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Anonymous writes...

Which of these two would you rather do?

A Spectacular Spider-Man Season 3 or writing the next Spider-Man trilogy for the MCU?

(I mainly ask this because I think you'd be the best choice for writing the next Spider-Man films)

Greg responds...

The hypotheticals attached to these questions are so vast as to make it impossible to answer. I'd love to do additional seasons of Spectacular. And I certainly wouldn't say no to writing anything for the MCU, let alone three Spider-Man films.

Response recorded on September 01, 2022

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Mr.Felipe Barros writes...

Hi Greg, i wanted to say that i simply love your shows(YJ and Spider-Man are my favourites) everthing that you write specifically attracts me and you are probably one of my favorite writers :D. Anyway, recently i was thinking about characters age in Spectacular Spider-Man timeline so here are some questions:

1. How old is Black Cat? i think i saw some interview podcast that you said she was nineteen(but im not so sure) nevertheless, do you think is weird for her to kiss a 16 year old teenager? even though she problably thought he was older.

2. Did someone besides Flash Thompson in Peter class(like Harry or Gwen, or Peter himself) made 17 in the space of 6 months that the show is pass?

3. When Peter was bitten by the spider in the field trip of his sophomore year, he was sixteen already or was he fifteen and made sixteen after sometime later?

4. How are you theses days?

4a. Sorry for any grammatical mistake, im brazillian and english is a little dificult to write. Anyway, i wish the best for you :)

Greg responds...

1. She's 19. She didn't know Peter was 16.

2. I don't know. Though Kenny and Rand were seniors, so they were probably 17 or 18.

3. I don't believe we ever set a specific birthdate for Peter.

4. Can't complain. I mean, well, I do complain. All the time. But I really shouldn't complain.

4a. Your English is WAY better than my Portuguese!

Response recorded on June 03, 2022

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Anonymus writes...

Hi Greg!

I was wondering, what do you do in your spare time? I've seen that you read comics and watch some shows, but does it ever get tiring for you, with you being a show writer and creator?

Thanx! :D!

Greg responds...

Um... it does, actually. Especially since the pandemic started, giving me MORE time to read comics and watch shows. I find I have less patience than I used to. And even though I'm still reading and watching a lot, I'm doing it much slower, watching and reading a lot less these days, PER DAY.

I also listen to audiobooks, mostly detective fiction, when I drive. But, again with the pandemic, I don't drive nearly as much as I used to. No daily commute, for example.

I've started walking a lot - only this year. I used to do the treadmill a couple times a week while watching an OLD movie (often but not always something in the TCM vein). I'm still doing that, but now I'm also taking long walks in the neighborhood four times a week, while listening to old songs I like. And once a week I walk into the village to go to the ATM, mail letters, maybe get a smoothie or pick up prescriptions, etc. So now I'm walking seven days a week, rather than two.

This is important, because I put on something like thirty pounds over the first 18 months of the pandemic. So I'm also DIETING. Which - no surprise - I really hate. But it's working. I've lost about ten. I'm plateauing now, but I'm hoping to push through.

Very recently, I started doing Wordle. I have a sixteen day streak going, I think. That is, I'm sixteen for sixteen. (And now I've probably jinxed that.)

I talk to friends and family and even see them occasionally. Talk to my kids, who live on the opposite coast. Spend a lot of time with my wonderful wife.

And I work.

I love to sleep, but I'm not good at it. I'm nocturnal, but the world is diurnal, so that often curtails my sleep-time, as I go to bed around 2am, give or take, but often have to get up at a reasonable hour none-the-less in order to do business and get paid. So I take naps occasionally.

What else?

I think that's about it, these days. I have a very good life. It's probably very dull. But it works for me. Though I am ready for this Pandemic to go Endemic already.

Response recorded on February 24, 2022

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Verdragon writes...

So how exactly did you wind up doing additional voices for the Square Enix game "The Last Remnant"?

Greg responds...

I barely remember. But New Generation Pictures' Jonathan Klein, a former student of mine, has hired me on occasion, ever since I directed 3x3 Eyes for him.

Response recorded on February 23, 2022

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Young Justice Statistics

Well, as I tweeted today, YOUNG JUSTICE: PHANTOMS is complete, with all 26 episodes in the can. I've also updated all my various reference documents to include everything from Season Four (not to mention Seasons 1-3, our various comic books, the AudioPlay and the video game). And since statistics kinda fascinate me - and since maybe they might fascinate you as well - here are a few.

The Young Justice Timeline is currently 718 pages long. In the past, I've reported that the length of the timeline mysteriously differed between my laptop and my desktop computers, but during the pandemic, my (relatively) ancient desktop finally bit the dust. So now the laptop page count triumphs.

There are 759 characters confirmed - one way or another - to be in the Earth-16 Universe. Some have only been mentioned or referenced briefly. Others, obviously, have had entire arcs dedicated to them. Calling some of them "characters" might also be a bit of a stretch, but I have reasons for including every single one. And - anal individual that I am - I have actually ranked them all in order of their importance to the series. This is something I once did as a hobby for the Buffyverse (which you can find in the ASK GREG archives under the heading of "Buffyverse Geek-Out"), and I've been perfecting my ranking system ever since. The idea is to attempt to make an incredibly subjective thing as objective as possible, based on things like screen time and amount of dialogue and the amount of times other characters reference them, etc. It's still not perfect because I do wind up with point scores, and especially with the lower ranking characters, I wind up with a number of ties. Thus, in order to break any tie, I'm forced to apply more subjective criteria.I was thinking about listing them a few per week, starting with 759 and working my way backwards toward number one. But some of the names haven't been intro'd yet. So it occurs to me that I need to wait until the Phantoms' season finishes airing.

Across four seasons (98 episodes) an AudioPlay and a video game, we've used 128 actors, a phenomenally talented group if ever there was one. Some have only voiced one character. Others have voiced over a dozen. I'm honored to be included among them - even if hiring myself is a rather dubious way to earn this distinction.

There's probably more, but this will do for now.

Just a little peek into my weird brain. Hope you enjoyed it. And I hope you enjoy the show.

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Todd Jensen writes...

In your "big round of question-answering" earlier this year, someone asked you about why there was never a Christmas episode of "Gargoyles", and you mentioned that it was never a big enough priority, though there'd been some ideas for it.

This reminded me that Halloween was the only holiday to feature in "Gargoyles" (unless you count New Year's Eve in the "Bad Guys" spin-off) - it got in twice, in fact, once in "Eye of the Beholder" and once in "Clan-Building", and from there, a thought I'd had about "Gargoyles", "The Spectacular Spider-Man", and "Young Justice".

Now, though I think that both "The Spectacular Spider-Man" and "Young Justice" were both well done, they never grabbed me as much as "Gargoyles" did. (I suspect that this comes from my having grown up on medieval legends and history far more than on DC and Marvel super-heroes, so that "Gargoyles" war far more a "first language" for me than the other two series were.) But one feature of "The Spectacular Spider-Man" and "Young Justice" that didn't appear in "Gargoyles", a feature that really delighted me, was that sense of the year's cycle, traveling through various holidays, in particular (I recall that "The Spectacular Spider-Man" incorporated Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's , and Valentine's Day, and the first two seasons of "Young Justice" - I haven't gotten around to seeing Season Three, so can't comment on it - covered the year's cycle - if a different year's cycle from New Year's to Independence Day than from Independence Day to New Year's, thanks to the time skip). Of course, I think it makes sense that those series would focus more on that cycle, since their leads were human (with a few alien leads in "Young Justice", of course, but who were interested in Earth customs), while the gargoyles would have less interest in human holidays (apart from Halloween,for obvious reasons).

More musings than an actual question, but it was an observation that I wanted to share with you.

Greg responds...

I think you're right. But I also think it had a lot to do with an evolution in my sensibilities. Keeping track of time for me started to become a priority for me later in my work.

Response recorded on October 28, 2021

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How I Spent My Weekend...

So... I had a LOT going on this past weekend.

On Saturday, DC FanDome premiered trailers for both CATWOMAN: HUNTED and YOUNG JUSTICE: PHANTOMS, and revealed that the first two episodes of the latter were dropping THAT DAY!

I spent considerable time online - and I don't usually do the online thing over the weekend; in fact, I don't even check my email most weekends - trying to #SpreadTheWord.

But to sum up, here's the news...

CATWOMAN: HUNTED, an anime movie based on my original script, is being released in early 2022. You can see the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYPqTLS_g9c. It stars Elizabeth Gilles as Catwoman and Stephanie Beatriz as Batwoman. Voice directed by our old friend Jamie Thomason, it also features Jonathan Banks, Lauren Cohan, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Ron Yuan and my peeps, Steve Blum, Keith David, Zehra Fazal, Jonathan Frakes, Kelly Hu, Andrew Kishino, Eric Lopez and Jacqueline Obradors. Folks have asked me if it's in continuity with Young Justice. My answer: it's YJ-adjacent, much like that old Green Arrow/DC Showcase short I wrote years ago. A version of these events happened on Earth-16. If you're a completist, you're going to want to watch. (Also, I really think it turned out great!)

Meanwhile, the fourth season of YOUNG JUSTICE, i.e. YOUNG JUSTICE PHANTOMS, dropped its first two episodes this past Saturday on HBOMax. Episode 403 will drop this coming Thursday, 10/21. With another episode (through 413) dropping every Thursday through December 30th. The back half of the season (i.e. 414-426) will drop weekly in Spring, 2022. I'm truly excited for the fans to see the season - and evil creator that I am - also glad that the show isn't all dropping at once. I firmly believe television - especially a show like YJ - is a better experience if you have time to savor and sort and absorb and predict for a week in between episodes.

As for the fourth season's production, we have 21 episodes in the can and ready to air. The last five have all been animated and are currently in post-production. And since there was no IATSE strike today, we're still hard at work. (And to be clear, I'm a member of IATSE as part of the Animation Guild, and I was 100% supportive of the union.) We should be done with all 26 episodes by the end of November.

IMPORTANT ADDENDUM: YOUNG JUSTICE has NOT yet been picked up for a fifth season. So if fans want more of Earth-16, the answer is simple: #KeepBingingYJ (all four seasons) over and over. And over and over. And help us #SpreadTheWord. We want to #SaveEarth16.

So use the following hashtags ad nauseam - just as I'm doing in this post:


And watch the show on HBO Max!!! Please...

For international fans, I wish I could give you info on when any or all of the above will be available in your countries. But unfortunately, TPTB do not keep us folks in the trenches well-informed. Asking me over and over won't magically reveal that information to me so that I can reveal it to you.

Finally, by the time all my work was done on Saturday, I was completely exhausted and took a nap. In the nap, I dreamed I wrote a hit song. Seriously. Now, normally, my dreams slip away entirely upon waking. And even when I do remember the gist of a dream, the details are lost within seconds. But I actually woke up with a clear memory of the song - both the lyrics AND the tune. Here are the lyrics:

I'm taking my pants off,
Cuz it's that kind of party!
I'm walking a straight line,
And it's luminous!

That's the whole song. You can see why it was such a big hit in Dreamland. I'm expecting the Dream-Royalties to roll in any minute.

STAY WHELMED, everyone!

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Marvelman writes...

Hi Greg. There are a few things related to the anti-life equation that I am still unclear on following season three.

1)What was the original purpose of Granny's machine? I ask because it seems to me the only thing it was good for was inflicting pain - without Halo to provide the anti-life equation.

2)I'm still not sure how Halo = the anti-life equation. Could you please try to explain it to me?

3)Thank-you for treating Kirby's anti-life equation seriously. In Kirby's fourth world mythology, the equation was something very specific. Some other depictions depict it very vaguely. You didn't. You did your homework. Thanks.

4)What did you think of the Hunger Dogs as an ending to Jack's Fourth World saga?

5)How are you?

Greg responds...

1. It created the ability to spread the Ghost Dimension ad infinitum.

2. Halo does not equal the anti-life equation. She's part of its mathematical formula. Watch the episode again. Granny spells it out mathematically with a lot of clarity.

3. We try.

4. I try to avoid offering up those kinds of reviews on DC Comics stuff, as I don't want people to tie my opinions to what may or may not happen on Young Justice.

5. Can't complain. (I mean I do complain all the time, but really I shouldn't.) I'm employed (at least through early November), and everyone in my family is healthy. So, really, I'm doing great. Thank you.

Response recorded on August 26, 2021

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Aj writes...

Hello. Is it possible to buy signed copies of your work; whether it be comics or possible artwork? Hope you’re having a great week

Greg responds...

I AM having a great week. Thanks. My grown-up "kids" are both in town, which is wonderful.

I'm not really in the mail order business business. And, of course, I'm not an artist, so I don't have original artwork. If we ever - post-post-pandemic - get back to doing conventions, that's really the best way to get signed copies.

Response recorded on August 16, 2021

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julie ! writes...

hey greg ! I was curious to see what sparked your interest in comics and what lead you to focus on comic storylines when it comes to your content? I grew up watching your work, and was around 11 when YJ premiered on CN, and it actually had a really big hand in me gaining interest in production ! so you inspired me to be where I’m at, which makes me really curious to see what inspired you to be where you’re at !

Greg responds...

Hm. I just always loved storytelling. And I always loved superheroes. I was always desperate to get more superhero comics, tv, movies. I began at such an early age that I honestly can't tell you what specifically sparked this interest. It's intrinsic to my personality. But if you look at the INFLUENCES section of the ASK GREG ARCHIVE, you can see lists of the things that influenced me.

Response recorded on August 12, 2021

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Jim writes...

Would you ever like to write for Power Rangers?

Greg responds...

Ironically, I'm not categorically opposed. But that's a very big hypothetical. No one's ever asked me.

Response recorded on August 12, 2021

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Anonymous writes...

I have 3 Young Justice Related questions for you 1. In Artemis's limbo Fantasy in Overwhelmed what university did she and Mr west both teach at? 2. In the limbo fantasy did Wally and Artemis both wear Glasses (Like oracle or Dr Jace) when teaching? 3. I'm not going to ask who the Waitress with the Leagon Rig at the end of nevermore as but was she Wearing glasses (like Oricle) even though her face was not shown?

Greg responds...

1. They were still living in their Palo Alto apartment, so I imagine that she imagined it was Stanford.

2. Not that I'm aware of. But it didn't come up.

3. No spoilers.

I wear glasses, though. So does Brandon.

Response recorded on August 06, 2021

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Jason R. Carter writes...

How did you go about developing a voice for Ultra-Humanite?

Greg responds...

I went down to my lowest register and roughed it up. Then we used technology to deepen it further and to futz it, so that it sounded like it was coming out of an electronic voice box.

Response recorded on August 05, 2021

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Rick Jones writes...

(Sorry if it's been answered but I did search the archives, and your answers about plotting YJ have been very illuminating.) Are there any books or guides to plotting a series? There are plenty of books about "how to write your pilot" and such, but I haven't had any luck finding suggestions for how to plot a series.

Greg responds...

I would think there are, but I haven't seen/read any. My method has been trial and error, learning by experience.

Response recorded on August 05, 2021

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FallenLegend writes...

Hey greg It saddens me the fact that you will only read this in lik 3 years. I guess this will be a time capsule of sorts. But I jus wanted to take the time and state my admiration of your writting.

I honestly believe you're a very underrated writter. Yes you've been head of many shows.

But I think, big studios haven't fully apreciated your talents.

For example, how Dc comics ia losing big time by not hiring you as lead of their cinematic universe. People love the MCU, but I think that your tv shows have better writting than anything marvel has ever done on cinema.

If I were a big sstudio executive I would have you as lead writer of my franchise or movie universe and not just as freelancer you hire now and then. They would be earning millions.

I played fate go, the mobile game, and Nasu reminded me a lot of you in writing style (except he likes fanservice a lot more). Shakespeare is even playable in that game!

Probably the biggest think that is holding you back is the fact that you, unlike masu, don't own those franchises (hopefully rain will be your big success).

You changed the way I view stories, and taught me a lot by reading your answers and watching your shows.

I just want to thank you for sharing your talent with all of us. Thank you.

Greg responds...

Only two and a half years...

Anyway, it's not like I'd turn down the gig if by some miracle it was offered to me, but I don't honestly know if anyone (myself included) would consider me qualified to run a movie franchise. I might be good for the committee, maybe. But I've never made a live action movie.

And I personally LOVE the MCU. I'm not saying it's perfect, but every single movie has - at minimum - entertained me. And none of them has made me want to shout at the screen in anger.

But thanks for your kind words.

Response recorded on July 26, 2021

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big papi smurf nibba writes...

yo u play fortnite

Greg responds...

Nope. Not a gamer.

Response recorded on July 14, 2021

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Anonymous writes...

I'd like to say my six year old daughter loves Gargoyles. We have the complete TV series minus the Goliath Chronicals, which I refuse to even touch. That said I do have a few questions for you.
1: How are you doing?
2: Any sign on the horizon of a possibility of a Gargoyles comeback either as a comic or graphic novel?
3: Rumor has it Disney is planning on a live action Gargoyles in the future, do you know anything about it? I think it mentioned someone from GI Joe Rise of Cobra supposedly writing it.

Greg responds...

1. Can't complain. (I mean I do complain all the time, but I really shouldn't.) I'm good.

2. Always signs. Nothing real yet. But #KeepBingingGargoyles on Disney+ and who knows?

3. I know a lot about it. And what I know is that nothing is in the works right now.

Response recorded on July 12, 2021

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roni writes...

hey greg! gotta ask:

1. How have you been? :)
2. So, what's your opinion on Voltron: Legendary Defender, the one currently airing on Netflix made by Dreamworks? Have you watched it, or worked with anyone who has also worked on it?
3. I wish you knew how excited I am for YJS3, because can't explain in words. :')))
hope you have a good day!

Greg responds...

1. Really good, actually. Got through the pandemic largely unscathed personally. My family stayed healthy, and we all stayed employed. I can't complain. (I mean, I DO complain all the time, but really I shouldn't.) Young Justice: Phantoms is going great guns through Post-Production. So all is well.

2. Haven't seen it, so I have no opinion, but I know a bunch of people who worked on it, and they're all great, so I imagine the show must be great, too.

3. Hope you liked it and are now equally excited for YJS4

You have a good day, too!

Response recorded on July 02, 2021

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Jared. L Powell writes...

What has it been like to work on so many different show that so many people remember fondly?
What was your favorite show to work on out of all of them?

Greg responds...

1. It's very cool, honestly. Though, if I'm being even more honest, I do wish that I'd been able to make more of fewer series than so many different series.

2. Choosing between my "children" is not something I tend to do. Ultimately, I truly enjoyed working on Gargoyles, WITCH, The Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice as a writer-producer. And although it was never "my" show, the writing team on Shimmer & Shine were such great people, that I truly loved working with them on it.

Response recorded on July 02, 2021

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Morgan Benty writes...

Dear Mr.Weisman and I am a big fan of your work. The reason for this message is because I was wondering if given the chance if you would ever want to write a screenplay for a feature film.

Greg responds...

I've written multiple screenplays. All but one have not been bought or produced.

Response recorded on July 02, 2021

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Bykowicz writes...

What was M'gann's age when she first started watching earth tv shows on mars sent to mars by martian manhunter ?

Greg responds...

Pretty young. I first started in utero.

Response recorded on July 01, 2021

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John Doe writes...

Hey Greg. I have a few questions.
1) I've read somewhere that you stopped reading comics all together in the mid 90s. Not asking why as you've already abetted that but rather did that ever stop. The abstaining from comics that is for lack of a better word. I assume that you've picked up a read a comic every now and then since you quit obviously but was there a time where you went back consistently?
2) How do you determine when you will answer questions. I tend to check this site maybe once a month and sometimes I'll be back and you've answered dozens of questions, a lot of the times in one day. Other times you'll haven't answered a question in weeks. Is it just as simple as whenever you have free time and want to our is there some uniquely complicated schedule that you follow. (The question sounded more silly as I continued.)
3) Do you consider yourself to have a dry sense of humor. I've been told I do and I find some of your replies downright hilarious that to others might seem to come off as blunt. Or on the contrary are you just more of very blunt person.
4) Can you explain the little joke you do every time someone asks you who would win what fight and you reply with that quote about the hulk and the thing.

Greg responds...

1. I started reading comics again when I started working on The Spectacular Spider-Man (around 2007, I think) after about a decade break. By the time Marvel did a soft reboot after Secret Wars in 2015, I was reading nearly everything in their line, in part because I was also writing Starbrand & Nightmask for Marvel. Plus I was reading all their Star Wars Books, in part because I was also writing Star Wars Kanan for Marvel and Lucasfilm. Both those books were cancelled, and Marvel no longer had any work for me. And then the third season of Young Justice began, right about the same time as DC did its own soft reboot with Rebirth. I started reading everything in the DC line at that point, edging out any free time I had for Marvel for the time being. I've continued to read the entire DC line (with very few exceptions) ever since. I'm about three or four months behind in my reading, but I'm still purchasing everything and reading as fast as I can manage.

2. It's just when I have time. Ideally, I try to answer five questions every weekday, but there are some days (many days, really) when even that is impossible. And then there are some (rare) days when I find myself with free time, and I just go to town on the queue.

3. I like to think I have a dry sense of humor. Certainly when I write. My verbal humor may be goofier or more sarcastic or whatever. I may also be blunt. The two things aren't mutually exclusive.

4. I think it's fairly self-explanatory. "Hulk vs. Thing, who would win?" is one of the oldest fan questions in comics. It's all situational, and the question - and those like it (including most hypotheticals) - just doesn't interest me. Fans can decide that sort of thing for themselves. They don't need me to weigh in.

Response recorded on April 30, 2019

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Master Pudding writes...

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

Greg responds...

Pepperoni and mushrooms.

Response recorded on October 02, 2017

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Kalev Tait writes...

You've said that you are never going to do another Kickstarter.
1. Does this mean you intend to never use crowdfunding as a source of funding something personal again, or specifically just the kickstarter platform is a no-go?
2. Can you elaborate as to why you will not do Kickstarter again?
3. If someone else (a group of dedicated fans) were to manage a kickstarter on your behalf (for something you either already hold the rights to, something that does not yet exist or something whoes rights are in the public domain), would you consider working within that arrangement?

Greg responds...

1. Both.

2. A successful Kickstarter campaign is 100% dependent on one's own contacts. If I had know that my only route to success was to - in essence - beg personal friends and family for money, I never would have done it. And I'm certainly not going to do it again.

3. Managing a Kickstarter is indeed a pain in the butt. But that wasn't the issue. The issue is how something gets funded and by whom. My fans and followers, and I have a considerable amount, did not contribute enough to fund my Kickstarter. A handful of relatives put me over the top. LOTS OF PEOPLE DID CONTRIBUTE, and I'm very grateful to all of them. And I don't feel entitled to the money of those members of my fanbase who did not contribute. That's fine. But Kickstarter creates the impression that they bring investors to you. That was 95% not the case. Maybe 98%. And, then, added to that, it's been a huge hassle. And I'm still not done. Though I'm very close.

Response recorded on June 16, 2017

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killuaDev writes...

Do you enjoy having conversations with people about your work (If they are not asking for spoilers or trying to pitch you ideas etc.

Greg responds...

Very much.

Response recorded on April 18, 2017

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John Smith writes...

Do you ever whistle just for the fun of it?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on April 13, 2017

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Kaley writes...

Was Snapper Carr supposed to have a larger onscreen role in young justice? In the comic book that the series was based off of he had a much larger role,why did you guys change that when you made the animated series?

Greg responds...

The series was NOT based off the 90s Young Justice comic. That was one of MANY influences, of course. But the series was based on the entire DC Universe and 75 years worth of continuity, and the 1960s and 1970s Teen Titans were easily as great an influence on us as the 90s YJ series was.

Lucas Carr's role was exactly what we wanted it to be. Believe me, since I played the part, I would have loved to have given him more screen time. But we gave him as much as fit in our series, given our limited amount of minutes and episodes.

Response recorded on March 22, 2017

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Gerg writes...

What are your favorite non-Big Two comics?

Greg responds...

I'm afraid I'm not reading any right now. I'm mostly only reading DC Rebirth titles now, as potential research for YJ.

Historically, I was a big fan of Love and Rockets and Cerebus and many others.

Response recorded on March 13, 2017

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Kanjar writes...

Would you be open to doing a video game? There's this company called Telltale, which is very episodic, it would be cool seeing you write an X-Men game or any game in general in that format?

Is that medium something you'd considered?

Greg responds...

Sure. I've worked on a handful of video games over the years.

Response recorded on March 08, 2017

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ShadowKiller2000 writes...

Hi Greg,
I recently finished watching Young Justice and loved it and I have some questions.
1) What was your favorite episode?
2)When did you start reading DC comics? Did you grow up reading them or is it just something you read before the production of the show?

Greg responds...

1. I kinda love them all. But if I had to pick just one, it would probably be "Misplaced."

2. I grew up reading DC and Marvel comics since I was a little kid.

Response recorded on February 21, 2017

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TheKingofWinter writes...

how does it feel to finaly break the 3 season curse your fans insist that you have?

Greg responds...

I've been on season threes before. So I have no idea how to respond to this. I'm aware that some fans think (or thought) it existed. But it never made much sense to me, and still doesn't. It's also borderline harmful to my career.

Response recorded on February 15, 2017

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what do you put in this thing writes...

What websites do you usually look at when you want to see the fandom's reaction to something?

Greg responds...

I actually try NOT to do that at all. It makes me a bit crazy. One loves the praise and hates the haters, but if one values the praise, then one must place value on the hate. So I've learned the hard way - believe me - that I'm better off NOT. Just not.

Once in a blue moon, I can't resist however. But there's no set place I go. Just what I stumble upon, usually, that I don't have the willpower to click away from.

Response recorded on January 30, 2017

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Fallenlegend writes...

Hey Greg in one of your questions you answered that you thought that in part of what made Superman great was truth, justice and "the American way" so my questions are:

What is the American way for you?
Do you think superman stands up for those that aren't American.

For example I'm Mexican.

Greg responds...

I do think Superman stands up for those who aren't American. I think standing up for others - in theory - SHOULD be part of the American Way. At our best, which is rarely evident these days, the United States should SET AN EXAMPLE as a bastion of freedom, liberty and democracy. It should respect diversity. It should govern by majority rule with respect - actual RESPECT, not mere tolerance - for minority rights. It should be better than the enemy, not just in might but in right - in a very Arthurian sense. For example, I don't care if the enemy tortures people, the United States government and its representatives NEVER should. NEVER. We need to be better than that.

I believe in the ideals of the United States of America. I trust those ideals. If sometimes they bite us on the ass, then I accept that too. Because the alternative, that we fall into the gutter, is much, much worse.

That, to me, in a nutshell, is the American Way.

Response recorded on January 23, 2017

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Anonymous writes...

Ever thought of creating a snapchat profile? It would make me very happy

Greg responds...

Nope. Sorry. I'm already overwhelmed just with twitter. Plus I don't take pictures with my phone.

Response recorded on January 10, 2017

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Mb writes...

Hello Mr. Weisman!
Thank you so much for taking your time and giving us Fans the opportunity to ask questions:

Since rain of the Ghosts and Gargoyles include Supernatural Elements, I wondered: are YOU a believer of the Supernatural?

Greg responds...

Yes and no.

I do believe in it, but I also believe its better to live and behave in this world as if none of that exists.

Response recorded on January 04, 2017

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Andres Escobar writes...

Simple question what are you currently working on as it is hard to follow sometimes and if you can talk or more specifically write about it what will you be working on that you know? Ohh and where can we watch it , or if read it when is it coming out or where can we find it I know you were writing a comic for Marvel I could never find it in several comic book stores.

Greg responds...

Right now, I am working on two things. The third season of YOUNG JUSTICE and the second novel in the WORLD OF WARCRAFT: TRAVELER series.

We don't yet know where Season Three of YJ will air, but you can view Seasons One and Two on Netflix, on iTunes or on DVD or BluRay.

The second WARCRAFT book should come out in bookstores (including online bookstores) next November.

Prior to that, I was working on the second and third seasons of SHIMMER AND SHINE. Season Two is currently airing on Nick Jr.

I also wrote the first book in the WORLD OF WARCRAFT: TRAVELER series, which is currently available at bookstores (and online bookstores).

There's also my two novels RAIN OF THE GHOSTS and SPIRITS OF ASH AND FOAM, both of which are currently available at bookstores and online bookstores.

Then there's the AudioPlay version of RAIN OF THE GHOSTS, which is currently available for download at Gumroad.com/RainoftheGhosts.

I recently co-plotted a CAPTAIN ATOM miniseries with Cary Bates, illustrated by Will Conrad. It will be available this January, 2017 from anyplace that sells comic books, including the DC Comics App, Comixology and iTunes.

Last year, I wrote the twelve issue STAR WARS KANAN series for Lucasfilm and Marvel. Those are available either as single issues, as two trades (STAR WARS KANAN: THE LAST PADAWAN and STAR WARS KANAN: FIRST BLOOD) or as an omnibus, again at Bookstores, online Bookstores, comic book stores and from the Marvel Comics App, Comixology or iTunes.

Finally, I also wrote the six issue STARBRAND AND NIGHTMASK for Marvel Comics, available as single issues or as one trade (STARBRAND AND NIGHTMASK: ETERNITY'S CHILDREN [Attend University]), which AGAIN is available at bookstores, online bookstores, comic book stores, the Marvel Comics App, Comixology or iTunes.

