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J Cohn writes...

Hey Greg, any word from disney how well the sales for the season 1 DVD are so far?

An Ask Greg Helper responds...

Greg Weisman says:

"Sales on Season One were decent enough. Not stellar. But good enough to get us Season Two, Volume One. Sales on the latter were not decent enough for BVHE to schedule a release for Season Two, Volume Two. We need more sales. We need to SPREAD THE WORD."

Response recorded on September 21, 2006

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cassius writes...

Was thrilled when I found out that the first season of Gargoyles was coming to DVD, and was wondering if you knew of any plans for the seconed season (mainly beacuse it features my favoirt episode; "City of Stone")?

An Ask Greg Helper responds...

Greg Weisman says:

"[B]oth the SEASON ONE DVD and the SEASON TWO VOLUME ONE DVD are currently available. Because of mediocre sales on the latter, there are no current plans to release SEASON TWO VOLUME TWO at this time. So we need to SPREAD THE WORD to people. Let them know that the DVDs are out there and available and raise the sales figures so that we can get that next release."

Response recorded on September 21, 2006

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Thom writes...

I was wondering how sales have been to date thus far for the season 1 set? I work for a local retailer here in Toronto Canada and our sales have been modest so far. I'm hoping that sales have been better than I've been seeing as I am hoping and praying for seasons 2 & 3 sets. Please when you find time let us know. I'm sure everyone else would love to know. Thank you for your time.

Greg responds...

I recently answered this question. Sales on Season One were decent enough. Not stellar. But good enough to get us Season Two, Volume One. Sales on the latter were not decent enough for BVHE to schedule a release for Season Two, Volume Two. We need more sales. We need to SPREAD THE WORD.

And if you think I never get tired of typing "SPREAD THE WORD", you're wrong.

Response recorded on September 21, 2006

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Ryan writes...

Hey maybe if I post this now you'll read it in time for the 2nd season on DVD release.

Anyway I was just wondering, since you later came to regret how much info you gave away in the "previously on Gargoyles" segments, did you consider taking these out of the DVD or reediting them? I notice they are still on there. But I'm thinking you probably had no input.

Taking them out would sort of be like editing the episode I guess, which some people would view as bad, but really I think packaged as the entire complete season you really don't need the "previously" or "next time" tags. They could be eliminated entirely. Or, you could put breaks in the episode so that someone with a remote for their DVD player that lets them skip chapters could easily fast forward to the meat and potatoes of the episode. It gets really old watching the opening over and over again for every single episode, but the only breaks on the season 1 DVD are between episodes so there is no easy way to skip it you just have to scan forward like the ol' VCR days. I hope on season 2 maybe you can put some chapter breaks in right after the opening and before the ending credits. Maybe even at each commercial break if you want to go all out.

Anyway... my 2 cents..

Greg responds...

I had imput, and I chose very consciously to keep them on. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel. The "Previously" segments were an integral part of how the series was originally presented. I never considered cutting them.

Chapter breaks, on the other hand, as much as I would have liked them, were not presented as an option. More than BVHE wanted to pay to include them.

Response recorded on September 21, 2006

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Ryan writes...

Hi Greg,

I recently bought four copies of the Gargoyles DVD on Amazon. I've encouraged other people I know to buy it as well. I've posted to various cartoon-related bulletin boards informing people about the release of the DVD. I wrote a glowing review at Amazon (one of about 140- the overwhelming majority of which are 5/5 and say something along the lines of "best series of all time"). I even wrote an e-mail to Harry Knowles at Aint It Cool News asking him to plug the DVD's release or have one of his editors review it, no response from him but oh well I tried. Anyway... I know this won't be answered for another year at least but I wish it was sooner, I just wish we had some idea of how good this thing has to sell to get us any attention at all. I was watching the DVD's performance at Amazon, I think it peaked at about 130 on the best-selling DVDs list unless I wasn't paying attention when it went higher than that. Right now it is down around 200. Not bad... but I wonder if that's anywhere near good enough. Have been checking in hourly to hear from you any thoughts about how well the disc is selling at this point, I know nothing about the economics of home video sales so I'm in the dark, just want to know if we should all be excited or depressed.

