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April writes...

Hi Greg,

I've never asked a question here before and I searched the site for a while to see if the question I have has already been asked (apparently it hasn't?) Anyway, I was just wondering, does Kid Flash actually know Robin's secret identity? I've seen a lot of fan speculation on it and it got me really curious.

Hope you can answer and thanks for such a great series so far. It's fantastic. :)

Greg responds...

He does, but it's a secret that he knows.

Response recorded on March 16, 2011

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H13 writes...

Just want to make some comments on what seems to be one of the major things in the last few episodes. Superman/Superboy dynamic.
I think it's good to see Superman is not Mr Perfect/Infallible and can't handle a situation that for once does not call for super speed or heat vision. But it's clear his side is not being shown and maybe that is unfortunate. I expect fear is a major factor here and imagine being last of your race and knowing you can't have kids with humans and suddenly you're faced with Batman telling you have be a father to a clone who could very well be someone bred to take you down. Fear that you can't or will fail Conner. Must bring up so much emotion regarding his own biological father and dead planet. It's a bit much for anyone. Shame you couldn't show some of his reasons.Might have made it more balanced. Batman is not the one to convince Clark in my mind anyway. I think this is where Pa Kent comes in big time. Maybe to some extent Diana and J'onn who seem from the start Clark's sounding boards/close friends. But kudos to you for bringing up an issue that I am sure many youngsters do have to face and we feel empathy for Conner.

My other thing is I hope we see Artemis very soon. Miss Martian is getting on my nerves. There needs to be some more girls to balance off her and soon.

Greg responds...

Well, I wish we had hour long episodes that would give me the flexibility to show more for ALL our characters. But ultimately, the series is about the teens, not the adults. So we aren't going to see too much of Superman's struggle from Superman's point of view. And the fact that Superboy can't SEE the struggle from HIS pov is part of the point.

By now, hopefully, you've seen Artemis. As ALWAYS planned, she premiered on schedule in episode 6.

Response recorded on March 16, 2011

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Greg Bishansky writes...

I've written a lot in the past about why Demona is my favorite character, what it is about her that speaks to me and fascinates me. I've always been interested in why some characters are favorites for other people.

I've read a while back that you said that Black Canary is probably your all time favorite comic book character. So, I'm curious, what is it about Black Canary that interested and fascinated you to put her at the top of a list like that, with so many other characters potentially fighting for a top spot like that?

Greg responds...

The short answer is that I just think she kicks ass. Strong, in all sense of the word, without being a "Man-in-Drag" superhero. And I like that her power level isn't through the roof. I can take or leave her Canary Cry, though I don't shy away from using it when it makes sense for her to do so, but it's the way she's trained herself. I also always really liked her relationship to Green Arrow, who's another favorite of mine. I like her ties to the old Justice Society (even if nowadays, those original connections were really her mother's) and I even like the retconning that makes her her own daughter and establishes that she trained with guys like Wildcat. I like the legacy hero idea. Plus - I'll admit - she's hot.

I guess the SHORTER answer is: "What's NOT to like?"

Response recorded on March 16, 2011

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Young Justice Happy Meal Toys!

Young Justice Happy Meal Toys!

So I got my complete set of YJ Happy Meal toys today, and I have three things to say:

1. Yes, I'm bummed that McDonalds chose to go with Littlest Pet Shop for girls, instead of creating a couple of kick-ass toys for Miss Martian and Artemis.

2. Nevertheless, the eight toys they did make are very cool!

3. But the choices made me stop and think: Black Manta is Aqualad's biological father. Batman is Robin's foster-father. Superman is Superboy's genetic father. So... is McDonalds trying to imply that Captain Cold is Kid Flash's father?!! OMG!!!

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John writes...

I know Black Canary and Batman are two of the best at hand to hand combat in the field and Superboy and Flash are inexperienced I get that but how come not one of the stronger heroes are not even involved in 'schooling' the kids? It makes no sense it is only Canary. In my mind she cannot truly teach that very mixed group which includes Flash and Superboy what they really need to know. So are we going to see a meta take them on the mats?

Greg responds...

I think you're underestimating Canary and/or missing the entire point of the training. Perhaps when their training gets more advanced, she'll bring in some help. But Kid Flash is already mentored by Flash. He doesn't need Mount Justice to train him in his speedcraft.

