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Darkflame writes...

Not a question, just an exclimation;
ARHhhhhh!.....I only just found out/started reading your excellent Gargoyles comics recently and Disney are pulling the licence already. I got a load more to read, which is a blessing, but I still feel cursed by my timeing.
If the sales are good, yet Disney licence costs too much for them to admin, it seems to me someone has got a serious bureaucracy problem.
-sigh- Oh well, thanks for the fantastic series resurection, and I only hope and pray it happens again soon!

Greg responds...

Me too.

Response recorded on October 21, 2008

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Rudi writes...

I've been a huge fan of Gargoyles since I was a little girl and I have felt Disney shot itself in the foot for never really appreciating this amazing, revolutionary series. My question is does Greg think Disney has lost it's drive for quality and dedication to good animation and ideas in recent years? And is there anyway to negotiate with Disney to jump start this series for present generations? Thanks so much Greg! Your work gave me history and adventure in my childhood!

Greg responds...

Check the archives.

Response recorded on October 21, 2008

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J writes...

Hello. I have enjoyed "The Spectacular Spider-Man", and my favourite episode is "Group Therapy". Here are a few of my questions:

1) Any plans for a body-switching episode between Spidey and MJ (just kiddin!)?
2) Will Randy Robertson become Rocket Racer and Montana become Big Wheel?
3) Why was Charles Napier replaced by Jeff Bennett as Montana?
4) And, considering the Master Planner arc in Season Two, will there be a homage to Amazing Spider-Man #33?


Greg responds...

1, 2 & 4. No comment.

3. Charles Napier was NEVER Montana. Check the credits. Jeff Bennett played the character from episode 1. I don't know where the Napier rumor came from.

Response recorded on October 21, 2008

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Antiyonder writes...

Anyways, I finally got around to continuing The Spectacular Spider-Man reviews starting with Persona.

- Whether it was the animated series from the 90s or the original comic or the movie I enjoyed The Alien Costume Saga. Whether it's the effect that the costume had on him or the various designs of the costume I haven't decided.

- What I like about this version of the story is the blending of the other versions of the story (Playing his conscience, improving his physical attributes and the control over him as seen in the next episode).

- Between the goop comment (as well as her other wiity dialogue), the kitty sense and the kissing scene at the end, you just can't go with this Black Cat.

- Have to say that the Chameleon's disguises are impressive. His "Spider Sense" and quips are priceless. As for Quentin Beck and Phineas Mason, they're okay, but as for them returning. Well, I don't think they could fight Spidey on their own. Beck for one, would be better off getting a fishbowl (For putting some fish in of course).

Greg responds...

I assume you meant to say "you just can't go [wrong] with this Black Cat." At least I hope that's what you meant to say.

Response recorded on October 21, 2008

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Shadow Wing writes...

What was Mace Malone's number in the Society?

Greg responds...

Mace Malone was somewhere in the high 20s before he died.

Response recorded on October 21, 2008

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auzzie boy writes...

Yeah hi i was just wondering if you know when the rest of the series comes out on DVD, and do you have any idea where i could get it i already have season 1 and season 2 volume 1 but yeah just wondering.

Greg responds...

BVHE has no current plans for an additional realease.

Response recorded on October 20, 2008

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Ice_Tyrant writes...

Hey. I just wanted to say great job with the Spectacular Spider-Man. I saw most of the first season. I haven't seen the second season though. I'm not sure if there is one or not though. Now that I think 'bout it...

I haven't really checked in the site in awhile. I was obssesed with Gargoyles from, like, last June - October, but then it kinda died down. I did get the first vol. of season 2 though for Christmas. It's very good. I 'specially like the Audio Commentary for city of stone. I'm just wondering since I remember hearing that you said Macbeth went to america...

Does Macbeth travel most of the world? Like, does he go to other countries such as China and Australia? Or is that something you dont' know/aren't willing to say at the moment?

Greg responds...

There is a second season in the works, but you couldn't have seen it yet.

I'm sure Macbeth -- over the course of his very long life -- is quite the world-traveler.

Response recorded on October 20, 2008

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Vaevictis Asmadi writes...

Well, I sadly can't buy the individual comic issues anymore. Since Disney won't let SLG publish any after 9/31, I'll have to wait for the trades. I can't afford to buy each issue twice.

I do have a question about the Labyrinth Clan, who are sort of topical:

We know that gargates gain energy by absorbing heat or sunlight during the day, and that if a gargoyle were deprived of this for enough nights in a row, she would eventually start feeling some kind of negative effects.

Given this, what will happen to the clones as they continue to sleep underground every day? It's dark and probably cold and damp down there.

Greg responds...

Um, there are no individual issues anymore, I'm afraid.

I'm not sure it's all that cold in the Labyrinth.

Response recorded on October 20, 2008

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Travis writes...

Are there any plans for Keith David to do any voicework in season 2 of Spectacular Spider-Man? Ever since I started watching the Gargoyles repeats on Toon Disney + bought the season 1 DVD I've fallen in love with his voice, and it seems like now I hear it everywhere.

Greg responds...

Keith was not available the one time we tried to get him.

Response recorded on October 20, 2008

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Arthur Jr. writes...

Greg Weisman response: There were no legal reasons for Montana becoming Shocker.

What does that mean? That part I don't understand....Unless you originally planned to Herman appear as him. Firefly became Phosphorus in "The Batman."

The Avengers in Season Three were actually false rumors.

I do appreciate how you did the latest Spider-Man series. Any sneak peek at who the gang war is between?

Greg responds...

I'm not sure what's not clear... other than the fact that you're quoting me out of context. I wasn't forced to make Montana into Shocker by lawyers. That was a creative choice on my part. I don't know what that has to do with Firefly or the Avengers.

And, no, I'm not going to spoil things here... at least nothing that hasn't already been spoiled.

Response recorded on October 17, 2008

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Neil writes...

In the episode "Temptation" Demona tells Brooklyn about the horrors she's seen. Does that mean she has seen true tragedies like the Holocaust, the various wars and serieal killers?

Greg responds...

Use your imagination.

Response recorded on October 17, 2008

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Annie writes...

Hello I have a question. It may be a stupid one but its something I'm curious about. If someone, say for example broke the finger off a gargoyle durring the day while the gargoyle was stone then glued it back on before the gargoyle woke up, would the gargoyle wake up healed like it never happened or would they wake up with a stone finger glued to a stump?

Greg responds...

Probably the latter, but it depends on a lot of factors.

Response recorded on October 17, 2008

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KingCobra_582 writes...

Feeling too lazy for my usual 'what I like about this issue' review, and will instead make a page-by-page analysis of Bad Guys #4: Louse. Spoilers abound for whoever's seeing this and doen't have the comic yet.


Great cover. Doesn't really look too much like Fang, but I can let that go.

Page 1: Nice way to open, with Fang going electrical on a Gigantor Bot. Off to a good start.

Page 2: Liking Fang's expression when he says he was trying to run away gracefully, before he saves an annoyed-looking Yama.

Page 3: This is the sequence that I remember most from the BG panel at the Gatherings, when Fang delivers his lines on this page. Loved him blowing on his fists, it was cool. His expression at seeing Yama's lack of gratitude was priceless too.

"Hey, Yama... you're welcome!" Great line. Little non-comic related note: Jim Belushi, in the BG panel, delivered it so well.

Page 4: The transition from Fang's look of surprise to the ferocious snarl of 5 days prior was nicely done.

Page 5: "Doc doesn't care for tourists, sweet cheeks. So how 'bout I send you packing ...in pieces small enough to pack?" Great line. Very Fang-ish. I can actually hear Jim having fun with that bit of dialogue. A little surprised that Robyn is just sitting there, though. Wouldn't the Hunter be kicking his ass by now?

But, Yama steps in, smashing Fang's head into the wall. Nice.

Page 6: Robyn wonders if Fang is a Gargoyles, only to be assured otherwise. She doesn't seem to quite know to make of him here. And then Fang attacks.

Page 7: Poor Dingo, wandering around the sewers. Matrix cracked me up in the first panel.

Page 8: And the doctor is in. Hello again, Sevarius. He's actually one of my favorite villians. Not in the ranks of Thailog or Xanatos, but he is definitely up there. Robyn and Yama are in prison cells...

Page 9:... and, like any good evil doctor/villian/geneticist, he introduces them to their cellmates. Tasha, Erin, Benny, (I surmise those last two were named after your kids) and Thug, as the newest mutates.

"I'm a roly-poly bug." "You're a Pill bug."