Whew! I think that's it! Thanks for asking!

Response recorded on December 21, 2016

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JEK writes...

I know you've said on multiple occasions that your favorite stand-alone episode of "Gargoyles" is "The Mirror" and that you are also fond of the multi-parters. Was there a particular multi-parter arc that you have as a favorite or are they all about even? Thanks in advance.

Greg responds...

They're all pretty close to even. Of course, there's no show without "Awakening," so...

Response recorded on September 27, 2016

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Felgrand writes...

1. Assuming you were able to, would you write an episode (or a comic issue) of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic if you were asked?

2. Would you also be a part of the creative team for the show if asked (again, assuming you were able to)? I'd like to think the show would be better with your input.

Greg responds...

1. Probably. I'm not particularly familiar with the property. But a paycheck is a paycheck.

2. Sure. Though I somehow doubt they need me.

Response recorded on August 08, 2016

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ANONYMOUS writes...

Hey Greg,

Wondering how you broke into the comic book industry? I know you were an editor at DC at one time. What was that process like?

Thanks for your time!

Greg responds...

I think my story is probably a bit atypical...

In 1983, Marvel announced a search for new talent. I calculated that they'd be inundated with submissions. But I also calculated that DC would soon initiate their own talent search. So instead of prepping a Marvel submission, I prepped one for DC.

Sure enough, a month later, DC announced its own search for new talent. I immediately sent in my submission. Years later, I found the log book for these submissions, and mine was literally the second one they received. They logged the submission into the book with my name and address - and then lost the actual submission, which I also found years later at the bottom of a file cabinet where it had clearly slipped down between two hanging folders.

Because 75% of the submissions they received were from artists, they gambled that mine was an artist submission as well. They sent me a packet for new artists. But of course, I was one of the 25% who had made a writing submission. And I was outraged, OUTRAGED! Outraged in a way that only a know-nothing 19-year-old can be.

So I wrote DC Executive Editor Dick Giordano an OUTRAGED Letter. And then I figured that would be the end of it.

But for whatever reason, Dick was impressed with (or more likely amused by) my letter. He called me. On the phone. He invited me to come to the DC offices at 666 5th Avenue.

After I graduated from college, Dick hired me as an Editorial Assistant (i.e. as a Xerox Boy), and later promoted me to Assistant Editor and then Associate Editor. He was a true mentor to me. A great guy.

Response recorded on May 18, 2016

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman:

If you could be any type of tree, what tree would you be and why?

Greg responds...

A mystery. So I wouldn't have to change at all.

Response recorded on March 28, 2016

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Anonymous writes...

On November 13, 2014, you said you had been working on 4 projects on was a Star Wars Rebels: Kanan comic. You declined to name the other three, but you said one was definitely happening, one might happen, and one was postponed indefinitely. If any of these haven't happened yet, will you name them now?

Greg responds...

If they haven't happened, no.

Response recorded on February 23, 2016

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Marvelman writes...

Hi Greg. Can you explain the behind-the-scenes reasons for your departure from "Rebels" after only one season? Or, would it be considered unprofessional for you to comment on this?

Greg responds...

Mostly it would be considered NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS, whether the reason was benign or malevolent. Probably unprofessional, as well. And that's not even counting the fact that I signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Lucasfilm.

But mostly, it's just the first reason. I'm happy to answer questions about process and about the show (as long as its not a spoiler). But I feel like on general principle this question crosses a line.

Response recorded on February 11, 2016

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very_omphalophobic writes...

Dear Mr. Weisman,
As for being the writer and producer of several wonderful and genuinely intriguing shows, I thank you for inspiring generations of viewers and readers to find their personal creativity and curiosity about the world. BUT...

As a result of this curiosity, and on behalf of such fans everywhere, I am compelled to ask: How do you remain so SUSPICIOUSLY, almost MAGICALLY youthful-looking?! Is there something you'd like to spoil *cough* accidentally let slip *cough*to us, Greg? *DA DA DUNN!

Greg responds...

Assuming what you say is true - and also assuming it's actually a serious question - it's mostly just good genes. My paternal grandmother lived until she was nearly 102. My dad's a very youthful 80. My mom, a very youthful 78.

If I've done anything to help myself out, it's probably this: I don't smoke. I never have smoked. And I try to avoid being around second-hand-smoke.

Response recorded on February 05, 2016

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Anonymous writes...

Can you play a musical instrument? What instrument would you love to master (in addition)?
Thanks for your time and patience

Greg responds...

I don't. Long ago, I tried to learn the guitar, but I never, ever got very good at it. I don't really have an ambition to be a musician, but I like listening.

Response recorded on November 13, 2015

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Mina Geiss writes...

Why are you so awesome?

What's your secret?

Greg responds...

1. I'm not. I just play someone awesome on podcasts and at conventions.

2. Obfuscation.

Response recorded on October 28, 2015

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Luke writes...

Hi Greg,

Big fan here (I reply to you on Twitter sometimes!) and I thought I'd make use of this site to get some help with my intention to write for television in the future!

First off, I'd like to say how much I love Young Justice. From the moment I finished the first episode, I was hooked. I'm quite a seasoned animation fan but I must say Young Justice is probably one of the best things I have ever watched; particularly it was the animation and writing that drew me in the most. I wasn't really into comic books too much before with the exception of adaptions from TV like Adventure Time, and manga; but Young Justice awakened a part of me that just had to look further into the characters, and now I'm completely taken in by the DC universe, it's so wonderful and for that I thank you for helping to bring Young Justice to light!

The show is truly an inspiration for me; I intend to become a writer for television, animation being my ultimate goal, in the near future. In September 2014 I will be starting a screenwriting course at university. I live in the UK, but hope to move to America in future to have a better chance of landing a writing job in animation.

1) What would you recommend I seek to do when I finish university? Would becoming an assistant at a TV studio help as a start?

2) Do you draw storyboards? I am not very confident in my drawing abilities and I'm worried this might affect pitching and demonstrating my ideas.

3) What are some key terms or quotes that have stuck in your head during your writing career? Things that people have told you and you have remembered and applied to your work?

4) Who are your inspirations? What programmes did you enjoy when you were a kid/teenager?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and answer my questions!

Greg responds...

1. It wouldn't hurt. Get in there. See first hand how things are done. The main thing I recommend, you already plan to do, which is to move to where the work is. Second, WRITE. Third, REwrite. Fourth, PROOFREAD RELIGIOUSLY.

2. No, I can't draw stick figures well. I team up with very, very talented artists.

3. "Less is more."

4. Space Ghost. Speed Racer. Jonny Quest. Herculoids. Anything with Marvel or DC heroes in them. Hill Street Blues. Cheers.

Response recorded on July 06, 2015

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Anonymous writes...

1. Did you ever worry that you would be approached to start working on shows you've done in the past while you were already working on one? (Ex: Let's say you were working on Young Justice, but Disney approached you to work on Gargoyles again.)
2. What would you do if situations like that ever came up?

Greg responds...

1. No, I should have such problems. I'm usually lucky to find one job. Having two I wanted that badly has literally NEVER come up.

2. I don't really deal in hypotheticals. The realities in front of me are confusifying enough.

Response recorded on May 07, 2015

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Feedback writes...

1. How bad does it feel for a show to get canceled? Like, does it affect your day-to-day life? Do you want to just lock yourself in your house for a week or are you immune to the depressing effects of it by now?

2. A lot of people comment that your shows are cursed, but it's obvious that 90% of children's shows are canceled ahead of time. Would you consider children's animation is the least safe gig on TV?

3. So why did you decide to focus your writing career on children's animation? Did it just end up happening that way?

4. Do you ever see yourself working on a network or cable live-action show? And if you did, would your resumé help you or hinder you if you were looking for a job at, say, USA?

5. Have you ever thought about pitching a show to any of the networks? Now that superheroes are invading TV media (Arrow, The Flash, Agents of Shield, Gotham, Constantine, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, etc.), wouldn't your resumé of Spider-Man and Young Justice actually help you if you were to pitch a comic book show at TheCW, FOX or ABC? Have you thought about doing so?

Greg responds...

1. I'm not at all immune. But I also know I can't lock myself away for even a week. I have to go out and start looking for work. But it's a huge bummer, and I do get depressed. When I was younger, it was tougher. But now I have a bit more perspective. My family is healthy, and the world isn't ending because my cartoon show is no longer on the air. So...

2. No. I don't see that it's any different (in the aggregate) for prime time or live action or so-called adult shows.

3. Mostly the latter. I started in comics. Got a job in animation. By the time I tried to get into live-action, I was typecast as an animation writer and had no luck breaking in. And I do love writing for animation, but live action is WAY more lucrative, and I'd love to have the financial security that comes with words like "lucrative."

4. See the answer to question 3.

5. I have pitched shows to many networks, over and over. Pitching and even selling isn't the same as getting to make something.

Response recorded on February 03, 2015

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BirdBoyB01 writes...

How did you feel when you first started working on young justice?
1.Did you feel any pressure? Or it did come naturally now that you were working again in dc ?
2. How did you start out in the whole business?

Greg responds...

1. Yes.

1a. Yes.

2. I sent a new talent submission to DC Comics back in 1983.

Response recorded on November 17, 2014

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tjuanthousand writes...

Mr. Weisman , thank for your many works I am a huge fan. I was wondering what other projects you are working besides the Star Wars show.

Greg responds...

At the moment - almost exactly seven months after you asked - I'm working on the Star Wars: Kanan comic book for Lucasfilm and Marvel.

I'm also working on two other projects that I can't talk about yet. One is definitely happening. One may or may not. Until very recently, there was a fourth project as well, but that' s been put on indefinite hold. So work on that is suspended for now.

Response recorded on November 13, 2014

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KenRD writes...

Well I've now read Rain of Ghosts so congrats on a great book, but I'm a little annoyed I've got to buy a new series to add to my collection, damn you talented writer!
In my last post I asked if you ever read Terry Pratchett books to which you said you haven't, well if you ever do find the time to read his books I would love to hear your thoughts and just to sway you have a look at this post by Brandon Sanderson the author of Elantris, The Mistborn Trilogy, The Way of Kings and, with Robert Jordan, the New York Times bestselling The Gathering Storm, Towers of Midnight, and A Memory of Light, the final volumes to the epic Wheel of Time. http://www.tor.com/blogs/2013/04/terry-pratchetts-discworld-might-be-the-highest-form-of-literature-on-the-planet

Greg responds...

As I've mentioned, I tend to split my limited free time either reading detective fiction (Ross MacDonald, Walter Mosley, Michael Connelly, etc.) or rereading classic authors (William Faulkner, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, etc.).

But I'm thrilled you enjoyed Rain. I hope by now, you've picked up Spirits of Ash and Foam. And you could do me a big favor by reviewing both on Amazon!

Response recorded on October 23, 2014

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My Long Beach Comic Con Schedule

Stop #6 on the Gargoyles Twentieth Anniversary Tour is LONG BEACH COMIC CON: http://longbeachcomiccon.com/

The full schedule can be found here: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=55700

But here's MY schedule. I'll only be there the one day - Saturday, September 27, 2014 - but as you can see, I'm certainly keeping busy, with five panels and three signings!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

11:30am - 12:20pm - Room 102B/C
Moderator: Greg Weisman (Creator, Producer, Writer)
1. Thom Adcox-Hernandez (Voice of Lexington, Brentwood)
2. Vic Cook (Storyboard Artist)
3. Elisa Gabrielli (Voice of Obsidiana & Maria Chavez)
4. Frank Paur (Producer, Director)
5. Dave Schwartz (Development Art Director)

12:30pm - 01:30pm - Signing Area
I won't be attending this signing (because I have to rush off to another panel), but the rest of the Gargoyles panelists will probably be there.

12:30pm - 01:50pm - Hero Complex Theater, Room 104A
Moderator: Jevon Phillips (Los Angeles Times)
1. Phil Bourassa (Emmy Winning Character Designer)
2. Cameron Bowen (Voice of Robin/Tim Drake)
3. Kris Carter (Composer)
4. Nicole Dubuc (Writer, Voice of Iris West-Allen)
5. Oded Fehr (Voice of Ra's al Ghul)
6. Kevin Grevioux (Voice of Black Beetle)
7. Kevin Hopps (Writer)
8. Bryton James (Voice of Virgil Hawkins/Static)
9. Josh Keaton (Voice of Black Spider)
10. Curtis Koller (Talent Coordinator)
11. Eric Lopez (Voice of Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes, Scarab)
12. Michael McCuistion (Composer)
13. Jay Oliva (Director)
14. Mark Rolston (Voice of Lex Luthor, Jonathan Kent)
15. Jason Spisak (Voice of Kid Flash/Wally West)
16. James Arnold Taylor (Voice of Flash, Neutron, Topo, Burton Thompson)
17. Brandon Vietti (Producer, Writer)
18. Greg Weisman (Producer, Writer, Voice of Lucas Carr)
19. David Wilcox (Line Producer)

02:00pm - 03:00pm - Signing Area
I plan on being here for only the first twenty minutes or so - before I have to run off to yet another panel. But for as long as I can stay, I will sign for free, anything you put in front of me. I will also be signing and selling copies of my animation teleplays for $20 cash. Among the series you'll have to choose from are Gargoyles, Men In Black, Team Atlantis, W.I.T.C.H., The Batman, The Spectacular Spider-Man, DC Showcase/Green Arrow, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Young Justice, Beware the Batman and two radio-plays: The Spectacular Spider-Man Meets Gargoyles and Gargoyles Meets The Spectacular Spider-Man Meets Young Justice. All while supplies last, and for as long as I can stay. So show up promptly at 2pm.

02:30pm - 03:20pm - Room 102B/C
Moderator: Greg Weisman (Supervising Producer, Writer, Voice of Donald Menken)
1. Kevin Altieri (Director)
2. Kris Carter (Composer)
3. Victor Cook (Supervising Producer, Supervising Director)
4. Nicole Dubuc (Writer)
5. Elisa Gabrielli (Voice of Ashley Kafka)
6. Sean "Cheeks" Galloway (Lead Character Designer)
7. Kevin Hopps (Writer)
8. Josh Keaton (Voice of Peter Parker/The Spectacular Spider-Man)
9. Andrew Kishino (Voice of Kenny Kong, Ned Lee)
10. Phil LaMarr (Voice of Fancy Dan/Ricochet, Joe "Robbie" Robertson, Rand Robertson, Homunculus)
11. Joshua LeBar (Voice of Flash Thompson)
12. Eric Lopez (Voice of Mark Allen/Molten Man)
13. Michael McCuistion (Composer)
14. Daran Norris (Voice of J. Jonah Jameson, John Jameson/Colonel Jupiter)
15. Deborah Strang (Voice of Aunt May Parker)
16. James Arnold Taylor (Voice of Harry Osborn, Frederick Foswell/Patch, Alan O'Neil, Homunculus)
17. Wade Wisinski (Line Producer)

03:30pm - 04:20pm - Room 102B/C
Moderator: Aaron Sparrow (Writer of Darkwing Duck: The Duck Knight Returns)
1. Jim Cummings (Voice of Darkwing Duck, Bonkers, etc.)
2. Jymn Magon (Creator/Producer Talespin)
3. Greg Weisman (Creator/Producer Gargoyles)
4. Mark Zaslove (Story Editor/Producer Talespin)

04:00pm - 05:00pm - Signing Area
I'll have to miss this one too, as I'll be in the Disney Afternoon Panel, followed by the Disney Afternoon signing.

04:30pm - 05:20pm - Disney Afternoon Reunion Booth/Signing Area
I'll be at this one for the entire signing. Again, I'll sign anything you bring along for free. And I'll also be signing and selling my teleplays.

05:30pm - 06:20pm - Room 102B/C
Greg Weisman (Author)

06:30pm - 7:30pm - Booth 104 on Show Floor
I'll be selling and signing copies of my two novels, RAIN OF THE GHOSTS and SPIRITS OF ASH AND FOAM.


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I'll put up a big master-ramble on Long Beach Comic Con soon. (Monday at the latest.) But there's more information on the FIVE panels I'm doing on Saturday, September 27th, 2014 at the convention here:


and here:


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abnormal matt writes...

Hey Greg I was wondering where do you feel you've stepped most out of your comfort zone as a writer. sorry for not using a question mark my keyboard doesn't seem to have one.

Greg responds...

What kind of keyboard doesn't have a question mark? That's just... bizarre.

Anyway, I try to challenge myself all the time. Writing the novels was WAY out of my comfort zone, and even in that, I challenged myself by creating a fairly unique narrator.

Response recorded on September 02, 2014

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I'm back (briefly) after a great trip to Ashland for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Saw eight plays (Comedy of Errors, Richard III, Tempest, Into the Woods, Great Society, Two Gentlemen of Verona, Wrinkle in Time, Family Album) in four days, and though I didn't love every play, I have to say that every production was stellar.

Then last night I saw a very cool production of King Lear at the Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga Canyon, starring Ellen Geer as Lear.

Anyway, I'm in town for just a few days, then I leave again to drop my daughter off for her junior year at Tulane and take my son (starting his senior year of high school next month) to look at a number of schools, including Tulane, Emory, Duke, UVA and Georgetown. ROAD TRIP!!

Starting in September, I'll be in town for the foreseeable future, and I promise to get back to answering questions here. Meanwhile, here are some cool links:

Warner Archive Podcast interview, regarding Young Justice:

In case you need to know where to find the Young Justice Blu-ray:

And another podcast:

http://www.goldenspiralmedia.com/as-09-arrow-squad-episode-09-interview-with-greg-weisman-of-young-justice (specific episode for Arrow Squad)

http://www.goldenspiralmedia.com/ccu-02-central-city-underground-episode-03-interview-with-greg-weisman-of-young-justice (specific episode for Central City Underground)

http://www.goldenspiralmedia.com/ (general website)

https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/arrow-squad/id891769883?uo=8&at=1l3v5ck (iTunes link for Arrow Squad)

https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/central-city-underground-flash/id904991850?uo=8&at=1l3v5ck (iTunes link for Central City Underground)

And some sights promoting Rain of the Ghosts and Spirits of Ash and Foam:

Plain Talk Book Marketing http://www.plaintalkbm.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gillianfx
Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00EAUDZM6
Book Information: http://www.plaintalkbm.com/family-portrait-novel/
Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/FamilyPortraitNovels

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Hey gang,

I'd like to apologize for not getting to many of your questions recently. It's really due to all the travel I've been doing this summer - and the need to fit a LOT of work in between the trips.

Some of you have commented that the same excuses don't seem to apply to my Twitter account, and that's true. But the difference is that I can tweet from my phone at odd times and before bed - AND with little thought.

I've tried doing Ask Greg from my phone, but it's just too difficult. I'd rather give considerable thought and have the option of answering questions in depth. But if you want to make quick contact, by all means follow me on twitter at @Greg_Weisman.

The travel isn't over, either. I leave Monday for Ashland, Oregon, for my family's annual trip to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. For the curious, we're seeing the following eight plays over four days & nights:

THE COMEDY OF ERRORS by William Shakespeare
RICHARD III by William Shakespeare

THE TEMPEST by William Shakespeare
INTO THE WOODS by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine

THE GREAT SOCIETY by Robert Schenkkan
THE TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA by William Shakespeare

A WRINKLE IN TIME by Madeleine L'Engle and Tracy Young
FAMILY ALBUM by Stew and Heidi Rodewald

We're really looking forward to it.

Anyway, then I'm back for half a week, before the family takes another trip - this one to (a) drop my daughter off at college for her junior year and (b) take a road trip to look at five different colleges in five different cities with my son before he enters his senior year of high school. The entire trip will take eleven days, bringing me to the end of August.

But in September, my current plan is NO TRAVEL. (Stop #6 on the Gargoyles 20th Anniversary Tour is Long Beach Comic Con, which is driving distance. http://longbeachcomiccon.com ) So I should be back to answering a few questions every weekday regularly. Thank you for your patience.

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My CONvergence 2014 Schedule

So the #Gargoyles20 U.S. Tour continues. Stop #3 is CONvergence in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Well, actually in Bloomington, Minnesota, but close enough.) http://www.convergence-con.org

This is a big one for us. It includes a number of events that we used to do at the old Gathering of the Gargoyles Conventions, which ran from 1997-2009. And I know a bunch of Gargoyles fans will be attending, so it'll also be a reunion of sorts.

My schedule for the long weekend is quite packed - which is just how I like it!

Ever wanted to be in a radio play? Now is your chance! We are holding auditions for a live performance at CONvergence! You don't even have to be a fan of Gargoyles to enter. You just have to know how to read! Casting: Myself and Jennifer Anderson (Talent Coordinator on The Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice). Casting decisions will be posted by 7:00pm on Friday, July 4th. ATRIUM 7.

Okay, so Gargoyles ISN'T the only show celebrating an anniversary. The Buffy/Angel universe has been off the air for ten years. Let's reminisce and talk about the impact these shows have had on TV fantasy since their cancellation. Panelists: Myself, Tim Lieder, Cetius d'Raven, Madeleine Rowe, Mark Goldberg. EDINA.

7:00pm - 8:00pm OPENING CEREMONY
If it's not exactly a magical invocation, it is nonetheless our official kick-off for the convention! Join CONvergence mascot Connie as we welcome our Guests of Honor, give out some awards (including the Mark Time and Ogle winners), and get this party started. Panelists: Myself, Amy Berg, Emma Bull, C. Robert Cargill, Sarah Clemens, Scott Lynch, Marina Sirtis, Frank Paur, Matthew Ebel, Dawn Krosnowski, Greg Guler, Rob Callahan, Windy Bowlsby, Michael Lee. MAIN STAGE.

Geek Partnership Society is excited to host the Greg Weisman Fancy Bastard Pie Competition at CONvergence 2014! It is open to all CONvergence members who wish to participate. The goal is to make a pie that Greg Weisman, herein to be known as "Fancy Bastard", likes best. The winner will be told super-secret Young Justice spoilers. Find out [some of] what would have happened in Season 3! (But winner must swear to secrecy to claim prize.) See below for some helpful hints.* CABANA 110.

FRIDAY, JULY 4th, 2014
Ever wanted to be in a radio play? Now is your chance! We are holding auditions for a live performance at CONvergence! You don't even have to be a fan of Gargoyles to enter. You just have to know how to read! Last chance to audition! Casting: Myself and Jennifer Anderson (Talent Coordinator on The Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice). Casting decisions will be posted by 7:00pm on Friday, July 4th. ATRIUM 7.

12:30pm - 1:30pm FROM TV TO COMICS
We'll discuss the TV shows that expanded into the comicverse, such as Buffy, Smallville, Young Justice and Gargoyles. Did they succeed? Were any of the comics improvements on the shows? How did canon change during the transition? Panelists: Myself (Gargoyles, Young Justice), Shawn van Briesen, Jonathan Palmer, Greg Guler (Gargoyles), Karine Charlebois (Gargoyles, Bad Guys), Christopher Jones (Batman Strikes, Young Justice, Bad Guys). PLAZA 2.

2:00pm - 3:00pm SIGNING
Myself, Christopher Jones (Young Justice, The Batman Strikes, Parallel Man) and Greg Guler (Gargoyles, Phineas and Ferb) will be holding a signing session. Both Chris and Greg always have an array of stuff (books, prints, etc.) to sell and sign. But this time I'm pretty darn prepared as well. First off, I'll be selling and signing copies of my first novel RAIN OF THE GHOSTS for $10 cash, which includes the book, a personalized signature and signed copies of the original development character designs by Kuni Tomita for the television version of Rain that never was. In addition - and by popular demand - I am selling and signing an array of my animation teleplays for $20 cash from such series as Gargoyles, Team Atlantis, DC Showcase (Green Arrow), Men in Black: The Series, The Spectacular Spider-Man, The Batman, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles, W.I.T.C.H., Young Justice and even the 2009 Radio Play "The Spectacular Spider-Man Meets Gargoyles". I'll also sign anything else you bring and put in front of me for FREE - especially if you buy my book. ;) CONVERGENCE CENTRAL.

3:30pm - 4:30pm CREATING GARGOYLES
This is what we used to call (at the Gathering) the Rocky Horror Gargoyles Show. The creators of Gargoyles show clips and tell stories of how the show came to be. Lots of visual aids. Panelists: Myself (Creator, Supervising Producer/Story Editor, Writer), Frank Paur ( (Supervising Producer/Director), Greg Guler (Lead Character Designer). ATRIUM 6.

7:00pm - 8:00pm TIME TRAVEL THEORY
Let's assume for a moment that Time Travel is possible. This panel will explore the theories behind such technology. We'll explore quantum realities, temporal anomalies and all other challenges our theoretical time travelers will be face! [Now, I suggested this panel, but then they went and put some actual scientists on the damn thing. So I may quickly be embarrassed into silence.] ;) Panelists: Myself, Nicole Gugliucci, Jim Kakalios, G. David Nordley, Amy Berg. ATRIUM 4.

8:30pm - 9:30pm GARGOYLES Q&A
Join the cast and creators of the "Gargoyles" series and SLG companion comic books to ask and talk about the property. And, as always, Cosplayers are welcome! Panelists: Myself (Creator, Supervising Producer/Story Editor, Writer), Christopher Jones (Bad Guys guest artist), Marina Sirtis (voice of Demona and Margot Yale), Frank Paur (Supervising Producer/Director), Karine Charlebois (Gargoyles Guest Artist, Bad Guys Artist), Greg Guler (Lead Character Designer, Gargoyles Guest Artist). MAIN STAGE.

SATURDAY, JULY 5th, 2014
9:30am - 10:30am GARGOYLES SIGNING
Myself, Marina Sirtis (voice of Demona and Margot Yale) and Frank Paur (Supervising Producer/Director) will be holding a signing session. Again, I'll be selling and signing copies of my first novel RAIN OF THE GHOSTS for $10 cash, which includes the book, a personalized signature and signed copies of the original development character designs by Kuni Tomita for the television version of Rain that never was. In addition - and by popular demand - I am selling and signing an array of my animation teleplays for $20 cash from such series as Gargoyles, Team Atlantis, DC Showcase (Green Arrow), Men in Black: The Series, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles, W.I.T.C.H., The Batman, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Young Justice and even the 2009 Radio Play "The Spectacular Spider-Man Meets Gargoyles". I'll also sign anything else you bring and put in front of me for FREE. CONVERGENCE CENTRAL.

This is a closed session - for those who were cast in the Radio Play - led by Myself, Jennifer Anderson (Talent Coordinator on The Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice) & Marina Sirtis (voice of Demona, Margot Yale and Queen Bee). ATRIUM 6.

Fans and professionals - including Myself (voice of Donald Menken and Lucas "Snapper" Carr), Jennifer Anderson (Talent Coordinator on The Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice), and of course, Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi from Star Trek TNG and the voice of Demona, Margot Yale and Queen Bee) - perform a LIVE, ORIGINAL Gargoyles radio play! ATRIUM 6.

A "what if" panel about the biology and culture of the Gargoyles universe. Creators and performers speculate about anything and everything going on outside the frames of the TV series. Panelists: Craig A. Finseth moderates Myself (Creator, Producer) and Greg Guler (Lead Character Designer). ATRIUM 7.

3:30pm - 4:30pm RAIN OF THE GHOSTS
I'll be reading from and talking about the world and characters of my novel "Rain of the Ghosts" and its sequel, "Spirits of Ash and Foam," which comes out July 8th, 2014, one week after the convention! ATRIUM 3.

Hal Bichel will moderate a one-on-one panel with Myself. PLAZA 2.

8:30pm - 9:30pm SIGNING
Once again, I'll be selling and signing copies of my first novel RAIN OF THE GHOSTS for $10 cash, which includes the book, a personalized signature and signed copies of the original development character designs by Kuni Tomita for the television version of Rain that never was. In addition - and by popular demand - I am selling and signing an array of my animation teleplays for $20 cash from such series as Gargoyles, Team Atlantis, DC Showcase (Green Arrow), Men in Black: The Series, The Batman, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles, W.I.T.C.H., Young Justice and even the 2009 Radio Play "The Spectacular Spider-Man Meets Gargoyles". I'll also sign anything else you bring and put in front of me for FREE. CONVERGENCE CENTRAL.

10:00pm - 11:00pm BLUE MUG
Ever wonder about the sexual habits of Gargoyles? Ever wonder who was sleeping with whom among the Young Justice Team or the cast of Spectacular Spider-Man? Join us for for a late night peek at your favorite animated series. This panel will get blue! (So attendees will be carded!) Panelists: Myself, Christopher Jones, Mara Cordova (Last Tengu in Paris Artist). It is also rumored that Edmund Tsabard (an unfancy bastard and Last Tengu in Paris Writer) may make an appearance. EDINA.

SUNDAY, JULY 6th, 2014
Shakespeare portrayed several intelligent, independent, and self-aware women--Juliet, Lady Macbeth, Katharine, Beatrice, Viola, Rosalind. We'll discuss the problematic and the remarkably (for the era) fleshed-out aspects of their representation. Panelists: Myself, Elizabeth Bear, Ashley F. Miller, Joseph Erickson, Alexandra Howes. EDINA.