Anyway, thanks so much for the series, and now for the DVD, have watched the commentary track already and plan on sharing the whole first season with my nephews and a few friends whenever I can lure them over to the house. Maybe win a few converts that way. My nephews will be getting a copy for XMas. Hope you are well. By the time you read this we'll probably know for sure if the disc was a smashing success or total failure or something in between so, in any case, stay in high spirits. You made something great.

Greg responds...

Season One was not a smashing success, but it did well enough. Unfortunately, Season Two, Volume One was something less than a success -- a fact which has discouraged BVHE from putting Volume Two on their schedule.

Having said that, BVHE is reluctant to give me hard numbers on either release, let alone a threshold of success in any concrete terms. The short answer is always that the first release (Season One) did well enough and that the second release (Season Two, Volume One) did not.

I do appreciate all the effort you put into both purchasing and promoting the first release. I am curious as to whether or not you did the same for the second? My sense is that on the whole, the fandom initially took for granted that everyone who bought Season One would both know about and purchase Season Two. And so less effort was made initially to SPREAD THE WORD. That may have been rectified in some degree, since. But whatever the old threshold was, we have to surpass that now to get Disney's attention all over again, since they now believe the property is a disappointment. That attitude, and BVHE's lack of marketing on either disk is of course disappointing, but this is the reality this fandom has always lived with. We have to do it ourselves!

Response recorded on September 20, 2006

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Ryan writes...

is there some reason we have to wait until the 7th to buy the DVD in order to create a buzz? I want to help as much as I can and personally plan on buying 3 or 4 copies on that date but, wouldn't it be cheaper if we preorder it from Amazon? Maybe we could all preorder on the 6th and still create a spike while saving a lot of money? Just a thought.

Greg responds...

This is a bit moot now. I only know what BVHE advised me, which was that buying on the day was the most helpful thing to do. Now, of course, assuming you've already bought both DVDs, the most helpful thing to do is SPREAD THE WORD.

Response recorded on September 14, 2006

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Anonymous writes...

Will the DVD of Gargoyles be released in Canada on December 7th also?

Greg responds...

I don't know. Was it? It certainly could not have been too hard to get in Canada, I would think.

And again, both the SEASON ONE DVD and the SEASON TWO VOLUME ONE DVD are currently available. Because of mediocre sales on the latter, there are no current plans to release SEASON TWO VOLUME TWO at this time. So we need to SPREAD THE WORD to people. Let them know that the DVDs are out there and available and raise the sales figures so that we can get that next release.

Response recorded on September 12, 2006

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Brett Maki writes...

Hello Greg, I have both a question and a comment to ask/well, comment on. Anyways, the question is about the Gargoyles DVD. I was wondering who (possibly you?) would be doing the commentary for it, and if you knew if the commentaries would be on specific episodes, or all of them. I've been visiting this site on occasion since I was about 17. (I'm 20 as of this writing.) I just wanted to say that I'm glad that the site is still up and running, and that you still take an active part in it. Good for you! Hope to hear back from you.


Greg responds...

Hey Brett. Hope you're still stopping by. Commentaries on both DVD sets were done by myself and Frank Paur. Keith David also participated on the Awakening commentary. Michael Reaves participated on the City of Stone commentary. And those were the only two commentaries. But you can hear more from myself, Frank, Keith, Michael, plus Thom Adcox, Bill Faggerbakke, Jeff Bennett, Brigitte Bako and Ed Asner -- as well as many fans on the extras that came with the DVDs.

And on the Season Two, Volume One DVD, I did little intros to every episode.

Response recorded on September 01, 2006

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Laura Ackerman Sack writes...

Been a while since I posted a question. Thanks to all involved getting Ask Greg fully operational again.