Page 10: 'Doc isn't big on shifting into reverse!" Dunno why exactly, but I really liked that line. And Fang, with just a look from Sevarius, simply makes his exit? His relationship with the doc has come a long way since season 2's 'The Cage'. Nice touch having Matrix popping up in that bottom panel. Didn't notice it on my first reading.

Page 11: And Sevarius delivers the coup d'grace. He's made a new virus to make every infected human into a mutate. And guess where? The nicely-drawn crowd in Times Square would be a good target.

Page 12: Robyn actually seems frightened. That's a rarity.

Page 13: And Dingo makes a reapperence for the first time in 6 pages, Matrix armor and all.

Page 14: About time someone put Sevarius in his place. A prison cell. I'm wondering, why didn't they set the new Mutates free? Matrix can unlock cell doors...

Page 15: In regards to my earlier comment about the crowd, yep, they're gonna be mutated and Fang's involved. Loving the cameo by Margot and Brendan.

Page 16: Nice Tri Chang cameo. Dingo's constant reference to Fang as a 'misfit' was amusing.

Page 17: 'Doc and his damn drama.' Nice line, there. Sums up Sevarius perfectly. And here we have Yama attacking Fang. Loved Fang's eye when he tells Yama to 'Eat lightning, Schmuck-o!' And another great line, as well.

Page 18: "What keeps happening?!" Indeed, Dingo. He just can't seem to get his handle on the action. Nice touch having the Eyrie Building, and thus the castle, in the background.

Page 19. Nice touch, having the countdown on Sevarius' timer coinciding with the countdown for the New Year's balldrop. Poor Dingo, Matrix just leaves him like that? Geez. 'You just killed me, you flamin' gullah!' LOL.

Page 20: Matrix absorbing the mutagen at the very last possible second. Fun times. Hunter saves Dingo, but he smacks into the building fact-first. Ouch!

Page 21: Yama helps overpower Fang, and they take him back to the cells. Hunter had to think about saving Dingo? Nice. They get back, only to find...

Page 22: ...Tasha's apprent suicide, (didn't see that coming. It actually disturbed me.) and the mutate kids being comforted by Thug. Fang freezes up a second before he launches into inappropiate-joke-making mode. And of course Yama socks him for it, then tries to decapitate him.

Page 23: Fortunately, Dingo stops him, and I am liking Dingo more and more. He's come a long way from his days with The Pack, and he tells Yama that Fang is not worth it. Fortunately, Fang lightens the mood a bit. 'I'm not! I'm really not!' I liked the artistic work with Fang in that panel, too. And we get another 'whisper mystery'. What did Hunter say to Yama? Yama wouldn't reveal it. Would you, Greg?

Page 24: Robyn actually has someone she addresses as 'Sir'. Huh. Go figure. And Fang officially joins the team at this point. Liked Fang's get-up, (The gun holster was an especially nice touch) and Dingo's expression. And, of course, Yama is not pleased by this development.

End comic. What a great issue. A lot of Fang and Yama action, which is a big thumbs-up from me because I like those guys. Great art, a great story, some great twists, (Tasha's sucide in the cell) and great characterization just made this issue an all-around great comic.

Bring on Gargoyles #9 and BG #5.


Greg responds...

Seems like a good time for an update on both trades. All the scripting is done.

Bad Guys Redemption Chapter #5 and Gargoyles Clan-Building Chapter #9 are both completely done.

Karine has completed the roughs for BG#6 and is working on finishes now.

Greg G. has one last page of art to finish on Garg#10. I believe Robby's already begun coloring the book.

New penciller, David Hutchison, has roughed out half of Garg#11 and is working on the second half.

The script for Garg#12 is just awaiting an available artist.

Dan Vado informs me he's planning to release both trades in January.

Response recorded on October 17, 2008

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Matthew writes...

I've hold off asking this question since I figured I'd fine out in the comic, but now I will. What will Matt think of Elisa's romantic relationship with Goliath?
Will he be okay with it? Will he disgusted by it? Will he think it weird but none of his business?

Greg responds...

You'll just have to wait and (hopefully someday) see.

Response recorded on October 17, 2008

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Brook writes...

Hi Greg,

Ok, ergh, in the last post a "other" was missing - it should have said "other potential mediums", "potential mediums" makes it as if comics were second grade... talking bout making mistakes...

Anyways, I've got another question: with the comics being limited to a few books per year - are there any "minor" story arcs you've dropped along the way? I don't want to ask if there were "less important" ones, because who's yet to tell what is of importance in the future? I'd just like to know this, for the last Season of Gargoyles (Season 2) was so hughe and massive, that I'd like to know how you're working here (it's obvious that the Timedancing, for example, can't take as long as the Avalon-tour did, for there's not enough room). Are there side-storys you've dropped for now or that are on ice? Or are you just formulating the main storyarcs?

Thank you so much for awnsering, and once more - thank you for your time and work.

Greg responds...

I haven't DROPPED anything. I'm just in no hurry (anymore) to catch up to the present. I'm fine with the setting being the late nineties for the time being.

TimeDancer is MUCH longer than the World Tour. The latter lasted a few months. The former, forty years. But again, I'm in no hurry to tell it all at once.

Response recorded on October 17, 2008

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Brook writes...

Hi Greg,

this is the first question i post in YEARS... sure feels weird...

Anyways, with the comics being quite a success (for us - thank you so much for making this dream come true), I finally hope I got how the "spin-offs" were intentioned. Somehow I allways got the idea of them being "real" spin-offs, with as many episodess as Gargoyles. I'm happy BAD GUYS has come out in this form and this capacity, it suits the story, theme and place in the Garg-universe.

With the future of the comics being on-hiatus though, I would love to hear if you have thought of releasing the other spin-offs on potential mediums.

For example, I just read into the 2198 storyline, and it came to my mind that it would make a quite interesting computer game. Not that I want to limit my question to this, but today there are so many different ways of telling a story, that hold many opportunities in character development and storytelling (be it computer games or a youtube series or "Alternate Reality Games" for the Internet, that consist of prequels or spin-offs, as was done with Dark Knight or LOST or Cloverfield - for the film version of WATCHMEN, there'll even be an animated panel-retelling of the chapters - kind of like what is done at the Gathering with the voice-acting

I know Disney still has to give the OK, but have you ever thought about releasing one of the spin-offs on a totally different medium than Comics or TV? And if you did, would it change the "course" of the story?

I hope this is not too off, since I know you're fighting for the comics to stay alive and the DVDs to be released, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Thank you so much,
Have a nice day.

Greg responds...

I'm always open to trying new things. But no company has approached me about it. And it isn't as simple as saying Disney would have to okay it. Of course, they would, but their okay would be contingent on being paid a considerable sum of money... up front.

Response recorded on October 16, 2008

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Jason Aiken writes...

Hey Greg,

Wanted to write in and say that I'm looking forward to reading your new comic work in the coming year.

I think you are getting the Red Tornado at a great time after what Brad Meltzer and Dwayne McDuffie have been doing with him in JLA. I am interested in seeing where you take one of the most unique characters in comics. Reading your latest responses Chuck Logan asked about when DC announces when books will be published. The best answer I can give him is to keep up with the solicits every month. DC solicits three months ahead, as I write this it is the end of August and they have previews up for November on their site. Every month, usually the 3rd Monday they release new solicits. So check their website - http://www.dccomics.com/dcu/comics/ or www.newsarama.com for the latest and look for Red Tornado :)

I am also very interested in Mecha Nation and Progeny (or is it Prodigy.. I've seen it spelled both on various sites). I'm always interested in new characters from my favorite creators.

Also, just read Gargoyles: Bad Guys #4... wow the hang em high aftermath of the jailbreak... you couldn't get away with that in any cartoon. Very solid issue though, I'm enjoying all of the Gargoyles comics. Sad to see that #12 of the series and #6 of Bad Guys may be the last, but I have high hopes... Kingdom Comics was just formed so i doubt they would let an established comics property like Gargoyles go to waste.

I have to confess I haven't seen Spectacular Spider-Man yet... but I have all 13 episodes on my DVR... thank goodness for that invention. I plan on sitting down and checking them out soon though as I have heard nothing but good things.

Keep up the great work, you keep writing I'll keep buying.


Greg responds...

Unfortunately, DC cancelled the Red Tornado limited. It's a shame. The first issue and the designs for characters new and old, penciled by Joe Bennett, were just gorgeous. And I was very happy with the three scripts I wrote before the cancellation.

Oh, and it's Mecha-Nation and Progeny.