12:30pm - 1:30pm GARGOYLES FAN PANEL
It's the 20th Anniversary of Gargoyles. Come share your favorite moments from the show. As always, Cosplayers are welcome! Panelists: Daniel Mohr moderates Myself, Ryan Alexander, Robert Wagner, Maggie Schultz, Jennifer Anderson, Karine Charlebois. ATRIUM 6.

2:00pm - 3:00pm SIGNING
Myself and Greg Guler (Gargoyles, Phineas and Ferb) will be holding one last signing session. Greg G. always has an array of stuff (books, prints, etc.) to sell and sign. And I'll be selling and signing copies of my first novel RAIN OF THE GHOSTS for $10 cash, which includes the book, a personalized signature and signed copies of the original development character designs by Kuni Tomita for the television version of Rain that never was. In addition - and by popular demand - I am selling and signing an array of my animation teleplays for $20 cash from such series as Gargoyles, Team Atlantis, DC Showcase (Green Arrow), Men in Black: The Series, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles, The Batman, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, W.I.T.C.H., Young Justice and even the 2009 Radio Play "The Spectacular Spider-Man Meets Gargoyles". I'll also sign anything else you bring and put in front of me for FREE - especially if you buy my book. CONVERGENCE CENTRAL.

3:30pm - 4:30pm YOUNG JUSTICE
Creative minds behind the Young Justice TV and comic book series will talk about this fan favorite. We're planning some special surprises as well. And, as always, Cosplayers are welcome! Panelists: Myself, Marina Sirtis (voice of Queen Bee), Christopher Jones (Artist YJ Comic). MAIN STAGE.

5:00pm - 6:00pm CLOSING CEREMONY
It's not over 'til the gynoid sings - or something like that. Join CONvergence mascot Connie and our Guests of Honor as we say farewell to another convention. Shenanigans may ensue. Panelists: Myself, Amy Berg, Emma Bull, C. Robert Cargill, Sarah Clemens, Scott Lynch, Marina Sirtis, Matthew Ebel, Frank Paur, Dawn Krosnowski, Greg Guler, Windy Bowlsby, Rob Callahan, Michael Lee. MAIN STAGE

SEE?!! I told you there was a lot. And that's only the stuff that I'm doing. CONvergence is jam-packed with all sorts of pop culture nutritional goodness. So stop by and say hello!!

*In the interest of Full Disclosure, Fancy Bastard would like all to know that he especially likes the following pies:
BERRY (pretty much any kind of berry or a mix of same)
BANANA CREAM (herein to be known as the funniest pie)
Combinations of some of the fruit pies can be great. Contestants are welcome to try other pies at their own risk.

Fancy Bastard does NOT especially like the following pies:
Anything with Chocolate or Lemon or Meringue
Raisins in Apple Pie
Almost never Cherry, though he has tasted the rare exception...

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ONE MORE TIME!! This looks to be as final a revision as it's going to get for Denver Comic Con website (http://denvercomiccon.com/), before I head for the airport in a couple minutes. But, again, follow me on TWITTER @Greg_Weisman to stay up-to-the-minute on when and where I'll be.


FRIDAY, JUNE 13th, 2014

10:30am - 11:20am - ART OF THE PITCH in ROOM 110/112.
Victor Cook, Greg Guler and myself will be talking about pitching and selling animated telvision series to the Powers That Be.

11:30am - 12:30pm - SIGNING at my BOOTH 122 on the main floor.
I'll be signing my novel RAIN OF THE GHOSTS throughout the weekend for $10 cash. (That $10 includes the book, a personalized signature and copies of the original development art by Kuni Tomita for the television version of Rain that never was.) I also have a half-dozen copies of Young Justice teleplays, which I'll sell (and sign) for $20 cash. I'll also sign anything else you bring and put in front of me for free - especially if you buy my book. ;)

12:50pm - 1:20pm - INTERVIEW with Tim Beyers of MOTLEY FOOL in the MEDIA LOUNGE.

1:30pm - 2:20pm - CARTOON VOICES I in the MAIN EVENTS ROOM.
I'll be moderating this panel, which features Kevin Conroy, Jim Cummings, Michael Dorn, Jennifer Hale & Veronica Taylor.

3:30pm - 4:30pm - SIGNING at my BOOTH 122 on the main floor.

4:45pm - 5:35pm - YOUNG JUSTICE in the MINI-MAIN ROOM.
This one includes myself (writer-producer, voice actor) & Christopher Jones (YJ companion comic book artist).


7:00pm - 10:00pm - FOUR COLOR MIXER at Breckinridge Brewery/Hilton Garden Inn Denver Downtown.

SATURDAY, JUNE 14th, 2014

9:35am - 10:00am - INTERVIEW with BEYOND THE TROPE at my table at Booth 122.

10:00am - 10:20am - INTERVIEW with WESTWORD at my table at Booth 122.

10:30am - 11:20am - RAIN OF THE GHOSTS in ROOM 201.
I'll be reading from and discussing my new novels, Rain of the Ghosts & Spirits of Ash and Foam.

11:45am - 12:35pm - ANIMATION PROFESSIONALS in ROOM 201
I'm moderating this panel, which features Chris Beaver, Victor Cook, Greg Guler, Derek Hunter, Christy Marx, & Jan Scott-Frasier.

3:00pm - 3:50pm - SIGNING at my BOOTH 122 on the main floor.

4:00pm - 4:50pm - GARGOYLES 20th ANNIVERSARY in the MAIN EVENTS ROOM.
This is a big one, with me (writer-producer-creator), Victor Cook (storyboard artist), Jim Cummings (voice of Dingo), Jonathan Frakes (voice of David Xanatos), Greg Guler (character designer), Salli Richardson-Whitfield (voice of Elisa Maza) and Marina Sirtis (voice of Demona) .

5:00pm - 6:00pm - SIGNING at my BOOTH 122 on the main floor.

SUNDAY, JUNE 15th, 2014

9:30am - 10:20am - INTERVIEW with EXAMINER.COM at my BOOTH 122.

Includes myself (writer-producer-voice actor), Victor Cook (director-producer), Jim Cummings (voice of Crusher Hogan) & Greg Guler (artist).

1:30pm - 2:30pm - SIGNING at my BOOTH 122 on the main floor.

2:45pm - 3:35pm - CARTOON VOICES II in the MAIN EVENTS ROOM.
Again, I'm moderating for Robert Axelrod, Kimberly Brooks, Jennifer Hale & April Stewart.

4:00pm - 5:00pm - SIGNING at my BOOTH 122 on the main floor.

In addition to the times listed above, I'll often just be hanging out at my table, so stop by. Attend a panel, buy a book, say hello!

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Okay, so I just took a look at the Denver Comic Con website (http://denvercomiccon.com/), and the schedule there doesn't always match up with the schedule I was sent. I'll make adjustments below, but what this really means is that I'm not 100% sure where I'll be at any given moment. I will be tweeting throughout the weekend though, so follow me @Greg_Weisman to stay up-to-the-minute on when and where I'll be.


FRIDAY, JUNE 13th, 2014

10:30am - 11:20am - RAIN OF THE GHOSTS in ROOM 201
I'll be reading from and discussing my new novels, Rain of the Ghosts & Spirits of Ash and Foam.

11:30am - 12:30pm - SIGNING at my BOOTH 122 on the main floor.
I'll be signing my novel RAIN OF THE GHOSTS throughout the weekend for $10 cash. (That $10 includes the book, a personalized signature and copies of the original development art by Kuni Tomita for the television version of Rain that never was.) I also have a half-dozen copies of Young Justice teleplays, which I'll sell (and sign) for $20 cash. I'll also sign anything else you bring and put in front of me for free - especially if you buy my book. ;)

12:50pm - 1:20pm - INTERVIEW with Tim Beyers of MOTLEY FOOL in the MEDIA LOUNGE

1:30pm - 2:20pm - CARTOON VOICES I in the MAIN EVENTS ROOM
I'll be moderating this panel, which features Kevin Conroy, Jim Cummings, Michael Dorn, Jennifer Hale & Veronica Taylor.

3:30pm - 4:30pm - SIGNING at my BOOTH 122 on the main floor.

4:45pm - 5:35pm - YOUNG JUSTICE in the MINI-MAIN ROOM
This one includes myself (writer-producer, voice actor) & Christopher Jones (YJ companion comic book artist).

7:00pm - 10:00pm - FOUR COLOR MIXER at Breckinridge Brewery/Hilton Garden Inn Denver Downtown

SATURDAY, JUNE 14th, 2014

9:35am - 10:00am - INTERVIEW with BEYOND THE TROPE at my table at Booth 122.

10:00am - 10:50am - INTERVIEW with WESTWORD at my table at Booth 122.

11:45am - 12:35pm - ANIMATION PROFESSIONALS in ROOM 201
I'm moderating this panel, which features Chris Beaver, Victor Cook, Greg Guler, Derek Hunter, Christy Marx, & Jan Scott-Frasier.

3:00pm - 3:50pm - SIGNING at my BOOTH 122 on the main floor.

4:00pm - 4:50pm - GARGOYLES 20th ANNIVERSARY in the MAIN EVENTS ROOM
This is a big one, with me (writer-producer-creator), Victor Cook (storyboard artist), Jim Cummings (voice of Dingo), Jonathan Frakes (voice of David Xanatos), Greg Guler (character designer), Salli Richardson-Whitfield (voice of Elisa Maza) and Marina Sirtis (voice of Demona) .

5:00pm - 6:00pm - SIGNING at my BOOTH 122 on the main floor.

SUNDAY, JUNE 15th, 2014
9:30am - 10:20am - INTERVIEW with EXAMINER.COM at my BOOTH 122.

Includes myself (writer-producer-voice actor), Victor Cook (director-producer), Jim Cummings (voice of Crusher Hogan) & Greg Guler (artist).

1:30pm - 2:30pm - SIGNING at my BOOTH 122 on the main floor.

2:45pm - 3:35pm - CARTOON VOICES II in the MAIN EVENTS ROOM
Again, I'm moderating for Robert Axelrod, Kimberly Brooks, Jennifer Hale & April Stewart.

4:00pm - 5:00pm - SIGNING at my BOOTH 122 on the main floor.

In addition to the times listed above - and especially since I'm no longer 100% sure of my schedule - I'll often just be hanging out at my table, so stop by. Attend a panel, buy a book, say hello!

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Wonderfulakari writes...

I think it's wonderful you respond to praise and observations as well as questions. It feels like you're really close to your fans.

So this is a different kind of question:

1.Are there any shows on air recently that you enjoy?
2.Do you ship anyone together?

Greg responds...

1. I'm really enjoying Fargo on FX. I've seen the pilot of Penny Dreadful. It's definitely very LoEG, but I'm intrigued. I enjoy Game of Thrones, and Good Wife was great this season. I'm religious about watching the Daily Show and now Last Week Tonight. I like both Elementary and Sherlock. Cosmos has been terrific. Big Bang Theory still makes me laugh. There's more too, but I'm blanking at the moment.

2. I guess I definitely shipped Penny and Leonard, but that's not exactly a surprise, and now it seems redundant to ship 'em. I mean does one "ship" an existing couple? No one else leaps to mind. Even among the thousands of characters on GoT, I can't think of a single couple that really feels right. (Though I can think of a few I don't like.) And there aren't any two characters that I'd like to see the writers move heaven and earth to put together.

Response recorded on May 21, 2014

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hmmaster writes...

Hey, Greg, what an amazing show in Young Justice. I have a couple of questions for you.

1) I was hoping you could comment on this, because you've answered variations of this question at different times, but never this specific one. I thought of an idea that would make a lot of sense for where a certain character's situation would go after the events of Summit and Endgame, but I won't share it with you to avoid getting a spoiler. You've talked in interviews/answers before about Roy and Jade having to get married off-screen in order for CN to approve Lian being born. Were there any story-lines of similar controversial topics that you and Brandon had planned that could have created tensions between you and the network?

2) I recently rewatched JLU, specifically JLU's season 1, and I noticed a striking similarity in the way the format works there and the masterfully-crafted interwoven network of plot-lines of YJ. It seemed like you may have been inspired by that format where there were several stories being told all at the same time, as opposed to other shows that have a more episodic nature (like the first JL cartoon, before JLU). Was it a conscious decision to draw heavily from that idea, or was it something that just happened independently?

Thank you for a wonderful show.

Greg responds...

1. None spring to mind at the moment. We didn't have a lot of fights with S&P.

2. I haven't seen all that much of JLU. (Started to when we were in the development phase, but ran out of time once pre-production got started. [I'm really not much of a binge watcher. The most of any show I can stand to watch in any one sitting - no matter how good it is - is two episodes, and for me, even that's pushing it.]) The way we plotted YJ is really more in line with the way I've done other series in the past, such as The Spectacular Spider-Man and Gargoyles. And all of that goes back to lessons learned from reading and writing comic books, and, of course, from Hill Street Blues.

Response recorded on May 13, 2014

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Harlan Phoenix writes...

You had mentioned that you negotiated with Jeffrey Katzenberg to get the publishing rights for Rain of the Ghosts. Did you attempt to acquire the rights to any other property you developed while at Dreamworks?

Greg responds...

I have turnaround rights to pitch a couple of other properties that I developed there.

Response recorded on February 07, 2014

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Liam writes...

Hey Greg,
You mentioned that you visited Tintagel in '81, as part of a sort of "ArthurQuest". I was wondering if you ended up visiting any other places from Arthurian legend. If so, what were they?
Thanks, and good luck with your Star Wars show!

Greg responds...

Yeah, we did, actually. Though I'm blanking on specifics. We definitely saw a version of the Round Table. (Old but not convincing.) And went to the hill where some scholars thought Camelot was. And we went to Stonehenge. There's probably more, but my memory isn't what it once was.

Response recorded on January 06, 2014

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B writes...

Did your cat Iggy ever come back to you? I'm sorry, I've tried to find the answer to this in a biography or interview, but haven't been able to.

Greg responds...

No. He never did. At this point, he'd be so old that even if he survived out on the streets for a time, he would have to have passed on long ago.

Our current pets (both female) are a basset hound named Poppy and a cat named Emmy.

Response recorded on January 06, 2014

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Voice Acting Fan writes...

Dear Greg:

Thank you for answering my previous questions!

You have made reference to SAG before, so presumably Young Justice has to abide by SAG rules or get boycotted. I have a few questions related to this and the voice acting part of the production process:

1. How do the voice talent get paid? A flat rate? Are they paid by the hour? By the line? By the episode? Or some variable rate?

2. When you voiced Lucas Carr, did you have to join the SAG union? Or is production allowed to hire non-SAG personnel as long as they pay them differently?

3. You have stated that getting a second character out of an actor entails no added costs. Since it is free, I am wondering why a few actors (Jesse McCartney comes to mind) doesn't get to voice a character other than Dick Grayson. Was it a matter of actor preference, producer preference, or a mix of the two?

4. How long does a typical recording session last? Do you sit in throughout the whole session, or leave it up to the voice director? How many episode(s) are typically recorded in a sitting?

5. When one of the voice actors sing a song (Reach for a Reach, Hello Megan), they get separately credited. Is this subject to a different rate, or is the singing part simply added as a "character" in determining pay?

Thank you, and I hope by the time you are reading this, you've already got several gigs lined up!

Greg responds...

0. I'm not sure "boycot" is the correct word. The major studios sign contracts with SAG, that prohibits them from contracting non-SAG labor for their acting needs. They can get around this by SUB-contracting, but most don't on major projects.

1. I don't want to speak for EVERY show. In my experience, a voice actor gets paid a flat fee for four hours of work and up to two character voices. For a tiny additional fee, you can get a third voice. But this holds per episode. So for example, even if you could record one guy playing four roles over two episodes in a single four hour session, you'd still owe him two payments. The fee is negotiable, as long as it's above union minimum. But most series pay the union minimum plus 10% and have favored nation clauses in their contracts, which prohibits them from giving any individual actor a raise without simultaneously giving raises to EVERY actor on the series.

2. I first joined SAG to play Donald Menken on Spectacular Spider-Man, and am still a member in good-standing. No union shop can hire non-union actors.

3. Well, Jesse often DID voice additional characters, like Thug #2 or whatever. But generally, there are some actors who have the ability to change their voice enough that they can convincingly play multiple characters without the audience balking. Others really - as talented as they are as performers - only have their own voice.

4. Sessions typically go three to four hours. But often we'll be there all day. We can only keep each individual actor for four hours without incurring overtime, but we could start one actor at 10am and have him until 2pm. And we could start another actor at noon, and have her until 4pm. And a third at 1pm and keep him until 5pm. That way, we have overlap to record their scenes together, but we also have more time to get everything done.

5. Singing is a separate rate. And it's also an additional character, unless they are singing IN CHARACTER. That is, if Nightwing suddenly burst into song, we'd have to pay an additional fee to Jesse for his singing. But we wouldn't have to count that as a second character (or third, since he's also doing Thug #2).

Response recorded on December 06, 2013

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Everything Geek Podcast INTERVIEW

I was interviewed on the Everything Geek Podcast here:


I discuss my "secret origins", The Spectacular Spider-Man, Gargoyles, Star Wars Rebels, Young Justice and more.

Check it out!

(But of course I totally forgot to mention Rain of the Ghosts at all, darnit!)

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KenRD writes...

Im interested in reading your book Rain of Ghosts because of my respect and fondness of you as a storyteller. I have yet to pre-order it however because I have not yet been able to find a summary for the story, so I was wondering if you had any idea when the details would start comming out?
Speaking of books what are your favorite authors?
My favorite is Sir Terry Pratchett, have you read any of his books? If not I would always recommend them as he has such and interesting take on the world and twists things in the most wonderful way.

Greg responds...

By now, I hope you've seen the synopses of RAIN OF THE GHOSTS on Amazon and here.


My favorite authors are William Shakespeare and William Faulkner. I'm also a fan of Charles Dickens and Jane Austen, and many others.

I've never read Pratchett.

My genre of choice tends to be detective fiction. Among my favorites in that arena are the works of Ross MacDonald, Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, James M. Cain, Maj Sjöwall & Per Wahlöö, Michael Connelly, Walter Mosely, Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle.

Response recorded on November 25, 2013

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DanM writes...

Hey there Greg, 1 - how are you?
DanM again here, I'd like to thank you for spending your time to answer my questions. Much appreciated.
I know quite a bit from the comics' market, industry and its works, and used to assume that it wasn't that much different from the animation universe. But your answer really enlightened me a lot about it. For instance it never crossed my mind that being a Producer would earn you nothing, financially speaking, this certainly made the level of respect I already had of you go way up to the stratosphere! And thank you for that! To me that doesn't just show how much you care for your stories and characters but also to you fans. Really man, thank you very much!
Said that, I do know that the characters and the show itself are not your property to do as you please, I just thought that you might have certain leverage w/ the guys at DC comics, you know, seeing how awesome and well received, for the comic fans, your work has been. I've gotta say that so far the New 52, for me at least, has been ok… w/ one or another good story popping up. But YJ bests them all easy. Seeing how Geoff Johns went on board w/ Ivan Reis to do that new Aquaman title, when the character wasn't really in DC's plan at all (That I DO know for a fact). It was really a shocker to me that he did not sign you to keep working w/ DC, you know w/ him being said to be the Chief Creative Officer and all. Especially when I could see the same kind of treatment both of you gave the characters. Well anyways, I'm really sorry your pitches didn't really hit jackpot, like I've said before I would certainly enjoy them.
And perhaps we all are mourning a bit more than it is healthy, but if the Teen Titans show is coming back, then to me there is still a chance for YJ too. Just hope that that chance doesn't come without you and/or your team.
I really wish you the best of luck on your upcoming novel and of course your work hunt, I'm sure it won't take long for you to land your next solid gig man! And as soon as Rain hits the shelves here in Brasil, you can count I'll definitely do my part to make sure you're properly rewarded. That's the least I can do for all your work in YJ, which gave me and the family lot of good times. 
Just so not to miss this opportunity here are a few more questions:
2 - Could I send you my copy for you to sign? (That is when I get it, of course).
3 - Do you work with movie scripts also?
4 - What do you think of Tolkien's work? Have a favorite?
That's all for now… Once again, thanks!!!

Greg responds...

1. I'm good.

1a. I clearly have no leverage at all.

2. I'm sorry. I don't give out my personal address. But I come to many fan conventions throughout the year. Maybe you could get it signed at one of those.

3. I've never had one of my scripts made into a movie, but I've tried.


Response recorded on November 25, 2013

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June writes...

What was your favorite line you said when you voiced Snapper Carr?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on October 14, 2013

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Anonymous writes...

Hi Mr Greg,
I know this is a wired question but I'm so curious. You voice cast Lucas Carr in Young Justice. Do you get pay for this character or you cast it for free? Is this only your interest or consider of saving cost?

Greg responds...

I was paid. It's a SAG (i.e. a union) show. No one works for free.

Response recorded on October 08, 2013

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Gardoh writes...

are you availabe on any other social media?

Greg responds...

TWITTER: @Greg_Weisman

Please FOLLOW me!!

Response recorded on October 03, 2013

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"Don't Lick the Torah"

A serialized story in tweets. Part One. In my family, we have a saying: "Don't lick the Torah."
"Don't lick the Torah!" Part Two: This expression originated on the eve of my daughter's Bat Mitzvah. She was very anxious...
"Don't lick the Torah!" Part Three: I said to @BandgeekErin "What's the worst that could happen? You could lick the Torah." She replied...
"Don't lick the Torah!" Part Four: @BandgeekErin replied, "I'd never do that!" So I said, "Then what are you worried about?"...
"Don't lick the Torah!" Part Five: So in our family, that became our recurring metaphor for "Don't worry about it." Then tonight...
"Don't lick the Torah!" Part Six: Tonight, @BandgeekErin was saying her boyfriend was nervous about meeting me. (He doesn't know that...
"Don't lick the Torah!" Part Seven: @BandgeekErin 's nervous boyfriend doesn't know I already like him.) I told her to tell him...
"Don't lick the Torah!" Part Eight: Told @BandgeekErin to tell him not to lick the Torah. THEN my wife says that today at the pre-school...
"Don't lick the Torah!" Part Nine: Today at the Jewish pre-school where my wife works, she took out the Torah for Shabbat, and one of...
"Don't lick the Torah!" Part Ten: My wife took out the Torah, and one of her two-year-old students licked it. The End.

Here, at ASK GREG, I have the room to embellish this story. But, really... what more do you need to know?

Maybe this: I'll be meeting @BandgeekErin's nervous boyfriend for the first time at MechaCON, where I'll be a guest, doing multiple panels and at least one signing!!


More details shortly!!

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Greg Xanatos writes...

Dear Greg,

Through your career, you've shown a fondness for various "Master Planner" type villains (Xanatos, The Light, Nerrisaa etc.) You've also become notable for thinking out things to great detail (as your timelines and posts on askgreg have shown). So I wanted to know, has your own "master planning" informed these characters? For example, does Xanatos plan his schemes out with cards like you do? Do the Light's group planning sessions reflect an evil version of the Writer's room?


Greg responds...

God, I hope not. I like to think they're all much slicker than I am.

Response recorded on July 11, 2013

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My new AUTHOR PAGE on Amazon

Hey, check out my new AUTHOR PAGE on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Greg-Weisman/e/B0034Q75QO

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TIMEBRO writes...

Hey Greg a timeline question or threerather.

1. You have detailed timelines for Young Justice and Gargoyls, do you do this for everything you do even when you havent built the universe from scratch like in your Captain Atom comics or WITCH?
2. When did you start this trait?
3. You have time and time again noted that YJ has no "canon year" and that 2010 worked for Year Zero as a math thing. So does that mean season two being in 2016 by that reckoning was a coincidence?

Greg responds...

1. Not everything, no. I have a Captain Atom timeline from way back, but I'm sure it has no relevance to current DC continuity anymore. I don't think I ever did a WITCH timeline in the strictest sense, but I did make an effort to keep track of the backstories, etc.

2. In elementary school.

3. Heh heh heh.

Response recorded on May 15, 2013

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That's right, folks. Greg_Weisman is now on Twitter.

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Anonymous writes...

In your post promoting "The Fix", you mention having been swamped with work lately. What have you been working on?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on April 23, 2013

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Grant writes...

What is your next project after Young Justice?

Greg responds...

I am currently freelancing scripts for a couple different companies. (Octonauts, for example.) Mostly, I'm working on the sequel to my novel, Rain of the Ghosts, which debuts in December 2013.

Beyond that, I'm looking, talking to people, etc. I've gone over 14 months now without a consistent paying gig, and it is nerve-wracking. But I'm hopeful I'll have something soon.

Response recorded on April 22, 2013

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wintersmith writes...

Are you cursed? If so please provide name of curser and last known adress, thank you.

Greg responds...

Let's please not perpetuate this "cursed" thing. I mean, seriously, that's all I need. For the next guy who might want to hire me to think I'm cursed and/or incapable of going beyond two seasons.

Response recorded on April 19, 2013

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Anonymous writes...

Which fandom do you honestly appreciate the most:
1- Gargoyles fans
2- Spectacular Spider-Man fans
3- Young Justice fans
4- Greg Weisman fans

Greg responds...

See, now, the Hulk is more powerful because the madder he gets, the stronger he gets. But the Thing can still beat him if he keeps his wits about him.

Response recorded on April 16, 2013

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Okay, once again, I will be attending WonderCon on Friday, March 29th:


I'm not on a panel or anything official. I'm just going to look around, hang out, etc. But ASK GREG moderator Masterdramon is also going, and we thought it might be fun to organize a semi-impromptu ASK GREG LIVE event. I assume most folks would want to talk about Young Justice, which is great. But we can also discuss Gargoyles or the weather or whatever. Chris Jones and I did something similar a few weeks ago at a Doctor Who convention, and we had fun. I think about twenty or so fans showed, which was a nice number. We might wind up with a few more or less. Or, heck, maybe it'll just be me and Masterdramon, which is okay too. EIther way, we want to try to keep the thing unofficial, informal, casual, etc.

I was hoping someone would come up with a brilliant plan for where to meet, but that never happened. So here's my LESS-than-brilliant plan:

Meet up at ONE P.M. on Friday, March 29th in the LOBBY of HALL B, BETWEEN THE TWO SETS OF DOORS. Here's a map:


On that map, we'll be more or less directly beneath where the Graphitti Designs booth is in Hall B, but in the LOBBY. (Hopefully, that makes sense to everyone.)

If you need to know what I look like these days, you can see my somewhat pudgy self on this YouTube video:


At WonderCon, I'll be wearing my black YOUNG JUSTICE Hot Topic T-shirt. (And if it's cold, I'll be wearing a grey TULANE hoodie sweatshirt over that t-shirt.)

Hope to see at least a few of you there.

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DanM writes...

Hello there Greg (you don't mind me calling you Greg, do you?), how you've been?
Well I hope you have been doing well, and working hard on YJ for us fans.
So let me introduce myself, my name is Daniel I'm from Brasil and I LOVE the YJ tv show. As for the comic book, still I haven't had the chance to check it out. But I cannot see why it wouldn't be as great as the animation.
Anyways… with the recent CN's actions and the future listing of DC's solicitations, a lot of speculations have surfaced the web. Do those same speculations harm you or the crew in any way? Note that I don't mean it physically, I mean carrerwise (e.g. the mood in the work environment, the relationship with the bosses… that kind of thing?).
Have you ever thought about, or did in fact pitch in an Earth 16 title for the DC's New 52 (such as the Earth 2 title)? If not, how about it? I imagine that great things would come out of it. :) And what about novels? That would certainly be interesting!!

Greg responds...

I'm not sure what speculations you're referring to. But...

ANYWAY, I suppose this is as good an excuse as any to go through a bit of a chronology.

We finished the scripts for Invasion in January of 2012. So that's when I stopped getting paid, because although I'm a producer on the series, that title and even the responsibilities that go with it were, in essence, a courtesy, based on my experience, I guess. With a guy as talented and competent as Brandon on the job, Warners didn't feel any need to pay me to do the post-production on YJ. They had no problem with me participating, but they also had no problem with me walking away. (Same with Season One, by the way.) (And it was the same at Sony vis-a-vis The Spectacular Spider-Man. In animation, writers often aren't valued all that much once the script process is completed. From the point of view of these companies, I was really just a story editor with a glorified title, who was willing to do what he had to do in order to make the title real and NOT glorified.)

On one level, I probably should have walked away. But instead, I worked for free, helping to post the episodes with Brandon from January to October of 2012. Simultaneously - because I do need to earn a living - I did a number of freelance scripts for various series, including one for Warners' Beware the Batman, plus a Transformers Prime, a couple of Kaijudos, a couple Rescue Bots and a couple of Octonauts. Plus, there was the YJ comic, a few miscellaneous things, and I was also working on revising my first novel, Rain of the Ghosts. Oh, and Brandon and I were also giving free input on Legacy, as well. So I was plenty busy.

In October of 2012, we finished posting episode 220, "Endgame", and on Halloween I moved out of my office on the Warner Bros. Ranch and moved back to my old office in Beverly Hills. By that time, I was done with the comic as well.

During that period, Brandon and I (both separately and together) pitched all sorts of further Earth-16 properties, including (but not limited to) a third season (of course), animated spin-offs featuring Arsenal and/or the Arrow Family, a comic book entitled Earth-16, the Black Manta Celebrity Hot Tub shorts, a direct to DVD movie, etc. Brandon even pitched a YJ meets Scooby movie. Unfortunately, none of these were in the cards.