Seeing that the question line is about 1.5 years backlogged, I figure asking this in November '04 might get it answered when it is just about the time to ask: With season 1 coming out soon as I type, and long since out by the time this is read, what is the news on season 2?


Greg responds...

Season 1 and Season 2, Volume 1 are both available now on DVD. The former sold well. The latter, not so much. So as I've said MANY, MANY times before, we need to SPREAD THE WORD about both volumes so that we can get Season 2, Volume 2 which is not currently scheduled to be released due to the poor sales of Season 2, Volume 1.

Response recorded on August 29, 2006

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Darius writes...

When will the first season of Gargoyles be released in the UK, I already know it will be released 7th December in the United States and I've found no information that it will even be released in the UK.

Greg responds...

I don't know even now (nearly two years later). Was it released in the U.K.?

Response recorded on August 21, 2006

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As many of you already know, the first issue of the new GARGOYLES comic book sold out its print run. There WILL be a second printing... and all the fans who bought copies and/or SPREAD THE WORD deserve a round of applause...


But please, let's not use this as an excuse to be complacent. We now need to sell out this second printing and encourage pre-orders on issue #2. Not to mention the two DVD sets.

This is NOT me asking people who've already bought the book to buy additional copies. This IS me asking people to continue to spread the word. (I can't tell you how many garg fans I just met in Minnesota, who had no idea that the comic was even out.) Contact the ELFQUEST fandom, the STAR TREK fandom the FILL-IN-THE-BLANK fandom. Contact local comic shops. Contact local conventions. Contact any community that might be interested.

Keep the good news rolling in...


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ASK GREG will be open up again today (Thursday, June 22) so that questions and especially G2006 CON JOURNALS can be posted. We'll stay open at least until the end of July.

In addition, Gorebash has been working on the site to allow Todd to answer some frequently asked questions for me by searching the archives. We haven't totally got the new system up and running, but the long awaited upgrade to ASK GREG is on the verge of reality here. REJOICE!!!

This should help us get through the queue MUCH faster.

But another thing that would help is still a bit of common sense on the part of posters. Try to search the FAQ or the ARCHIVES first. Ask your question here in the comment room. (And, gang, be nice to the newbies, ignorant or not.) Keep the queue as clean of garbage as possible.

And POST THOSE CON JOURNALS. Cut and paste them! It's important!!!!!

Also, post comments and questions about the new comic book that hit stores YESTERDAY (Thursday, June 21)!!! Copies of the first issue ("Nightwatch") WILL be available at the Gathering this weekend, but as Marty said, anything that can be done to encourage sales at local stores is essential.

[I realize from VERY recent personal experience that this can be frustrating. A drone at MY local comic shop was very insistent yesterday that the comic wasn't out yet. Do NOT let them tell you that. It IS out! Be persistent, insistent, but unfailingly POLITE, as it won't help the cause to alienate the guy who orders books for the store.]

This isn't simply about you guys buying a bunch of copies yourself. If EVERYONE who normally checks out ASK GREG bought ten copies, our sales would still, frankly, suck. Yes, I hope you guys support the book with cold hard cash (though as always I'd never ask you to spend money you don't have and/or need for food, shelter, education, etc.), but what I'm really COUNTING on you guys to do is spread the word. EVERYWHERE. We need to bring in a much larger crowd than simply the hard core fans. Word of mouth to individuals is great, but try to brainstorm ways to reach a lot of people on the net, at conventions, etc. Look at other rabid fandoms that might like Gargoyles, and LET. THEM. KNOW what they're missing! (Let them know.) BRAINSTORM NEW WAYS. NEW. NEW WAYS.

DO NOT TAKE FOR GRANTED that the book will just be an ongoing thing. If sales on the first couple issues suck then don't assume that there will be an issue #3. (That's how we got into the dilemma we're facing with the DVDs.)


Finally, for those of you attending the Gathering this weekend in Valencia: please come up to me and say hello. Many of you know me already. Some of you have met me briefly. Some of you are strangers. I'll admit in advance that though I am fearless when I'm "On Stage," ironically I get very shy trying to conduct small talk. So be patient with me. It usually takes me two cons to remember names and three to really get to know a person. But keep trying. I have made so many great friends at these conventions, and you could be one of them. I really do want to know you all.