In any case, you'll eventually see that she's not the only Leaguer giving them tips.

Response recorded on March 15, 2011

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Albert writes...

Hello, Greg!

Alas, another inquiry about Young Justice...

You revealed on an earlier question-and-answer that the mysterious Artemis character, which I think have a vague idea on her identity, is half-Caucasian and half-Vietnamese. Since that the show (by proxy, Earth-16) is all about realism, it got me concerned about biological genetics. It would seem that if Artemis were to be Eurasian, her Asian traits would be more accented given the fact that generally Asians have darker hair and eye color, thus becoming more dominant than her European traits. Artemis having blonde hair and blue eyes would be implausible unless she was three-fourths Caucasian and one-fourth Vietnamese. Will there be an adequate explanation for said incoherence? Either way, I don't care. It's fiction and can do away without one.

Keep up with the good work on the show!

Greg responds...

I think you may be right about the genetics, and I'm not going to argue the point. Victor Cook's daughter is naturally blonde, though she's one-half Korean on BOTH parents' side, making her one-half Asian total. She, in part, served as one of our inspirations for Artemis. By now, you've seen Artemis' mother and probably have a solid idea as to who her father might be. But I'm just not going to get into who Artemis' grandparents might have been. At least not in the forseeable future.

Response recorded on March 15, 2011

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Greg Bishansky writes...

The fifth episode of "Young Justice" airs, and the series continues its upward climb in quality. This week's episode was penned by Nicole Dubuc, who previously worked with Greg Weisman on "W.I.T.C.H." and "The Spectacular Spider-Man."

Also making a return from "The Spectacular Spider-Man" are Vanessa Marshall as Black Canary, and Peter MacNicol as Professor Ivo. Marshall brings a cool, confident, and collected sexiness to Black Canary that perfectly fits the character. Honestly, I think she's my favorite actress to voice the character, and this is following the incredibly talented Morena Baccarin ("Firefly") and Grey DeLisle ("Avatar the Last Airbender"). I'll admit, I know very little about the character, but I have read that she is Weisman's favorite comic book character of all time, and as such, I am eager to learn more about her. Her character model is great, very sexy (even if I normally don't go for blondes), but it looks like her famous fishnet stockings have been stolen by the Flaming C.

Then there is Professor Ivo, a character I know nothing about except that dead guy in "Justice League" who constructed the android that was occasionally called AMAZO... but almost under protest from the writing team on that show. I liked Peter MacNicol's performance, but listening to him made me wish I was watching more of Dr. Octopus. I'll admit, I am still not quite over the cancellation of "The Spectacular Spider-Man." At this point, I'm willing to bet he's working for the Light.

And finally, rounding out the introductions, we have AMAZO. I mostly know AMAZO from "Justice League" and "Justice League Unlimited" and while he was an intriguing character in those shows, they kind of wrote themselves into a corner with him by turning him into a veritable god. The last time we saw him, he teleported himself to the other end of the universe to figure out a way to defeat Solomon Grundy... and they left him there. Probably Forever. Obviously, I don't think we want someone THAT powerful in "Young Justice." But I enjoyed what we got here.

Now, the emotional core of the episode: Superboy. The hotheaded, Kryptonian clone is beginning to grow on me. I understand him, I understand where he's coming from and why he is the way he is. But he's growing and learning. He's got a long way to go, but he's definitely getting better. I enjoyed seeing him use his head, and turn his anger into a strength when he outwitted AMAZO.

Robin continues to butcher the English language, and even I have to admit it's getting a little old. I understand that this is his quirk. But if I were doing that, most of my friends would have told me to shut up by now. Still, I like him.

I am continuing to really like Kid Flash. My favorite moment had to be him hitting on Black Canary before being royally schooled. On that note, I loved it when she royally schooled Superboy.

Now, as for Superman, I'll admit this upfront, I have never been a fan of Superman and I doubt I will ever be a fan of Superman. The character has always been presented as way too perfect for me. Yes, he is "super" but he is also a man, first and foremost. Men aren't perfect and never will be. Which is why I am one of the few I have conversed with who isn't annoyed about his treatment of Superboy. Well, I am annoyed in the sense that Clark is being a jerk, but I like seeing Clark being portrayed with an understandable character flaw. There is a tendency among many Superman fans, that I've noticed, where if Clark isn't portrayed as being better than Jesus Christ, they go ballistic. I think this is a far more realistic take on the character in this situtation, and it works for me. But then, I'm not a Superman fan, so what do I know?