I'd love to say differently. I'd even love to say I've moved on, but I haven't really. Like many of the fans, I'm still mourning the whole thing, quite a bit. Perhaps even quite a bit more than is healthy. And - because I do need to earn a living - I'm still looking for both freelance work and my next solid gig. (It's been fourteen months without a real job, and it's starting to get a bit nerve-wracking, to be perfectly honest.) But Rain is coming out in December, and I'm hard at work on its sequel. They've both been very rewarding to work on, at least emotionally. (We'll have to wait and see if they turn out to be rewarding financially - but at least the potential upside is there.)

I'd happily do a YJ Novel, but like anything YJ related, it's just not up to me. It's just not a property I control AT ALL.

Response recorded on March 22, 2013

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EXALT writes...

Is your writing of Snapper Carr in any way influenced by the fact that you know that it's gonna be you playing him (the question may also be applied to Donald Menken in SpecSpidey)?

Greg responds...

Probably a little. But that's probably true of every character that's already cast. We learn to play to our actors' strengths. (Of course, I have very few strengths as an actor, so maybe that doesn't apply to Carr or Menken.)

Response recorded on March 21, 2013

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Anonymous writes...

Have you seen or read any YJ fanart, fanfiction & fancomics (from non-canon parings, Birdflash has the most fanart and that's how I've actually found this wonderful cartoon :) )? How does it make you feel when fans do fanart and other fandom things for the show?

An Ask Greg Helper responds...

Greg Weisman says:

"I'm very ambivalent toward fanfiction. On the one hand, it's very gratifying. I've created something that has taken on a life of it's own. That people like enough to invest their time into and create anew. On the other hand, I have a territorial instinct that exhibits a kind of knee-jerk negative reaction to seeing other people controlling the destiny of my characters. (That's the main reason why Goliath Chronicles was so painful for me to watch.)

For example, I know that TGS is doing their own TimeDancer spin off. That's very cool, but somebody mentioned (though I don't know if this was the final word) that they're not naming Brooklyn's son Nashville, because they think the name is silly or because they hate country music or whatever. I can't help resenting that. (I know it's not rational, but I'm trying to be honest about my emotions here.) I haven't explained the Nashville name. I don't intend to explain it yet. Obviously, I have no intention of making Brooklyn into the next Garth Brooks, but I'm not in the mood to go into my reasons yet. But when someone else decides that GREG THE GARGOYLE MASTER made a misstep regarding the name of a character, I bristle.

But going back to the first hand, I have to acknowledge that once a thing is created and sent out into the world, it no longer belongs to the creator, but to the interpretations of those who received it. If a fan believes that Gargoyles were created by fey sorcery, then to that fan they were, no matter what I might say to the contrary in a comment room. Fanfiction is the ultimate example of fans interpretating (and extrapolating upon) what they've seen."

[Response recorded in the Station 8 "Gargoyles" FAQ, Section XXXIV.]

Greg Weisman says:

"Generally, I'm a fan of fanart."

[Response recorded on February 10, 2012.]

Response recorded on March 12, 2013

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Anonymous writes...

Hey man first off love young justice the comics and show are just astounding. Anyway I read your spin off of black mantas celeb hot tub and since cn's mad is being difficult have you tried submitting it to robot chicken on the adult swim block? One more thing read your side trip ramble, an yes I have to be the guy to asks was that real?

Greg responds...

1. I don't know anyone at Robot Chicken.

2. Can you prove otherwise? (But thanks for commenting on it. Seemed like nobody else read it.)

Response recorded on March 05, 2013

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Clark Cradic writes...

Would you ever trade away your writing talents for genuine super powers? Or would that not be a fair trade?

Greg responds...

No. Such as they are, I'll stick with what abilities I've got.

Response recorded on March 05, 2013

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Clark Cradic writes...

Do you remember what the first superhero comic you ever read was?

Greg responds...

Nope. It'd be cool if I could though.

Response recorded on February 28, 2013

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the greenman writes...

1) Reading the Stargate bible, have ever considered a Star Trek animated series? I know Paramount is very strict on that property.

2) Will you ever do another series of your own creation?

Thank you very much. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Greg responds...

1. I'd love to do one, but no one's asked me. (Keep in mind, I was asked to develop Stargate. I don't just go out and independently develop series based on properties that somebody else owns.)

2. Again, I'd love to, but no one's bought anything original that I've pitched in a VERY long time.

Response recorded on December 28, 2012

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Claire writes...

Do you have a twitter account? Do you know Brandon Vietti does?

Greg responds...

1. No.

2. Yes.

Response recorded on December 12, 2012

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Jennifer K. writes...

Hey there Greg W hope your fall is going well. I have to say I have continually been impressed with how you handle the comic book universe(s). As I am sure you are Marvel has new shows in the works. All of which have the potential to be good. I am sure many fans are looking forward to them including myself. Which leads me to my question. Would you if you had the chance to work on something like Live Action "Cloak and Dagger" would you or would your current work with DC and Young Justice prevent you from doing so?

Greg responds...

As I've stated OVER AND OVER again, I'm not too interested in hypotheticals. And here's a good example why. Your question contains too many variables for me to answer it. Here's just a FEW of them:

1. Are we specifically talking about "Cloak and Dagger"?

2. What are the schedules of the respective projects?

3. What would my role be on the live action show?

4. How much money is involved?

If what you're asking me is whether (in general) I'd like to work for Marvel and/or in live-action, the answer is yes to all of the above. But I can't answer your question in a vacuum. And PLEASE don't try to create a more detailed hypothetical scenario to generate an answer. For every variable you nail down, I could come up with twenty more.

Response recorded on December 12, 2012

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Irritated writes...

Some people who ask questions are so RUDE! They demand, they want to tell you how to answer, how to run your own blog, they whine...They claim to be fans but act with no respect. Greg, why/how do you put up with it?

Greg responds...

Some people say to me: "You have the patience of a saint." But anyone who knows me, knows THAT'S not true. The ugly truth is probably closer to this: "He has the ego and insecurities of a petty dictator." Generally, ASK GREG helps feed that ego and assuage some of those insecurities. Most of the time, anyway.

Response recorded on December 11, 2012

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Tasha writes...

Do you have a complete list of all the things you have worked on? Also you have a great talent and I hope you keep doing what you do and that you enjoy your work :)

Greg responds...

I think I do.

Response recorded on December 06, 2012

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Salieri writes...

Hello, Greg! I've noticed you answer a lot of "would you ever make series X with character Y" with "IT IS NOT UP TO ME". So, I was wondering, have you ever been in a situation where those sort of decisions were up to you? If not, do you ever hope to be in a position where you have full reign over those decisions?

Thanks again for the awesome Young Justice! I wouldn't be this invested if the writing weren't this spectacular!

Greg responds...

No, not really. Maybe the closest I've ever come is making creative decisions on the Gargoyles comic book for SLG. I was pretty much given free reign there. But keep in mind the decision to make and then to stop making the comic was still completely out of my hands.

As for whether or not I'd hope to be in that position, of course. But I doubt it will ever happen. EVER.

Response recorded on December 04, 2012

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Julio Lopez writes...

Did you have plans of pitch or self produce a new original concept in form of series/comic?

Greg responds...

I've tried pitching many times, but have yet to sell anything. Long ago, I had thoughts of self-producing, but it's just an economic impossibility for someone with my (lack of) financial resources.

Response recorded on November 29, 2012

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Nicole writes...

Hi Greg,
This more of a comment, or a praise post. I just wanted to say that Young Justice is an AMAZING SHOW. From the story to the animation! It is AMAZING. Every single show leaves me speechless! I've been a fan of a lot of the shows you've produced and/or written, such as Gargoyles. Young Justice is incredible for both me and my dad! I live in California and my dad and I would actually get up at 6:00AM just to get ready to watch Young Justice(and the rest of the DC Nation Block) from the east coast time! My mom thinks we're crazy, but what can I say? WE LOVE THIS SHOW! I really just wanted to say congratulations for both you and your team! I haven't seen a superhero show this great in a long time(and I'm only 15 xD)! My birthday was on the 29th of September, so having to see Young Justice early in the morning made my whole day! You all are amazing, talented people and uou guys are awesome! Thank you for taking your time to read this :)

[P.S. I read on Wikipedia that your birthday was on the 28th. Whether it's true or not(I don't really trust Wikipedia xD), HAPPY late BIRTHDAY! I hope your day was just as great as mine! :D ]

Greg responds...

Yep, September 28th is my birthday. Happy birthday to you too.

Response recorded on November 28, 2012

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TheTavarse writes...

Not a question, but a declaration. In a perfect world there would be four clones of you. Original recipe Weisman to executive produce Young Justice, Clone-1 to write the comic, Clones 2 & 3 to executive produce the Arrow and Aqua family animated series and Clone-4 to write the web comic "Suoveihcsim" staring Rocket, Artemis, and Zatanna during the 5 year gap. Seriously, where's Dr. Desmond when you need him?

Greg responds...

What you really need isn't more of me so much as corporate sponsorship for all the things you - and I - might like to see.

Response recorded on November 20, 2012

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Anonymous writes...

regarding your post about not owning a smartphone... i saw you playing on your phone one year at sdcc. i think it was way old school, with the green screen and all. haha. :)

anyway, my question is: are the yj stories in the dc nation magazine new stories, and are they canon? (trying to decide whether i need to pick it up.)

Greg responds...

Ah, those were the days...

To be fair, it didn't have a green screen but it was tiny and it wasn't a smartphone. I held onto that phone until it flat out stopped working. Then I had it fixed three times, but it kept dying. So, finally, just this past September, I broke down and bought an iPhone. But I still mostly ONLY use it as a cellphone. I don't check e-mail or the internet on it. I do not WANT to be that connected.

I'm not sure I've seen the DC Nation Magazine, so I'm not sure.

Response recorded on November 15, 2012

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Wonderfulakari writes...

You mentioned you had kids, what ages are they? Do you have any grandchildren? ((Sorry if that last question is rude.))

Greg responds...

"I'm old but not THAT old."

My kids are currently 18 and 15. No grandchildren.

Response recorded on October 30, 2012

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Harlan Phoenix writes...

What was the creative incentive for writing "Salvage" personally?

Greg responds...

The intervention scenes.

Response recorded on October 29, 2012

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Kit Walker writes...

I've checked the archives, including using what I thought to be relevant search terms, but I didn't come up with anything, so if I missed someone asking this before, I do apologize.

That said, I was curious as to what one work you would put on your résumé, if you had to. Like for whatever reason, you could only put forth one work as, "This is me. This is what Greg Weisman brings to your table, what I can do for you." What work would that be, and why? (Yes, I'm one of those who are insanely curious about the minds of the creators I admire, and how they work. :) )

Greg responds...

What an odd hypothetical. Why would I ever do this?

As frequent readers of this site know, I'm not too fond of hypothetical questions of this nature, but this time I'll answer, because the answer is so obvious: GARGOYLES.

Response recorded on October 29, 2012

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Greg Weisman Quiz

Can I just say I suck at this - and it's MY career!


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Max writes...

On a scale of 1 to 10, how creeped out would you be if I told you I loved you at a meet and greet?
Just curious.

Greg responds...

I guess it would depend on your tone of voice and how much of my personal space you invaded.

Response recorded on September 26, 2012

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Eagle-Owl writes...

1. Is "tritto" a real word?

2. How difficult is it balancing work time in the film/television industry with, say, family time?

Greg responds...

1. Not to my knowledge.

2. Sometimes, very. But that's the gig. And mostly, I think my family feels like I'm there for them. I always make them the priority when they need me - and even when they don't. But there are late nights occasionally.

Response recorded on September 25, 2012

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Keith writes...

Hello Mr. Weisman. You won't remember me - I asked a question a while back about CN's rules about guns on the show.

Anyway, as somebody who really wants to write for television in the future, I'm asking you if you have any tips for breaking into the industry. I'm a high school junior so I'm beginning to look at colleges and was wondering if you had any advice to give out when it comes to getting into the buisness of television writing.

As always, love the series and can't wait for more!

An Ask Greg Helper responds...

Greg Weisman says:

"First and foremost, you write. Then write some more. Then do a little writing. Read a lot. Write some more. Read some more. Read a lot. Write a lot. Study story structure. Study great literature. Study myth and legends. Joseph Campbell. Listen to how people talk. How they really talk. Learn your craft. Get a kick-ass education. Write. Read.


Get copies of animation (or other television) scripts. Learn the format.

Write spec scripts for shows that you like. Try to use those specs to get an agent. Then your agent can use those specs to get you work. Write more specs. If you can't get an agent, send the specs to production companies that you admire. Don't send a Batman spec to Warner Bros or a Gargoyles to Disney. Legally, they can't risk reading those. But you can send Batman to Disney and Gargoyles to Warners. (I know it sounds weird. There's a real good reason for this, but it's a whole other question, so for now just trust me.) Actually, you shouldn't be writing a Gargoyles spec at all, since that show isn't producing new episodes now. You don't want your spec to come off as yesterday's news. Keep reading. Keep writing. Try writing a pilot script and a short bible for an original series. Try using those to get an agent or work (any work, you need credits on your resume.)

Oh, yeah. PROOFREAD. PROOFREAD. PROOFREAD. Read your own work aloud, you catch more mistakes that way. Read. Write. Write some more. Get used to a lot of rejection. A LOT OF REJECTION.

That's the best advice I can give you except this: writing for television is an extremely difficult career to break into, let alone succeed at; so if you don't really have a PASSION for it, then do something else. You'll need that passion to see you through a lot of dark times. If you can be happy doing anything else, then do that other thing.

Otherwise, good luck."

[Response recorded in the early days of Ask Greg; precise date unknown.]

Response recorded on September 19, 2012

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Person that breathes writes...

Why do you enjoy making the fandom explode?
That's it and you're awesome!

Greg responds...


Response recorded on September 18, 2012

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Dr. Spanky writes...

Greg! You are my hero (professionally at least. I mean, face it, I don't know you. You could be an axe-murderer). I want to spend my life doing what you do. Any pieces of advice for an aspiring writer? What are good ways to train myself / further my writing skills / develop confidence in my voice (or my character's voices)? How did you get your start professionally, and what are some good avenues towards putting your work out in the world?

I thoroughly look forward to seeing the rest of your work, because all of it has been great. Thank you and adieu.

Greg responds...

At the risk of losing my heroic status, I'm going to demur here, since all this information is already available in the ASK GREG archives. (I've been asked this MANY times before.) For example, check out "Animation", "Behind the Scenes", "Biz, The" and "Weisman, Greg" for starters.

Response recorded on September 12, 2012

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Thomas writes...

You are....amazing. No character is wasted in your series, they all connect back somehow, somewhere. Little movement is wasted in plot.

How do you come up with this stuff?

Greg responds...

With help from other very talented people and with a lot of index cards on a huge bulletin board. Oh, and with research.

Response recorded on August 28, 2012

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Alex Weitzman writes...

Mr. Weisman, while you will undoubtedly get to this message months afterwards at best, given the backlog of questions thus far, I wanted to give my condolences for you and your family's loss in Sue Weisman. I also wanted to thank you for the honest and touching small commentary you made on the subject, highlighting the complex emotional situation of watching an older loved one lose themselves to either Alzheimer's, senility, or just age itself (I would not want to make a definite assumption, based on what you described). It sounds to me like she lived a long, fascinating life populated by people she loved, and nobody could ask for more than that. I send my sorrow regarding her passing, and my hope that your upcoming family gathering will provide you some emotional closure or insight to help you through this time.

Thank you for the many years of excellent entertainment, as well. I look forward to many more.

Greg responds...

Thank you.

The actual celebration didn't really effect my mood, though it was wonderful to see the extended family come to celebrate her.

I think I got more out of a later event: a handful of us took her ashes and illegally scattered them in a location that she loved. That was fun and sneaky and silly, and felt more like her spirit was with her.

Response recorded on August 15, 2012

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Anonymous writes...

What is your take on yj fan fiction? Have you read any?

An Ask Greg Helper responds...

Greg Weisman says:

"I'm very ambivalent toward fanfiction . On the one hand, it's very gratifying. I've created something that has taken on a life of it's own. That people like enough to invest their time into and create anew. On the other hand, I have a territorial instinct that exhibits a kind of knee-jerk negative reaction to seeing other people controlling the destiny of my characters. (That's the main reason why Goliath Chronicles was so painful for me to watch.)

For example, I know that TGS is doing their own TimeDancer spin off. That's very cool, but somebody mentioned (though I don't know if this was the final word) that they're not naming Brooklyn's son Nashville, because they think the name is silly or because they hate country music or whatever. I can't help resenting that. (I know it's not rational, but I'm trying to be honest about my emotions here.) I haven't explained the Nashville name. I don't intend to explain it yet. Obviously, I have no intention of making Brooklyn into the next Garth Brooks, but I'm not in the mood to go into my reasons yet. But when someone else decides that GREG THE GARGOYLE MASTER made a misstep regarding the name of a character, I bristle.

But going back to the first hand, I have to acknowledge that once a thing is created and sent out into the world, it no longer belongs to the creator, but to the interpretations of those who received it. If a fan believes that Gargoyles were created by fey sorcery, then to that fan they were, no matter what I might say to the contrary in a comment room. Fanfiction is the ultimate example of fans interpretating (and extrapolating upon) what they've seen."

[Response recorded in the Station 8 "Gargoyles" FAQ, Section XXXIV.]

Response recorded on July 03, 2012

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It's that time again: Blather.

Blather = http://www.s8.org/gargoyles/askgreg/search.php?rid=469

So in a tryce came the documentary depicting many a Chinese doll and also the three wise men (who may or may not have been kings) that needed sixty-two dollars between them to redeem the coupon, which offered up solace and not a little irony to anyone who hadn't yet seen the crew chewing on leaves that weren't tobacco, but might have been sage and still left horrible stains in the dirt floor of the lean-to where I left my ski poles after the overnight with the cranes that were kept on the lake domestically for the purpose of tourism but who could also speak Latin on occasion when prompted by offers of cheese or jerky -- though not just any jerky, it had to be salmon jerky -- which isn't always easy to come by when you've agreed to leave before closing on summer days in the springtime of your life, which has been known to last longer in people who aren't concerned about under-inebriation or over-intoxication or both: it's the balance which is everything when nothing else will do and no one else will participate in the extravaganza that's been created by the giant invisible flying monkey brain that is modern life in the Twenty-First Century, counting since the (approximate) birth of Christ -- as long as the lack of the number zero doesn't disturb your math sensibilities as, frankly, it does mine, though I like to think I've made peace with that and with the Skrull too, since I haven't picked up an issue of that book in about nine years, which wasn't an intentional or explicit act of cold turkey so much as a sliding away followed by a none-too-impressive epiphany -- far from the best epiphany I've ever had, say, compared to Tintagel or Lego, not to mention the birth of certain children, which couldn't get more personal than the zany antics of the semi-erotic flea circus, which used to travel the stars waiting for an invitation to land at your door, since you are the personal target of the extra-lunar probe that counted all the seahorses that Aquaman used to make the giant seahorse that he could actually ride, though no faster than he could swim himself on his own power -- and no, we're not talking Super Friends here, but something older, more primal, something that was born back when the Ptero-whatever streaked across the sky leaving behind contrails made not of smoke but of pure and unadulterated grace, a commodity in which we are sorely shy as a planet, and yet which we find in the most unlikley of places, including but not limited to contracts which dictate how we will interact with each other but do it in such a way that no normal human being could possibly wrap their heads around the language and internalize the meaning, which we declare to be progress or civilization and which is not meant as a criticism so much as a detachment of troopers marching on a hill that you wouldn't pay five ducats -- FIVE! -- to buy yourself, or so I told myself and Hamlet night after night, but now Hamlet is a Thief on FX and I haven't seen him face to face in over twenty years, which sometimes seems quite normal but sometimes blows me away, not that I want to move backwards at all, though I'm not sure that I'm truly moving forward and I'm convinced I'm not moving sideways, though the metaphor of the sidewinder is appealing, not in the cliché sense of something sinister and left-handed, though I do throw with my left hand, I can bowl just as badly with either hand, and even though I'm 42, I quite prefer to have bumpers instead of gutters, where the rain gets backed up and sometimes flows over the lip and creates leaks in the roof and drips, drips, drips down into the shiny metal bowl that's usually used for something much more pleasant like mixing cookie dough to create chewy wonderful ... well.. cookies (I mean "duh") that taste a little bit like home even when you are home and it is raining, or maybe ESPECIALLY when you are home and it is raining and the water overflows and the ocean fills and the giant seahorse peaks out and winks at the cranes, which is exactly what the documentary crew was hoping to capture when they first took out their cameras and shot the whole thing from three different angles across six different days and still never saw the giant invisible flying monkey brain, because it was, to put it mildly, invisible.

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Matt writes...

So, you've been working in writing and producing animated shows for a long time. Since the shows you work on are generally targeted to younger viewers, I was curious about the impact, if any, that your kids and being a parent to them has had on your work. How much an influence has your being a parent been to these shows? And have your kids in particular had any general or specific influences on anything you've worked on?

Just curious. Thanks.

Greg responds...

Well, I often throw in little things to amuse my kids. Like making them genomorphs in YJ. Or using their birthdays on timestamps. And I'm sure they influence me in a hundred small ways I'm not even conscious of.

But mostly, I still write for myself.

Response recorded on May 18, 2012

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Larry writes...

How are you?

Greg responds...

A little stressed actually. I have oral surgery tomorrow, and I'm not looking forward to it.

Response recorded on May 16, 2012

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Anonymosly Writes writes...

Hey Greg why your not consulted on Scheduling

Greg responds...

I'm not important enough in the grand scheme, I guess.

Response recorded on May 16, 2012

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Anonymous writes...

Hello Greg.i would like to ask a few questions about your job because i am interested in going into the directing business.
1. What exactly is your job(the name of your job)?
2. Do you enjoy it?Do you ever get bored?
3. What did you have to study in college for this job?
4. What would you say are the most useful school subjects that should be learnt for this job?
I appreciate if you could answer these questions. And you are also a role model for me and i really love Young Justice.

Greg responds...

1. My title is Producer. And sometimes I'm also the Writer. And even, on occasion, an Actor. I'm also the Story Editor - but that's pretty much covered by my Producer credit.

2. I do enjoy it, and I NEVER get bored, but I do get very, very tired sometimes. Exhausted even. Our schedules can be brutal.

3. I don't know if I "had" to study this, but my B.A. is in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. My Masters is in Professional Writing, with an emphasis on Play Writing. Plus I studied a bunch of other things too, including history, languages, a little bit of physics and math, etc. And a lot of literature - and Shakespeare, in particular.

4. Learn to read critically. Learn to write. Learn to PROOFREAD!!! Learn to rewrite and revise. Etc.

Response recorded on May 07, 2012

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Bob writes...

What is the color of Rocket's powers? Is it blue or pink? Cause in Revelation it was pink and misplaced it was blue. I know weird question

Greg responds...

I don't know. I myself am Red-Green color deficient, so I'm not the best person to answer color questions.

Response recorded on May 02, 2012

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This Saturday, May 5th, 2012 is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. (It's also the premiere of YOUNG JUSTICE: INVASION's second episode, "Earthlings", on Cartoon Network.) Victor Cook and I will be signing copies of issue #1 of MECHA-NATION (and whatever else gets stuck in front of us) at MELTDOWN COMICS from 12 noon to 2 pm.

Meltdown Comics
7522 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA. 90046

So if you're in the neighborhood of Los Angeles, come on down. Check out the Mecha-Nation. We've completely finished the final issues of the mini-series, which will see print in time for ComicCon this summer in San Diego. (Mecha-Nation was created by Vic, developed by Vic, Greg Guler and myself, written by me, illustrated by Antonio Campo and published by Ape/Kizoic.) We're very excited to finally get this great project out to everyone. So stop by and take a peek. You can harass me about the time-skip (but please keep the language clean). Or you can just say hi. Plus, hey, Vic Cook!! The SpecSpidey partners together again!

Hope to see you there!

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Fluttershy writes...

Hey greg what's up I would love to ask you a questions regarding your story telling techniques

You have said in the past that you could go be telling stories forever if you wanted and in fact sometimes not even the tv show is enough for them hence the comics.

But have you ever considered in giving your characters and stories a Grand finale?.

I think something that has made me a bit sad is that in your past shows you have been cut short due to executive decitions out of your control and we have been unable to get anything resembling an ending that actually gives closure (w.i.t.c.h,Spectacular spiderman, gargoyles etc)

However it is always nice when a tv show character directly says goodbye to te audience(like batman the brave and the bold) or when every major plot point is solved at the end.

A big trait of western media in it's majority like tv shows and specially comics is that the characters "are frozen in time".

Spiderman for instance will always be a young man that fights crime and the story won't go beyond that,same for superman and batman. When the story gets after a certain point we as fans tend to get reboots reapeaing the smae story.

I would like to ask you if given the chance will you give us a finale to your works like gargoyles.

Will we ever see the closure of them?
Do you believe in "grand finales"?

Or do you want simply to never give them a real ending o your shows and simply give the idea that the story will be around forever?

Greg responds...

Yeah, I'm not so much into Grand Finales. Probably why I'm more of a television or comic book guy than a movie or graphic novel guy. I believe (whole-heartedly) in the on-going story. That's what LIFE feels like to me.

Gargoyles is a perfect example. Characters come; characters go and some even die, but the world goes on. I even know (but don't ask) how Goliath dies, but I don't see it as the end of that world. It's only A FINALE, because there is no THE FINALE.

I suppose if one was writing a story with a single lead, a la Spider-Man, and either (a) one killed him off or (b) one really ran out of stories to tell, then I could see staging that big Grand F before you waved goodbye forever. But that assumes there isn't a new Spider-Man waiting in the wings and/or that a guy like me would actually run out of stories. And that hasn't happened to me, at least not yet.

Response recorded on May 01, 2012

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Sue Weisman 1910-2012

Earlier this week, my astounding grandmother, Sue Weisman, passed away just a couple weeks shy of her 102nd birthday.

She led an amazing life that saw the world change in amazing ways. There are hundreds of stories. Stories her of growing up on New York's lower east side with five older brothers, two younger sisters (all gone now) and the restaurant that her father owned and her Yiddish-speaking mother ran, stories of the three young girls in their pretty dresses driving back from New Jersey with liquor hidden under the seat. There are stories of her meeting and marrying my grandfather Aaron Weisman and moving to Chicago during the days of Frank Nitti, of whom she had - from personal experience - a very negative view. There are stories of moving to Los Angeles and Beverly Hills in the fifties. And stories of her over 40 years as a volunteer at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

But mostly, there are stories of her family: her three children, eight grandchildren and TWELVE great-grandchildren, not to mention numerous, spouses, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc. She was a most astounding matriarch, and she will be missed.

But the truth is she's been missed for quite some time. She was with us and WITH IT right through and past her 100th birthday. But in the months that followed, I firmly believe she decided she was done. Somewhere inside her, she flipped a switch and was gone, even though her physical body hadn't received the memo. She hasn't been herself in over a year, and her finally passing is, I believe, a blessing.

I think that's why it's taken me so long to write this. I'm trying to get my head around my LACK of response to this loss. Its hard not to think that there must be something wrong inside me not to feel worse - let alone... anything. Maybe it'll hit me later. The entire Weisman clan is gathering next week on what would have been her 102nd birthday, not to memorialize her but to celebrate her life. And I'm looking forward to it - even if (or maybe especially if) it results in the death finally hitting home. (Heck, I thought writing this might trigger something, but no.) Mostly, I think the culprit is that the mourning for me took place some time ago. It began when she made the decision to stop going to the theater with me and the kids. We had a subscription to A NOISE WITHIN, a classical theater company here in the Los Angeles area, and she enjoyed it thoroughly, even as her hearing deteriorated, making it increasingly difficult for her to follow what was going on. But I was still stunned when she chose not to accompany us any longer. And bits and pieces of her faded away from there. Our last real conversation was extremely frustrating for both of us. She thought I was my father, even though my father was sitting just a few seats away. And she kept asking me how "Sam" was - when none of the rest of us assembled could figure out WHO Sam was. Finally, something else she said finally made me realize she was talking about my son Benny. But even when I offered up that name, she didn't recognize it. At the very end, she couldn't recognize anyone. So perhaps I was overly prepared for this eventuality. Perhaps one day when I least expect it, it will knock me for a loop. But not today.

In the meantime, join me in celebrating a wonderful lady and a great broad: Sue Weisman.

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Fanfictia writes...

Greg, do you or do you not support Fanfiction on your creations?

An Ask Greg Helper responds...

Greg Weisman says:

"I'm very ambivalent toward fanfiction. On the one hand, it's very gratifying. I've created something that has taken on a life of it's own. That people like enough to invest their time into and create anew. On the other hand, I have a territorial instinct that exhibits a kind of knee-jerk negative reaction to seeing other people controlling the destiny of my characters. (That's the main reason why Goliath Chronicles was so painful for me to watch.)

For example, I know that TGS is doing their own TimeDancer spin off. That's very cool, but somebody mentioned (though I don't know if this was the final word) that they're not naming Brooklyn's son Nashville, because they think the name is silly or because they hate country music or whatever. I can't help resenting that. (I know it's not rational, but I'm trying to be honest about my emotions here.) I haven't explained the Nashville name. I don't intend to explain it yet. Obviously, I have no intention of making Brooklyn into the next Garth Brooks, but I'm not in the mood to go into my reasons yet. But when someone else decides that GREG THE GARGOYLE MASTER made a misstep regarding the name of a character, I bristle.

