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Neil writes...

In the episode "Temptation" Demona tells Brooklyn about the horrors she's seen. Does that mean she has seen true tragedies like the Holocaust, the various wars and serieal killers?

Greg responds...

Use your imagination.

Response recorded on October 17, 2008

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Annie writes...

Hello I have a question. It may be a stupid one but its something I'm curious about. If someone, say for example broke the finger off a gargoyle durring the day while the gargoyle was stone then glued it back on before the gargoyle woke up, would the gargoyle wake up healed like it never happened or would they wake up with a stone finger glued to a stump?

Greg responds...

Probably the latter, but it depends on a lot of factors.

Response recorded on October 17, 2008

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KingCobra_582 writes...

Feeling too lazy for my usual 'what I like about this issue' review, and will instead make a page-by-page analysis of Bad Guys #4: Louse. Spoilers abound for whoever's seeing this and doen't have the comic yet.


Great cover. Doesn't really look too much like Fang, but I can let that go.

Page 1: Nice way to open, with Fang going electrical on a Gigantor Bot. Off to a good start.

Page 2: Liking Fang's expression when he says he was trying to run away gracefully, before he saves an annoyed-looking Yama.

Page 3: This is the sequence that I remember most from the BG panel at the Gatherings, when Fang delivers his lines on this page. Loved him blowing on his fists, it was cool. His expression at seeing Yama's lack of gratitude was priceless too.

"Hey, Yama... you're welcome!" Great line. Little non-comic related note: Jim Belushi, in the BG panel, delivered it so well.

Page 4: The transition from Fang's look of surprise to the ferocious snarl of 5 days prior was nicely done.

Page 5: "Doc doesn't care for tourists, sweet cheeks. So how 'bout I send you packing ...in pieces small enough to pack?" Great line. Very Fang-ish. I can actually hear Jim having fun with that bit of dialogue. A little surprised that Robyn is just sitting there, though. Wouldn't the Hunter be kicking his ass by now?

But, Yama steps in, smashing Fang's head into the wall. Nice.

Page 6: Robyn wonders if Fang is a Gargoyles, only to be assured otherwise. She doesn't seem to quite know to make of him here. And then Fang attacks.

Page 7: Poor Dingo, wandering around the sewers. Matrix cracked me up in the first panel.

Page 8: And the doctor is in. Hello again, Sevarius. He's actually one of my favorite villians. Not in the ranks of Thailog or Xanatos, but he is definitely up there. Robyn and Yama are in prison cells...

Page 9:... and, like any good evil doctor/villian/geneticist, he introduces them to their cellmates. Tasha, Erin, Benny, (I surmise those last two were named after your kids) and Thug, as the newest mutates.

"I'm a roly-poly bug." "You're a Pill bug."


Page 10: 'Doc isn't big on shifting into reverse!" Dunno why exactly, but I really liked that line. And Fang, with just a look from Sevarius, simply makes his exit? His relationship with the doc has come a long way since season 2's 'The Cage'. Nice touch having Matrix popping up in that bottom panel. Didn't notice it on my first reading.

Page 11: And Sevarius delivers the coup d'grace. He's made a new virus to make every infected human into a mutate. And guess where? The nicely-drawn crowd in Times Square would be a good target.

Page 12: Robyn actually seems frightened. That's a rarity.

Page 13: And Dingo makes a reapperence for the first time in 6 pages, Matrix armor and all.

Page 14: About time someone put Sevarius in his place. A prison cell. I'm wondering, why didn't they set the new Mutates free? Matrix can unlock cell doors...

Page 15: In regards to my earlier comment about the crowd, yep, they're gonna be mutated and Fang's involved. Loving the cameo by Margot and Brendan.

Page 16: Nice Tri Chang cameo. Dingo's constant reference to Fang as a 'misfit' was amusing.

Page 17: 'Doc and his damn drama.' Nice line, there. Sums up Sevarius perfectly. And here we have Yama attacking Fang. Loved Fang's eye when he tells Yama to 'Eat lightning, Schmuck-o!' And another great line, as well.

Page 18: "What keeps happening?!" Indeed, Dingo. He just can't seem to get his handle on the action. Nice touch having the Eyrie Building, and thus the castle, in the background.

Page 19. Nice touch, having the countdown on Sevarius' timer coinciding with the countdown for the New Year's balldrop. Poor Dingo, Matrix just leaves him like that? Geez. 'You just killed me, you flamin' gullah!' LOL.

