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Anonymous writes...

I really dont know how your gonna respond to this you might wanna keep it to yourself so people dont read to much into it, but could you tell us the ages of some of the people on Earth-16?

These are the ones I'd like to know
Black Canary
Jamie Reyes
Zachary Zatara

Yeah those arre the main ones Im curious about

Greg responds...

I'm not going to address ANY characters who have not appeared in the series. Period.

So the only character on your list who HAS appeared is Canary, who is 24.

Response recorded on December 21, 2010

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Grant writes...

From NYCC, the Black Canary is suppose to be the combat trainer for YJ, is this modelled after Gail Simone's take on the character in the Bird of Prey comic of her being one of the most elite martial artist in the DCU on par with Batman?

Greg responds...

I haven't read Birds of Prey, but I've always seen Canary as an elite martial artist.

Though only Batman is Batman.

Response recorded on November 09, 2010

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GA FAN writes...

First off congrats on the new series...
Secondly, I would like to comment on the Green Arrow featurette... It was brilliant, it perfectly showed Green Arrow for what he is... Human (probably the most human of any costumed hero, no powers, not an expert martial artist, or worlds greatest detective, just a guy trying to make a difference) I sincerely thank you for your interpretation. If you were the writer on GA/BC it probably wouldnt have needed a reboot, you seem to really get him, and his relationship to Dinah.
Okay, first question... will the Shorts DVD in November have a longer version on it?

2) Are you personally a fan of either Green Arrow or Black Canary...?

3) How much experience do you have with Green Arrow and Black Canary?

4) I am looking forward to Young Justice, and from reports (here and on other sites)GA & BC seem to have somewhat prominent roles in the young teams mentoring process... Is it too early for you to confirm or deny these reports? If you can please do...

5) and finally, is there a possibility of a sequel to the Green Arrow featurette?
or you writing a featurette for another DC character for future Direct to video release?

Thank you for your time... and best of luck with the new series... me and my kids will be watching...

Greg responds...

I think I've answered all these before AND recently, but briefly...

1. People keep asking me. I didn't know there were two versions.

2. Black Canary is probably my all-time favorite comic book character. Green Arrow's definitely in my top ten.

3. I wrote half of a never-published Black Canary mini-series in the mid-eighties. Both characters appear in Young Justice. And then there's this short.

4. I'll confirm this, because we've already stated that both are in the show. Green Arrow is a mentor to Artemis. Black Canary trains the Team.

5. Not up to me. But I'd love to do either or both.

Response recorded on November 06, 2010

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Grant writes...

1) Why is Black Canary one of your favorite characters?

2) Which version of Black Canary is your favorite? The one from the old multiverse who moved from Earth-2 to Earth-1 or the new version who is the daughter of the original WW2 Black Canary?

Greg responds...

1. There's no one reason. Her skills. Her personality. Her relationship to Ollie (when it's well-written). Her looks help too, of course. And I tend to favor female characters in general. I tend to find them more interesting to write. Etc.

2. They all work for me.

Response recorded on November 02, 2010

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