But going back to the first hand, I have to acknowledge that once a thing is created and sent out into the world, it no longer belongs to the creator, but to the interpretations of those who received it. If a fan believes that Gargoyles were created by fey sorcery, then to that fan they were, no matter what I might say to the contrary in a comment room. Fanfiction is the ultimate example of fans interpretating (and extrapolating upon) what they've seen."

[Response recorded in the Station 8 "Gargoyles" FAQ, Section XXXIV.]

Response recorded on March 14, 2012

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Anonymous writes...

When you answer "SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT." it means that the answer WILL come up later in the show/comics or it MAY.

An Ask Greg Helper responds...

Greg Weisman says:

"Questions that ask me to SPOIL my own show are exasperating. As I've said over and over, I'm just NOT going to do that. Why would I? Even obvious stuff can't be addressed, because if I acknowledge anything, the stuff I don't comment on is spoiled by default. So please, please, please refrain. Any question that falls into this category will simply be answered: SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT."

[Response recorded on March 29, 2011.]

Response recorded on March 03, 2012

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Anonymous writes...

Are you and writer Jon Weisman related?

Greg responds...

He's my kid brother! (You know, if you can still be called a kid in your forties.)

Response recorded on February 22, 2012

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stanley cowens writes...

I enjoy your writing on gargoyles and have just started checking out young justice. I was wondering if you ever planned on writing any thing live action or a independent film? I find the characters on gargoyles to be more interesting than some on movies or certain tv shows I have seen over the years.

Greg responds...

I've tried to break into live action, but have had no success as yet.

Response recorded on February 13, 2012

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Jason R. Carter writes...

1. What is Earth-16 Clark Kent like to the outside world? Judging by how relatively disheveled he looked in "Schooled", he seems the clumsy nerd from the Donner movies.

2. Besides you voicing Snapper Carr and Nicole Dubuc voicing Iris West-Allen, will any of the other writers be voicing characters on Young Justice?

3. If Earth-16 Ma and Pa Kent were really Jor-El and Lara, what stopped them from using their powers like Superman does?

Greg responds...

1. He seemed quite sheveled to me. I don't know why you even say that. He had a hat for heaven's sake.

2. No. Nicole and I are both in SAG. The rest of the writing staff is not. (Least not as far as I know.)

3. That was an APRIL FOOL'S DAY joke!

Response recorded on February 09, 2012

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Angie writes...

Hi, Greg! I just really wanted to say how much I love Young Justice (EHEM understatement) so far!! Honestly, I don't think there's anything you can do that could change that (I would seriously hope not, at least.) I also have been reading some of the archive, and my life is pretty much Tumblr haha, so I've seen much "fan" hate towards you as well as the show in general. Which I think is utter horse crap. Obviously no one is getting the whole "Earth-16" concept, 'cause I see complaints about you guys using different characters a lot. I'll admit I've never read the Young Justice comics, or many of the DC comics due to the fact that I'm mostly a Batman/Dick Grayson fan, but even if I had I still wouldn't mind the characters you guys decided on. I love all of them!! At first I definitely favored Robin, but since new episodes started airing again I've come to the realization that, for once, I have no least favorite character. I seriously can't think of anything that I strongly dislike about YJ. Except the fact that the episodes are only 30 minutes long haha!! I'm so stoked to see how things turn out with The Light!!! :O
Sorry for my ramble-[Halloween] candy does this to me. Any who, I apologize for the extremely rude people you've had to encounter. I really hope this fandom isn't completely ruining the fun of producing the show :[ And before I end this novel of an ASK, I do actually have a question that does not pertain whatsoever to any show you've worked on hahaha hope that's okay. What's your favorite color???
Alright I'm done. Can't wait to see more Young Justice-everything about it is amazing!! <3
Hope you have a good day/night/week/whatever! --Angie--

Greg responds...

Dark Blue.

Thanks for the kind words!

Response recorded on February 07, 2012

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hallofjustice writes...

Me again Greg just a quick question,

If Lucas "Snapper" Carr appears in another DC cartoon, would you want to voice him again?

Greg responds...

I'll take all the work I can get. ;)

Response recorded on December 28, 2011

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Richard Jackson writes...

Having watched the first 10 episodes and read the first 9 comics (I'm including #0 and FCBD), I can really see how the show is rewarding repeat viewings. I can go back and look how someone said something and see it another away. Also, with the show playing out in real time and cast of dozens of heroes reminds me a lot of one of my favorite series, Astro City. I don't know if you've read the comic, but I assure it's a compliment of the highest order.

When I rewatched "Welcome to Happy Harbor", I noticed Lucas Carr and "Schooled", I finally noticed the LexCorp truck. I love things like that.

Can you give the story on how you were cast as Lucas Carr? Obviously, you're the producer, but who suggested the role for you and why were you attracted to playing Lucas Carr? By the way, I like Lucas "Snapper" Carr.

Greg responds...

I read the first couple issues of Astro City and enjoyed them.

Actually, I wanted to play Red Tornado (and thus Red Torpedo and T.O. Morrow too). You can chalk that up to (a) greed, as they appear in way more episodes, so I'd get paid more and (b) arrogance, in that I figured I could handle the rolls, since Tornado's a robot and all. But that ogre Brandon didn't think I pulled it off in my audition. That's right, I faced rejection on a show I was one of the producers on! <sigh>

Anyway, it's hard to argue with the notion that Jeff Bennett would and did do a much better job in all three parts than I ever could. And Brandon suggested I play Carr, so it all worked out!

Response recorded on October 12, 2011

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geet writes...

what is impt. in your life family or money?

Greg responds...

Family is most important. Money is important in service to family and other things. But I don't make my life about money.

Response recorded on August 19, 2011

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Mike writes...

Fisrt off, I'd like to apologize for asking that Batman Beyond question that you responded with "No comment. NO COMMENT. NOOOOOOO COMMMMMMMENNNNNNNTTTTTT." and went on to say that you wanted people to stop asking spoiler questions. I'm really sorry and didn't mean to upset you or waste your time. I hope you can forgive me. Anywho, I just wanted to let you know that I love your show and your take on the characters. It just sucks that we'll only get to know them for 12 months (assuming every 26 episodes is 6 months and this show makes it to the 52 episode limit). I know this is a long way off, but is there any chance you intend or revamping it (like they keep on doing with the Ben10 series) of pitch other shows that happen to take place in the same universe (like the DCAU (We got to see that interpretation of Batman for 14 years!)), so we can occasionally see a YJ character or two every so often? If this question annoys you, I apologize in advance. Thank you for all the entertainment you've given me over the years. I really appreciate it, and hope you are able to continue for many more years to come.

All the best,

btw, I don't know if you celebrate it or not, but Purim is next week (and I assume with the last name 'Weisman' you are Jewish), so have a Happy Purim!

Greg responds...

I am Jewish. Kind of a secular pagan Jew, but a Jew nonetheless. I don't generally celebrate me much Purim, but my wife does. So thanks.

As for your question, <sigh>... IT'S JUST NOT UP TO ME. As with nearly every show I produce, I have enough ideas to keep doing it forever. BUT it's not up to me.

Response recorded on May 26, 2011

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Jamie writes...

Hey greg,first of all, you're awesome, i remember when i was only 5 and i would re enact your gargoyles haha good times.

If you were to compare Young Justice and your other works, would young justice be in the top 5?

How many views are you having on Young justice ?

Greg responds...

Wow, did you just make me feel old...

Yes, YJ would be in my top five, along with Gargoyles (of course) and in no particular order, Spectacular Spider-Man, W.I.T.C.H. and Captain Atom.

Response recorded on April 21, 2011

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Brandon writes...

Why aren't you on twitter? I wanted to congratulate you on your work with Young Justice, and was sent here by your brother. Join us -- we wanna know what you're thinking. I'm @brando432, by the way.

Greg responds...

I'm feeling a little ganged up on today.

My high school girlfriend responded to me e-mailing her happy birthday wishes by asking me to get on Facebook.

Now Twitter?

Look, it's just not my thing. I don't WANT to tweet. I don't want to follow the tweets of others. As it is, I barely keep up with my cellphone, e-mail and... I was about to say "and Ask Greg" - but let's face it, I'm answering month-old questions and have a current backlog of 172 more to respond to.

It's just not going to happen.

Response recorded on February 07, 2011

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Harlan Phoenix writes...

So what's the specific appeal of animation to you? Or rather, the appeal of writing it (and by extension, comic books) primarily over other mediums?

I could make guesses, but I'd be curious to know what exactly thrills you.

Greg responds...

Well, the MAIN appeal is that they'll hire me.

(Only semi-kidding there.)

Anyway, I love the semi-contradictory notions of the control I have over the final product and the collaboration I get while making my way there.

Response recorded on January 21, 2011

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Algernon writes...

Hey again Greg,
When Superboy speaks for the first time in "Independence Day", a surprised Kid Flash responds by blurting out "He can talk?", was this a deliberate nod to Elisa's similar line in "Awakening Part Three" or just a coincidence?

Greg responds...

Probably deliberate.

I mean wouldn't we all prefer to believe I'm deliberately shouting out to my old work, than to think that I'm just repeating myself, right?

Response recorded on January 17, 2011

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Kit Walker writes...

This is more of a personal question; rather, not directly related any specific work but more the creator and writer behind the works.

What is it like, as a storyteller, to have the Gargoyles universe still so loved by fans? Sixteen years after "The Awakening" debuted, fans are STILL curious about this or that bit of the universe, fans are STILL lamenting the show's end, the Gatherings went on for an insanely long time, fans still anxiously await the slightest hint of more Gargoyles stories, fan-works are still being made--what do you think of all that? What's it like to sit back and know that something you gave artistic birth to still grips viewers, and still draws fans?

Greg responds...

It is -- without a doubt -- f-in' cool!!

Response recorded on December 03, 2010

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Charlotte Rinderknecht writes...

I just was interested in what you are doing now and what the future holds for you?

Greg responds...


Mostly, I seem to be refusing to comment on Young Justice.

Down the road, I see me refusing to comment on many other things!

(Actually, this may be a serious question. It's gotten hard for me to tell. So...

For those who don't know, I'm currently producing Season One of the new YOUNG JUSTICE animated television series for Warner Bros. Animation, DC Comics and Cartoon Network. The show will premiere in November. I'll be working on this series for the foreseeable future... hopefully for a good long time.)

Response recorded on September 16, 2010

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Meant to post this days ago at ASK GREG, but I forgot. I'm being interviewed for a live podcast at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/123-film TODAY at 4pm PDT, i.e. in less than half an hour. Sorry for the lack of warning...

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Laura 'ad astra' Sack writes...

This is touching on the type of theoretical questions you hate, but I’ll attempt it…

Are there any shows you watch that you wish you were involved in? Any shows you are glad you weren’t involved with because you wouldn’t want it any other different than it is? Any shows you didn’t enjoy, but think you could have made the concept shine? I don’t necessarily mean something you worked on and it didn’t work out, (like when you wrote the series bible to Roswell Conspiracies or the like), I mean even seeing a cartoon as an adult that you enjoyed as a child and thinking ‘if I were doing that…’. That creative itch that sometimes hits when watching a show and really wanting to play in that sandbox.

I figure either you'll hate this question or one or two examples will suddenly spring to mind.

Greg responds...

Yeah... I would have loved to work with Joss Whedon on Buffy or Angel or Firefly. Not that I think I would have improved on it, but I would just have loved to play in that world with the master.

There are cartoon series I was really jealous of, like the MTV Spider-Man series. But (no surprise) I'm over that now.

I haven't seen anything but a few clips of the upcoming series, so this isn't a comment on it per se, but I would have loved to do an Avengers series. Frankly, I would have loved to have taken what we did on SpecSpidey and widened it, building an entire Marvel Universe. It's one of the things that's so fun about Young Justice. We're not just adapting YJ or Teen Titans, but the entire DC Universe (or one of them (#16) anyway).

The Highlander TV series was one where I thought it had moments of greatness, but was also a bit of a mess at times. I would have loved the POWER (Bwahaha) to grab the reins of that one.

I'm sure there are plenty of other examples, as I have generally -- and I'm not proud of this -- lived a professional life filled with (and marred by) tremendous ENVY. I just can't think of any others at this time. At least not any others that wouldn't get me in some trouble. ;)

Response recorded on August 03, 2010

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Laura 'ad astra' Sack writes...

I had asked what age you thought is the youngest age to start watching Gargoyles and…
Greg responds...
Well, I may not be the best person to go to for this advice. Not like I'm some parental expert. Just a parent. But I started my kids on Gargoyles VERY YOUNG. And it held their interest, which was my main concern. There's stuff there for them to enjoy, and IF THEY ASK about any of the more mature aspects of the show, there are teachable moments. That is to say, I didn't sit them in front of the TV and walk away. I watched WITH them. We had fun. And we learned some stuff together. But I think they were each about two when they started watching Gargoyles.

That's right! TWO!!! <chuckle>

Okay, yeah, I'm a bad parent. I mean I watch Dexter with my fifteen-year-old daughter. So don't listen to me.

Me again…
I just couldn’t watch a show like Dexter with my little girl! It seems just wrong to tell a child, “Tell mommy when the gore is done so she can open her eyes.” Wait… you meant because she enjoys it, not just so you don’t have to watch ‘icky’ scenes? I suppose I can see myself doing that J

[Just in case you don’t have perfect recall- the rest of your answer was really good parental advice, ‘expert’ or no:
“But I do think the key is to watch Dexter WITH your kids and not let them watch it alone. Oh, and when Dexter's over, put on an episode of The Office or something light and funny before bedtime. ”]

Greg responds...

Thanks. I do love watching TV with my kids. But we stick to shows THEY want to see that I don't mind seeing too.

Response recorded on August 02, 2010

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Chris Krause writes...

Hey Greg!

I had a question. I'm currently a theatre student in college. However, I've always had my hand in multiple areas in the arts. It was only my love for writing and acting that had me not decide to go to a strict art college (I had wanted to be a comic book artist for a long time).

I plan to move to California eventually and try to make it in the show-biz, either through acting, my art ability (I'm currently doing a lot with prosthetics/mask making) or writing. My question was how exactly you got into your current field of work? It's something that interests me, what with my love for comics both in writing and art. So basically, I was just wondering how you got started.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



Greg responds...


For a fuller answer, check the archives here at ASK GREG under topics like "Weisman, Greg", "Animation", "Biz, The", etc. As I know I've answered this before.

But the short answer is that I started as a comic book writer for DC Comics, while I was still in college. I then became an editor there for a couple years after college. Then I went to graduate school to hone my skills as a writer, while interviewing at various studios. I was hired as a junior executive at Disney Television Animation, got promoted a couple times, developed Gargoyles and became a writer-producer.

Response recorded on June 25, 2010

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Pixie writes...

All too often in cartoons (specifically nowadays) female characters fall into the role of giggling love interest, counterpart to a male character to eliminate homosexual themes or are just there to fill a demographic. Writers don't seem to know what to do with them after that.

That is why I would like to sincerely thank you for your part in fostering strong female characters like Elisa, Demona and Fox.

Also, what influenced you to write those characters the way you did? Did you have specific females from your past in mind or did you choose character traits from literature and sort of mesh them for a well rounded feel?

Thank you.

Greg responds...

I honestly don't know. I've always liked writing female characters. Two of my first (unfortunately unpublished) projects for DC Comics were Black Canary and Supergirl.

I just try to write honestly for them -- removing as many of my biases as possible -- just as I would for any male character. And the result -- for better or for worse -- is what you have seen...

Response recorded on May 17, 2010

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Just over a week ago, Dick Giordano passed away. I've been meaning to write this ever since but haven't felt equal to the task. But it's time...

Dick was one of the all time great comic book inkers, but he was also the single individual most responsible for bringing me into the comic book business, which directly lead to me working in animation.

It's a story I've told many times, so feel free to skip down if you've heard it.

I was a nineteen-year-old college sophomore when Marvel Comics announced a New Talent Search. I was excited, but reasoned (correctly) that Marvel would be inundated with submissions. I also reasoned (rather cleverly) that if Marvel began a New Talent Search, DC Comics would too. So instead of preparing submissions based on Marvel characters, I immediately set to work, prepping stuff based on DC characters. Sure enough, DC announced it's search, and I immediately sent in my stuff. YEARS LATER, I saw the logbook that was used to log in each submission as it arrived. Mine was literally the second submission received.

It was duly logged in -- and then lost. (Likewise, years later, I found it in the DC offices in the back of a file cabinet.) DC still had my address in the log book. But not the submission itself. Because 70% of all submissions were artist submissions and only 30% were writer submissions, the person in charge of the talent search at the time took a chance and sent me a packet for new ARTISTS. I was OUTRAGED!!! Outraged, of course, in the way only a 19-year-old know-nothing can get outraged. So I sent a LETTER to DC Comics expressing my outrage. I said (lying) that I was a professional, and if they lost my submission, a simple admission of this fact would have resulted in me sending copies. There was no need to GUESS (incorrectly) that I was an artist and hope for the best. I stated that this was no way to run a business.

Somehow this letter found it's way to Dick Giordano's desk. Dick was at the time the EXECUTIVE EDITOR and head creative muckymuck at DC. Most guys in that position would have found a nice round file for my letter, but Dick was amused by it... and maybe a little impressed with (not the content) but the writing of it itself.

So sometime later, the phone in my dormroom rings. My roommate answers and says it's for me. "Who is it?" "Some guy named Dick Giordano." Now, I knew EXACTLY who Dick Giordano was and figured there was no way I was getting a call from him. So I got on the phone assuming it was one of my geek friends playing a prank. Nope. It was Dick. He wanted to meet me and asked if I had any plans to be in New York City. I (lied again and) told him that coincidentally, I was planning to be there over spring break. He invited me up to the DC Comics offices, and we set a date and time.

So I scraped the money together to buy a plane ticket, crashed at my cousin's apartment, put on a SUIT (what did I know, it was a job interview, right?) and headed out during a torrential Manhattan rainstorm to FIND A CAB to take me to DC. (Somewhere out there New Yorkers are laughing at the thought of me trying to find a cab in the rain.)

Ultimately, I found one, but not before I was (despite an umbrella) soaked to the bone in my stupid suit. I arrive at DC looking more like a drowned rat than a professional writer (which, of course, I was not), and met with Dick. And we hit it off. He was great. From Day One, he believed in me and tried to get me freelance work. He eventually gave me a job as an Editorial Assistant (read Xerox boy) and quickly promoted me twice over twenty-one months to Assistant Editor and then Associate Editor.

I was impatient, of course. I couldn't stick it out, and moved back to Los Angeles to go to grad school and eventually start a career in animation. I remember how disappointed Dick was. How he tried to get me to reconsider, but how he also supported my decision, when I made it clear it was final.

After that, every time Dick and his right-hand woman and good friend Pat Bastienne came to Los Angeles, they would take time out to meet with me. They met my fiancee Beth long before she became my wife. They were both always cheering me on. Eventually, Dick retired from DC and moved to Florida, and we lost touch. Which is on me. And I regret it.

When I heard/saw that he had passed at age 77 from complications from Leukemia (over the same weekend when my Grandmother turned 100), it was a real blow.

Dick was a terrific and extremely talented guy, and I owe him just... TONS.

Thank you, Dick. You will be missed.

Greg Weisman
April 2010

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Hey guys,

I've been on vacation (SPRING BREAK!) and busy with a bunch of stuff, so haven't been able to stop by recently, but I didn't want this major event to go by without notice. Last week, my Grandmother turned 100.

Of course, my brother beat me to it, writing more eloquently than I'd be able to, so I'm going to link to his website, which has neat pictures too!


As my cousin pointed out at the LARGE family dinner we had this past weekend, when Sue Weisman was born, the Ottomans had an empire, as did the British and the Russian Czars, and Sue-Baby has outlast them all. The changes she's seen... living through World War I, the Depression, Prohibition, World War II, the invention of radio, television, computers, etc. It's a completely different world. And she's still sharp and funny and a joy to be around.

So happy birthday, Grandma Sue! Here's to 100 more!

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Balron writes...

Hello Mr. Weisman
I just wonder do you take time to draw as well as write? With the free time you have, have you ever thought of returning to your artist roots and just letting it take you over to relax your spirit? I am a painter, and I always find landscapes to be the most relaxing works of art to practice. Do you have a favorite fine-art style you like to work on?

Greg responds...

It's not a matter of time but of talent. And when it comes to drawing... I have none. And I have NO "artist roots" unless you're counting the one basic drawing class I took in college. I'm not sure where you got the impression that I'm any kind of artist.

And by the way, I have free time? It is to laugh.

Response recorded on February 24, 2010

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Bazell writes...

I hope this isn't too personal, but I see online that you went to Stanford and U.S.C.
What were your specific degree with which you graduated?

Greg responds...

I received a Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.) from Stanford in English with an emphasis in Fiction Writing.

I received a Master of Professional Writing degree (M.P.W.) from U.S.C. with an emphasis in Playwriting.

Response recorded on November 12, 2009

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Hermione R.I.P.

Our basset hound Hermione passed away in her sleep yesterday. She had a large inoperable malignant cancer tumor, so it wasn't a shock.

I know it must seem like we go through these dogs rapidly, but that's because my wife and kids always choose elderly dogs from the Basset Rescue Ranch, because they feel that everyone always wants the puppies and young dogs, and the old ones never find a home. So we get dogs. They're old. They die. My family grieves. And we start the process again... all too often, I guess.

We still have one basset left, Murray. Plus our cat Emmy. I'd like to put off getting any more pets for the time being, but it's never up to curmudgeonly me.

Hermione was a handsome girl, definitely the Alpha Female of our pets. Very common sense. We'll miss her.

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Count Orlok writes...

Just wanted to thank you for answering my last question... :) ... and ask you another.
Throughout the run of Gargoyles there were numerous references to various works of literature in its many forms (classic literature, Shakespearean works, philosophy and politics, comic books and graphic novels, horror, gothic romance, science fiction, fantasy, world mythologies, etc.). I recall being an avid fan of all of these literary genres or categories when I was very young, but Gargoyles certainly helped to further interest me in them. Other than the obvious works that you've made allusions to in the series, what do you like to read?

Greg responds...

Lots of stuff. I'm listening to Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations" on CD in my car these days, and LOVING IT! (Of course, I've read it at least twice before.)

Generally, I read a lot of detective fiction, with my favorite author being Ross MacDonald. And as I've stated before, I'm a huge William Faulkner fan.

Response recorded on July 28, 2009

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Antiyonder writes...

An aspect that often attributed to Spider-Man's success is that the audience can, has or had related to him. With that said:

1. As far as Spidey's civilian life (because I have serious doubts that you have superhuman strength or can stick to walls or have a spider sense) goes, do you or have you related to him in any way?

1a. If yes, then how?

Greg responds...

1. I think Pete's an everyman in the classic archetypal sense. He has money troubles, girl troubles, family troubles, job troubles, etc. So sure, I can relate.

1a. What, you want personal details from my life? Sorry.

Response recorded on July 27, 2009

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Bazell writes...

Personal question:
Do you read nonfiction? I enjoy the polar opposition memoirs and essays provide to the wonderful fantasy that you are known for which is my other love.

Asking as one writer to another, do you keep a journal?

Greg responds...

I do keep a journal, though I'm inconsistent about writing in it.

I do read non-fiction sometimes.

Response recorded on July 14, 2009

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Anonymous writes...

Does the real Gisela have that great spirit and did she ever live in Mexico?

Greg responds...

Actually, I knew a Gisela from Mexico. She and her brother Alex went to the same summer camp, Bear Pole Ranch, as my siblings and I did.

Of course, I have no idea what YOU are talking about here.

Weird, though, huh?

Response recorded on July 06, 2009

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Harlan Phoenix writes...

So, what's Midtown High student Greg Weisman like?

Greg responds...

I know you're kidding, but I'm not quite getting the joke.

Response recorded on July 03, 2009

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David B. Jacobs writes...

Hey, Greg!
I've got for you a very in-depth question: How did you get to where you are today? What kinds of steps did you take? If you could give specifics, I'd be quite happy.
You see, I myself would love to go into the business of TV and film, and I frequently identify myself with you (in a non-creepy way - I mean regarding style and that kind of stuff).

Greg responds...

I've answered this in depth and with specifics before. Check the archives for a more detailed answer.

Generally, I'd say the first things you need to do, if you haven't already are...

1. Finish your formal education.

2. Move to Los Angeles.

3. Read, write and proofread a lot. Practice. Learn that your first draft may suck, and that even your second draft may need shelving.

As for my specifics...

*Bachelors from Stanford in English with a Fiction Writing emphasis.
*Started working as a writer for DC Comics as a 19-year-old while still in college.
*Moved to New York to work in comics, cuz that's where THAT action was.
*Masters from U.S.C in Professional Writing with an emphasis in playwriting.
*Staff Assistant at Disney Television Animation.
*Eventually promoted to Director of Series Development.
*Developed Gargoyles and moved sideways to produce it.


Response recorded on June 29, 2009

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Last Gathering

The announcement has been made that the current Gathering of the Gargoyles (the thirteenth annual) will be the last in this form. I'm saddened by this of course, but even more saddened by some of the vitriol I've seen toward the constaff. So I posted this at Station 8:

Hey folks,

Thought I should speak up. In part to defend my friends, I suppose, but also just to make my position on all this clear.

I'm the person who suggested we end the thing. Me. Frankly, I was simply horrified to discover how much of their own MONEY the con staff was putting toward the convention year after year... with it costing them increasingly more with each succeeding convention and with attendance falling at a steady clip. And that's on top of the incredible amount of hard work that these people put in. There have been other individuals and groups who have run individual Gatherings here and there, but most burn out after one year and don't do it again. This group volunteered their time year after year. Stuck with it when others wouldn't. They deserve praise, not scorn.

Are they my friends? Of course. Are they loyal to me? I think so. I like to think I'm just as loyal to them. Are they cliquish at times. Yeah. I've noticed that too. It happens with any group of people who work very hard together to do something and, frankly, feel largely unappreciated for their efforts. They get tight.

But I don't buy the notion that this is an impenetrable clique -- especially since new members join the group all the time. I've known some of these folks for over a decade. Others, just for a couple years. And even if you aren't admitted to this so-called "Inner Circle", what difference should that make? The Gathering is big enough for multiple cliques. Big enough for you to bring your own clique. The Gathering has interesting and informative events whether or not you're in ANY clique.

When someone asks "Why would I want to give any money to hang out with people who have no interest in including me?" I think the question itself is off point. They're throwing you a convention! They're including you! Does that mean they have to personally enjoy your company? Personally, spend time with you? That's unreasonable. You may be great. You may be annoying. I don't know. But they don't have an obligation to coddle you. Just to put on a great show, which I think they've done year after year.

And you're not paying to spend time with them anyway, you're paying to attend the con. Or not. No one's holding a gun to your head, but then don't complain if the thing isn't somehow able to continue indefinitely on SOMEONE ELSE'S DIME.

Don't get me wrong. No one is going to miss the Gathering more than I. I think there's some real truth to the accusation that the thing became Greg Weisman's annual ego boost. Because without a doubt it is a HUGE ego boost for me personally. Year in and year out, I have a blast. I'm treated VERY well, and I enjoy that treatment. I'd be lying if I said otherwise.

But it's not as simple as that. For starters, the reason that the con has consistently featured me and the various series that I've worked on is because I'm willing to do the work to help put the convention together. Frank Paur, just as an example, is ALWAYS welcome, but he doesn't always choose to come. I ALWAYS want to be there. So it's something of a not-so-vicious circle. I provide the convention with contacts -- and the convention uses those contacts to hold panels on Starship Troopers or WITCH or, this year, The Spectacular Spider-Man. All of which is an attempt to INCREASE the attendance by bringing in other fandoms and exposing them to Gargoyles. It's worked to some degree, but not enough.

I've also provided contacts for shows like Darkwing Duck and TaleSpin and Kim Possible, and we've had panels on those that I wasn't a part of because my involvement on those series was nearly non-existent. But I knew those guys, so I got 'em to come. I'm sure everyone would have loved it if I had gotten, uh, say, the Avatar/Last Air Bender guys to do a panel on that show. Trouble is, I don't know those guys. So no luck.

And, hey, I did create the show that we're theoretically celebrating. I am the guy who's fought to get the DVDs and the comics, etc. It's because of the fandom that I never gave up. But it doesn't change the fact that I'm the guy who never gave up. So maybe it's not SUCH a bad thing that I've been the primary beneficiary of the con. Or maybe it is. I'm not going to worry about it.

What I am going to do is enjoy the last convention. I really think we'll be going out with a bang with a ton of special guests. And, ironically, because of the low attendance the BEST FAN-TO-PRO RATIO you'll find at any convention EVER!!! If you can't afford to come this year, we're very sorry. We'll miss you. Really. But if you can, you should try, because once again, I think it'll be a great show.

But of course I'm biased. ;)

And as Jennifer pointed out, if anyone else wants to have a Gargoyles convention in 2010 or 2011 or 2198, no one's stopping you. I'm still willing to attend, still willing to help. Or willing to stay away, if that would be best. But I'd advise thinking long and hard about both the time commitment and the financial aspect of it before jumping in. Cuz it's tough. Not for me. It's easy for me. But for whomever happens to be the constaff in any given year, it's a lot of work and not cheap.