Page 20: Matrix absorbing the mutagen at the very last possible second. Fun times. Hunter saves Dingo, but he smacks into the building fact-first. Ouch!

Page 21: Yama helps overpower Fang, and they take him back to the cells. Hunter had to think about saving Dingo? Nice. They get back, only to find...

Page 22: ...Tasha's apprent suicide, (didn't see that coming. It actually disturbed me.) and the mutate kids being comforted by Thug. Fang freezes up a second before he launches into inappropiate-joke-making mode. And of course Yama socks him for it, then tries to decapitate him.

Page 23: Fortunately, Dingo stops him, and I am liking Dingo more and more. He's come a long way from his days with The Pack, and he tells Yama that Fang is not worth it. Fortunately, Fang lightens the mood a bit. 'I'm not! I'm really not!' I liked the artistic work with Fang in that panel, too. And we get another 'whisper mystery'. What did Hunter say to Yama? Yama wouldn't reveal it. Would you, Greg?

Page 24: Robyn actually has someone she addresses as 'Sir'. Huh. Go figure. And Fang officially joins the team at this point. Liked Fang's get-up, (The gun holster was an especially nice touch) and Dingo's expression. And, of course, Yama is not pleased by this development.

End comic. What a great issue. A lot of Fang and Yama action, which is a big thumbs-up from me because I like those guys. Great art, a great story, some great twists, (Tasha's sucide in the cell) and great characterization just made this issue an all-around great comic.

Bring on Gargoyles #9 and BG #5.


Greg responds...

Seems like a good time for an update on both trades. All the scripting is done.

Bad Guys Redemption Chapter #5 and Gargoyles Clan-Building Chapter #9 are both completely done.

Karine has completed the roughs for BG#6 and is working on finishes now.

Greg G. has one last page of art to finish on Garg#10. I believe Robby's already begun coloring the book.

New penciller, David Hutchison, has roughed out half of Garg#11 and is working on the second half.

The script for Garg#12 is just awaiting an available artist.

Dan Vado informs me he's planning to release both trades in January.

Response recorded on October 17, 2008

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Matthew writes...

I've hold off asking this question since I figured I'd fine out in the comic, but now I will. What will Matt think of Elisa's romantic relationship with Goliath?
Will he be okay with it? Will he disgusted by it? Will he think it weird but none of his business?

Greg responds...

You'll just have to wait and (hopefully someday) see.

Response recorded on October 17, 2008

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Brook writes...

Hi Greg,

Ok, ergh, in the last post a "other" was missing - it should have said "other potential mediums", "potential mediums" makes it as if comics were second grade... talking bout making mistakes...

Anyways, I've got another question: with the comics being limited to a few books per year - are there any "minor" story arcs you've dropped along the way? I don't want to ask if there were "less important" ones, because who's yet to tell what is of importance in the future? I'd just like to know this, for the last Season of Gargoyles (Season 2) was so hughe and massive, that I'd like to know how you're working here (it's obvious that the Timedancing, for example, can't take as long as the Avalon-tour did, for there's not enough room). Are there side-storys you've dropped for now or that are on ice? Or are you just formulating the main storyarcs?

Thank you so much for awnsering, and once more - thank you for your time and work.

Greg responds...

I haven't DROPPED anything. I'm just in no hurry (anymore) to catch up to the present. I'm fine with the setting being the late nineties for the time being.

TimeDancer is MUCH longer than the World Tour. The latter lasted a few months. The former, forty years. But again, I'm in no hurry to tell it all at once.

Response recorded on October 17, 2008

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Brook writes...

Hi Greg,

this is the first question i post in YEARS... sure feels weird...

Anyways, with the comics being quite a success (for us - thank you so much for making this dream come true), I finally hope I got how the "spin-offs" were intentioned. Somehow I allways got the idea of them being "real" spin-offs, with as many episodess as Gargoyles. I'm happy BAD GUYS has come out in this form and this capacity, it suits the story, theme and place in the Garg-universe.

With the future of the comics being on-hiatus though, I would love to hear if you have thought of releasing the other spin-offs on potential mediums.

