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Anonymous writes...

Are the pendanat wearers in The Green a cross section of gargoyles in the guatemala clan or were there other weird looking gargoyles there before the massacre?
Were there gargoyle beasts in the Guatemala clan?

Greg responds...

I'm not sure how you're defining "weird looking". I assume you mean Zafiro and his snake-like lower body. In which case, yes, there were others like Zafiro.

There were also gargoyle beasts.

Response recorded on September 23, 2004

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Galax writes...

What happened to Turkesa and Jade? Do they still live on Avalon?

Greg responds...

Turquesa & Jade did/will eventually return to the rain forest.

Response recorded on September 17, 2004

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Anonymous writes...

Almost every gargoyle clan we've meet in the show or that you've us about protects something. The Guatemalan clan protects the rain forest. The Loch Ness clan protects the Loch Ness Monster, the Manhattan, London and Ishimura clan naturally protects New York City, London and Ishimura respectively. And the Avalon clan protects Avalon while the Labyrinth clan presently protect the homeless of New York.

1. So what does the New Olympus clan protect? Mount Thanatos? The whole of New Olympus? Or have they abandoned their duty much like the London clan when they lost Griff(since you did say they were isolationists)?

2.What does the Pukhan and Xanadu clans protect?

3.What exactly do New Camelot and New Wyvern clans protect?

4.What abou the Queen Florence Island Clan(after they've been freed from their stasis)?

5.What about the Notre Dame Clan?

Greg responds...

1. I think they have become too insular. It's something I would have made an issue of, given the chance.

2. Pukhan Clan is more interested in protecting their concept of justice. Xanadu Clan protects the endangered Gargoyle Beast species.

3. New Wyvern is very traditionalist. So they protect Wyvern and it's surroundings. By contrast, New Camelot is very internationalist.

4 & 5. Haven't gotten that far in my thinking yet, but at the least they'll protect the Island and Paris, respectively.

Response recorded on May 28, 2004

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DPH writes...

If you don't have your notes about the Guatamela clan handy, you might want to pull them out.

1)You listed the location of Guatamela clan as Chacixchel, Guatamela, but I can't find that location on a map. So can you specify the coordinates (so many degrees west by so many degrees north) of that location?

2)Was there a theme to the places where Jade and Turquesa visited on their world tour which lead to their return to Guatamela? If so, can you tell us what it is?

Greg responds...

1. Nope.

2. A theme? I don't know. I'm not sure I know ALL the places they went. I just have a couple of stories in mind.

Response recorded on May 11, 2004

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DPH writes...

Here's a quote:

Pamber writes...

have jade and turquesa returned to guatemala from avalon yet? did they go on adventures wherever avalon sent them?

Greg responds...

Yes. Yes.

So here's my follow-up questions:

1)when did Jade and Turquesa make it back to Guatamela?

2)how hard was it to get those transplanted plants from Guatamela to grow on Avalon?

Greg responds...

1. Not saying.

2. Not very.

Response recorded on March 23, 2004

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matt writes...

have we seen the person or persons responsible for massacreing the Mayan Clan and stealing the Sun Amulet in any of the episodes of Gargoyles?

i must say Greg that for some reason that i'm not entirely aware of i really really like the Mayan Clan. they are my favirote clan. so, my birthday is coming up, care to give me any tidbit of unknown information about them? hehee

Greg responds...

I think I've missed your birthday, twice over now.

And no, we haven't yet met those that destroyed the Mayan Clan. I'm glad you like 'em though. I have more plans for them.

Response recorded on August 07, 2003

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matt writes...

1. do the Mayan Pendant Wearers ever get sunburns?

2. why did you decide not to give/make all the Mayan Clan with the lower snake-like bodies?

3. is it just coicidence that Zafiro (1996) looks so different from the other Mayan gargs? (reptile facial features, feathered wings, snake body) are those features more common in the Mayan Clan or more rare?

4. did you ever figure out where you would have Jade and Turquesa journey to on their trip home from Avalon? where would they go?

Greg responds...

1. I've never given it any thought? Any biologists out there with a theory?

2. I wish I had, frankly. That's a mistake I think we made. We wanted to really tie Zafiro in with Quetzacoatl, and I was so focused on him, that I didn't think to do the same with the others. I like their upper body designs a lot, but I wish I had had the art guys give them snake lower bodies too. I've decided that the majority of the slaughtered Mayan clan were lower-snake types. And when the new batch of eggs hatches the hatchlings would reflect that fact.

3. See above. After the fact, I think they're more common. But I'd like to see a mix of lower Zafiro with (for lack of a better term) upper Obsidiana, etc. Or upper Zafiro with lower Jade. You get the idea.

4. Yes.

Response recorded on June 13, 2003

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Justin writes...

Dear Greg,

You said that, and Goliath has also said that, "Long ago there were clans all over the world." Well that is a pretty vague statement. I do understand it was intentional but the idea has bothered be for close to six years now, where were these clans? Were there any in the americas? Africa? Italy? Moscow? I really would like to know how far the species migrated.


Greg responds...

What part of "all over the world" don't you understand?

If you want me to list every clan location... well, I won't. I'm not going to go through an Atlas and start choosing spots.

The Americas? You know it. Africa? Sure. Italy? Absolutely. Moscow, specifically? I don't know.

They are an old race. Now on the verge of extinction, but once upon a time they were (briefly) the dominant species on the planet. They spread out.

Response recorded on May 27, 2003

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matt writes...

1. is the leader of the Mayan Clan always or usually one of the Pendant Wearers?

2. does the name of the Pendant Wearer change in relation to sex? like the Sapphire Pendent on a male would be Zafiro, on a female Zafira for instance...

3. have gargoyles been in Guatemala longer than humans?

4. did Oberon ever find out about those tropical plants transplanted to Avalon? if so, what was his reaction?

5. how are those plants doing in 2001 anyway?

Greg responds...

1. Usually, I'd say. Almost always.

2. I'd think so.

3. I'd think so.

4. I'm guessing he's okay with it.

5. As far as I know they're flourishing.

Response recorded on May 12, 2003

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Adam Carlson writes...

How many gargoyle clans were there when the show was ended?
Do any of the other Avalon gargoyles join Angelia in the real world?

Greg responds...

1. In 1996, the following clans were extant (although some were far from healthy in numbers):

Loch Ness
New Olympian

2. Eventually, others would visit. But I don't immediately see anyone else taking up permanent residence outside Avalon.

Response recorded on April 22, 2003

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