Response recorded on October 16, 2008

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Ricky writes...

Hi Greg,

My favorite episode is "The Mirror," not just because the acting, animation and writing are all so great, but I loved seeing Elisa as a gargoyle, and ever since I've been dying for more. Seeing as though the license hasn't been renewed, I realize it could be a while before we get new stories, but I'm not losing faith. So, I don't want to ask if it's possible that we see her as a gargoyle again, cause I'm pretty sure almost anything is possible in the gargoyles universe, so I'll put it differently:

1. How likely is it that we'll see Elisa as a gargoyle again?

2. I don't expect you to be too specific, but how far into the future (in their world, not ours) would it be? Very far in the future? Not too far? The near future?

Also, if you don't wanna answer I'd understand that too. Thanks a lot, keep up the great work!

Greg responds...

Does Delilah count?

Response recorded on October 16, 2008

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Ming writes...

I've watched the first season of Spectacular Spider-Man and let me tell you this show rocks, especially with surprises and characterizations throughout the arcs.

Are there any comic book storylines for the Spectacular Spider-Man series that you would like to do?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on October 16, 2008

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anonymous writes...

1.) Will we see the Enforcers back on "The Spectacular Spider-Man"?
2.) Will we see Spider-Man use his spider-tracers on the show?
3.) People have been saying on message boards of websites about which characters they want to see on your show. The ones I saw listed the most were Beetle, Carnage, Hydro-Man, Jack O'Lantern, and Tarantula. But are there some villains you are not allowed to use on your show as they might be connected to other heroes, like how Hydro-Man has also fought the Fantastic Four?

Thanks for reading.

Greg responds...

1. Yes.
2. Hopefully.
3. There are many villains from the Marvel Universe that we cannot use, and just because they once fought Spidey is no guarantee that they are an actual part of the Spider-Man license.

Response recorded on October 16, 2008

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Juan Reyes writes...

How can the Gargoyles comic be saved?

Greg responds...


The current comic -- with single issue releases -- cannot be saved. But the trades will come out finishing both the Gargoyles Clan-Building arc and the Bad Guys Redemption arc. If those sell well enough, SLG wants to do graphic novels and will approach Disney about it. If not, I'll look for a new publisher. But again, high sales on what we have and eventually release will make finding a new publisher easier -- not to mention convincing Disney to license the book to SLG or a new publisher.

Response recorded on October 15, 2008

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Chip writes...

Sorry, I meant Crocodile...not Crodile

Greg responds...

Yeah, I got that.

Response recorded on October 15, 2008

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Chip writes...

Did Sevarius Mutate Thug with Alligator or Crodile DNA?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on October 15, 2008

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Corrie "Cormak" McDermott writes...

Hello Greg,

Gosh, it's been over 7 years since I asked a question here!

First off, I'd just like to say how thrilled I am that you still continue to push for Gargoyles to reach the fans. No matter the medium! Before the comics, I lived for the "Ask Greg" section of this site, (I still enjoy reading here when time away from work and my horses allows). The comics have really been a godsend. It's always a disappointment to find your favorite show has no new material in the works, so I commend you for helping to keep Gargoyles alive and available to us all no matter what obstacle you must cross.

I'm very upset to hear about the license situation with the comic, but I have not given up hope for the future spin offs and further stories.

I'd guess you write timelines and probably have notebooks and computer documents full of continuing ideas. Have you ever thought about doing an encyclopedia/compliation with all of the characters, places and events as well as future events you have outlined? (Obviously with Disney's approval of course)

I apologize if the question has already been asked. I searched the archives and didn't see a mention. (There are alot of pages!)

Best of luck, keep up the good work and Long live the Gargoyles!

Greg responds...

I've thought often about it. No publisher has ever expressed any interest.

Response recorded on October 15, 2008

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Todd Jensen writes...

You mentioned that one of your new dogs is named Hermione. Was she named after the Hermione of Greek mythology (the daughter of Menelaus and Helen of Troy), of "The Winter's Tale", or of the Harry Potter series?

Greg responds...

I don't know. She came with the name Hermione from Daphneyland, the basset hound rescue ranch.

See http://www.daphneyland.com/

Response recorded on October 14, 2008

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Blaise writes...


There were a number of scenes in this issue that just made me say, "Oh...my god."
The first one was, of course, the revelation of the "New Mutates." This is shocking, because we've seen at least three of them (Tasha, Benny, and Thug) as humans. It becomes even more shocking because of the nature of their mutations. The original Mutates, despite having six working limbs and enough eel DNA to channel electricity, don't seem anywhere near as strange as these four. Perhaps that's because their main body ("anthropomorphic big cats" if you will) is still...I don't know. Beautiful? Acceptable? My point is, in comparison what happened to these four seems even more outlandish and strange. Tasha at least is a mammal (albeit not a pretty one), but Thug is now reptilian, and so is Erin I think (a turtle with hair it looks like). But Benny's the weirdest out of all of them. HE'S A FRICKEN' INSECT! How the hell did Sevarius manage that? You know, it's strange--out of all the things I willingly suspend my disbelief for, this one takes the cake. Are insects even considered vertebrates? Still, if Sevarius can isolate and manipulate the genetic code for hexopodial limbs, I guess it's not too much of a stretch for him to do this, too.
The next shocking thing would seem to be the kids' reactions to their predicament--they don't seem that phased. Benny actually seems somewhat proud of being a "roly-poly bug." Erin is more interested in arguing with her brother.
The final shocking thing about this scene to me is...those are GREG'S KIDS! Good god, man! What did they do to you? ;-)

Of course, all of these shocks pale in comparison to the suicide. It's a very powerful scene (despite, or maybe because, we don't see the noose or anything). The shocked reactions of the squad (minus the largely emotionless Matrix), and the reactions of Thug and the kids are well done. Poor Benny can't hug Thug, so he goes into the wood louse version of a fetal position. As if they weren't traumatized enough--homeless, then mutated, now witness to a suicide. I ask again: Greg, what the HELL did your kids do to you?!
Unfortunately, "Fridge Logic"--what you think about after the fact, usually while looking through your fridge for a snack--leaves me wondering how exactly she hung herself.
At any rate, those were the big ones for me. The rest of my impressions will be listed, more or less in the order they occurred.

Fang takes out the robot with a double blast of both gun and electricity. Nice. I liked the "Gigantor" reference.

I love Fang's expression in the 4th panel of page 3. I knew that Fang would get a cliff-hanger, but I never thought the (apparent) threat would be from Yama. Given later (earlier) events, that resonates all the better, though.

"5 Days Ago." Wow...that doesn't sound like a lot of time in the grand scheme of things, does it?

Fang's line about sending Robyn packing "in pieces small enough to pack" made me go "Yikes!"
I wonder if Robyn quite took in the irony of her life being saved by a gargoyle.

I was tickled to get a confirmation that a gargoyle's sense of smell is better (or at least more sensitive) than a human's. Yama knows Fang isn't a gargoyle just by the scent. "Fish," eh? I wonder if that's from Fang's genetic make-up, or his diet.

I was a bit surprised when Yama's attack seemed to knock out Fang. Of course, it didn't.

Matrix and Dingo are fun! I found Matrix's line about "taking matters into my own nanobots" a rather interesting twist on the old phrase.

I'm ashamed to admit that I had forgotten that Sevarius knew Robyn previously.

It never occurred to me that the client Sevarius spoke of might be someone we knew until others mentioned the possibility. Whether it is or not, this new client has certainly helped the good doctor out--right down to apparently providing a lab with holding cells in New York's sewer system (how many "Labyrinths" do they have down there?).

As others have mentioned, we now know what motivates Sevarius: science, money, and...DRAMA!!!!! That last part actually becomes important to the plot, what with Sevarius's device set to go off at exactly midnight and no way to speed it up (much to Fang's annoyance). Of course, mutating all the people in times square, while dramatic, also seems a little...stupid. I mean, cameras are rolling, police are there..is no one REALLY going to notice thousands of people spontaneously mutating? But screw logic, this is...DRAMA!!!!!
He even numbers the carrier virus after the new year number (1997).

And now the term "gargate" is cannon. Sevarius wonders what would happen to a human mutated with gargate DNA, and vice versa...and I'm wondering how many of us, like Matt, have paused to consider that, over the years.
The reactions are intriguing. Robyn is disgusted (maybe even afraid?). No matter how she interacts with Yama, the old prejudice still has it's hold. Yama, on the other hand, just calmly inquires into the identity of the "donor." That surprised me--when it's a normal animal, nobody inquires beyond species, but with a sentient questions of identity arise. We learn the name of the gargoyle (and with it, one of the uses the samples are maybe being put towards), but Sevarius never mentions the human.

