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Peter Brülls pb@rogue.de writes...


Ypou write

"4. Would Disney ever consider selling the rights to Gargoyles?

No. They won't even let go of Clarabelle Cow. They don't want to take the risk that someone else could make a mint on their property and make them look bad."

"Clarabelle Cow" is actually a bad example, I think. She's making regular appearance in Non-US Mickey Mouse stories, acting as best female friend to Minnie Mouse.

Greg responds...

You're talking LICENSING, not selling the rights. Clarabelle acting as Minnie's best friend does not mean they've sold the rights... unless you think they've SOLD THE RIGHTS to Minnie Mouse. (And just to be clear, they HAVE NOT.)

These are two very different financial concepts.

Non-US Mickey, Minnie or Clarabelle stories are under a licensing agreement. But Disney retains the rights.

It's the difference between leasing a house and selling one.

Response recorded on February 08, 2007

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