It's a very exciting con this year. We've got so many great guests and events planned. Panels with the creators of Kim Possible, Talespin, Darkwing Duck, Ben Ten. Jim Cummings, the voice of Dingo, Don Karnage, Darkwing Duck, Pete, Winnie-The-Pooh, Tigger, Bonkers, etc., etc., etc. will be there. Voice directors, background artists, character designers, film editors, music editors, sound effects editors, storyboard artists, and tons of VOICE ACTORS. Nearly the entire writing staff and Voice cast of WITCH will be there. (And I hope you've been watching the episodes of WITCH that I produced which have been airing on Toon Disney and ABC Family's Jetix blocks.) Frank Paur will talk about Spawn, Iron Man and Dr. Strange. Tad Stones will talk about Hellboy. Keith David, Thom Adcox and Crispin Freeman will all BE IN THIS YEAR'S RADIO PLAY!!! Brigitte Bako, the voice of Angela, is attending her first convention EVER!! (So be extra nice to her.) I'm even doing a seminar on time travel.

So stop by, have fun, enjoy... and SPREAD THE WORD. (Have I mentioned that yet? SPREAD THE WORD!!!!)

Gargoyles is BACK!!!!

Greg Weisman

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matt writes...

My Gathering Journal

-unfortunatly i could not attend this years Gathering either. but i felt so helpless about posting Gathering Journals taht i decided to post this just to show people how easy it is to post their thoughts. i'm kinda dissapointed taht we only have a 25% turnout... i hope we see better participation in buying the DVD...

thanks Greg.

Greg responds...

Me too.

Response recorded on June 20, 2006

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French Kitty writes...

Hello Greg! How are ya? This is just part of my ramble for the Awakenings. I will have to post the rest later. :(

My ramble for Awakenings...(sorta)


The Awakenings are some of my favorite episodes of the series. You kind of have to see these first episodes to understand the entire series. I have decided to watch all my tapes beginning to end to observe more carefully for things I have been meaning to ask but forgot over the years.

Scotland, 994 A.D.

I like how the episode starts,right in the middle of a battle between Castle Wyvern and the Vikings) I have always been interested in history, and wars are a big part of history. It looks like a real battle,(arrows flying everywhere)and I see a huge rock thrown at Wyvern and breaks off a large part of the castle.

And this is how far I got before the VCR ate my tape. I got stuck and i am afraid to try it again. I wouldn't care much because it is mostly The Goliath Chronicles episodes, but I also taped the "Awakenings" and "Hunter's Moon" part II and III. I have four tvs in my house, two have VHS, I have an individual VCR and NOTHING seems to work! I'm going to have to tape the episodes again(because they're my favorites!!) but I don't have a GOOD tv to do that with AND I do not have cable, satellite, DirectTV, etc... So it will be a LONG time.

Sorry for wasting your time but I'm frustrated and I needed to share this. :D
[I can't wait for the DVD.]

Thankx for your time.

Greg responds...

Hopefully, by now you've got both DVD sets... (all of season one, including Awakening and half of season two... for a total of 39 canon episodes plus a number of cool extras).

Response recorded on June 20, 2006

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Scion writes...

What would be the most effective way of getting Disney to start up a new season of Gargoyles? Money? Petitions? Or maybe a plague of catchy t-shirts featuring the characters?
And how much of that would be necessary?
Also, as time passes, do you feel that a Gargoyle ressurgence is more and more unlikely? How long do you think it would be until it becomes too late?
Would you make another show for Disney, hoping that you can raise the needed funds and influence to continue Gargoyles again?

Greg responds...

The most effective thing is MONEY. Specifically, the best thing that people can do if they have spare cash is to buy one or both of the two DVD sets, especially Season Two, Volume One, to buy the comic book issues as they come out and to spend money to attend the Gathering year after year.