Dingo (wearing Matrix) saves the day! Hands up everyone who saw that coming.

Oh that Sevarius.... As soon as they left him in the cell, with that smug look on his face, I knew he'd escape somehow. Tasha immediately jumps on the idea that now Sevarius HAS to cure them. Poor lady....

Spot the cameo in Times Square! Naturally, we have Brendan and Margot. Tri Chung, and I guess his little brother Terry, are there as well. And Karine's roster of garg-fans.

I understood that Fang's electric attack reset Dingo's memory back a couple of seconds on the first incident. As if Dingo didn't need another reason to be wary of joining with Matrix.

"Damn drama." No, I will not get tired of every minor profanity that shows up in these books! Of course, the suicide will kind of steal the thunder....

"Flamin Gallah." We just don't use that insult enough.
Poor Dingo, though. His partner made a logical decision (and a good impression of the New Year's Ball) that left him in free fall. And even though Hunter saves him, his momentum is enough to swing him face-first into a wall. By the handkerchief a few panels later, I guess he got at least a bloody nose.

Love the Eyrie Building in the back ground.

Go Yama! I wonder how Fang's attacks hold up against Taro's electric fans.

I enjoyed the dicotomy between Fang's first reaction to Tasha's death, and his immediate switch to a joke (in extremely poor taste). A defense mechanism, I guess. Not a good one, since it nearly gets him beheaded. Fang's enthusiastic support of Dingo's "He's not worth it" line is in character and extremely funny. Hunter's reaction intrigued me the most, though. Her expression when Yama tries to kill Fang, and then her calming Yama down by...whispering something in his ear.
Great, as if "What the #$^& did Titania whisper" wasn't enough, now we've got "What the #$^& did Hunter whisper." You better answer ONE of those SOON, Greg! ;-)

Now Dingo gets some confirmation that Hunter isn't the top dog, after all. I wonder if her boss's interest in Thug and the kids was altruistic or pragmatic.

"Guess who made the team!" Fang almost seems like a high schooler who just made running back. The rest of the team seems less than thrilled, especially Yama (who's furious).

Good one. And definitely making use of the medium.

Greg responds...

My kids chose the animals they wanted to be mutated into. I was both surprised and somewhat proud of their interesting and pragmatic choices. I built the armor theme around their choices.

The lab that Sevarius is using is part of the old Cyberbiotics complex. (It isn't called a labyrinth for nothing.)

And of course people would notice.

Terry and Tri are first cousins.

The answer to what Hunter whispered is (I think) so obvious in the context of the issue, that I'm NEVER going to reveal it.

Response recorded on October 14, 2008

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Litwolf writes...

Review of Bad Guys #4 Louse:

It's nice to see that Fang didn't desert. And Yama, the mountain. He's certainly as quiet as one. Not that Fang deserves any thanks see as he probably just decided he had a better chance of surviving the robot attack if he stuck with the Squad.

Then comes the flashback, picking up right where we left off. Are you sure Fang wasn't mutated with a possum? Cuz he plays dead like one.

I know what Dingo's thinking: "Why didn't Matrix pull off that trick hours ago?" ^_^

And four new mutates. Pretty damn scary. Though Im glad Benny and Erin were lightening things with their Roly-Poly/Pill-Bug debate. And it's even scarier to see Sevarius going to a larger scale of mutation.

Yama made me laugh, with how he wanted to know which gargoyle and human DNA Sevarius was playing with. Now I wonder two things:

(1) If he had Angela's DNA from the Loch, why didn't he clone her when Demon and Thailog were ordering clones of the Clan? Why mix Demon and Elisa when he had some Angela laying about?
(2) Who is the human DNA he has? My first thought was Elisa from when he got it on Halloween but I don't think he'd waste her DNA when Thailog seems to want it for something.

And, the Redemption Squad needs to think outside the box if they didn't think Sevarius would have a key to the lab and cells somewhere on his person. That would have been the first thing I looked for before I throw him into a cell.

It took me a little bit to realize that Fang's shocks were messing with Dingo's memory but I laughed out loud when the dots were finally connected.

Return to the lab to find Tasha. I knew how desperate she was when she kept begging Sevarius for a cure but that still chilled me.

And I gave Yama a standing ovation when he gut-punched Fang. I wanted to do so myself when he started his 'light bulb' joke.

A real eye-opening issue of Bad Guys. More Mutates, Fang on the team, Sevarius still at large with the knowledge of the mutating virus. This series is certianly keeping us on our toes!

Greg responds...

1. Sevarius is not without plans of his own.

2. He wasn't using any of the DNA Thailog acquired.

I'm sure they searched Sevarius. It can't be THAT easy.

Response recorded on October 14, 2008

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Chip writes...

Whose DNA did Sevarius intend to mutate Yama with? I have a pretty good idea...but I just wanted to confirm.

Also, thanks for placing my review in "Wanted: Posters". It tickled me, and I got to show it the guys in my comic shop.

Greg responds...

I'm not revealing this now.

Response recorded on October 14, 2008

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Janus writes...

What voice actor would you cast to play Staghart aka Amp?

Greg responds...

Alan Cumming

Response recorded on October 14, 2008

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Matt writes...

Since Sevarius was the first person in the series heard to use the term "Gargate", did he, in fact, invent this term in the Gargoyles Universe?

Greg responds...

"Coin" it might be more accurate.

Response recorded on October 13, 2008

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Anonymous writes...

Hello, Mr. Weisman,
I read Mysterio and Kraven will be members of the Sinister Six in season two, which means we may see the first-ever Sinister Six roster (Doctor Octopus, Vulture, Sandman, Electro, Mysterio and Kraven) for the first time ever on a Spider-Man cartoon. I can't wait to see that! I had a few questions:

1.) Will Hobie Brown (who becomes the Prowler) speak in season two? He didn't in season one.
2.) In which storyarc of the next season does the Master Planner appear?
3.) Since you have plans for direct-to-DVD movies based on Peter's college years and will feature stories that are a bit more mature, does this mean we might see an adaptation of the "Death of Captain Stacy" story with Spidey and Doc Ock?

Thanks for your time. Keep up the great work with "The Spectacular Spider-Man".

Greg responds...

1. Not gonna spoil Season Two, guys.

2. Ditto.

3. You're way ahead of me.

Response recorded on October 13, 2008

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Matt writes...

My Review For Bad Guys #4, "Louse"...

Well, I just picked up my copy. It was the last copy on the shelf (though the clerk couldn't remember how many copies they got in, so maybe that doesn't mean much). Anyway, on to my review...

I love LOVE the 'Daily Tattler' cover. It is fun, relates to a minor series detail and most of all, it is colorful, which has been one of my main complaints about the Bad Guys covers so far, they've been too drab. So, yeah, very cool.

The content itself is spectacular. The writing is awesome. I love how the Louse theme plays throughout. What is most striking to me about this issue though is how contrasting it is. Dark at times, light at other times... I guess you could say this issue is very black and white... hahaha... But seriously, the light moments and the dark are mixed so well.
Lets start with the lighter moments I loved: Dingo and Matrix's relationship is a lot of fun to watch. I particularly loved Matrix "dumping" Dingo in Times Square and laughed out loud at Matrix as the ball dropping at midnight. Sevarius and Fang are hilarious. It can be hard at times to 'hear' the voices of some characters, but the way Sevarius is written (not to mention the spectacular job Tim Curry did with the character in the TV series) allows me to hear him so well. He is such a ham. I love how the science is fun, the money is better, but his biggest motivation is the drama. Good stuff. Fang is just fun to watch... sometimes. I found myself hating him one moment and laughing at his antics a few frames later. I guess he really puts into perspective that some jokes are funny and some are just so inappropriate. His sheepish "I'm not! I'm really not [worth it]!" and sarcastic "Guess who just made the team?!" are a lot of fun. His (again, and thankfully interrupted) lightbulb joke was so awful it almost makes me sick.
Which leads me to the darker moments. Mere hours before I went to pick up my copy of this issue, I was talking to a coworker about Gargoyles and its continuation in comic form. He is a comic fan himself and liked that the Gargoyles comic allowed the series to gain a darker edge. Of course, I found out after reading the book just how dark it has gotten. Suicide and a near-execution. Yikes. Heavy stuff. Not that I'm complaining. I love that the series is so realistic. Tasha's suicide is just so sad. But I can believe it. I can see what drove her to it. I don't think it was her only option or that she should've done it, I guess I can just sympathize. In many ways, I see Tasha as the Maggie that almost was. Maggie the Cat wanted to be human again, desperately so, but she discovered she probably never would be and it was only through Derek's support that she was able to keep going. Maybe Tasha didn't have anybody. Which makes it all the more tragic and upsetting. Fang sees the tragedy for a moment and then turns it off. Maybe he is using humor as a shield, I don't know, but making a joke like he did at that moment was one of the most despicable things in all of Gargoyles. It really made me hate him a bit. Which is why I can totally understand why someone as honorable as Yama would attack him and even feel like killing him in cold blood. I mean, Yama nearly decapitates Fang. Woah. This whole scene is so powerful and really changed my mindset on something. I used to think that the relationship between Fang and Yama would be this funny, almost brotherly, series of wise-cracks and rebuttals, but they'd always be teammates and perhaps, deep down, even friends. Now I can see that there is some very serious and ugly background here. I don't know if they will ever really get along, cooperate maybe, but friendship? It'd have to really be down the road. And my thoughts of Fang are so altered now too. He used to be a smart-ass, but now I just think he's an asshole, sorry about the language.
Anyway, for good or bad, Dingo and Hunter talk Yama down from executing Fang. We get another "whisper in the ear" moment (damn you, Greg!). I like to think that Hunter reminded Yama of his quest to regain his honor and that killing Fang in cold blood wouldn't be honorable at all. Maybe Yama thought of Sora and proving himself to her, his clan and himself.