Overall, a pretty great episode. I look forward to next week's, and the introduction of whomever it was that fired that arrow.

Oh yeah, and my favorite moment in the entire episode, when Clark ordered an Apple Pie and Bruce Wayne ordered a Devil's Food.

Greg responds...


Response recorded on March 15, 2011

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Anonymous writes...

What are those three dots on Kid flash's arms?

Greg responds...

Vents, I think.

Response recorded on March 15, 2011

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YOUNG JUSTICE Episode #9 ("Bereft") Credits

YOUNG JUSTICE Episode #9 ("Bereft") Credits


Brandon Vietti
Greg Weisman
Written By
Nicole Dubuc
Directed By
Michael Chang
Line Producer
David Wilcox
Young Justice Theme and Music Written And Performed By
Kristopher Carter
Michael McCuistion
Lolita Ritmanis
Casting & Voice Direction
Jamie Thomason
Starring The Voices Of
Stephanie Lemelin - Artemis
Jesse McCartney - Robin
Danica McKellar - Miss Martian
Nolan North - Superboy
Khary Payton - Aqualad
Jason Spisak - Kid Flash

Bruce Greenwood - Batman
Marina Sirtis - L4
Alan Tudyk - Psimon
Based On DC Comics Characters
Batman Created By Bob Kane
Miss Martian Created By Geoff Johns and Tony Daniel
Psimon Created By Marv Wolfman and George Perez
Production Manager
John Diaz

Assistant Production Manager
Casey Sandin

Animation Coordinator
Matthew Benzinger
Lead Character Design
Phil Bourassa

Character Design
Dusty Abell
Jerome Moore

Prop Design
Hakjoon Kang
Eugene Mattos

BG Key Design
Hakjoon Kang
Gary Mantalbano

Charles E. Drost, III
Jeff Johnson
Paul Harmon
Olga Ulanova

Storyboard Clean-up
Owen Sullivan

Animation Timing Director
James Tim Walker

Jeff Hall
Richard Collado
Gordon Kent
R. Michel Lyman
Bob Shellhorn

Animation Checking
Jan Browning
Annamarie Costa
Chuck Gefre
Justin Schultz

Color Stylist
James Peters

Ink & Paint
Kim Bowen

Background Paint
Mike Inman
David McBride
Craig Robertson
Chun Liu
Wei Zhao

Effects Animation
Matthew Girardi

Main Title Animation
MOI Animation, Inc.
Wut It Is
Jhoanne Reyes

Supervising Dialogue/ADR Editor
Mark A. Keatts

Sound Reading
Fred Salinas
Wilson Martinez

Dialogue/ADR Editors
Patrick Foley
Mike Garcia

Post Production Manager
Scott Shinick

Dialogue Recording
Studio Studiopolis, Inc.

Recording Machine Operator
Jeff O. Collins
Sarah Baluch

Post Production Sound Services
Audio Circus, Inc.

Online Editor
Christopher D. Lozinski
Animation Services
Lotto Animation, Inc.

Supervising Animation Director
Heechul Kang

Background Director
Yunhee Kim
EunHee No
Eunjung Choi

Production Staff
Hyoungmin Doh
Miok Kwon
Eonho Lee
Jinhwa Heo (Jun-E)

Animation Directors
Sangjoon Lee
Myeonghwan Park
Layout Artists
Soohyeon Gwak
Gapchan Jung
Jungmo Kim

Final Checker
Hosoon Shin

Color Stylist
Mihyun Ji

Model Checkers
Junghee Kim
Jisoo Kang

Sangbong Oh
Hoyeon Joo
Yuri Choi
Daehee Rim
Sunghun Lee

Key Animation
Seokjin Jang
Eunhwa Jung
Howon Jung
Kwonil Kim
SinKwon Kim
Sebo Lee
Gyeonghwa Seo
Joonho Song