The second most effective thing at this point is communication... not with Disney, but with fellow fans, folks who have seen the show but aren't in the fandom and friends or relatives who know nothing about Gargoyles whatsoever. We need to spread the word BEYOND the immediate hard-core fans.

We need MORE, many more, PEOPLE to buy DVDs, comics and to attend the Gatherings. The larger the fanbase grows, the less expensive it is for everyone while at the same time the more money and attention the property gets. THAT is what will attract Disney's roving eye.

Gargoyles has its BEST shot in ten years RIGHT NOW. But if the DVDs and Comics don't sell... that moment will have passed.

And of course, I'd always be willing to do another show for Disney. In fact, I'm in post-production for W.I.T.C.H. for them right now, and my episodes have already started airing on Toon Disney and ABC Family's Jetix block. If that helps us with Gargoyles great, but mostly I'd refer you up to paragraphs one and two.

Response recorded on June 16, 2006

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Kasei writes...

I tried finding an answer to this question via search( a very handy tool on a site with this much info!) but could not, so I beg pardon if this issue has already been adressed and/or is trivial:

Since I rediscovered Gargoyles about a week ago (with ep.1 on Toon Disney)I have not missed an episode. Just yesterday I found out about the gathering and the DVD. I'm so excited! I'm trying to spread the word in everyway that I can, on all of my public internet locations and by word of mouth. To make it easy for people to acess the right information quickly, I would like to know if it would infringe any copyright laws/issues if I supplied a link to the What_You_Can_Do_To_Help video provided in the Gorebash's Gathering 2004 Archives.

Thanks for your time and efforts on the Gargoyles over the past ten years, I really hope to see this DVD take off!

Greg responds...

I'm not sure what you're referring to, but I can't see how you providing a link to an existing website would be problematic. Go for it! (Assuming you're still hanging around to read this two years later.)

Response recorded on June 08, 2006

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Some Random Dude writes...

Hello Greg,
This is a DVD release question,which i bet has been asked a butt load, but i have just read on The Gathering site that the dvd release date is Dec 7, 04 i would like to know is this the offical date? is it subject to change? or has someone jump the gun yet again?

Greg responds...

December 7th, 2004 was in fact the OFFICIAL release date of the first season DVD. And in December 2005 the first volume of the second season was released. Both are currently available.

Response recorded on May 16, 2006

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Kaylle writes...

Kaylle's G2004 Journal (Part 1 of 2)

[I have an illustrated version of this journal on my website, but as requested I'm pasting the text here. People who want to see the pretty version should go to www.ladyavalon.com/gathering/gathering01.htm ]

(or, Useless Background Info)

I graduated from high school in 2000, and as a kind of graduation present my mother agreed to take me to the Gathering in Orlando. We bought plane tickets, reserved the hotel, etc. I was so excited!

Then I got a letter from MIT, where I was going to be a freshman in September. It turned out they have a summer program for incoming freshman, where you can live on campus and take pass/fail elective credit classes that are similar to the real courses you’ll take your first term, by way of preparation for real college life. I’d be able to get used to living on campus, meet new friends, and get a head start on college classwork. And it was free. But you weren’t allowed to skip classes, and you weren’t allowed to leave for vacations.

I, naturally, wanted to go to the Gathering, but being the sensible person I was I knew I *should* go to school. So I made a sort of bargain with God; I told Him I’d apply for the program, and if I got in I would take it as a sign that that was what He wanted me to do. (This seemed like a very logical plan of action at the time.) So when I got in, I grumbled a lot (that might be an understatement, actually) but I went and I missed the Gathering.

Since then, every year I’ve intended to go and never quite been able to pull it off. Last year I started to design a pair of wings, only to run out of time to build them before the Gathering in NYC. I was just about ready to write it off as a lost cause when one day I received an email from tvshowsondvd.com, mentioning that Disney was going to send a camera crew to the Gathering this year in Montreal. They were actually taking note of the fans of the show, and I had a chance to be counted as one of them.