Details I liked in "Louse":
- The close comradery between Hunter and Yama. The irony here is so fun and yet so believable. I love that Yama questions Hunter's inaction when attacked by Fang and how he calmly calls her fragile. I love the looks the give each other throughout the issue.
- I found the remark Yama makes about scents to be really interesting. We finally make clear how important the sense of smell is to gargoyles. Yama instantly knows Fang isn't a gargoyle, even though he doesn't look all that different from, say, Leo. Instead he reeks of fish, humanity and ozone, due to his genetic make-up and abilities. Good stuff. Very interesting.
- I like how Sevarius mentions the name Robyn Correy. A name I didn't expect to hear again much, but a nod toward the two meeting before.
- The new mutates are interesting. I wonder who this client is that wants an army of armored mutates? Story for another day, I suppose. Meanwhile, we get an aardvark, woodlouse, turtle and crocodile (the shape and tooth placement of Thug's snout leads me to think Sevarius used croc rather than alligator DNA) mutates. Glad the survivors are off to the Labyrinth. It'll be fun to watch what they do down the road.
- Happy to see the term "Gargate" finally used in the series and I can't blame Sevarius for wondering what would happen to a human mutated with gargate DNA and vice versa, not that I think it is a good idea to experiment, but can't help but be curious. It was neat to see Sevarius putting the cell samples he extracted from Angela in "Monsters" to use. And threatening to inject Hunter with garg DNA is one way to really piss her off apparently, not that I'm surprised.
- Dingo/Matrix's short circuits were really funny.
- Hunter's radio briefing with the mysterious "Sir" is cool too. I like how she knows that Fang isn't a good fit, probably in part because the animosity between him and Yama. I also really like how Dingo questions WHO isn't a good fit. Himself? Thug? I like that Dingo thought Thug might be joining up. Instead it is Fang, to Dingo's surprise and Yama's fury. I gotta say though that we are (for the moment) missing a scene here. I hope down the road we get to see Hunter offering the carrot and stick to Fang. I can hear him now... "Oh, maaaan!"

Awesome issue. Bad Guys continues to pull my emotions every-which way and keeps me desperate for more. Can't wait for #5!

Greg responds...

Armadillo not aardvark. Saving aardvark for someone special.

Response recorded on October 13, 2008

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Todd Jensen writes...

I'd like to thank you for the birthday present. "Bad Guys" #4 came out on August 20, my birthday, so I consider it a birthday present from you (though purely thanks to the coincidence of timing).

I'd suspected that Sevarius's plan to mutate a lot of people at one go (mentioned in the teaser at the end of #3) would involve the New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square, after it was revealed in #3 that this adventure was taking place on New Year's Eve (the New Year's Eve Celebrity Hockey marathon) - but I was cautious at the same time, simply because such schemes have shown up so often in super-hero cartoons. (I've seen two Batman cartoons where the villain - in one case, the Joker himself - was attempting to gas Gotham City during its equivalent of the Times Square countdown, and it seemed too much of a cliche. But then I remembered that this *is* Sevarius we're talking about, and so the idea didn't seem so improbable. I was pleased that my suspicion was correct.

While Sevarius is his usual over-the-top self, his mutating got much darker than in "Metamorphosis". For one thing, he's now including children among his victims. And then there's Tasha's suicide, which took me by surprise. I wonder who employed him to produce so many Mutates, incidentally.

Fang was his usual loudmouth self (I particularly liked his grumbling over Sevarius having to be so over-the-top as to have the virus go off at precisely midnight). And he showed how insensitive he can be when he dared make a joke about Tasha's hanging herself (I can't say I blame Yama for responding as he did). I'm not surprised that nobody on the Redemption Squad (except for the still off-stage Director, and possibly Matrix - we didn't see his response) wants him on the team.

Was the DNA sample from Angela left over from "Monsters" (when Sevarius took samples from her and thereby learned of her parentage) or from the more recent Double Date Halloween battle?

Trust Brendan and Margot to be present at the countdown (and their usual selves, too).

More Dingo-and-Matrix interaction (I liked Dingo's protest when Matrix "abandoned" him to stop the virus from escaping, and Matrix's explanation). Those two make a fun team.

I'm looking forward to #5 (whether it comes out as a single issue or as part of the trade paperback collection), and the identity of the mystery figure from Dingo's past. (I have a suspicion as to who he might be, but because of the "no ideas" rule, all that I'll say is that it has to do with Dingo's real name - and where else I've come across it before).

Once again, thank you for the birthday present, Greg.

Greg responds...

Angela's sample was from "Monsters".

Response recorded on October 13, 2008

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mike p. writes...

I think spectacular spider-man is great and probably one of the best animated series in the past 5 years. The only other series that I can think of that have equally strong plotlines, acting, and sense of continuity are those in the DCAU (DC Animated Universe) created by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini. That whole shebang spun off of what was originally the standalone Batman: The Animated Series because of the commercial and critical success of that show. I already know that you're considering doing DVD movies after Spectacular Spider-Man ends it's run, but would you ever consider doing other shows set in the same self-contained Marvel Universe like that of the DCAU? Just wondering b/c I see how strong a series Spectacular Spider-Man is and can only imagine the potential for adapting other characters.

Greg responds...

And once again, the DCAU was not "created" by Timm & Dini. For starters, of course, it was not CREATED by any of these people, it was DEVELOPED. An important distinction in this business. Secondly, it was developed by a number of people, but certainly the two most important were Timm & ALAN BURNETT (who was Paul Dini's boss). I feel bad about constantly doing this, because I think it leaves the (false) impression that I've got an axe to grind against the very talented Mr. Dini, and I absolutely do NOT. Paul is phenomenal and deserves major props for his work on the DCAU. But I'm really tired of Alan not getting the credit he deserves for (a) RESCUING Batman the Animated Series from mediocre writing and (b) being the Executive Producer (alongside Bruce) of the entire DCAU (including THE BATMAN).

As for Spidey launching a "MCAU"... it isn't likely. Marvel's doing that on their own. Sony has the rights to ONLY Spidey and Ghost Rider. And before you ask, Vic and I have asked Sony about doing an animated Ghost Rider, but they are currently uninterested.

Response recorded on October 13, 2008

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Greg Bishansky writes...


Another great issue of "Bad Guys," it ups the ante even more from the last issue. Action packed, and a villain you want to see get beaten up. And great to see Karine Charlebois return after her absence last issue.

Sevarius is, as he's always been, a hammy bastard. But, what a hammy bastard. He destroys peoples' lives, and he has fun while doing it.

The new mutates, I didn't think it was possible, but this is even worse than the first four Mutates. Two of them are just children. Now, they're almost literally insects. It is very strongly implied that this is all being done on Thailog's behalf, which probably makes the clone the perfect employer for Sevarius. Yes, you could really feel Hunter's rage here.

And, when Tasha hung herself... damn. This is an advantage to not having the series on television. Wow.

