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Sal Gutierrez writes...

Before I get into my questions, I would like to say I appreciate the effort you and the creative team put in for your sensory and background details on Young Justice. Personally, what keeps me coming back to Earth 16's universe is how you and the creative team have a well thought out timeline and detailed analysis to make sure where and how things occur in your show. From Justice League political relations to the structure of galactic communication to mystical dealings, these little sensory details were honestly what made the show seem more grounded to me than say any live-action superhero movie I've seen(with the exception of The Dark Knight). Of course it still requires to hold some suspension of disbelief, but rather than creating situations from coincidence with no consequence was very effective way of handling how superheroes affect their world. Of course superheroes and extraordinary crises are the forefront of any superhero media interpretation, but what engulfs me completely is realizing the writers know how their world works from inside and out. Your answering fan questions and creating a personal timeline for your DC universe is something I wish to aspire to if ever I can head stories either of my own or retell a version of someday.
And since I'm very fond of the occult and all things mystical, I would like to ask you a few questions on how pantheons affect their domains.
1. Are the various pantheons of Gods on Earth brought into being through faith, worship, and prayer, or are they born through other unspecified means?
2. Is sorcery not an earth-bound phenomenon and can be practiced on other planets? I assume that is the case, given L-Ron's recognition of Zatana's powers.
3. Do other planets with civilizations have their own Gods that are corporeal? As in their existence is proven, similar in vein to Wonder Woman's Greek pantheon and other biblical-based figures on Earth.
4. To what extent are the ramifications of pantheon crises? Their effects wouldn't extend outside of the planet, would they? I am usually confused with the way DC cosmology is structured. In the Sandman, everything seems pretty much simple as everything in existence seems to have its own system. In Lucifer and various other comics dealing with Judeo-Christian religion, it is implied their actions put the fate of the entire universe at risk. Not to insinuate that your universe follows any similar guidelines in regards to other media representations, but I would just like to know some form of clarification on this front given your exceptional talent at making almost every element from DC Comics fit.
Thank you and please take care!

Greg responds...

1. Spoiler request.

2. You pretty much answered your own question.

3. Odds are, yes.

4. I honestly don't think I understand the question. Or if I do, it just seems to depend on so many factors, I don't see how I could ever give a specific answer to it.

Response recorded on September 03, 2014

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