Final Checker
Seokki Um
Misook Choi
Production Administrator
Nicole Martin

Production Accounting
Athena Wingate
Luisa Guzman

Production Support
Audrey Kim
Kira Tirimacco
Renee Toporzysek

Casting Administrator
Liz Carroll

Executive In Charge Of Music
Niki Sherrod

Business And Legal Affairs
Lori Blackstone
Bonnie Negrete
Joulene St. Catherine
Production Supervision
Bobbie Page

Production Management
Ed Adams

Executive in Charge of Production
Jay Bastian

Executives In Charge Of Production For Cartoon Network
Tramm Wigzell
Brian E. S. Jones

Executive Producer
Sam Register
"This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States of America and other countries. Any unauthorized duplication, copying, distribution, exhibition or use may result in civil and/or criminal prosecution.

© 2011 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Country of first publication United States Of America

YOUNG JUSTICE and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics.

Warner Bros Animation Inc. is the author of this film/motion picture for the purposes of Article 15 (2) of the Berne Convention and all national laws giving effect thereto.
There are, as always, a bunch of people who ALSO helped out but don't receive credits on screen for various (legal and precedent) reasons.
A handful (in no particular order) include...
Dan Soulsby - Talent Coordinator
Eric Lewis, CAS - Dialogue Sound Mixer
Chris Eaton - Assistant Engineer
Otis Van Osten - Sound Supervisor
Ron Salaises - Sound Effects editor
Carlos Sanches - Re-Recording Mixer
Stacy Michaels - Foley Mixer
Alex Ulrich - Foley Walker
Aris Katsaris - Atlantean Translator
Sindy Tadros - Arabic Translator
Nicole Dubuc & Greg Weisman - Martian Translator
I know I'm probably forgetting some folks, and I REALLY apologize! If you send me a reminder, I'll pimp you in another post!

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Anonymous writes...

I know character development is important here and at times we all seem impatient but why is Superman ...SUPERMAN...of all people being unable to extend even a few words to Superboy? While I expect it to be awkward and a little creepy for him, we are only subjected to seeing Clark come off like a bit of a jerk. And it is so unfair to the character when he is not like that at all! You have people going on that Superman is a d**k and I am like, he's not! You didn't even put a scene showing Clark's internal struggle as if to show well yes we can see ambivalence but show there is something more. That he can show some innate compassion even for a clone. And of course Batman as usual is the best at everything...best leader, best mentor, best father, has the best protege who will leader...the Batworship in Timmverse was so blatant it got pretty aggravating for me as a fan of Superman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, even Wonder Woman,...as if these heroes were just stupid and usually OOC. I mean I like Batman too but not at the expense of the rest of the League.

I am hoping this show would try to be more balanced and treat every hero with respect and be true to their character. I am hoping the Superman/Superboy thing is resolved with some dignity and not dragged on and on cause we must have someone act like a jerk and let it be Superman. sigh

Greg responds...

Random responses to your post:

*Yes, you do seem impatient to me. But maybe that's just me.

*Actually, Superman DOES extend exactly a few words to Superboy.

*I don't think Superman's a d**k, and I don't think the series presents him as one... unless a viewer absolutely insists on looking at everything in the starkest black and white terms - which I don't.

*I think we've twice shown Clark's internal struggle, but we intentionally tried to do it with subtlety.

*I'm a big fan of Batman, but I can guarantee you that I'm just as big a fan of Superman. Humanizing the Man of Steel doesn't count as an attack on his character. Quite the reverse.

*It's not like we needed a token jerk and said, "Hey, let's use Superman as the jerk!" We didn't, and we didn't. We're just trying to be TRUE to his character and how we feel he would react to the situation. I get that you disagree, but as I've said earlier today: perhaps if you wait and see how this all plays out, you'll appreciate our approach. Perhaps not.

And finally, you didn't see that someone had already asked this question? Already addressed this on ASK GREG? You couldn't wait until you got my response to the first query on the topic before basically repeating the complaint? I've got no problem with a second post on a subject if my answer seems incomplete or doesn't satisfy, but you didn't even wait to see if that would be the case. So instead, what you get is more or less a repeat of what I typed up earlier today. Your time is wasted. My time is wasted. Ask Greg's readers' time is wasted. And the queue just gets longer and longer.

I should really stop answering questions for a bit. I can tell I'm getting cranky.

Response recorded on March 11, 2011

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