The scheme to mutate the people at Times Square was just, well, if this is indeed Thailog behind it, he's really stepping up his game. Those poor tourists, because only tourists go to New Year's Eve in Times Square, us natives are at private parties getting plastered (I guess no one invited Brendan and Margot to a party).

We also get more hints as to what Thailog is planning with the DNA he stole from the gargoyles in #5 of the main book. It's not exactly what we thought it was, and knowing Greg, should that surprise us? He keeps throwing us more and more curve balls.

The action was intense, the story was good. It was fun seeing Fang announced as their newest recruit... and everyone looks so happy about it. #3 of "Bad Guys" alluded to Hunter having a superior that she reports to. #4 finally confirmed it. If it was her call, I doubt Fang would be on board.

Now that the team is together, I hope that in #5, ten years after seeing the "Bad Guys" leica reel for the first time, we finally find out what is on that island being protected by those giant robots.

A little comment, of course. I could easily hear Tim Curry and Jim Belushi's voices in my head as I read Fang and Sevarius. Those two are just so over the top, this dialogue is just natural for them. I loved it.

And, cameos, cameos, cameos.

Erin and Benny... Greg mutated his two kids. Cute. ;)

Quite a few at Times Square. Long time fans:
Jennifer L. Anderson... she's the one laughing, and the guy looking back with the "God woman, what is that noise" look amuses me. Funny if you've ever heard her laugh. ;)
Stephanie Lostimolo, the former cover colorist (and colorist for #5 of "Gargoyles") giving Eric "Gorebash" Tribou of Station Eight a noogie. Yup, witnessed that in person too.
Cindy Kinnard making her second cameo in the series, she briefly appeared in #5 at Xanatos's party.
Seth Jackson all the way on the right.

None of them native New Yorkers, because, as I said, only tourists go to Times Square for New Years. Come on people, why? You're not allowed to bring booze, and you'll be freezing your butts off for hours on end. Oh, and you never know when some creepy Rocky Horror Picture Show fan and his Furry thug of a buddy might decide to drop a virus on you!

Great issue, I loved it.


Greg responds...

I probably shouldn't say this, but all your Thailog assumptions are incorrect.

Response recorded on October 13, 2008

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anonymous writes...

Hello, sir,
1.) What storyarc do we see Rhino return in for season two? Is he in the first storyarc (the first four episodes of season two) or in a later storyarc?
2.) Will Tinkerer and Rhino appear in more than one episode in season two?
3.) Is it possible we will see a Spider-Man/Hammerhead fight in season two?

Greg responds...

1. I'm not saying now.

2. Yes, for both.

3. Anything's possible.

Response recorded on October 09, 2008

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James Lipton writes...

I would like to thank Greg Weisman for being here today and to share with us. Many of us know Greg's work as a writer in the comic medium and his endeavours into animation. I myself am particularliy fond of his forays into the world of self expression through the form of facial hair combined with hawaiin shirts. And now the questionnaire used by Bernard Pivot:

What is your favorite word?

What is your least favorite word?

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

What turns you off creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

What sound or noise do you love?

What sound or noise do you hate?

What is your favorite curse word?

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

What profession would you not like to do?

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive?

Greg responds...

Sorry James and/or Bernard... but I can't even summon up the energy to make smartass responses to these questions. They just don't interest me.

Response recorded on October 09, 2008

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Chip writes...


This issue was really heavy. I knew Sevarius was slime...but now I believe that he is an evil man. I really kinda wish Yama could have shown him the business end of his Katana.

The man is twisted...really twisted. And I have to wonder...who is the client who asked about an army of mutates? Thailog? Demona? Xanatos? Taro? Or someone we haven't seen yet.

Robyn's prejudice (Which I've suspected/noted before) shows through when Sevarius threatens her with gargoyle mutation...and it hints at what Thailog has in store for those 8 DNA samples. Also, Yama notes her prejudice with an...unreadable expression.

God, I feel for those four mutates...especially Benny and Erin; I don't think the gravity of what has happened to them has hit them yet. (Of course Greg keeps it light-hearted by having his own kids be the mutates.)

Robyn is as infuriated with Anton as I was...and rightly so. Still, Dingo and Matrix show up before the worst happens...but were clearly to preoccupied to notice that Sevarius had goaded them into putting him in the cell.

That Terry...always noticing the flying anthropomorphic creatures...I do believe he may fall for one one day.

Fang's lightning attacks have a very...unusual effect on Dingo, due--I presume--to his linkage with Matrix. It was funny to see Dingo smack his face on the wall.

And then came the heavy part...poor Tasha...poor Benny and Erin. God...it's what Maggie would have done if Talon hadn't been there for her.

And Fang has no tact...what the hell was he thinking? Frankly...I'm with Yama...take his head off. But unlike when Titania whispered in Fox's ear, or when Angela whispered in Broadway's...I have a pretty good idea what Robyn said to Yama.

Something along the lines of "Everyone deserves to get a second chance...if you deprive him of that, how will you restore you honor?" only, put more eloquently.

Speaking of which, Dingo overhears Robyn's comminque to the Director...but doesn't really get time to chew on it before the newest member of the Squad joins them...and Yama looks absolutely thrilled.

Greg responds...

Yep. Thrilled.

Response recorded on October 09, 2008

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Elisa's fan writes...

Dear Greg,
I discovered the Gargoyles on Toon Disney and this web site when I was 16 in 2000 and became a HUGE fan. I went out of the country for a few years and am just now getting back into my Gargoyles stuff. I just bought all the comics and I LOVE them. I'm depressed they won't continue. I also just bought the available DVD collection and am getting my friend to do the same. I don't have cable right now, so does that mean I really won't be seeing the second half of season 2 ever again? Do you have any idea how long Toon Disney will continue running the reruns?
Please continue the fight, as we faithful fans do the same, and thank you for all you have done. (The comics; I never would have thouht of that.)

Greg responds...

Toon Disney still airs Gargoyles. No way to know if they'll continue forever, but we can hope...

Response recorded on October 09, 2008

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Tim writes...

Is there a squel for gargoyles or not? What is gargoyles 2198? I cant tell by the FAQ weather 2198 is just talking about an episode or a squel idea.

Greg responds...

Gargoyles 2198 was an idea for a spin-off series. CBS was, at one time, interested in airing an earlier version of it. But then Disney bought ABC, so it never happened.

Response recorded on October 09, 2008

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Wesley Nichols writes...

I read on one of youre answers that you are a huge batman fan. Did you see the Dark Knight and what did you think of the Joker? I feel that the Joker blew all the other characters away, but apparently some people don't like the interpretation. One person said that the Dark Knights's Joker is the best film version to date, but didn't approve of the interpreation, because of how sloppy he was and he considered Joker to be a neat freak.

Greg responds...

I thought it was a stunning interpretation.

Response recorded on October 08, 2008

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Lemmy Pierce writes...

So I unexpectedly came off work early today and found myself with a bit of free time-- not much, mind you, but enough. I don't know what it says for my intelligence or creativity that my thoughts immediately wandered to television, but eh . . . free time is supposed to make you feel good, not benefit humanity as a whole. And it felt like it'd been awhile since I'd gotten to actually sit down and watch anything (as opposed to, say, piping up the volume and listening from another room while I do this, that or the other thing). I wasn't sure what, if anything, I was in the mood for, and cast a casual eye onto my DVD shelf.


Well, why not Gargoyles? The quality ratio and fun factor with that show is so high that the only difficult part there is choosing which episode to run. So I pulled down Season One.

Initially I thought to watch Awakenings, but that's a lot of time to commit for one sitting when I had other things to be doing later on. I decided I'd watch "Enter Macbeth" instead.

It is, of course, one of my all-time favorites. mainly because of its titular character.

I actually watched it two times through for the hell of it. When I was finished, I ended up thinking and rethinking through a lot of it . . . and then somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered ASK GREG.

So, I thought I'd ramble. That *is* allowed, isn't it?


Yeah, we'll tell the truth on this one: The episode does kinda look like . . . well, crap. I have a much more affectionate eye for the episode than I did upon first viewing and look past a lot of it now, but there are still moments of "Enter Macbeth" that I can't get out of my head as something to say, "God, that's some [your negative adjective goes here] animation." I can't quite put my finger on what it is-- the whole episode just feels so off from a visual standpoint.

This would, in fact, become the start of one of the things I disliked most about this particular studio. When gargoyle wings fold over cloak-like, you should not see the three "limbs" as you do when seeing their interior. Or at least, you don't in the better animation studios. Drive me nuts; don't know why.

And of course, there was that one shot of Macbeth with the most yellow friggin' teeth. WTF?!