Now, I suppose for some people, all I've done in this post is prove their point. I'm tight with the constaff. They're tight with me. All true. But they've still put out an open invitation year after year to friends and so-called-foes alike. All they're really saying is that they're done. You think you can do better? Go for it!

Greg Weisman

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Animation Fiend writes...

Hello. Does Greg have a MySpace page?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on June 03, 2009

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Greg Bishansky writes...

Just a comment on an archetype that seems to be a theme in your shows. I can't help but notice that the series you produce are populated by tricksters.

Puck is an obvious and classic example, the original trickster. Also, "Gargoyles" has Raven, Anansi, and Coyote who were also literal tricksters.

Beyond that, one of the lead villains, Xanatos, was a trickster... he even said so himself. That's an interesting choice of archetypes for the primary antagonist.

Thailog, while you've cited the bastard archetype often enough, outside of that, he seems like a trickster as well. Which makes sense since he was programmed by one. Granted, he's a more malevolent trickster than Xanatos, but he still displays those characteristics.

Meanwhile, over in in "Spectacular," you have Spider-Man as, perhaps, the most benevolent trickster you have yet to write. Fitting, he is the hero after all, and the people he acts like a trickster towards usually have it coming.

And, of course, you have a more sinister trickster in Green Goblin, hie arch-nemesis.

I know from personal experience how difficult tricksters can be to write, as I've often had to jump through hoops to do it right,

I haven't seen WITCH so I have no idea if this archetype shows up there or not. But it seems to me like the trickster archetype is a favorite of yours to write, and you do it so well.

So, does it just come naturally? Is Greg Weisman a trickster himself, or do you ever find yourself jumping through hoops as I sometimes do to create schemes worthy of the trickster you're writing?

Greg responds...

There's some definite hoop-jumping going on. Personally, I'm more of a bastard than a trickster. But I do enjoy both archetypes, so I do the work to make them worthy.

You'll notice, however, that each of the tricksters you named, with the exception of Xanatos, were based on existing sources, which helps. As for Xanatos, he was a variation on General Eiling (from Captain Atom), who was more of a bastard. And Eiling, in turn, was loosely based on Captain Kirk, or rather a dark mirror of Kirk (and, no, that's not a reference to the "Mirror, Mirror," as the Mirror Kirk in that episode couldn't fool anyone).

Thailog is more in the classic bastard mode than the trickster mode -- at least in my mind -- though I'll admit there's definite overlap between the two archetypes.

Response recorded on May 28, 2009

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Malinda writes...

I was wondering if you or someone else illustrated this show?

Greg responds...

I'm not sure which show you're referring to, but in any case, I don't draw.

Response recorded on May 26, 2009

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RTS writes...


Hi Greg.

Great work on Season 2, I might not know exactly how the system works, but I see no reason why it shouldn't be renewed. Hopefully by the time you answer this you will have good news to tell about that, but for now, a few questions regarding what's been done so far.

1) In season 2 episode 8, "Accomplices", we see Black Cat spray something onto a window before going through it, we then see the window wobble around or something after she goes into the vent. What did she do to the window, exactly?

2) Was the lead into Hobie Brown first speaking in the role of Puck something you planned well ahead of time, or did Hobie's silence become a running joke before you made that decision?

3) On the subject, any chance that you tried to get Brent Spiner to do the role?

4) In "Growing Pains", I couldn't help noticing that a certain "Greg Weisman" is named on the cast list shown at the end. I was just wondering whether you have ever performed any role in "A Midsummer Night's Dream", since it is mentioned in one of the FAQs that you've taken acting classes in the past.

5) You're the best. (This isn't a question)

Greg responds...


1. First she melted the real glass with acid. Then she replaced it with a reflective "paper" that mimicked the look of the glass. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

2. The former.

3. The role of Hobie? No.

4. Yes, I've been in "Midsummer" as Theseus and in another production as Philostrate.

5. Right back at ya.

Response recorded on May 20, 2009

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Steven writes...

Hi Greg, just want to say that the job you guys did on Spectacular Spider-Man( I remembered the hyphen ) was awesome. I've seen all the 26 episodes so I have one question.

I thought you were pretty good as Donald Menken. Definitely your best voice over work since "Nice Mask." But how did it come about that you were cast as Donald? Was it a budget thing or were you just messing around in the booth and someone thought you'd be perfect for it?

Greg responds...


Uh... yeah, someone thought I'd be perfect for it. Me. Well, maybe not perfect, but I decided I wanted to do it. (It helps to be the boss.) Definitely wasn't a budget thing. It cost MORE for me to do it.

Response recorded on April 08, 2009

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Derek R. writes...

Have you ever considered writing for video games? You're really good at creating unique worlds within the shows you've worked on... everything and everyone seems connected and intertwined in the new spiderman and gargoyles series. I think you could write a killer game franchise.
PS maybe pitch a gargoyles game or spectacular spiderman game... ;)

Greg responds...

I'd love to, but nobody has hired me to write one.

Response recorded on April 01, 2009

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Masterdramon writes...

Hi! Nice to see you back from your "AskGreg" break; I hope that things are going well for you.

Like many fans I have seen "The Spectacular Spider-Man" Season 2 via YouTube already (though I'll still be watching the series as much as possible on television in order to support the ratings). One of the coolest extras (without getting into too much spoiler territory) of the season was hearing you voicing Donald Menken, Norman Osborn's right-hand suit. You did a very admirable job at portraying a very flat, all-business character, which is exactly what I would expect from Menken (even though most Spidey fans probably have no idea who he is).

Given that (as far as I know) your only previous foray into voice acting was the commando who says "Nice mask!" in "Awakening Part II," how did you end up being selected for this voice role (which was obviously a lot more significant than the commando; in episodes 21 and 26 in particular the character played a vital role)? Did voice director Jamie Thomason ask you to play Menken, or did you volunteer? Or was there some other circumstance altogether?

Thank you for your time, and good luck with your work!

Greg responds...


I've done a bit more voice acting than just "Nice mask!" Some work in video games and anime, for example.

As for how I got Menken. Um... the Supervising Producer and Story Editor pulled rank and pretty much just stated that I'd be playing the part. That meant Jamie was stuck with me. He did the best he could with what he had to work with.

Response recorded on March 31, 2009

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Geoff writes...

I know people have been asking about whether or not an animated continuation of the Gargoyles show will happen, but I wanted to ask something more specific:

Have you ever thought of turning Gargoyles into an anime (possibly done by my favorite producers, Madhouse)?

And, a personal question:

Do you like anime, Greg?

Greg responds...

I like some anime.

Response recorded on October 22, 2008

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Todd Jensen writes...

You mentioned that one of your new dogs is named Hermione. Was she named after the Hermione of Greek mythology (the daughter of Menelaus and Helen of Troy), of "The Winter's Tale", or of the Harry Potter series?

Greg responds...

I don't know. She came with the name Hermione from Daphneyland, the basset hound rescue ranch.

See http://www.daphneyland.com/

Response recorded on October 14, 2008

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James Lipton writes...

I would like to thank Greg Weisman for being here today and to share with us. Many of us know Greg's work as a writer in the comic medium and his endeavours into animation. I myself am particularliy fond of his forays into the world of self expression through the form of facial hair combined with hawaiin shirts. And now the questionnaire used by Bernard Pivot:

What is your favorite word?

What is your least favorite word?

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

What turns you off creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

What sound or noise do you love?

What sound or noise do you hate?

What is your favorite curse word?

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

What profession would you not like to do?

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive?

Greg responds...

Sorry James and/or Bernard... but I can't even summon up the energy to make smartass responses to these questions. They just don't interest me.

Response recorded on October 09, 2008

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TheRedOne writes...

Personal question about your taste in music: what's your favorite kind of music to listen to? Im a country fan meself

Also, related to music, I know that youre not a fan of Gargoyles fanfiction (which makes perfect sense since its an ongoing story) but what do you think of fan-made music videos (or even fanart for that matter)? While listening to a country station today, one of my favorite songs came on. Its called 'Put A Girl In It' by Brooks and Dunn. Since I had Gargoyles on my brain at the time, I thought it would be a perfect song to describe the Trio before Angela arrived on scene. But do you also ignore AMV's like you ignore fanfiction?

Greg responds...

I have somewhat eclectic and perhaps old-fashioned tastes. I find myself listening to standards at work online at the Lounge.

Check out: http://webclust1.liquidcompass.cc/sos4cust/SMCM/audio_player.php or http://www.martiniinthemorning.com/page.php?9

Response recorded on October 03, 2008

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Movie-Brat writes...

You went to college with Heather Langenkamp and dated her? That's cool, I never knew that. But I guess you learn something everyday, right? :)

Anyway, how was she? Did you had a good experience with her?

Greg responds...

She was a very nice person. I like to think we had a good time. I know I did. But I don't want to make it sound like more than it was. For all intents and purposes, we only really went on one real date. We hung out a bit -- did a couple scenes together in drama class -- but we were never exactly an item.

Response recorded on September 29, 2008

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On September 4th, 1988, I went on a first date with this amazing woman. We went to an apartment warming party for my friend Mike Ryan. My car -- actually my sister's car -- had it's horn literally hanging from the bottom of the engine by a wire, so I had to ask her out AND ask her to drive. (Who knew she'd like that?) At the party -- where she knew no one and I knew everyone -- she fit right in. My friend Cameron had just purchased a new camcorder and was practicing with it. Years later, he would give me a copy of the tape -- a tape of our first date -- full of fades and truck ins and other first-timer camera tricks. After the party, we dropped me off at my place, and I invited her upstairs. We talked for hours and hours. I did EVERYTHING they tell you not to do, including talking about multiple past relationships. And yet somehow as morning came, she still liked me.

Beth and I have been together for twenty years now, and... thank God... she still still likes me. After two apartments, we're on our second house, our third cat and our fourth and fifth dog. Plus, you know, the two amazing, amazing kids.

We have many anniversaries in my date book. Engagement. Finding out she was pregnant with Erin. Finding out she was pregnant with Benny. Our wedding, of course.

But this is still my favorite anniversary. This is where it all began.

I love you, Beth. Happy Anniversary.

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Anonymous writes...

did you ever get bored of cartoons and stuff and thought of doing something scientific?

like having stuff with a chick?

Greg responds...

I can't tell if I'm being dissed here. "...something scientific"? "having stuff with a chick"? What does that mean?

As to whether or not I get bored with "cartoons and stuff", the answer is no, though I'll confess that I'd love to be doing live action -- for the money.

Response recorded on August 22, 2008

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Jon writes...

I have heard that season three of Spectacular Spider-Man is running trouble, and you might have to leave if season 3 dosen't start production. I'm starting to worry. Please tell me, on a scale of one to ten (ten being you're staying, one being you're leaving)ehat are the odds of you staying? I know season 3 will probably come at some point (I hope) but you and the crew aren't there, it won't be the same.
thanks alot,

Greg responds...

I can't give you numbers. They still haven't picked us up for Season Three, and today we had a farewell party for the majority of the crew (that is the majority that still remains -- many have already been laid off). This includes our character designer Sean "Cheeks" Galloway. After a few more weeks, we'll be down to myself, Vic Cook and our post-production team. We're hoping when we get a pick-up that we'll be able to bring the whole crew back more or less intact, but we already know that a few individuals on our staff already have new jobs and probably will not be coming back. Vic and I and our post-team are on until early January. One would hope we'd get the pick-up by then, but if it doesn't come soon I'll HAVE to look for a new job. Preferably a new job that will allow me to come back and do Spidey if/when (probably WHEN not if) it's picked up. But beggars can't be choosers, you know, and I have a mortgage to pay and kids, dogs and a cat to feed.

By the way, after losing all our pets over the last year, we have two new (not young but new) Basset Hounds, Murray and Hermione, and a new cat (Emmy).

Response recorded on August 21, 2008

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Rose92 writes...

I hope there's going to be a live-action movie of Gargoyles, question for you, Greg. Are you a director or something?

Greg responds...

Not in the sense you're suggesting. I've voice directed, but mostly I'm a writer-producer-story editor-development guy.

Response recorded on June 17, 2008

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alex and Jemaa writes...

wats your name >?

Greg responds...

Gregory David Weisman

Response recorded on May 28, 2008

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Darren writes...

Which cartoons did YOU watch when you were younger? Did any of these inspire you?

Greg responds...

I'm SURE I've answered this before, but...

I watched TONS of cartoons when I was a kid. And I'm sure MANY influenced me. The ones that seemed to most spark my imagination included...

THUNDERBIRDS (does Supermarionation count?)

That's really just a partial list.

Response recorded on May 07, 2008

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Anthony Tini writes...


I don't know if it gets said enough, but I just wanted to say thank you for being you.

Greg responds...

Whom else would I be? ;)

Response recorded on March 31, 2008

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Our basset hound Sammi went into complete renal failure and had to be put to sleep today. We didn't get her or Abraham until both were senior citizens but they both gave us some wonderful years, and Sammi will be missed. She was a very, very sweet girl. Smart too -- most of the time. This is the first time that we've had no pets at all since Beth and I got Bigtime as a kitten in 1991.

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Todd Jensen writes...

I'd also like to give you my condolences over the recent passing of your dog Abraham.

Greg responds...

Thank you. It was very sudden, though he was very old for a Basset.

Response recorded on December 04, 2007

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RIP Abraham

He was a sweet old dog. We'll miss him.

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Charisma82 writes...

Hey! Do you ever miss teaching in a classroom setting, like at a school? I seem to remember you saying that you taught English at a college. I am in the process of becoming a high school English teacher (though most people think I'm crazy to do so), & I was wondering what your favorite part was about teaching English, & what you might have done differently.

Thank you for your time and all that you do.


Greg responds...

I do sometimes miss the classroom itself. But I hated reading papers. Once in a blue moon I'd read something that really... sang... but otherwise, it wasn't too fun. Even the good papers weren't exactly my idea of fun reading. Grading just isn't fun in general. But I like the classroom (most of the time). I guess it's the performer in me, maybe. But I liked imparting stuff too.

What might I have done differently? I don't know.

But I admire what you're doing. I had a number of great and very inspirational high school English teachers (Mrs. Diskin, Mrs. Wardlaw, Mr. West, Mr. Holmes, Mr. McGrew and Mrs. Wardlaw again) without whom, we would not be sharing this forum.

Response recorded on November 01, 2007

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Todd Jensen writes...

I should probably have mentioned this much earlier, too, but I'm sorry about the passing of your cat Bigtime. Especially since I remember what it's like to lose a cat whom you've lived with for a long time.

Greg responds...

Thank you, Todd. Bigtime was a great cat and the first pet that Beth and I got together as a couple after we were married.

Response recorded on October 18, 2007

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Skittle Skattle Kittle Kattle Bigtime Bitey Kitty Purrmobile Boy...

Great darn cat.

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Antiyonder writes...

Given that you've read and wrote some comics, just thought I'd ask:

1. Do you still hold onto some of the older comics you've collected?

2. If no, then do you still have copies of the comics you've wrote and/or edited?

Greg responds...

1. Yes.

2. Yes, most of them.

Response recorded on July 03, 2007

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Gathering 2007 - Insta-Journal, Part Eight

SUNDAY, JUNE 23rd, 2007

Despite going to bed at 4am, I woke up for no good reason at 5:30am. Stayed in bed for 45 minutes, hoping I'd get back to sleep. No go. So I got up and worked. Checked my e-mail, did an Insta-Journal and worked on the outline for Spider-Man episode #7. Jamie Thomason, Gargoyles & Spider-Man voice director, called, and we reviewed the recording script for Spidey ep. #4. Then at noon I went to my first panel of the day: Gargoyles Physiology & Culture with Lynati and Jade. It was truly a fascinating panel for me. I love hearing and talking about this stuff. At 2pm, Karine and I had the Gargoyles & Bad Guy Comic Book panel. Since, I'm reluctant to reveal too much beyond issue #5 (since everyone at the Gathering saw #5 the night before), the panel turned into a fan marketing seminar. But I guess that's okay. At 3:30, I met with Ted, a Cartoon Network writer to discuss a project we're working on together. Then at 5pm came the Banquet. I sat with Karine, Samuel, Thom and Nikki. The food was very good. I really liked the Apple Pie. We had one more Q&A, led by Abbie, mostly, who is VERY enthusiastic and fun. After that, Thom and I played Air Hockey. People began to gather, and I beat all comers (Thom twice, Ed, Yami Raven) -- except Flanker, who beat me twice. Our last game, I was winning at one point 6-2 and I just lost all energy, like someone flipped a switch. I only needed one more goal, and he still beat me 7-6. Next came the Masquerade. The big winner -- best in show -- was Aaron as Hal the Gargoyle Halloween King. AMAZING costume. There was some dancing and singing and lip synching. After that, Mike and Tracy helped Thom, Susan and I record a You Tube promo for G2008. I went back down to the Masq, but I was pretty tired. Stopped by Jennifer, Gore & Karine's room and then went to bed. Slept for SEVEN hours, which for me is just great!

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TiniTinyTony writes...

You mentioned in your Gathering 2007 - Insta-Journals, that you had the opportunity to see Ocean's 13 and Knocked Up with your wife Beth? I'd love to hear your reviews of them and any other movies you happen to see or plan on seeing this summer in a "Ramble" if you find the time.

Speaking of your wife Beth, is Elisa's sister named after her? Does that make her your favorite character?

Speaking of going out and seeing movies, have people on the street ever stopped you and said, "Hey, are you Greg Weisman?" and asked for your autograph?

Greg responds...

Rambles on movies when I have time... not opposed, but I don't know when I'll have time. Basically, I enjoyed Waitress the most. But I also enjoyed Ocean's 13 and Knocked Up. Didn't think they were great films, but I enjoyed 'em.

Beth Maza is named after my wife. But I love all the Gargoyles characters. Beth is my favorite wife though.

And, no. That has never happened.

Response recorded on June 25, 2007

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Matthew writes...

I know you read the Buffy season 8 comics. Are you following any other series?

Greg responds...

At the moment, I'm following Buffy, Justice League of America and Aquaman (or whatever it's called), but mostly I'm reading the Marvel Essentials -- when I have the time.

Response recorded on June 25, 2007

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Gathering 2007 - Insta-Journal, Part Five

THURSDAY, JUNE 21st, 2007

Travel day. Beth and I got up early, packed, checked out and finally had a breakfast at our bed and breakfast. (Eggs Benedict.) Then we drove to Boston, where Beth dropped me off at Logan Airport before heading back to Nantucket to join the kids and her folks. I bought a Dunkin Donut at the airport, reviewed the outline for the 11th episode of Spidey, listened to audio for the second and third episodes, began the Kandell book and flew to Washington Dulles, where I ate a bag of my Cape Cod chips. Got on the plane to Knoxville, and slept uncomfortably through most of the flight. Landed in Knoxville, where I was picked up by Kathy Pogge, who drove me to Pigeon Forge. Got to the Grand Hotel and into my room. NO INTERNET SIGNAL in the room. Crap. (I'm currently down in the lobby typing this.) Had to spend a lot of time on the phone long distance to Spidey folk, which held up the staff dinner. (Apologies.) Finally, I made it downstairs, and fifteen of us... (me, Kathy, Jennifer, Nikki, Karine, Thom, Samuel, Susan, Patrick, Tony, Andrea, Jenn, Lynati and... and... ugh, forgetting, sorry) went across the street to the Japanese (bennihana-esque) restaurant. Great food. Sushi, steak, shrimp, lobster, veggies, salad, soup.) Fun. Yep, the Gathering has *un*officially started! Back to the hotel. I'd love to just hang out, but I have so much work still to do this week.


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Gathering 2007 - Insta-Journal, Part FourQ. .

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20th, 2007

Went to bed late after finishing an edit on the sixth outline of the Spectacular Spider-Man -- and then woke up early again for no good reason. Beth and I drove to Hyannis to tour the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory. On the way, I finally got that haircut I've been desperately needing. Today it rained, the first lousy weather day since we arrived in New England. The weather's been universally great. After the Potato Chip factory, we went to a mall so that I could buy a book. Bought a couple mysteries, the latest Cece Caruso by our friend Susan Kandell, and what I think is the first Michael Connelly Hieronymous Bosch mystery, which I've heard is great. We had lunch, and then went to see Knocked Up. Then back to Eastham. Relaxed for a bit, then went out to dinner at the Marconi Beach Bar-B-Q. Some good pulled pork.

More to come...

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Gathering 2007 - Insta-Journal, Part Three

TUESDAY, JUNE 19th, 2007
Beth and I slept through the "Breakfast part of "Bed & Breakfast". Got up at a leisurely pace and went to Dunkin Donuts instead. Then we drove down to Provincetown. We parked and walked up the hill to the Provincetown Museum and to the Pilgrim Monument, which we climbed. Then we walked back into town, had really bad pizza, and walked around Commercial Street, which is aptly named. Drove back to the room, and I worked a bit. Then we went out to dinner -- good food at the Wellfleet Restaurant & Bookstore (though I was disappointed to find the bookstore part closed), clam chowder, steamed mussles. We went to see Ocean's 13 and then Ben & Jerry'd our evening away.

More to come...

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Gathering 2007 - Insta-Journal, Part Two

MONDAY, JUNE 17th, 2007
Worked on episode six of Spidey, then went to bed about 2am (which is good for me). But I WOKE up for some reason at 6am. Had bacon and eggs for breakfast. And read the outline for episode ten of Spidey. (I've been working up a storm. Joe Dedicated, that's me.) Later, Beth and I went for a walk and met my father-in-law and my kids at a bike store, where bikes were rented for the kids. Erin, Benny, Beth and I had pizza and smoothies for lunch, then we returned to the house.

Beth and I picked up our luggage, and -- after saying goodbye to my kids and mother-in-law -- my father-in-law dropped us off at the ferry to Hyanis for a few days of husband/wife time. We took the ferry to the Cape, rented our car and drove to Eastham, where we checked into a lovely room at the Penny House Inn. We napped a bit, and then went out to dinner at the Lobster Pool, where we had excellent and cheap lobsters. Then Ben & Jerry's. Then mini-golf. Then we saw the movie Waitress, which I enjoyed. (Beth, not so much.) Then back to the room...

More later...

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Gathering 2007 - Insta-Journal

As always, I'm hoping that all of you who attend the Gathering this coming week in Pigeon Forge, TN, will post Gathering Journals (of any length) here at ASK GREG. This is useful, as it provides one location for me to refer various PTB types when they want to learn more about the Gathering. The more journals we get here, the more FAN PRESENCE we seem to have. One of these days, I'd like to see 100% journalling, but then again one of these days I'd like to see a Gathering attended by thousands of people...

Anyway, can't ask you to do what I'm not willing to do myself. ASK GREG will open for submissions the day before the Gathering and stay open at minimum through the end of July. But in the meantime, I'll be posting about my own trip...

FRIDAY, JUNE 15th, 2007
Got up early, because I had a VERY busy day ahead of me. First off, a "The Spectacular Spider-Man" voice recording. We had to quickly finish off Spidey's lines for our second episode (which had largely recorded the week before), because we had an editing session that afternoon. When that was done, we had to record nearly all of our third episode with most of our cast. We started out by getting the actors who only had a few lines each (less than ten) out of the way. Then we brought in the rest of the cast for the bulk of the episode. We had done a couple of the actors the day before, and nevertheless we still nearly ran out of time. ARRGGHH. We just made it in under the wire. But I'm hoping that starting with our fourth episode (after I get back) things'll be less crazy, and we'll start recording one complete episode at one session and NOT run out of time.

After the recording, Supervising Director and Producer Vic Cook -- a former Gathering attendee -- and I crossed the street for our edit session. Terry, our editor, had quickly cut in the lines we had recorded that morning, and we completed our natural pause edit with him, often tightening and overlapping lines to make the dialogue play both more naturally -- thus NATURAL pause -- and punchier.

All this took much longer than I had hoped. I was really hoping to get a haircut on Friday, but didn't get the chance. I might try to get one on Cape Cod, but if not, I may be looking pretty scruffy at the Gathering.

I also got a bit of scheduling news on the project that meant that I basically will have to work through my entire vacation. It's a bit of a bummer, as only a day before I was told I didn't have to. But that's life, when you're the"boss" on a show that has a lot of bosses over the "boss". I'm thrilled to have the gig, but it can definitely be exhausting sometimes.

Went home. Checked e-mail as quickly as I could, as I had been at the recording studio all day and not at the office. Packed. Had a grilled cheese sandwich. Raced to Larchmont Village to deposit my paycheck and throw some bills in a mailbox. Raced home. Got in the car with Beth, Erin and Benny and headed for the airport.

We arrived in plenty of time, which is a relief. We all had carry-on baggage only, so that saved us a step too. The kids and I got smoothies, and we waited.

Red-Eye to Boston. Slept some -- through Wild Hogs apparently. Read the revised writer's outline to the seventh episode of Spider-Man. Watched what seemed to be a heavily edited version of "Shooter" and a very funny "The Office" episode. Landed in Boston.

SATURDAY, JUNE 16th, 2007
Ate breakfast at Johnny Rockets. Boarded our flight to Nantucket. Read the revised writer's outline to the eight episode of Spider-Man. Landed in Nantucket. Beth's father picked us up at the airport and drove us to my in-laws' home. Unpacked. Went for a little walk with Beth, the kids and Beth's mom. Had lunch. And took a six hour nap. Got up for dinner. Skirt steak, salad, corn, homemade Banana ice cream (made by my father-in-law and the kids while I slept). Then went to work, checking e-mail again... and editing the Record Draft for the fourth episode of Spidey. Was going to start editing the outline to the sixth episode, but I was sleepy, so I went to bed at midnight, which is stunning for me --- even if you DON'T take into account that by L.A. standards it was really only 9pm. Since I've routinely been going to bed over the last few weeks between 4 and 6 am, this was amazing.

SUNDAY, JUNE 17th, 2007
Woke up early -- also amazing for me -- had a bit of breakfast. Read the outline for the ninth episode of Spidey. So far all these outlines have been in pretty darn good shape, which is always nice. Benny and I went for a walk into town. Came back, and I napped for about an hour. Got up for a Father's day brunch, with Beth, the kids and my in-laws. Had a wonderful Lobster Salad and Lobster Bisque. (Can you tell I'm in New England?) Came back to the house and opened father's day cards. Also called my own dad to wish him a happy father's day. He and my mom had only just returned from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. I'm jealous, but there's no time this year. Hope to take the kids next year. Took ANOTHER nap. I think weeks of averaging three hours of sleep a night, plus all the walking and the fresh air -- the weather is gorgeous -- are wiping me out. But this is a good time to sleep.

We got up for a 4pm concert -- a choral performance by the Nantucket Choir. It was lovely. I was familiar with quite a few of the songs, as my son's choir sang them... at Carnegie Hall last month. From there, Beth and the kids and I went to dinner at the Brotherhood of Thieves. Burger and Clam Chowder. Then Ice Cream at the Juice Bar: one scoop of Crantucket with hot fudge. We walked some more and then went home.

More to come...

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Dustin writes...

Hey Greg
I have really been enjoying the comic and am very impressed with how you have stuck with the Gargoyles and also the fans all this time. I recently got a dvr and have been enjoying episodes I never saw from the latter part of season 2 (what isn't out on DVD) on toon Disney. You probably know this by now but they do air Lethal Force these days. I have also caught a couple episodes of The Goliath Chronicles (The Journey, Runaways, and the last episode), but not enough to form a real opinion on the overall quality. It seems to me though that animation as a medium gets a lot more viewers than comics attracts readers so I guess it feels sort of odd to discount those episodes when more people will watch those than read the comics I am guessing. I mean I am not saying you have to pick up where they left off, but it is sort of like in other comics continuity, you can ignore events without contradicting them. They are your creation and I trust your judgement, it just goes against my geeky continuity obsessed mind. It also makes me wonder what people who actually worked on that season think of the negativity surrounding their work. Maybe it was just a pay check to them, but maybe they actually did try to do right by what you had set up. They were also probably under more pressure with BS+P that year which may have affected what they could do. It also seems like it puts you at risk of burning certain bridges, but I do not know about animation so maybe it is a big enough world where it doesn't matter too much to express opinions like that. Alright questions.
1) I couldn't find it anywhere in the archive and maybe its none of my business but since you clearly love the universe you created so much, why did you leave Disney in the 1st place assuming you could have stayed and run season 3 the way you had wanted?