So I considered. My wings were still in pieces in my basement. I’d just come back from a week in Florida and had no spending money left. I hadn’t been online in ages, so none of the fans knew who I was. Plane tickets to Montreal were running $350+, but the drive was 12-13 hours.

But... Disney was paying attention!

So I emailed my trusty sidekick/partner in crime, Annie. “Hey... Do you maybe want to go to Montreal? In about five weeks?” She thought I was crazy, but as usual we didn’t have anything else better to do. So we broke out the wings. Started sewing and engineering and hot-gluing things together. And by some miracle it all came (mostly) together in time.


We’d been up sewing till midnight or later the night before, but I got up at six to go to work. Somehow managed to stay awake all day (audiofanfic helped a lot) and picked Annie up on the way home from work. I still wasn’t packed, so we had to head back to my house and run around like chickens with our heads cut off for a while. Annie became chief CD-burner and picked out some good driving music while I tried to find my birth certificate. We finally got on the road at 6:30 and drove six hours to Buffalo. We checked into the Howard Johnson and collapsed.


We were up again at 7:30 and on the road once more by 8. Annie did most of the driving this morning as I was a little zonked from driving the night before. It was ridiculously easy to get into Canada; no one even asked to see our IDs. “Where are you going?” “Montreal.” “Where are you from?” “Ohio.” “Have a good time.” I guess terrorists don’t come from the Midwest...

Traffic into Montreal was a pain, but we finally got to the hotel around 3. It took us another ten minutes to figure out how to get *into* the hotel, thanks to a number of one way streets, but at last we got checked in and parked and settled in our room. We went back downstairs to registration and got checked in there too. There was a sign-up sheet for the Blue Mug-a-Guest at the registration table, and it was full, which was a little disappointing; it felt like we’d just driven *forever* and we were being excluded from things for getting there three hours too late. (It turned out later that signing up wasn’t required, and we got to go anyway, so all my disappointment was for nothing).

We wandered through the dealer’s room and art show, which was suffering from some power difficulties at the moment. I made a mental note to come back and buy one of the Demona T-shirts and a G2004 pin, which I never got around to doing. All the artwork was really well-done, by turns amazing and hysterical, and I was sorely tempted to buy a few things, but I resisted. (The one that stands out in my mind the most was the Phoenix Gate piece that was used as the cover for the anthology. That was just beautiful. I also remember being impressed of a shot of Elisa and Goliath overlying the NYC skyline. I’m sorry I don’t remember whose piece this was!)

Most of the con-goers in the vicinity seemed absorbed in conversations and activities, and we were feeling shy, so we went out into Montreal to find food. We found a Subway a few blocks away and got some sandwiches, then raced back to the hotel just in time for the Opening Ceremonies.

It was a little bit of a shock to see so many fans together in one place, so many people who loved this show as much as I did and wouldn’t think I was weird if I talked about it for hours on end. I was surprised by how candid Greg Weisman was; despite having pored over the Ask Greg archives and reading Gathering journals from years past, I hadn’t realized just how much Greg was “one of the fans,” so to speak. He wasn’t the aloof guest of honor; he was just as excited to be here as we were.

I was also surprised by how many other con virgins were in attendance. I’ve been a fan of the show since early in the second season and just hadn’t been able to make it to a convention, but a lot of the people I talked to were relative newcomers to the fold. It thrills me that we’re still attracting new fans, ten years later.

It was great to hear about the DVD (and the Powerpoint slide show on paper cracked me up!). Even though I know it’s a long shot, I would really love for Disney to take note of us and bring the show back on the air. The fact that they wanted footage of the Gathering seems like an awfully good sign, but I’m not in the television business so I really don’t know.