For example, I just read into the 2198 storyline, and it came to my mind that it would make a quite interesting computer game. Not that I want to limit my question to this, but today there are so many different ways of telling a story, that hold many opportunities in character development and storytelling (be it computer games or a youtube series or "Alternate Reality Games" for the Internet, that consist of prequels or spin-offs, as was done with Dark Knight or LOST or Cloverfield - for the film version of WATCHMEN, there'll even be an animated panel-retelling of the chapters - kind of like what is done at the Gathering with the voice-acting

I know Disney still has to give the OK, but have you ever thought about releasing one of the spin-offs on a totally different medium than Comics or TV? And if you did, would it change the "course" of the story?

I hope this is not too off, since I know you're fighting for the comics to stay alive and the DVDs to be released, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Thank you so much,
Have a nice day.

Greg responds...

I'm always open to trying new things. But no company has approached me about it. And it isn't as simple as saying Disney would have to okay it. Of course, they would, but their okay would be contingent on being paid a considerable sum of money... up front.

Response recorded on October 16, 2008

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Jason Aiken writes...

Hey Greg,

Wanted to write in and say that I'm looking forward to reading your new comic work in the coming year.

I think you are getting the Red Tornado at a great time after what Brad Meltzer and Dwayne McDuffie have been doing with him in JLA. I am interested in seeing where you take one of the most unique characters in comics. Reading your latest responses Chuck Logan asked about when DC announces when books will be published. The best answer I can give him is to keep up with the solicits every month. DC solicits three months ahead, as I write this it is the end of August and they have previews up for November on their site. Every month, usually the 3rd Monday they release new solicits. So check their website - http://www.dccomics.com/dcu/comics/ or www.newsarama.com for the latest and look for Red Tornado :)

I am also very interested in Mecha Nation and Progeny (or is it Prodigy.. I've seen it spelled both on various sites). I'm always interested in new characters from my favorite creators.

Also, just read Gargoyles: Bad Guys #4... wow the hang em high aftermath of the jailbreak... you couldn't get away with that in any cartoon. Very solid issue though, I'm enjoying all of the Gargoyles comics. Sad to see that #12 of the series and #6 of Bad Guys may be the last, but I have high hopes... Kingdom Comics was just formed so i doubt they would let an established comics property like Gargoyles go to waste.

I have to confess I haven't seen Spectacular Spider-Man yet... but I have all 13 episodes on my DVR... thank goodness for that invention. I plan on sitting down and checking them out soon though as I have heard nothing but good things.

Keep up the great work, you keep writing I'll keep buying.


Greg responds...

Unfortunately, DC cancelled the Red Tornado limited. It's a shame. The first issue and the designs for characters new and old, penciled by Joe Bennett, were just gorgeous. And I was very happy with the three scripts I wrote before the cancellation.

Oh, and it's Mecha-Nation and Progeny.

Response recorded on October 16, 2008

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Ricky writes...

Hi Greg,

My favorite episode is "The Mirror," not just because the acting, animation and writing are all so great, but I loved seeing Elisa as a gargoyle, and ever since I've been dying for more. Seeing as though the license hasn't been renewed, I realize it could be a while before we get new stories, but I'm not losing faith. So, I don't want to ask if it's possible that we see her as a gargoyle again, cause I'm pretty sure almost anything is possible in the gargoyles universe, so I'll put it differently:

1. How likely is it that we'll see Elisa as a gargoyle again?

2. I don't expect you to be too specific, but how far into the future (in their world, not ours) would it be? Very far in the future? Not too far? The near future?

Also, if you don't wanna answer I'd understand that too. Thanks a lot, keep up the great work!

Greg responds...

Does Delilah count?

Response recorded on October 16, 2008

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Ming writes...

I've watched the first season of Spectacular Spider-Man and let me tell you this show rocks, especially with surprises and characterizations throughout the arcs.

Are there any comic book storylines for the Spectacular Spider-Man series that you would like to do?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on October 16, 2008

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anonymous writes...

1.) Will we see the Enforcers back on "The Spectacular Spider-Man"?
2.) Will we see Spider-Man use his spider-tracers on the show?
3.) People have been saying on message boards of websites about which characters they want to see on your show. The ones I saw listed the most were Beetle, Carnage, Hydro-Man, Jack O'Lantern, and Tarantula. But are there some villains you are not allowed to use on your show as they might be connected to other heroes, like how Hydro-Man has also fought the Fantastic Four?

Thanks for reading.

Greg responds...

1. Yes.
2. Hopefully.
3. There are many villains from the Marvel Universe that we cannot use, and just because they once fought Spidey is no guarantee that they are an actual part of the Spider-Man license.

Response recorded on October 16, 2008

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