Well I guess thats all I have for questions. No further questions. Other things....you mentioned #6 is a stand alone issue, which sounds like a great idea to me. Comics is different medium than animation/television. Sometimes storytelling has to be compressed a bit. If each 3 issues=1 episode that is like $10 bucks an episode (that is like 3-4 episodes for the price of the entire Sedason 2 Vol.1 DVD, not that its not worth it ). There are a lot of great comics that tell complete stories in one issue. Especially with a bi-monthly schedule it is nice when each issue packs a lot of story (not at the sacrifice of character or pace or anything). I also sort of dislike the decision to use to 1st 2 issues to retell a story that has already been in the series. I understand why it was probably a necessary evil for bringing back a 10 year old world, but it just feels like it had the potential to kill the excitment and momentum of a new series for the loyal fans who will be the primary audience of the series most likely. And I thought if you were doing it anyway it would have been nice to have Vinnie decide not to go to Japan in the end since there is all this talk of him being your surrogate and now you are back with the characters. Seems like a missed opportunity for a nice little wink towards the die hard fans. Maybe you have plans for him in Japan? I am looking forward to having a consistent artist in the upcoming issues. Fill-ins really do have a negative effect on a series in my mind, but weighed against huge delays I suppose they are a better option in this case. Overall I am very excited to have new Gargoyles stories around and I hope the run ends up being very successful because I feel like once you guys get into the groove, it could end up being pretty fantastic and I would hate to see it get cancelled before you even really get into it. And at the end of an arc if time is an issue it seems like it would be pretty easy to skip ahead a few years to catch us up to the present. I personally do not mind it being set in the 90's and I think just not mentioning the year works just fine for casual readers and the loyal fanbase. I guess skipping ahead might ruin your whole timeline you have mapped out as well. I sort of wish a bigger publisher had teamed up with Disney because the issues seem to get shoved in the independent and or kids sections in some shops, when they would probably do much better just mixed in on the shelf with all the other titles.

How about a Northwest Gathering. Portland, Seattle? Maybe even somewhere in Montana.

I think your post about "second base" was probably one of the most entertaining read on this whole page. If you want an example of tv broaching the topic the OC comes to mind 1st when Seth has a hilariously awkward conversation with his father about "preheating the oven".

And you are one episode away from finishing your ramblings on your seasons of the series. Let's get that done. I really enjoy the commentary like feel to those. It might even be interesting to do The Goliath Chronicles to hear what you had to say about those, or at least The Journey.

Well thanks a lot for sticking with these characters and indulging the fans. I was planning just write something as a letter to the comic but my thoughts kind of spilled over into all things Gargoyle. Sorry to go on so long. Hope I didn't come off really critical, the show has been one of my favorites since I was a kid and one of the few shows from then that still holds up to regular viewings. Thanks for your time.
The letters page is called written in stone right? I do not have an issue with me, but if its not it should be. How is that for a ramble...

Greg responds...

Friends of mine worked on Goliath Chronicles. Including Cary Bates, one of my best friends. I know -- and have ALWAYS said -- that they were working very hard under nearly impossible constraints. They did not have the time to LEARN the show; they just had to hit the ground running -- and running very fast. In addition, TPTB changed nearly the ENTIRE crew. So there was nobody around -- or nearly nobody -- in any kind of position of authority to provide any continuity (to the production, let alone to the storyline). I have great sympathy for the people involved... but it just doesn't change how personally painful it was for me to watch those episodes. You're right of course, that the worst rated episode of Goliath Chronicles has been seen by WAY, WAY, WAY more people than have read all the issues of the comic book put together. But at the end of the day, I'm the goofball who has to write the darn thing. And it just would have been too painful to have to include Goliath Chronicles in the continuity. And simply ignoring it wouldn't work, as I think is obvious from issues 3 & 4. Think about it. No clones. No THAILOG?!! Sorry, couldn't do it.

1. This has been answered elsewhere in greater detail, but suffice it to say, I was being pushed out the door and back then -- as much as I appreciated what a unique and great thing Gargoyles was -- I didn't appreciate it enough, and allowed myself to be pushed. I could see the writing on the wall that resources would have been reduced on the show, and didn't want to preside over its demise. I myself was offered a demotion from Supervising Producer to Story Editor. And even before I said yes or no, my replacement was hired. Having said all that, I should have fought to stay. Really. It is the single biggest professional regret of my career. But BIG PICTURE, I can't regret it, because a million things effect each other, and my son was born (specific egg/specific sperm) while I was at DreamWorks. So it's really not even a contest, from a LIFE standpoint.

As for Vinnie, don't overplay the surrogate thing. Vinnie has a life of his own and a destiny to fulfill and if I didn't send him to Japan it would screw up all sorts of future plans. I am also not going to continue to defend my reasons for starting off the comic as I did. I've stated my case. You buy it or you don't.

If you want a Gathering in any specific area, put together a group of fans and submit a bid. It's not a magic process, but it is a lot of hard work.

And the letters page is called "Etched in Stone".

Response recorded on June 13, 2007

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Purplegoldfish writes...

My review for number four!...it's another long one.

Awesome story!! My favorite issue so far.

The interior art: well I have to say that Paniry(?) is a better comic artist than Hedgecock (though Hedgcock does do more detailed backgrounds.) From an artist's standpoint, the art is very good. Good fluid action sequences and nice facial and body expressions. Paniry has a better grasp on anatomy than Hedgecock as well. I don't mind the thick outlines. The one gripe I have is that Goliath looks a little too "Incredible Hulk" in some scenes-and Elisa, well she looks more like the REAL Princess Jasmine than Elisa in a Jasmine costume. I have some more thoughts on her costume later. Thailog and Angela look great throughout the book, as do the clones and mutates.
Evan's coloring is pretty decent. One thing though, why are Elisa's eyes blue?? And I could do without all the lens flares-and what's with the shiny white streaks in Goliath's hair?
Okay, sorry for that long babble-I'm an artist, so I'm anal about this stuff.

On to the story-(finally). So we start the book off with Yo' Mama jokes. I couldn't help groaning-oh it's the 90's! I like the kids' banter, though they look a little too "Mickey Mouse" cutesy to me. Also isn't Billy's hair blonde? Okay, I'll stop with the art, I promise :P I thought those Quarrymen were kids in costumes at first. Seriously though, I'de be more scared of those guys than of the gargoyles.

I really like the Hudson/Robbins scene. How awesome would it be to get halloween candy from a gargoyle? I love the panel with Bronx and Gilly sleeping by the fire. A dog is a dog no matter what it looks like! I have a feeling Robbins suspects Hudson is a gargoyle and is waiting for him to admit. I wonder why Hudson doesn't tell him though? Surely he's been in his company enough to know by now that Robbins wouldn't chase him out simply for what he is. Is that what Hudson is afraid of? I like his "mask" line though. It's so true-and it seems to be the theme of this issue (Where's the title?). Everyone wears masks-not just to hide their physical features-but also to hide their inner thoughts and feelings-to others and to themselves.

Ah, Margot and Brendan. I had always assumed for some reason that Brendan's last name was Yale. I guess they are not married. Love the Wizard of Oz costumes-particularly Angela's. Though Lex's choice is a bit creepy. Margot gets close and personal with Lex. For someone who's "seen these beasts up close" she can't tell he's a gargoyle when she's mere inches from his face. Which brings me to this thought; how dense are the people at the party that none of them seem to notice they have *real* gargoyles in their midst? I can understand the random party guests that don't get a good look at them--but those who go up to them like Margot and Morgan? No costume is THAT good. The wings, the tails, the feet. Morgan even *touches* Goliath. Does he suspect? It just seems odd particularly with the rumors that Xanatos harbors the gargoyles. Maybe I'm just being anal...

back to the story...Elisa shows up as Jasmine. We've got a theme here with the Disney Princesses. But is it really in Elisa's character to be dressed in such a skimpy outfit in public like that? I mean we hardly even saw her bare arms throughout the series. I see this as being much more out of character for her than when she breaks up with Goliath. Angela shows she has a bitchy side-it's great-she's not the sweet little angel so many people make her out to be. She's right to be annoyed at Elisa-I am too- but isn't Angela being a bit of hypocrite considering the way she and Broadway are around Brooklyn? She even seems to be flirting with him later on. I like how our heroines are showing flaws in their characters though-makes them more real.

I just love Judge Roebling here. I like how Greg takes all these bit characters we assume we'll only see once and brings them back and gives them personality. Robeling seems to have gotten in the bubbly a bit. His speech patterns remind me of Foghorn Leghorn lol. I love how he just comes up to Goliath and talks to him as if he's just like any other normal guy in the room. And I love the "wink wink nudge nudge" line. A reference to Monty Python? I have a friend who says that a lot and he likes both Monty Python and Gargoyles. This guy reminds me of him I guess. I like Goliath's terse "No!" when Roebling asks if Delilah is Demona. Goliath's in such a talky mood...One thing that is really missing from the comic books is tone of voice. I would like to hear how Goliath said "No!", how Brentwood said "free...will?" Oh well, I guess we just have to use our imaginations.

I love the akward moment when delilah talks about her genetic sources. She's so direct hehe, and then Elisa and Morgan show up. I think the term we are searching for during the party scenes is "Awkward." I love that long dark panel with just the four of them in the spotlight staring at each other. It's just them in the room...

I think drooling broadway and Lex is a bit much. We're trying to get away from the idea that Broadway is just a big eatint machine. I'm glad that Lex is drooling right along with him though. At least they're enjoying themselves-even Lex who doesn't have a signifiant other. Unlike Brooklyn who's moping and feeling sorry for himself again...he's getting on my nerves.

I got the connection with the Chungs. Ambassador Chung and Terry, the kid from the first few panels. Not too big of a deal for me since I've never been interested in the New Olympian spinoff in the least-don't really know why, I'm just not. Maybe if I went to the Gathering and learned more about it--though unfortunately I can't go this year. (I do intend to get to at least one). Though I wonder if we'll see more of these two in the current gargoyle universe.
Interesting bit of information about Alex's growth spurt. I haven't noticed. I'm also a bit surprised that only four months has passed since "The Gathering." Probably because we haven't gotten new material in ten years.
I'm not surprised that a high up Illuminati guy would be working in the white house-as a server no less! I can't even make any speculation on what they want to talk to Xanatos about.

Back to the labyrinth- Claw and Maggie come into their own here. Claw tackles Thailog-must have taken a lot of guts considering his timid personality. But I gotta hand it to maggie. She stands up to Thailog-a homicidal gargoyle armed to the teeth who had just subdued both Talon and Claw. I don't think a lot of people give her enough credit-she has a lot of courage-and she's buried for it...I hope she's okay. Didn't get the Norma Rae line until some people said it was a Sally Field movie. How old is the target audience again? ;)
I like the free will theme going on with the clones. Do they have a choice in following Thailog? Or maybe they just don't realize that they do. Brentwood stands out from the other clones here. He's even listening in the background when Goliath and Owen discuss Delilah's free will later on. I think he's going to break off from Thailog.

So labyrinth girl volunteers to go warn Goliath. She's a bit too late though- if she even went at all. I'm curious as to her motives. Back at the party Morgan is an idiot and reminds Elisa that she broke up with Goliath...dude, that's not the best way to romance a girl. He's perseptive, but Elisa and Goliath must have tension radiating from them that you can cut with a knife when they're next to each other. It can't be THAT hard to figure it out.

Elisa and Goliath are so kind to their dates hehe. I actually feel bad for them. Elisa just kinda ignores Morgan and stares into space, and Goliath just kinda ignores Delilah and stares at Elisa. Goliath just orders Delilah to "stay here" while he runs after Elisa. Yeah, real nice Goliath, treat Delilah like Thailog does. I love how morgan attempts to break the tension with his "having fun yet" line. I think they both realize they're being used.

I really like the Goliath/Elisa moment. It's so frustrating- Elisa is trying to run away from her feelings. Does she honestly believe that she can go on without Goliath? It's so pathetically obvious that she can't, yet she keeps trying. I love Goliath's speech. He actually uses the word "love" in reference to Demona and Elisa. Pretty strong admissin I think. This is the closest he has ever come to telling her he loves her...I get the feeling he was about to-but Elisa cuts him off, again. Maybe Elisa realized what he was about to say and that's why she ran off. ARGHH! DAMNIT ELISA! I'm surprised Goliath hasn't completely lost it with her by now-just grab her by the shoulders, tell her to "shut the hell up" and listen to him!

Thailog is true to his word and crashes the party. Poor Goliath, it's just going from bad to worse. I love Owen's response. So very "Owen." He had that goon squad ready relatively quickly-so maybe Labyrinth girl did give word? Hmmm...I love Owen's line about constantly repairing the castle. A little nod to all the times the castle is damaged because of all the craziness that goes on there. Owen makes the best possible choice he can and offers up Delilah. Poor Delilah, just a pawn in all this mess. I hope she eventually rips Thailog a new one. I really like the split panel with the halves of Goliath's and Thailog's faces. And then the cliffhanger...Wow, Thailog is one nasty SOB! First he buries Maggie alive for talking to the clones, then he stabs Goliath in the gut, who's just standing there!! I wasn't too surprised that this happened, since I seen the cover to #5 when it got out accidentally. Oh well. The look on Goliath's face while he's being stabbed is a bit comical. I'm not sure if that was the intention. But oh man, Greg really leaves us hanging! I can't wait for number five! I'm intrigued by Greg saying "Elisa makes a choice" on the back page. Maybe seeing Goliath nearly dying will convince that she's being an idiot and that her place is with him. I'm also curious as to what Delilah will choose to do.

All in all, an awesome chapter to this great story! My one major gripe is that it's too short! Great job to everyone who worked on it!

Greg responds...

Foghorn Leghorn and Monty Python -- who says I don't have widespread influences?

As for the target audience, it's basically me. Just me. Only me. Me. Me alone. No one else. Just me. Me. Did I say "me"? Me. (The rest of you are just along for the ride. Hope you like the scenery.) Me.

[Oh, come on, like you haven't suspected it all along!]

Response recorded on June 12, 2007

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Robbie Bishop writes...

Wow! Max Steel ruined your career for several years!! How?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNK5Fli0JAE it says so on youtube but the camera guy keeps laughing and I can't hear you!

Greg responds...

Man, I've got to remember that anything I say these days can wind up on You Tube.

And, yeah, it did. I believe, and I have had many more objective people than I confirm it, that I was both scapegoated and blackballed for the perceived failures of that series, the main irony being that the show was a minor hit -- not a failure at all.

Response recorded on June 11, 2007

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Charisma82 writes...

Hey! I was wondering about the way you named the 2 new detectives in the 3rd comic book. I heard that you named them after your college roommates. What I want to know is did you give them a heads up that their names would be in the comic book? Or did you just hope they'd find out on their own? In fact, do you even know if they read the comic book? If they haven't, and if you never told them, will you ever let them know that their names were used for your 2 new characters? I'm curious because if I had my name in a comic book (or any kind of writing) because someone I knew wrote it, I'd like to know about it.

Thanks for your time and all that you do.


Greg responds...

I'm not in touch with either any more, sad to say.

Response recorded on May 24, 2007

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Shannon 'Shan' Muir writes...

Greg, you mentioned in a recent post that the writings of Stephen J. Gould may have influenced you on GARGOYLES? How did you come to be exposed to his writings? For me, they were required reading in my Advanced Stats class for my MA in Communications (prof was a Gould fan). Thanks.

Greg responds...

I was teaching Freshman Composition at U.S.C. and some of his stuff was in the textbook.

Response recorded on April 13, 2007

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Charisma82 writes...

I read somewhere that you've been to Disneyland many times. What is your favorite ride there?

Thank you in advance for your answer and for your time.


Greg responds...

I'm not sure I have one favorite. (Today's questions don't seem to be provoking much in the way of definitive response.) I enjoy a bunch of rides, including but not limited to Pirates, Matterhorn, Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan, Small World (yeah, you heard me!), Space Mountain. There are rides that are gone now that I used to love, like that Innerspace one where they shrunk you down into a snowflake, etc. I'm probably forgetting some...

Response recorded on April 13, 2007

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Ylm writes...

Aside from your gargoyles related comics work such as the new Gargoyles sequel and the upcoming Bad Guys mini, will we be seeing any more comics written by you?

Greg responds...

I hope so. Tell your favorite comic company to contact me.

Response recorded on April 06, 2007

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Twiggess writes...

Just wondering (cause you make them sound so-well, they'll be at least pre-teens by the time you read this, so for their sake I'll refrain from using the word "adorable") if there were any pictures of your kids posted on any websites in those Fox/David Gathering outfits? Or any pics at all, for that matter? I understand if not, if I had kids I wouldn't want any photos of them on the internet either, just thought I'd ask.

Greg responds...

I'm not aware of any.

Response recorded on March 09, 2007

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Twiggess writes...

So if the Canmore's are named after your sibblings, does that mean that Elisa's sister Beth is named after your wife? Or is that just a coinsidence? (Like there's such a thing as coinscidence on "Gargoyles"....

Greg responds...

It's not a coincidence.

Response recorded on February 15, 2007

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Charisma82 writes...


First off, I was looking through questions and comments that you've answered on this website last night and I noticed that a few people mentioned that you don't like to get questions about different subjects all in one writing, but to post them seperately. When I read through the rules on the first page, I didn't see this mentioned, but if you did say something about this in the rules and I'm missing it somewhere, I appologize for my last journals that I wrote. They had different subjects asked about in them, and I didn't know that you prefer not to get them that way. I hope that it didn't complicate your answering questions, I certainly didn't want to do that. Again, I'm sorry. I won't do it again, and I'll understand if you don't answer some of my questions on those posts.

Today is Monday so I had school again. It's half way over, so I'm glad. Today in class, one of the other students (one of the louder ones I might add) kept going on about how she got to go to the premier for the Pirates of the Carribbean 2 movie at Disneyland. She had pictures and autographs for anyone who would pay attention to see. It's funny, she said she waited 11 hours on Main Street to see the stars of the movie. I was thinking how cool it would be to go to the one for the 3rd movie, but then I realized that they had this last movie the same weekend as the gathering this year. I really hope that they don't have it at the same time as 2007's gathering, because I'd really love to go to both.

Since I'm talking about Disneyland, and you work for disney and all, I think I'll end this journal with questions about Disney for you (because I don't want to detour to other topics and make it longer than it needs to be). Have you been to Disneyland? It's a great place, I think. My family and I have obtained family passes for the place a couple of times in the past. I'm Disneyland sick right now because we haven't been in a year or so (I know it sounds stupid that I should complain about this, because other people only get to go once in their lives). One memory I like best of Disneyland was the year they were building California Adventure next door to it. We had season passes that year, so we got to see California Adventure being built from the ground up as we went to Disneyland over the year. I've heard from people before who work at Disneyland and they say they hate it. One must wonder why? I guess you'll never know unless you work there. Is it the same for people who don't work at Disneyland, but still work for Disney? I mean, do you ever get tired of working for Disney? I think that is why the others hate the place now, they had too much of what is supposed to be a good thing.

I also want to say that I saw your name at the end of the WITCH credits tonight. My sister saw it and pointed it out and said that I over react to seeing names that I am familiar with. I always get excited when I see a name or hear a voice that had to do with gargoyles. You all did a great job with that show, and I hope you continue your ideas on through this new show (and into other new gargoyle developments).

Well, I guess this is it. The Gathering of the Gargoyles is officially over with today. No more me rambling on and on about.... well, nothing really. I did enjoy taking the time out to put up these posts. I hope that next year I get to put up posts of what happened at the 2007 gathering and not what is happening in my normal life.

I hope you and everyone else had a great time at the gathering and has a safe trip back to your homes. Thank you for listening (actually reading), and letting me, and everyone else who puts up posts, take up some of your time. It is appreciated.

It has been a pleasure and a privelege to write to you.


Greg responds...

I do not work for Disney right now. Used to. But not at the moment. I have been to Disneyland. I'm a born and bred Angelino, so I've been going there since I was a kid.

Response recorded on January 23, 2007

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Susan Leonard writes...

I am a longtime collector of original production art cells. I have a room in my home that contains cells of favorite moments from both the Batman and Superman animated series highlighting the romantic moments between Superman and Lois Lane as well as Batman and Catwoman and favorite villains like The Joker and Lex Luthor. I am a huge fan of Gargoyles as well and would like to purchase some original production from the series if it is at all possible. I am particularly interested in moments between Goliath and Elisa. Please let me know if this can be done, and how I can go about it. Thank you for your time Greg!

Greg responds...

Hey Susan,

I'm guessing you posted this before we met and before you attended your first Gathering.

I'm thinking that by now you've had the opportunity to get some cells. I feel like they were on sale in Las Vegas in 2005. E-bay's another possibility, or contact the fans via Station Eight.

But I'm afraid that I'm not a resource for finding or purchasing Garg cells.

I own four cells myself (which I have no intention of ever selling):

1. Goliath in the castle corridor from "Awakening, Part One"

2. Goliath holding what he believes to be Demona's remains from "Awakening, Part One"

3. Goliath, Elisa, Lexington, Broadway, Brooklyn, Hudson, Bronx watching t.v. from "The Edge".

4. Goliath and La Belle Elisa dancing from "Eye of the Beholder".

Response recorded on November 15, 2006

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Bob writes...

Hey Greg,

I was wondering could you please tell us more about these prosed animated projects,
Steven Spielberg's Cliffhangers, Sword of the Shogun, The Avenger, Blackhawk, Madison & MON-Ro, Rain of the Ghosts, Tai-Fu The Series, Treasure Hunters, Inc., & Small Soldiers: The Animated Series?

Greg responds...

Avenger is based on the old pulp character.
Blackhawk on the DC Comics property.

Both were proposed for Cliffhanger's which was Steven's idea to run a different five-episode action miniseries (with each ep ending in a cliffhanger) every week. We were never able to sell a network on Cliffhangers, so neither Avenger nor Blackhawk ended up being optioned.

Tai-Fu was going to be a video game that DreamWorks Interactive was working on. Don't know if they ever made it.

Small Soldiers was based on the movie of the same name.

Sword of the Shogun, Madison & MON-Ro, Rain of the Ghosts and Treasure Hunters, Inc. were all original ideas that I proposed and developed.

Sword of the Shogun was also going to be in Cliffhangers.

Garg fans who came to the 1997 Gathering saw the Rain of the Ghosts pilot as a radio play. That's the one that got the furthest. Nick optioned it, but passed ultimately.

Nick also optioned Madison, but Steven killed it.

Response recorded on October 01, 2006

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Believe it or not...

I'm pod-casting at http://www.catchdacraze.com/

Tried to listen to it myself, but couldn't make it work. But theoretically one of you might be able to manage it.

Can't hurt to try, right...

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Laura (Ackerman) Sack writes...

Just read the resume you posted- two things caught my curiosity: One was in reference to the Disney Afternoon block, "Developed animated feature length idea, The Tempest", and the other was "1999: Macbeth, DREAMWORKS FEATURE ANIMATION. Writer". I hope my memory isn't failing me, but I don't remember either being discussed on Ask Greg. Were these straight adaptations of the Shakespeare, inspired by, reminiscent of...?

Thanks in advance for answering.

Greg responds...

At Disney, the Tempest idea I had was inspired by the play. Followed the basic outline of the story, but wasn't the play itself.

At DreamWorks, I developed TWO versions of Macbeth. One dead on, i.e. the actual play. And one that was inspired by the play, but told from a different point of view.

Of course, none of this stuff was for the Disney Afternoon block.

Response recorded on September 20, 2006

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Richard writes...

In your resume you mentioned a Robotech Mars Force, how does this fit within the bounds of the Robotech series in relation to the other series (Macross, Southern Cross, New Generation and Sentinels)?

Greg responds...

Well, the short answer is that it doesn't. I developed a new Robotech series for Harmony Gold. We went down the road together a little ways, and then they ultimately passed. (I liked it. So it's too bad, I think.)

I'm afraid I can't say anything else about it, because I signed a N.D.A. (i.e. a Non-Disclosure Agreement).

Response recorded on September 20, 2006

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Siren writes...

I was reading your resume and first may I saw WOW! So many great things you have given to people around the world. And second, I'd like to thank you both for your resume and all your wonderful ideas.

I noticed you mentioned you worked on Ducktales. I remember an episode when Scrooge and the nephews go to Scotland. I forget the exact details, but it had to do with Shakespeare and his play "MacDuck". This particular episodes reminds me of you heavily, for obvious reasons.
1.)Were you involved in writing this particular episode?
2.)If so, was it your idea to bring "MacBeth" into the Ducktales Universe?
3.)Any other thoughts on this episode?

Greg responds...

1. Nope.

2. See above.

3. I honestly can't remember it. Which may mean that I never saw it. Or may mean that I just can't remember it.

Sorry if all that disappoints, but it's nice to know I'm not the only one trying to bring the Bard to the masses.

The thing to remember is that I only worked on the very tail end of that series. A tiny bit of work on one sequence of the feature film. And then the last five episodes, including a Valentine's Special and a two-parter about a golden goose.

Response recorded on September 19, 2006

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Todd Jensen writes...

Just looked over the resume that you included in one of your most recent answers, and thought that I'd tell you that I found it amusing and very appropriate that two projects that you'd worked on were feature-length animated versions (which apparently wound up being scrapped before completed) of "The Tempest" and "Macbeth". I certainly can't say that I'm too surprised that you'd be working on them.

Greg responds...

No, it's not particularly surprising, just a bit depressing. I also spent some time working on a Midsummer Night's Dream animated feature. But that never got off the ground either.

Response recorded on September 19, 2006

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Conventions in October

October Conventions:

Hey gang,

I've been invited to attend two more conventions (my eighth and ninth of the year >whew<) in October.

The first is "CON-Sequential" in Memphis, TN, October 14-15th.


The second is the "Mo-Kan Comics CONspiracy" in Kansas City, MO,
October 28-29th.


If you're in the neighborhood of either or both, please stop by and say hello.


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Todd Jensen writes...

Thanks for the ramble on "Mark of the Panther". (Boy, we're really coming along well with the rambles now! Isn't it great?) Here are my thoughts on it.

One of the moments that still most stands out to me is the legend of the Panther Queen that was incorporated into the story; the change of animation to set the old tale apart from the present-day action was a particular delight for me. (Although I hadn't even thought until you mentioned it that somebody tuning into "Gargoyles" during this story could have mistakenly believed that they were watching a different television program.)

I've read a little about Anansi before the series came out, though I'm no expert upon him. One thing that I had learned about him, which I think that the episode captures accurately, is that his tricks and schemes had a tendency to backfire upon him - and this is what happens in both the Panther Queen story and the main action. In the Panther Queen story, Anansi, indignant about having to turn the Panther Queen's son into a panther, banishes all the humans from Karadigi - and then realizes too late that he's just sacked his entire hunting force, so who's going to bring him food now? And in the present day, Anansi's getting Fara Maku to hunt for him worked too well - he gorged himself to such an extent that, once out of his web, he was too fat and unwieldy to fight the gargoyles effectively.

Diane's helping to resolve satisfactorally the problem of Goliath's difficulty in acknowledging Angela as his daughter reminds me of something that you once said about why they generally leave mothers out of Disney movies: the mother, if she was there, could have found a solution to the problem so quickly that there'd be barely any story. And once Elisa's mother shows up, she does indeed help solve the Goliath-Angela problem (though without preventing there from being a story).

And I picked up (by the last time that I saw this episode, a few months ago - I regularly watch my "Gargoyles" tapes every summer) on the link between Diane telling Fara Maku about his desire to keep Tea by his side "That's not love; that's selfishness" and her telling Elisa at the end that love is about letting go.

The moment that you mentioned about Diane telling Goliath with a certain indignant dignity "I don't need protection" and Goliath saying "Of course" always amused me - and I found myself also thinking of "mother-in-law" towards Diane at that moment.

The first time that I saw this episode, I thought that Anansi had indeed been slain at the end, though "The Gathering Part One" proved me wrong on that. And, truth to tell, I'm kind of glad that the Children of Oberon are so difficult to kill and that we haven't had any genuine deaths among them as yet in the series. After all, they are (or the bulk of them are) traditional figures in humanity's own myths and legends, part of our cultural heritage. Obviously, a genuine death for Anansi wouldn't result in everyone forgetting the tales about him, but still, his passing, or the passing of any other member of the Third Race, would somehow (to me, at least) diminish the "tapestry of story" that we have gained from them. (When we get to "The Gathering Part Two", I'll mention how Oberon's sentence upon Puck has a similar, if not as strong, impact upon me.)

Thanks also for telling us about how Bronx somehow reminded you and your family of Norman again. (I wonder now how the Cagney scenes in "Gargoyles" would have affected me if I'd seen any of them between the time that my old cat Merlin passed on, two months ago, and the time that I adopted my new kitten Obie.) Norman sounds like he must truly have been quite a dog.

Greg responds...

Norman was indeed quite a dog. I miss him still. We have two new old dogs now, Sammi & Abraham and we still have our cat Bigtime, but we recently lost our cat Iggy during a power outage. And when I say "lost" I mean that literally. Heat wave. Power outage. Open windows. He must have run off. But he hasn't come back.

Kinda know how Hudson felt about Bronx during the World Tour. So I'm hoping Iggy's having fun in his own personal Avalon.

Response recorded on August 23, 2006

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Pheobe writes...

Dear Greg,

What is next for you?

Greg responds...

I'm currently unemployed. Have a few maybes on the horizon, but nothing definite.

However, in January 2006, the second season of WITCH should begin airing. That's what I've been working on most of the last year. I'm very proud of our work on that show. I wasn't involved with the first season at all, but you might want to start checking that out now, so that you're up to speed for what I really think is a kick-ass second season.

I had a great writing staff and a great cast and voice director working under me. Not to mention a terrific boss, Justine Cheynette at SIP Animation. Love her. And I don't often say that about my bosses.

Response recorded on October 31, 2005

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Drew Lung writes...

Hello, I'm a long time fan of the show, 'Gargoyles', and have a few questions.

What inspired 'Gargoyles' in the first place?
How did you get such a unusual idea for a tv series noticed by producers?
Were any of the characters replacements for original concepts you may have had early on?
Do you remember any ideas that didn't soar? (no pun)
And what other tv shows have you taken part in?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but I'm curious.