There was also a tape of greetings from Keith David, Frank Paur, Ed Asner, Bob Fein, and numerous other production staff. Keith slipped into the Goliath voice a few times, prompting a rash of delighted giggles through the crowd. Even though I *knew* he was coming to the Gathering (he wasn’t there yet, he’d been delayed), even though I *knew* plenty of people had met him before and probably weren’t as impressed by this anymore, it was suddenly incredibly cool to hear that familiar voice... Ed also seemed really pleased to be on the tape; he didn’t slip into the Scottish brogue, but he talked with such a quiet dignity that it was easy to “see” him as Hudson (despite referring to his character as “the old geezer”).

After that Greg played the pitches for Gargoyles and for Dark Ages, The New Olympians, and Bad Guys. After years of hearing about them, I was excited to finally see the fabled videos. (I groaned a little when Terry was introduced as an MIT graduate--“Why do they always go to MIT?”-- but Greg later explained that was sort of an inside joke, as a relative of his was an MIT grad who’d studied English.) Watching the pitches and listening to Greg talk about the plans he’d had, I could see it all in my head, the way it could have been expanded into a multilayered universe like the ones Marvel and DC have. For the first time I understood the scope of the project and I was stunned by it.

We also heard the voice track for the planned Team Atlantis episode Greg had sneaked Gargoyles into. Having seen Atlantis only once, several years ago, I didn’t remember most of the characters very well, but the Gargoyle subtext was intriguing and all of the voice actors did a great job. I do love Sheena Easton as the female Huntress, both Fiona and Robyn.

After the ceremonies, we stayed for the Mystery Gargoyles Theater 3000, which was a lot of fun. Annie and I met Alan and Carolyn there, who were also con virgins, and had a lot of fun just laughing and joking through the episodes. I was really surprised to realize they’d never seen the show in its original run; they had just downloaded a handful of episodes off the internet and liked them enough to look for the rest. It’s awesome that we’re still bringing in new blood, and even more awesome that they came to the Gathering.

After MGT3K was over, Annie and I went upstairs and ended up taking a quick nap before the Blue Mug. We’d set the alarm for shortly before eleven and, amid many grumbles, we got up and went to the con suite. It was pretty packed, but we found some seats on the floor by the coffee table and ended up being at Greg’s feet. The room got even more crowded before we got started, but I don’t think we turned anyone away completely. The questions ended up being fairly tame, compared to what I guess has been covered in previous years, but I’ve heard that attributed to Thom’s absence. I enjoyed it anyway; it was very cool listening to Greg just talking about the show, something he obviously loves very much. I asked a few questions, although I don’t remember now what they were. Most of the conversation focused on the upcoming DVD and what-ifs about bringing the show back on the air. The conversation broke up at about 2 am and we all stumbled gratefully back to bed.

Greg responds...

Wow, from such humble beginnings, you're now a major part of the fandom, hosting gargoylesdvd.com. Thanks!

Response recorded on April 27, 2006

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Luke writes...

I am a soldier in Afghanistan and was wondering both if and when i could get the series of Gargoyles shipped to me? How much would it cost? and is there a list i could get on to make sure i secured a copy. Time really drags here so all we have to help are tv series and i've been looking everywhere for this series and can't find it.

Greg responds...


I feel just awful that this question was languishing here for over a year. I hope by now, assuming your even still checking back for an answer, you've found the discs. This site isn't designed as a clearing house for the DVDS, but there is a link to Amazon.com on this page. They're probably your best bet.

Mostly I hope that you are safe and well and possibly home. My cousin Brian is a U.S. Marine currently stationed in Iraq. I'm very proud of him and of you. My thoughts are with you.

Greg Weisman

Response recorded on February 15, 2006

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Tough Love

I've been informed that the Season Two Volume One Gargoyles DVD has not sold as many units as the Season One Gargoyles DVD did. That's not particularly surprising, since it has a higher price point. But let's be honest, the lower sales are putting the release of Season Two Volume Two at risk.

To be clear, I'm not asking anyone to spend money they don't have and/or need for things like food, shelter, education, etc. But if you've just been lazy and have been putting off buying the darn thing... well, pal, help us all out by ponying up sooner than later.


It is NOT a given that Season Two Volume Two will come out!