Greg, it's been many years since I've checked the archives in any great detail, but I think I remember you saying something like, "I was sure that the bad animation would make it so that almost no one would be interested in seeing Macbeth again." Well, this is one of those instances where the characters and plot shine through to make up for an episode's lackluster animation. (I call them "Korean Incidents".) It never detracted from the story. Not for me, anyways.

Let's start with Macbeth himself. This is an interesting character. At first glance, he appears to come out of nowhere. His motivations are unclear, so for now he's just "the bad guy". So how do you sell him without the cool backstory that will be developed later?

You have him kick copious amounts of ass, both literally and figuratively.

The scene with him posing as a prison guard is a highlight. So much of the credit for this episode should go to John Rhys-Davies, who from what I can tell just leapt into the role. Although, is it my failing memory or is this practically the only time that Xanatos and Macbeth have any real interaction with one another? If this is true, then that's a shame because they play well off of one another. But why would Macbeth introduce himself as . .. well, *himself*, rather than Lennox MacDuff (presuming that this is the identity he's gone by for many hundreds of years as a cover)?

Look at this guy, though. Not only does he wait for the gargoyles to awaken, he takes them all on single-handedly and wins. Not only that, but he takes prisoners. All on their home turf, and without so much as breaking a SWEAT. His knowledge in these "creatures" is so expert that he knows precisely what to do and how to do it with cold and calculated precision.

Check that attack. He throws (an admittedly off-guard) Broadway into Hudson and over the castle edge with ease. Then before anyone else can react, he tosses the smoke pellets and gains the upper hand over everyone else. Confusion ensues. The gargoyles who can't see and don't move end up blindsighted by gargoyles who can't see and DO move in very wrong directions. Or by Macbeth himself, who most assuredly can see and makes short work of Brooklyn before he can do a damned thing.

From there, it's just zap zap zap and it's finished. "Captured me three gargs in under 20 seconds, EL-OH-EL."

I always found this battle to be interesting in and of itself. Macbeth, for as much as we know this far in the game, is ordinarily human. He doesn't have biological enhancements or special powers or even henchmen; he's as human as you or me. And he takes them ALL down. Hell, Goliath himself probably gets the worst of it-- the outcome is so nakedly humiliating that I'm blushing. Oh, and that body slam into the fusebox didn't help either.

And is it me, or was Elisa WAY too close when Goliath came swooshing down after being electrified by the hull of Macbeth's ship? I say that she was damned lucky: If he had actually COLLIDED with her at that speed, I say that she might've been crushed to death.

So now Goliath leaves to track them down. Hudson and Broadway are left to defend the castle, but of course that's another subplot all its own.

Elisa warns Goliath that it's not safe to stay at the castle. Hell, she says it three times in a row. And his best reaction is to shrug her off-- something he won't be so apt to do in later episodes. He took off awful fast to rescue the other gargoyles at that point, almost as though he couldn't avoid the conversation fast enough.

Something else we don't see a lot of in later episodes tends to show in abundance with regards to Season One and particularly "Enter Macbeth", and that's Goliath Pissed Off. It was only juuuuuuust last episode that he was in a rage over what he thought was Elisa getting shot by Dracon. Goliath holding Dracon over the railing was a powerful dramatic moment. (Although in hindsight, he does that a LOT. Twice in "Awakening" with Hakon and Xanatos, Dracon in "Deadly Force" and I think at least once more somewhere down the line, although I can't remember when.) But in "Enter Macbeth", it's kinda flipped around. Goliath caught Dracon with relative ease, and it was clear what he would have done had Broadway not fessed up in time. Goliath never catches Macbeth, though. And he spends so much time chasing mirrors and shadows that I think Goliath might have been pissed enough to do worse than simply drop him. So we get to see a lot of vicious anger on his part in this ep. Roaring. Tearing through walls. Getting into a slugfest. Goliath isn't just another species, he's a dangerous one when it comes to the defense of his clan.

But that just makes Macbeth even cooler. Now it's Goliath who's handled with ease. Think about that for a moment. GOLIATH. A gargoyle warrior who is more than a match for just about any human out there. But against Macbeth, and especially on his turf, that same gargoyle finds himself at a disadvantage. And what makes that so interesting is that Macbeth isn't this ZOMG "genetically-engineered gargoyle sorceress hybrid mutant clone" superior foe. He's a human being. A human being with technology up the wazoo, but still human.

Look at the way he handles himself in their duel, after the chase is over. It's completely even. It was smart of Goliath to grab for a weapon when he got the chance, because even if weaponry isn't his habit I think he knew that against a sword-swinging Macbeth it was his only real chance. Even so, Macbeth doesn't relent. Goes on and on. Fights until the mansion is about to go up in flames . . . and he never gets too angry or panicked even when forced to escape. Is he pissed because the plan went to rot and his house burned down? Sure, why not? But he still takes it all with a certain amount of stride. No loud threats for vengeance, no personal grudge against Goliath, no real "villainous" actions taken at all (except, maybe, leaving the other gargoyles to burn alive). He just leaves when the gettin's good, and knows a little more for next time.

Love that little slip-out-of-the-jacket thing, by the way.

No, Macbeth doesn't have extra emotions to waste on Goliath and company. He wants Demona, Demona, Demona. The other gargoyles are just pawns (albeit useless ones as it turns out). I think it was a wise decision for her to not show up in this episode at all; it would have been too convenient, not to mention that it would also have detracted from Macbeth's character study. This is his episode.

Back at the castle, the remaining Gargoyles decide to take the Grimorum off Xanatos' hands. Now Owen gets his moment, too.

Hudson: Who's going to stop us? You?
Owen: Indeed.

You can tell by Hudson's attitude that he didn't expect Owen to knock his ass onto the floor. I don't think any of us did! Then, before Broadway can intervene, he's got a loaded gun pointed at his head. (I don't think that S&P would let that slide nowadays.) Owen is capable and reasonably prepared, no matter the circumstances. I think it's great that it's Elisa throwing a crutch at him that effectively turns the tables-- for all their strength, the gargoyles ended up pretty helpless otherwise.

Ah, well. All part of the job for Owen Burnett. However, I wonder if he faced some sort of penalty or reprimand for failing to prevent the theft of the Grimorum.

I despise when recurring characters are introduced via Korean outsourcing. I would say, introduce them some other way, and then give them crap animation somewhere down the line. Macbeth has a great character design; it should have been introduced through one of the better studios, perhaps the best one. (Not that I'm implying fault. You can give only so many episodes to Japan's Tokyo outlet; you make your choices and you live with 'em.) This is one of those episodes that I say to myself, "Damn, I'd love to see what this would'a looked like with kickass animation."

The "City of Stone" four-parter becomes interesting for this reason, given that we see how many changes Macbeth has gone through throughout the centuries . . . again, both figuratively and literally. It's not done by the Tokyo studio, but we're given so many designs for Macbeth. It's wonderful.

I've gotta start dinner now, so I guess that about does it for me. Later!

~Da Lemmy

Greg responds...

We couldn't know while writing scripts which episodes were headed for Korea vs. Japan. Of course, nowadays, things in Korea have improved quite a bit. ALL of The Spectacular Spider-Man is animated there, and we're generally thrilled with the results.

Response recorded on October 08, 2008

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Masterdramon writes...

Good day to you. I'm a long-time lurker, though a first-time poster.

First of all, I'm quite glad that "The Spectacular Spider-Man" Season 2 finally has a concrete air-month. I was extremely impressed by the series as a whole, and it is without a doubt the greatest adaptation of Spider-Man outside of the original comics. Its character development, multi-layered storylines, and sheer coolness are nearly unparalleled in the realm of animation, with the notable exceptions of the DC Animated Universe, "Avatar: The Last Airbender," and of course "Gargoyles." Now it's time for us fans to cross our fingers for Season 3...

Anyway, a long while back you made a very insteresting post discussing how a good villain invariably acts as a foil for some aspect of the hero. To demonstrate this point, you gave a list of who you considered Batman's greatest villains:

a) The Joker, who represents the chaos that opposes Batman's order...
b) Two-Face, who personifies Bruce Wayne/Batman's duality...
c) Catwoman, who symbolizes the darkness that continually seduces Batman's soul...
d) The Scarecrow, who, like Batman, exists to inspire fear...
e) And Ra`s al Ghul, who takes Batman's pursuit of order to fascistic extremes...

