wondering b/c I see how strong a series Spectacular Spider-Man is and can only imagine the potential for adapting other characters.

Greg responds...

And once again, the DCAU was not "created" by Timm & Dini. For starters, of course, it was not CREATED by any of these people, it was DEVELOPED. An important distinction in this business. Secondly, it was developed by a number of people, but certainly the two most important were Timm & ALAN BURNETT (who was Paul Dini's boss). I feel bad about constantly doing this, because I think it leaves the (false) impression that I've got an axe to grind against the very talented Mr. Dini, and I absolutely do NOT. Paul is phenomenal and deserves major props for his work on the DCAU. But I'm really tired of Alan not getting the credit he deserves for (a) RESCUING Batman the Animated Series from mediocre writing and (b) being the Executive Producer (alongside Bruce) of the entire DCAU (including THE BATMAN).

As for Spidey launching a "MCAU"... it isn't likely. Marvel's doing that on their own. Sony has the rights to ONLY Spidey and Ghost Rider. And before you ask, Vic and I have asked Sony about doing an animated Ghost Rider, but they are currently uninterested.

Response recorded on October 13, 2008

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Wesley Nichols writes...

I read on one of youre answers that you are a huge batman fan. Did you see the Dark Knight and what did you think of the Joker? I feel that the Joker blew all the other characters away, but apparently some people don't like the interpretation. One person said that the Dark Knights's Joker is the best film version to date, but didn't approve of the interpreation, because of how sloppy he was and he considered Joker to be a neat freak.

Greg responds...

I thought it was a stunning interpretation.

Response recorded on October 08, 2008

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Nelio writes...

While this isn't Gargoyles related, I did have a question about one of your other works. Today when I was researching the episode of "The Batman" titled "Artifacts", I was surprised to find out that you were the story writer. I checked some more and found that you actually worked on 7 episodes of "The Batman"; The Big Chill, The Rubber Face of Comedy Part 1, The Clayface of Tragedy Part 2, Meltdown, Strange Minds, The Everywhere Man, and Artifacts.

Coincidently, I've noticed that the episodes you worked on happy to be the higher ranking episodes for me in this show. Besides that, my question to you is how deeply interested / have you been in the Batman world? Did you read it a lot when you were a kid? Are you a big fan of Batman? Were these seven episodes just offered to you, or did you strive to get them?

I'm mostly curious, and look forward to your response.

Greg responds...

I'm a huge Batman fan. As you may know, I also worked at DC Comics for years. And one of my personal favorite Captain Atom issues which I wrote for them, was a Batman-Captain Atom crossover.

I pursued writing work on The Batman, AND I was offered said work... first by story editor Duane Capizzi (for the first five episodes you list) and then by story editor Michael Jelenic (for the last two). All seven scripts were close collaborations.

I liked the show, and they seemed to like my work on it. Glad you liked it too.

Response recorded on August 19, 2008

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kyle tonarella writes...

well i actually have seen the joker episodes you've written and they are tureley works of art a shame that they could not make joker like that through the rrst of the series oh well anyone on to a new question i've heard molten man will be in the show and we he actaully have connections to Liz Allen like the comics is he part of the firs or second arc of season 2

Greg responds...

Punctuation would really enhance your post.

Response recorded on July 28, 2008

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kyle tonarella writes...

i noticed you wrote a couple episodes of The Batman i wass wondering if you did a batman show how would you play the characters particularly joker

Greg responds...

I've written more than a couple "The Batman"s. Plus I've written the character in comics. If you want to see how I'd handle the Joker, check out "The Rubber Face of Comedy", "The Clay Face of Tragedy", "Strange Minds" and others...

Response recorded on June 09, 2008

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Antiyonder writes...

Some questions about The Batman I've been meaning to ask recently:

1. Which would you say is your favorite story that you produced for the show?
1a. Which episodes outside of the ones you've worked on did you enjoy if any?

2. Are you writing any episodes for the upcoming season?
2a. Have you been approached or had any interest in writing an issue of The Batman Strikes?

3. Concerning all of the episodes that you have written, have they remained intact or have any of them went through any major changes storywise?

4. Have managed to view The Batman VS Dracula yet? If so, did you like it?

5. What's your opinion on the appearance of the Justice League in The Batman? I myself find that it works for this version of Batman since it isn't as grounded in reality as the previous show.

Greg responds...

1. I didn't produce the show. I wrote a handful of episodes. I'd say my personal favorite is "Artifacts".
1a. I remember liking the zombie one. Forget what it was called.

2. Nope. Too busy on Spider-Man.
2a. No one has asked. I might be interested if the timing was right.

3. They mostly remained in tact. I worked very closely with story editors Duane Capizzi and Michael Jelenic on my episodes. Some details and dialogue changed, but largely they came out as I wrote them.

4. No, I haven't seen it.

5. Haven't seen it.

Response recorded on July 17, 2007

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