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Jacob writes...

I know you have plans to release gargoyles on dvd. do you plan to interview cast and crew for the dvd? I have contact with sarah douglas. she appeared in MIA. She is doing her first commentary track with conan the destroyer collectors edition from the UK. Its a region 2dvd. I have more info at my site: www.angelfire.com/ca4/sarahdouglas
was curious if you want to interview or something with sarah for the gargoyle episode of MIA?


Greg responds...

The choices of who to include on the DVDs were not really up to me. I made suggestions. But the final picks were decided based on a combination of BVHE's decision and availability on the tight schedule we were working on for both of the first two DVD releases.

It would have been great to get Sarah, great to have gotten a ton of actors from the show. But they didn't want a gang of thousands. So our focus was on regulars. People who contributed a GREAT deal to the project. Not just one episode.

So on the first season DVD you have myself and Keith "Goliath" David and Frank Paur.

And on the second season Volume One DVD you have myself, Frank, Michael Reaves, Jeff "Brooklyn/Owen/Magus/Bruno" Bennett, Bill "Broadway" Faggerbakke, Thom "Lexington" Adcox, Edward "Hudson" Asner and Brigitte "Angela" Bako.

Response recorded on February 06, 2006

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December 6th, 2005 is a day that will live in famy!

VOLUME ONE of the SECOND SEASON of GARGOYLES is available on DVD. If you're buying a copy, particularly if you plan to buy from AMAZON.COM, tomorrow is a GREAT DAY to make your purchase! The more sales we can get on DAY ONE, the better. It's like free marketing!!!

And even if you don't have the money... PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD!!!

This three disk set includes 26 uncut episodes...


These episodes introduce Angela and the Avalon Clan, Thailog, Puck, Halcyon Renard, the Uprgraded Pack and the Illuminati. Depth and history are added to Xanatos, Fox, Demona and Macbeth. There's action, comedy, romance, history, Shakespeare and more...

The disks include a commentary track by myself, Frank Paur and Michael Reaves on all four parts of City of Stone. Plus a mini-documentary about making Season Two that includes myself, Frank, Michael, Thom "Lexington" Adcox, Jeff "Brooklyn" Bennett, Bill "Broadway" Faggerbakke, Brigitte "Angela" Bako and Edward "Hudson" Asner. AND I introduce every episode, hopefully without too much embarrassment!

So buy a set! Give it as a holiday gift to friends and loved ones! And SPREAD THE WORD!!!!


Greg Weisman

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a person writes...

Where can i find the movie of gargoyles or at least the episodes on movie with every single episode from the beginning including deady force?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Greg responds...

ON DVD. Check out Amazon or your local store. Season One is available NOW. The first half of season two is available shortly: December 6th, 2005. The second half of season two will hopefully come out next year, sales warranting.

Response recorded on November 30, 2005

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Valarie writes...

1. Will Gargoyels fans ever get a chance to buy eny eps. we want, even uncut ones? Will they ever be in stores or internet? If they already are, let us know how to gett'em.

Greg responds...

By now you know that the first season is out on DVD (uncut). Available on Amazon, at least. Volume One of the second season will be released on December 6th, 2005.

Response recorded on November 29, 2005

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Anonymous writes...

Some more questions.

According to imdb.com "on October 28, 2002, Toon Disney aired the episode "Deadly Force," They zoomed in on Elisa's face instead of showing the blood by her body." I've yet to see this episode on Toon Disney so I can't say if it's true or not. If it is, were you aware of this change? If so, what brought it about? Will the DVD release of the series include the original unaltered version?

Not a point that would make me not buy the series on DVD but would be unfortunate just the same.

Greg responds...

The DVD includes the uncut version that I approved. This was not the same as the version that first aired, which had an unrealistic quantity of blood on the ground.

And again, I JUST answered this, which means that the same question was only a few questions ahead of yours in the queue. In the future, before posting, please check to confirm that your question hasn't already been asked.

Response recorded on November 21, 2005

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