This sort of thread simply fascinates me. So I was just wondering - could you do the same with Spider-Man's rogues gallery? Who, in your mind, are the greatest of Spider-Man's many great villains? And how do they speak to Peter Parker's soul? I have some ideas in my head as to the answers, but I'm very interested in hearing what your take on the subject is.

Thanks a lot, and good luck with "The Spectacular Spider-Man"! May it live long enough to introduce the greatest Spidey villain of all time: A Guy Named Joe!

(Well, let's hope it lives long, anyway...)

Greg responds...

I won't go through EVERY Spidey villain, but here's a sampling...

Vulture's age in opposition to Spidey's untried youth.
Venom's dark reaction to the tragedies that Peter faced.
Doc Ock represents the science that Peter loves run amok.
Spider-Man (like Anansi the spider) is a trickster figure. Green Goblin takes the trickster to a negative extreme.

Response recorded on October 08, 2008

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skeeJay writes...

A lot's been said about how great season 1 of SSM is. I'll try to be quick about it.

Background: I wasn't old enough to follow the source material the first time around, but my dad was. He likes to tell how his favorite issue was ASM #6, notable for the return of the Vulture and some classic Spidey quippage. We were both watching SSM.

SSM really made me sit forward for the first time with the introduction of Mary Jane, who nails her first line ("Invisible Hand"). Was great to see the continuity lead this right into Spidey's first Green Goblin encounter on the very same night for Peter in the following episode; handoffs like this make it feel like you're "watching" a comic book on the screen, and it's a fun effect.

I love to see a Saturday morning cartoon using in medias res ("Catalysts").

Really appreciated the way the Sinister Six are used. By pairing up their introduction with Spider-Man's "black period," you implicitly suggest he needed the black suit to defeat them ("Group Therapy"). Thus, the threat is greater when they (inevitably) return.

It's clear "Intervention" was crafted with care; the times Peter uses "I" versus "we," the way the symbiote moves from an "evil" version of Peter's voice to its own, the decision to wait until the end of the season to retell the origin story.....arguably after the biggest battle of the season against the Sinister Six. It's an impressive move that reminds me of something the excellent Farscape used to do; the climactic, balls-to-the-wall, stuff-blowing-up spectacle wouldn't be the last episode, but an episode or two before the end of the season. The final episode would be low-key, much more personal, and it opens the door to a different kind of cliffhanger, a more emotional one.

Season 1 ended how I hoped it would, and it emboldens me to make a prediction to myself about how far season 2 will go.

Some classy animation that cought my eye: Spidey firing his webbing at the camera during freefall (Nature vs. Nurture).

In general, high marks from both a twenty-somthing Gargoyles fan and a fifty-something Spider-Man fan. Looking forward to season 2.

Greg responds...

Thank you. It's great when all those little touches are noticed.

Response recorded on October 08, 2008

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Drew L. writes...

Hello, Greg. Before I ask my question: I love Gargoyles. Have loved it ever since I saw it on its very first week in 1994. I also love the comic series (don't much like the change in the look of the characters, though, but that's just superficial).
Anyway, onto my question:
I'd heard that the comic book series is in trouble. Is that true?
If so, is this going to be the straw that makes you give up on the Gargiverse (as I call it)?

Greg responds...

SLG did lose the license, though we will be finishing out both "Clan-Building" and "Redemption" in the Gargoyles and Bad Guys trade paperbacks, respectively. And we are hoping to come back eventually.

And, no, I'm not giving up. Ever.

Response recorded on October 08, 2008

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Anonymous writes...

Generally speaking, about how many pages is the script for an average 30-minute television episode?

Greg responds...

Well, for starters, it's really 22-minutes (once you subtract commercials, credits, etc.) Our scripts for Season One of Spectacular Spider-Man were 36 pages. But we were often long and were often forced to cut material that was scripted and recorded. So for Season Two, we cut back to 34 pages. And still we were often long and forced to cut material that was scripted and recorded.

Response recorded on October 07, 2008

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Matthew writes...

Is carnage going to make an appearance in season three, by the way I'm a biggest and #1 fan of Spider-Man.

Greg responds...

Not gonna spoil anything more about Season Three at this time.

Response recorded on October 07, 2008

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Stuart writes...

I didn't see these asked and/or answered before, but if they were, sorry. I was just wondering if you wouldn't mind answering a few quick questions regarding "The Amazing Spider-Man", please:

1.) When there is a confirmation that there will be a third season, do you know which villains and/or stories you would like to see used for season three? I read that Scorpion and Hobgoblin have already been pencilled in for season three, but I was wondering if any returning or any other new characters were planned too, even if you can't confirm which ones.

2.) Will Dr. Ashley Kafka return for an episode or two of season two?

3.) After what happened in season one, I hope that Peter will try to make amends with the Connors family after what happened with the Lizard. I know you probably can't confirm that, but will we at least see any of the Spider-Man/Dr. Connors friendship in season two?

4.) Let's say that "The Spectacular Spider-Man" does get all 65 episodes, like you all intend (and since the show is so good and popular, I imagine it will). But let's say that the network wants another season and asks you for 13 episodes for a sixth season. I mean, shows like "Spongebob Squarepants" are still going strong after being on the air after all these years. Would you be interested in doing more seasons beyond season five, or do you think you'd rather have the college years stories remain as direct-to-DVD movies like you have planned?

Thanks for your time.

Greg responds...

1. I do have some rough plans for the season, including new and returning villains. But given that I've already revealed Scorpion and Hobgoblin, I'm not inclined to scoop too much else.

2. Yes.

3. You'll see more of Dr. Connors.

4. I'll do as much and in whatever format they let me. I may have preferences, but I'm not going to be too picky.

Response recorded on October 07, 2008

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Patzo3000 writes...

I am a huge fan of the Spectaculare Spiderman!!I have a few questons.
1.What do you think of the 90's spiderman series?
2.Is there a chance that we might see a homage to amazing spiderman 33# in the Master Planner arc?
3.Why did you let Dr.Connors have a robotic arm?(dont get me wrong I love the idea!!)
4.Has the death of Captin Stacy and Gwen Stacy interested you in a way?
5.What is your favorite Spidey villan?
6.Do you get quips from diffrn source material or do you just make it up on the spot?
7.Has it been hard getting these things(sex lingo,saying death and kill .ect)?
8.Why did you stick with the J.K. Siimmons voice for Jamason?(Once again I still like it)
9.Who came up with the hilariouse words joke between peter and Jamason?
10.Who cam up with the baby found driving her car joke?
11.Any possability of a Spectacular Spiderman video game in the future?
12.Will the comic con footage be online any time soon?(The guys at superheroehype are going nuts waiting for it!!!)
Thats all!!Love the show mister wiesmen!!I will keep watching for sure!!

Greg responds...

1. I haven't seen much of it.

2. I'm not going to scoop myself on this site.

3. It was a prosthetic arm, not a robotic arm.

4. I'm not sure what you mean by "interested".

5. I don't have a single favorite.

6. Mostly my writers and I come up with them to suit the situation.

7. We do have S&P concerns at times. But what you've seen is what we got. So I'm not complaining.

8. We didn't. Daran Norris plays Jonah.

9. The writers and I. Sometimes Daran throws something funny in too.

10. Andrew Robinson.

11. I don't know.

12. I think it's up now.

Response recorded on October 07, 2008

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Randy writes...


I'll start off with my question, but please forgive me for including some praise which I feel you are due.

My question: With Disney's recent decision to raise their licensing fee (effectively ending production of the Gargoyles comic) as well as their now seemingly permanent decision to not release Season 2, Volume 2 on DVD - do you ever get the feeling Disney thinks of you as the bastard child they never wanted and would do anything to make go away forever?

On a personal note - I would like to thank you for making my childhood better. "Gargoyles" was always a major part of my childhood - I had the toys, I had the VHS "The Heroes Awaken" with the game, I had everything. I even remember getting yelled at for putting TV above family when I commented to my mom one day that I couldn't go anywhere with her because the new "Gargoyles" episode was about to come on. After recently finding the two DVD collections currently available, I watched every single episode - and was once again amazed at how great they were.

Thanks for all that you do - I'm currently trying to buy all the comics that I can. I hope that, one day, we'll see the rest of your creation available on DVD, because I would love for my children to see it one day.

Greg responds...

No, I don't feel that way. For starters, they did WANT us originally. They just never quite knew what to do with us. How to help us be as successful as possible. Now, we're simply a low, low, low priority. A corporation with literally hundreds of IPs needs to prioritize certainly, and we're low... largely because we have never made them quite ENOUGH money to be a high priority.

Response recorded on October 07, 2008

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