Greg responds...

1. Actual Gargoyles. Also Hill Street Blues. Gummi Bears. Etc. Check out the Archives here at ASK GREG.

2. You've got it backwards. I was an executive at the time. I hire the producers. This time I hired myself. As for how I sold the idea, that took some effort, three pitches, two years and a lot of help from my development team, my colleagues and my bosses, Bruce Cranston, Gary Krisel and Jeffrey Katzenberg. Michael Eisner finally approved us to series.

3. I'm not sure what you mean. As many fans know, the show was originally pitched as a comedy, and every major character except Goliath and Angela (and maybe Bronx), had an antecedent in the comedy development. Demona was Dakota. Xanatos was Xavier. Brooklyn was Amp. Broadway was Coco. Lexington was Lassie. Owen was Mr. Owen. Hudson was Ralph, etc. In later pitches, we did add addtional characters that went through a few changes before they actually hit the screen. Catscan became Talon. C.Y.O.T.E. (or some such acronym) became Coyote, etc. The New Olympians were added in from their own development. And so on...

4. Yes.

5. Lots. Some much more than others, but an incomplete off-the-top-of-my-head list would include: Gummi Bears, Winnie the Pooh, DuckTales the Movie, DuckTales, Talespin, Rescue Rangers, Marsupilami, Bonkers, Goof Troop, Raw Toonage, Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Return of Jafar, A Goofy Movie, Bionicle Mask of Light, Atlantis: Milo's Return, Men in Black, The Batman, Hercules, Buzz Lightyear, Max Steel, Gargoyles, Alien Racers, W.I.T.C.H., Invasion America, A.T.O.M., Mighty Ducks, Kim Possible, Quack Pack, Goliath Chronicles, Roughnecks: Starship Troopers, 3X3 Eyes, Ikkei Tossen, Jem and the Holograms, etc.

Response recorded on October 21, 2005

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For those of you who have worn out your GARGOYLES first season DVD playing the words "Nice Mask" over and over and over again...

For those of you who have waited and watched for that Panda-La episode of Talespin, just so that you can hear: "Father, the rockets aren't working!"...

For those of you who just can't get enough of the homeless guy in 3x3 Eyes humming the Gargoyles' theme...

I'd recommend you rush out and purchase the four volume DVD set of IKKI TOUSEN (Strength of a Thousand).

Heck, I'd recommend it anyway. I've watched the first three volumes and plan to watch the fourth volume tonight. They're all a lot of fun. The interview with the director is worth the price of admission alone. Loads of action and sexy stuff. (NOT FOR KIDS, BTW! ADULTS ONLY!)

Ikki Tousen.

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Chris Robbins writes...

Do you plan on doing a new series for Disney or any other channel like Cartoon Network.

Greg responds...

Well, I do plan to keep working and earning a living. So... Yep.

Right now, as I've mentioned before, I'm working on the second season of W.I.T.C.H.

The first season (which I was not involved with) is currently airing in ABC Family's Jetix Block and ABC (Broadcast) Saturday Morning. There's some really fun stuff there, so I'd recommend it -- particularly if you want to be prepped for the very cool stuff we have planned for Season Two.

Response recorded on March 03, 2005

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Mike Cohen CKayote@worldnet.att.net writes...

Topic: Weisman, Greg

As a result of watching 'too much' TV as a kid, I find myself wanting to work in writng TV and movies. I'm starting my freshman year of college in August, and I have no idea about how to get into my chosen profession. I tried asking my school's advisors and the film department people and looking on the internet,etc. but nobody knows anything about it.
So I figured that ask someone who's been there is doing that.

So how did you end up with a job writing all those Disney shows? Where did you go school? What did you major in? Who did you have to meet to get where you are?

Thank You Very Much,
Mike Cohen

Greg responds...

Well, let's see. By now, you must be almost done with your Sophomore year, and I hope you haven't been waiting that long to hear back from me.

My bio in brief:

B.A. Stanford University in English with an emphasis in Fiction Writing.
M.P.W. University of Southern California. M.P.W. stands for Masters of Professional Writing and my emphasis was in playwrighting.

In between, I worked on staff at DC Comics for two years. And I freelanced for them for about eight years -- beginning during my Junior Year at Stanford and ending after I was well-ensconced at Disney.

Before I left USC, I interviewed at numerous places... and hit it off with Gary Krisel, who was putting together Disney's TV Animation unit. A year later I started there as a VERY junior creative executive. It was supposed to be my day job while I wrote at night. But I didn't do much writing over those five years. Instead, I got steadily promoted, eventually rising to Director of Series Development. I developed numerous shows including Gargoyles, and then moved over laterally to produce that show.

Eventually left for some unfulfilling years at DreamWorks, and then went Freelance.

My first recommendation to anyone who's interested in the biz is to find something else to do... unless you just feel like NOTHING ELSE could do it for you. It's a brutal business full of rejection, so unless you have the passion to carry you through, over and/or around all that brutality and rejection, I'd go elsewhere.

Second rec is to move to L.A. That's where all the action is.

Third rec is to write, write, write.

Fourth is to read, read, read.

Fifth is to learn how to proofread, and practice the art religiously.

Response recorded on February 28, 2005

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Billy Kerfoot writes...

1) Oh Greg, one more thing I forgot! I've heard you were an English teacher once before. Who was your most memorable student and why? Where did you teach? And how come I wasn't selected to be in your class?

Greg responds...

I was a Shakespeare T.A. at Stanford. I also taught a literature class there, "The Mythic Hero in Modern Literature".

At U.S.C., I taught Freshmen Composition.

And through U.C.L.A. Extension I've taught a course on Writing for Television Animation.

Response recorded on January 11, 2005

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Gerald Smith writes...

what else have you written? before and after gargoyles.

Greg responds...

My complete resume as of October, 2004:



4/83 - present: Emmy Nominated Freelance Writer / Producer / Story Editor / Voice Director / Development Guy. See credits below.

1/02 - present: Voice Instructor, SPECIAL DATA PROCESSING CORPORATION, Clearwater, Florida. Developed and gave seminars to telemarketers on how to increase sales by using their voice and acting skills as tools.

1/98 - present: Writing Instructor, UCLA EXTENSION PROGRAM. Introduction to Animation Writing, From Script to Cell: The Complete Writer's Guide to Television Animation. Designed and taught course on animation writing. Evaluated exercises and spec teleplays for both format and ability.

6/96 - 9/98: Writer / Developer / Producer, DREAMWORKS SKG TELEVISION ANIMATION. Developing series and video projects including Invasion: America, Steven Spielberg's Cliffhangers, Sword of the Shogun, The Avenger, Blackhawk, Madison & MON-Ro, Rain of the Ghosts, Tai-Fu The Series, Treasure Hunters, Inc., Small Soldiers: The Animated Series.

10/94 - 5/96: Creator / Supervising Producer / Supervising Story Editor, Gargoyles animated television series, WALT DISNEY TELEVISION ANIMATION. Created and developed series and characters. Writer/Producer on 66 half-hour episodes. Came up with overall story arc, and all 66 springboards. Managed four story editors; oversaw all premises, outlines, scripts and voice recordings. Voice directed an episode. Gave notes on storyboards, design work and timing direction. Supervised editing, sound mixes and video on-lines. Nominated for "Golden Reel," "EMA" and "Annie" Awards. Created and developed sequel series, Bad Guys, Pendragon, The New Olympians, TimeDancer, Dark Ages, Gargoyles 2198.

2/93 - 10/94: Director of Series Development, DISNEY TV ANIMATION. Developed new series for afternoon syndication and network Saturday morning. Including Marsupilami (CBS), Bonkers (syn), Aladdin (CBS & syn), Schnookums & Meat (syn), Timon & Pumbaa (CBS & syn), Quack Pack (syn), Mighty Ducks (syn), Gargoyles (syn) and Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles (ABC). Developed animated feature length idea, The Tempest.

2/90 - 2/93: Creative Executive, Current Programming and Series Development, DISNEY TV ANIMATION. Current Programming (including Talespin syndicated series, among others): managed staff of over fifty writers, story editors, development artists and script coordinators. Negotiated contracts. Gave notes on scripts, outlines, premises & storyboards. Supervised voice-recording sessions. Story Edited episodes of Duck Tales syndicated series. Series Development: developed new series for afternoon syndication and network Saturday morning, including Darkwing Duck (ABC & syn), Raw Toonage (CBS), Little Mermaid (CBS) and Goof Troop (ABC & syn).

7/89 - 2/90: Staff Assistant, DISNEY TV ANIMATION. Covered outside submissions. Read current programming; gave notes. Worked in development. Acting Creative Executive on New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (ABC), Gummi Bears (NBC, ABC & syn), Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers (syn) and DuckTales the Movie: Secret of the Lost Lamp (feature film).

8/88 - 5/98: Assistant Lecturer, UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Taught courses in Composition. Designed curricula and assignments; evaluated papers and examinations.

2/88 - 8/88: Food Server, Cashier & Soda Jerk, JOHNNY ROCKETS, Melrose Avenue, CA. Waited on counter; worked computerized cash register; made great shakes & malts.

3/87 - 7/87: Associate Editor, DC COMICS, New York, NY. Edited and developed new comic book series, including Young All-Stars.

3/86 - 3/87: Assistant Editor, DC COMICS. Trafficked comic art and stories; maintained schedules on over five monthly titles, including Teen Titans.

10/85 - 3/86: Editorial Assistant, DC COMICS, Distributed mail, photocopied, etc.

2/85 - 6/85: Teaching Assistant and Preceptor, STANFORD UNIVERSITY. Led discussions and evaluated student work including fiction, essays and quizzes for two courses. Shakespeare: Organized discussion sections for class of 140 students. Personally responsible for section of 15 students. The Mythic Hero in Modern Literature: Proposed, designed and taught accredited seminar of 11 students.


2004 - Present: W.I.T.C.H., SIP Animation/Disney Channel. Supervising Producer & Story Editor of Second Season of Animated Series.

2004 - Present: Robotech: Mars Force, Harmony Gold. Developed new Animated Spin-off Series. Wrote Bible.

2003 - Present: Kidd/Hero, DAG. Developed Animated Series, writing bible and voice directing sales reel.

2002 - Present: The Bible for the Platinum Megaverse!, PLATINUM STUDIOS. Developed multiple series, characters, movies and stories for comic books, television and features. Writing Bible for their entire comic book universe, including encyclopedia, biographies, mini-bibles and timeline.

1997 - Present: Ask Greg, Maintained website at http://s8.org/gargoyles/askgreg/. Designed to keep fan interest in the Gargoyles television series alive.

2004: Alien Racers, MGA Entertainment. Wrote an episode of Animated Series.

2004: Robo-Sapiens, WARNER BROS. Co-created and developed original Animated Series. Wrote bible and pilot treatment.

2004: Mechromancers, DISNEY. Voice directed pilot for Animated Series.

2004: Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!, DISNEY. Writer for multiple episodes of Animated Series.

2003 - 2004: The Batman, WARNER BROS. Writer for multiple episodes of Animated Series.

2002: Phoenix Force, HASBRO. Developed animated series based on the Action Man toy property.

2002: Kim Possible, DISNEY. Writer for Animated Series.

2002: Creature Force, DISNEY. Developed Animated Series. Wrote Series Bible.

2002: Spider-Man, SONY. Writer for Animated Series.

2002: Bionicle, LEGO. Story Editor / Consultant for Animated Direct to Video Feature. Shared Story Credit.

2002: The Mummy, UNIVERSAL. Writer for Animated Series.

2000 - 2002: Team Atlantis, DISNEY. Writer / Story Editor / Voice Director for Animated Series and Direct-to-Video Feature.

2000: 3 x 3 Eyes, NEW GENERATION PICTURES / PIONEER. Voice Director for Direct-to-Video Anime Series.

1999 - 2000: Max Steel, SONY. Developed Series. Producer / Story Editor for first season. Writer, multiple episodes.


1998 - 99: Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles, SONY. Story Editor (10 episodes), writer (2 episodes), assisted on Post-Production (7 episodes). Series and Writer nominated for Best Animated Series Special Class Emmy.

1998: Justice League Giant, DC COMICS. Writer.

1998: Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, DISNEY. Writer (multiple episodes) for Animated Series.

1998: Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot, SONY. Writer for Animated Series.

1998: Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends, BKN. Developed Series. Writer / Story Editor on Bible and Pilot.

1998: Disney's Hercules, DISNEY. Writer for Animated Series.

1997 - 1998: Stargate: The Hunted, MGM. Developed Animated Series, wrote Bible.

1997 - 1998: Men In Black: The Series, SONY. Writer for Animated Series, multiple episodes.

1996: Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles, DISNEY. Developed series. Writer / Story Editor of pilot episode.

1994 - 1996: Gargoyles, DISNEY. Creator / Supervising Producer / Supervising Story Editor on 66 half-hour episodes. Nominated for "Golden Reel," "EMA" and "Annie" Awards.

1995: Gargoyles Comic Book, MARVEL COMICS, New York, NY. Writer. Supervised writing on all issues.

1986-1991: Captain Atom, DC COMICS. Reconceived and revamped character of "Captain Atom" with partner. Co-wrote 33 issues of comic book series, plus two annuals. As an individual, wrote 16 issues. Samples available upon request.

1990: Duck Tales, DISNEY. Story Editor on multiple episodes.

1983-1990: Secret Origins, among others, DC COMICS. Proposed, plotted and scripted many comic book stories. Also wrote text pieces published in Who's Who in the DC Universe, among others.

1989: The Artemis Choice, U.S.C. Two-act stage-play.

1988: Valley of the Vampire, INTERVISUAL COMMUNICATIONS, L.A. CA. Writer on Pop-Up Book.

1987: Jem and the Holograms, SUNBOW PRODUCTIONS, NYC, NY. Writer (with partner) for Animated Series.

* Multiple short stories also *


9/87-10/89: University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA. Masters of Professional Writing (M.P.W.). Course work included fiction and screenwriting, with emphasis on playwriting. Produced and directed my own play, The Artemis Choice.

9/81-6/85: Stanford University, Stanford, CA. B.A. in English and Creative Writing. Course work included a broad Liberal Arts background specializing in Shakespeare, Faulkner and fiction writing.

9/84-12/84: Stanford-in-Oxford, Oxford, England. Studied Shakespeare and the English Novel. Wrote short story published in New Oxford Magazine.

3/92-present: Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.
2/95-present: N.A.T.P.E. International.
3/95-present: Museum of Television & Radio.
9/98-present: Motion Picture Screen Cartoonists a.k.a. The Animation Guild

1994: Golden Reel Award Nomination for Outstanding Achievement in the Motion Picture And Television Industries for GARGOYLES, "Awakening, Part Five".
1995: Annie Award Nomination for Individual Achievement for Creative Supervision in the Field of Animation for GARGOYLES.
1996: Environmental Media Award Nomination for Children's Animated Television Program for GARGOYLES, "The Green".
1996: Annie Award Nomination for Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Television Program for GARGOYLES.
2001: Emmy Award Nomination for Best Animated Series - Special Class for ROUGHNECKS: THE STARSHIP TROOPER CHRONICLES.


Response recorded on December 08, 2004

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Haleigh Costantino writes...

I am a digital imagery student and freelance artist in Arizona. I wanted to know how you got started working and if you can tell me about any companies that accept freelance artists for concept art, etc. And please keep the idea of that Gargoyles movie going!

Greg responds...

All the animation companies go through phases of hiring and not hiring. You posted your question in early 2003, and I'm answering in late 2004, so I assume you haven't been waiting on me to pursue your goals.

My oft-repeated story is elsewhere in the ASK GREG archives under "Weisman, Greg". But the short version is that I've wanted to be a writer since grade school. I eventually got professional work as a freelancer at DC Comics. From DC, I transitioned to graduate school. While at graduate school, I interviewed at Disney and eventually got a junior executive position at Disney TV Animation. I developed and supervised numerous series for TVA, including, finally, GARGOYLES, which I then moved over to produce.

Response recorded on November 30, 2004

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Frank White writes...

i am a great fan of your work. i know that gargoyles finished along time ago, but i was wondering if there was anything you will be working on in 2003 for disney or anybody else. also could you please give a brief description

Greg responds...

Thanks, Frank.

Of course, it's 2004 now. Here's a sample of how I've been keeping busy:

I worked a bit on "Bionicle: Mask of Light"

I wrote a number of episodes for "The Batman" and a couple for "Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!", plus one for "Alien Racers".

Right now, I'm working on the second season of W.I.T.C.H. (But I had nothing to do with the first season.)

Response recorded on November 19, 2004

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Little things...

It's amazing how nothing major has changed in my life.

It's also amazing how many little things have changed.

I'm up VERY late. I generally work until midnight and then try to wind down from 12am to 2am. I try to go to bed around 2, but often I'm up until 3am or later.

All of this was time I used to spend with Norman. Beth and the kids were long asleep. Sure the cats stopped by occasionally, but Norman was my constant companion. He'd be on the floor or on his old recliner chai (the one he commandeered when Beth wouldn't let him on the new couch). I'd pet him some, but mostly it was just his presence.

Now his hair-covered blanket is off the chair. It makes it available for human seatage -- but I'm not that big a fan of humans, and in any case there are none around at those hours. So I'm just alone at my desk. Or alone on the couch. And it's just strange. And very lonely.

Erin and I walked into Larchmont yesterday. (Saw Matt Dillon, by the way.) It was weird not having Norman on the leash, our walking smile-magnet. And every dog we did see on someone else's leash kinda broke our hearts.

Beth said she's been hearing him at the back door, crying to get in. So I open the door occassionally.

We see Bassetts on tv ALL the time. Two just on the "er" episode I recorded the other night. (One on a commercial and one in the actual show.)

We can now leave chalah out on the kitchen table. Cause he's not there to swipe it.

And I can leave the front door open when I bring the groceries in from Beth's car, because he's not there to bolt out into the middle of the street.

And when the doorbell rings, he doesn't bark and howl like a lunatic.

But mostly, he's not waiting in the living room window when we get home anymore.

No. Mostly, he's just not there on his chair at night.

It's the little things. Not the big things. There are no big things, frankly. Our lives haven't changed. (Less pooper-scooping, I suppose, but I'd be lying if I said we missed that.) School, work, etc. Life goes on, of course.

Nothing has changed.

But nothing is quite the same either.

I really miss my dog.

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Air Commander Bentley Norman

Our Basset Hound, Norman, died today. Beth and I were with him as he was put to sleep.

He had lymphoma, which came on quickly and was only discovered while he was recuperating (or rather failing to recuperate) from his last ear surgery. He was completely deaf and nearly blind. He couldn't eat, couldn't drink, couldn't walk or even stand. I carried him out to the yard -- which only a few weeks ago would have been impossible, but he's lost so much weight that it was depressingly easy -- but he couldn't even go to the bathroom. His stomach was hard as a rock. He was having a lot of trouble breathing. He had stopped barking and howling completely. He could barely wag his tail.

So it was time. But it was very hard.

He was truly a joy of a dog. And dashingly handsome. I'm really going to miss him.

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The Nique writes...

Happy Birthday Greg. Did you get the $1000 check I sent in the mail?

Greg responds...

Uh, no. But it's the thought that counts, darn it.

Response recorded on September 15, 2004

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TakariFreak writes...

Gee, it's already 9/28 AGAIN? well then, Happy B-day Greg!
*Bows down before Greg's greatness*

Greg responds...

Thank you, but please. Get up. Get up!

Response recorded on September 15, 2004

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Lynati writes...

September 28th again already?
Happy Birthday, Greg!

Greg responds...

Hey, it's only September 14th.

Oh, wait, you meant 2002....

I can't believe I'm still TWO YEARS BEHIND.

But thanks for the well-wishes! Much appreciated!

Response recorded on September 14, 2004

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puck 2000 writes...

Dear Mr. Weisman
You said in a ramble that you went to Stanford University. I wanted to know, what kind of high school grades are needed to get accepted. I looked at many internet sites, but couldn't find anything.
Thanks for your time.

Greg responds...

Well, I had an A- average way back in 1980 when I applied. But obviously that was over twenty years ago. I can't possibly be the best source of information on this subject.

Response recorded on July 30, 2004

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Allexander writes...

As the creator of Gargoyles, what exactly did you do, did you write stories? Draw pictures?

Greg responds...

Isn't this old news? Anyway, to toot my own horn yet again:

I headed the development team that created the series and came up with many of the characters and concepts myself.

I came up with all 66 original springboards (i.e. the story ideas for the first two seasons + "The Journey"), though many people contributed nuggets of ideas.

I supervised all the writing. In essence, I story edited the story editors.

I also wrote and story edited one episode myself ("The Journey").

I supervised all the voice recordings. And I voice directed one episode ("Vendettas"), plus a few pick-up and phone patch sessions. I even performed the voice for one of Xanatos' Goon Squad (the guy who says "Nice Mask!").

I had input on all aspects of design and direction

I co-supervised all post-production, except the tele-cine process, which involves aspects of color too subtle for my color-deficient eyes.

I was the one person involved with the show from it's inception through the end of the third season, though my involvement in the third season (after "The Journey" was voice recorded) was limited to consulting work. And much of my consultations were ignored.

I have no credit on the television version of the pilot 5-parter because I was still an executive when those were posted, and at the time executives did not receive credit. I do have a Co-Producer credit on the Movie/VHS version of the pilot, because I supervised the post-production on that.

My official credit on the rest of the first season was "Co-Producer".

My official credit on the second season began as "Producer". Later it became "Supervising Producer" when two of our directors were promoted to Producer.

I'm also the credited "Writer" and "Story Editor" on "The Journey" and the credited "Voice Director" on "Vendettas".

I was supposed to receive a credit on the third season, but I waved it because it seemed dishonest as much of my advice wasn't taken.

Having said ALL THAT, Gargoyles was the work of literally hundreds of talented people, all of whom contributed to making it the success that it was. I think of it as my baby, and I'm often credited as it's creator. But I never lose track of the fact that it was a team effort.

Response recorded on April 29, 2004

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The Cat writes...

Subject Make-A-Wish, Nov. 1999
Hey Greg.

Okay I this isn't exactically the best place to ask this but I'm not going to see you at The Gathering this year and by the time the next Gathering rolls around I'll probably have forgotten the question.

Anyway, my mother was telling me that _you_ asked her whether or not what was said about the road kill in Texas was true when we met ya'll back in November of 1999 through Make-A-Wish. However, I don't seem to remember you asking that. Then again my memory has gotten rather faulty lately.

What I want to know is were you the one that asked that or was it someone else?

Okay, another thing(more like a personal ramble on what was said that day) after we got finished taping the mock episode of Turf ya'll are all signing pictures and my script. Thom says something about his character Lexington and about Sheena Easton(I had no idea who she was then, but not long after that day I saw her on the Home Shopping Channel.)
Thom: Sheena Easton always said "The wee one is playing with his...weewee." I can't think of the word that she used though.(Something to that effect.)
Jeff(quickly supplies the word): Willyad!
All the while I'm thinking:'Tippickle men. Obsessed with that part of their anatomy! Well,I'm tired I'm not going to say anything. I just want to get to the hotel and fall into bed.' (That wasn't exactly what I was thinking, but there might be little kids out there that their parents do not wish them to know such things just yet.)

Anyhow, you get the idea. By the way in case you were wondering how I was capable of remembering that little chat between Jeff and Thom. It's because my mother accidently filmed it. If those two were a little more conservitive I might be tempted to use that darn tape as blackmail.

Well as they say down here, Adios Amigo. The Cat.
Hmm, curiousity is suppose to kill The Cat, I wonder how many of my nine lives I've wasted this time around.

Greg responds...

I don't even know what this Road Kill comment is in reference to. It doesn't sound like even the kind of topic I'd raise.

And I doubt you could blackmail Thom with something THAT tame.

Response recorded on April 26, 2004

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Lord Sloth writes...

Do you know what your son Benny meant 2 years ago, when he said:

"I want to say that Mama likes Bigtime and Iggy and I like them, but I shoo them. And I'm sorry about that."

I don't believe this riddle had anything to do with the post it came with, which was asking about a connection between Owen's role as an assistant compared to Robin Goodfellow's role as housekeeper, but you never know. Perhaps you could ask him if he's around at the moment.
And is he perchance, referring to Iggy Pop, or to Iggy the lovable power generating rat?

I'm sure there's some profound meaning here, but I just can't comprehend it.

Greg responds...

He's referring to our two cats, Iggy and Bigtime. When you have that piece of information, I think his comments make more sense. I don't know how profound they are, but they do speak to a profound (or at least momentary) sense of regret.

Response recorded on April 23, 2004

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Jacob writes...

Hi all. Hello Greg.

Nice to see you doing all these rambles, they make some forgotten memories come up to my mind again. I would do some, too, if I got a chance to watch the episodes again. But neither are their re-runs here (I've asked my way through: they want to spend the money on new things, though I always see "Doug", "Darkwing Duck" and so on), nor is my internet connection fast enough to download the episodes (if there are any to download) and a faster connection is by now too expensive. But after all the years without Gargoyles I do still remember some things that I liked or liked not that much.
First the things that I did not like: though there was a continuing plot, sometimes it was all too much the same. In short and very sarcastic: "It was a nice evening. The birds were singing and everyone liked each other. Then suddenly a dark cloud brought evil to our main characters. But after a short and hard fight the evil was defeated and everything got back to normal." That's why I like the "Awakening", "Avalon" or "City of stone" parts. These eps were so interesting because there was enough time to create a very interesting story and a really cool atmosphere - BTW City of stone was my first touch with Gargoyles. I saw the scene where the weird sisters speak as statues of children with Goliath and later crush as Brooklyn touches one of them (I hope I'm not mixing something up). My brother thought it was stupid and switched it off and I pretended that I thought it was stupid, too (Hey, I was just a child which did not want to argue). But I guess I liked the characters and the whole atmosphere. - Of course I don't want to say that the whole series should be one continuing show, but I had liked to see more five-parters.
But of course there are things that I liked very much. Most characters do change during the show and keeps being surprising. Everyone is part of a complex story (sometimes it was too complex for me, but after seeing it the second time I knew what was going on. But unfortunately some eps were mixed up so that suddenly we saw Angela, though the world tour was not even started). One of the things I like most are the fantasy elements (BTW Was the dragon we saw in "Pendragon"(?) a real dragon or just brought to life by magic??) Time travel, magicians, fae and of course the Gargoyles (clear why Fang said "I love this body"!!)
I just hope the new episodes will go on air someday. Maybe until then I can watch a few re-runs.

p.s.: some things might sound meaner than they are meant. I'm not good in being polite when I am writing in a language that I don't use often enough.
And sorry about any mistakes:)

p.p.s. Anything new about the real life movie?
What are you by now working on?

Greg responds...

The dragon in "Pendragon" was animated by magic.

The live-action movie has been shelved for the time being.

Right now, I'm working on "The Batman" for Warner Bros.

Response recorded on March 11, 2004

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Hey gang,

Just letting everybody know that I'll be stopping by the Station 8 Chat Room (http://s8.org/chat/gargs/) on Thursday, February 5th, 2004 from 4pm-6pm PST (that's 7-9pm Eastern).

Hope to see you all then.

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XeniaG writes...

Here I've been...a fan of yours due to your work on Gargoyles and I never knew you had previously worked on Jem and the Holograms until today. I absolutely loved that 80s cartoon show and I wish they had conventions for it. It was a unique show for its time...with fun and well-thought out story-plots. I was just wondering if you would like to share your brief experience with that show.

Greg responds...

Sure. And it was brief.

I was working at DC Comics in New York. I was an Associate Editor there working on books like INFINITY, INC., ALL-STAR SQUADRON, TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS, JUSTICE LEAGUE, YOUNG ALL-STARS, etc. I was also co-writing a book called CAPTAIN ATOM with my friend and partner Cary Bates (whom many of you know as a Gargoyles story editor and writer).

Cary had some friends, former comic book writers, working in animation. So as partners we pitched premises on a number of shows, including TRANSFORMERS, etc.

We only sold one premise: "Video Wars" to JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS.

The premise was approved and we wrote the outline, which was approved to script. I wrote the first draft and Cary wrote the final draft.

I had literally no contact with the people at Jem. Cary did all that.

But that episode was the first time I saw my name on TV. I've still got it on tape.

Response recorded on February 02, 2004

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Alfred Manifesto writes...

Long time watcher, first time question asker, I happen to be doing a research paper for colege concerning the literary references within Gargoyles (shakespeare and mythology). I was wondering what comments you might have concerning the way which you used these works. For example, your re-telling of McBeth in city of stone parts 1-4 is very different from the play. This makes sense because the play is an altered versain of the actual historical story to make it more entertaining as well as aceptable to the king of england. As i intend on focusing a majority of my paper to Mcbeth I was wondering how you went about combining history, shakespeare, and your own storyline. If you could make any general comments or speak about mythology in any way would be greatly apriciated. I ask not only because it would help my paper, but also it would be a personal thrill to even get a responce. I've known about this site for a while, but this is the first time i've had a decent question. Lastly, I know its quite possible this has been answered before, but i have not yet read all of the entries in the archives, you are creator and producer of one of my favorite cartoons of all time, how does one find themself in that possition of creater and producer? thanx for your time

Greg responds...

Well, unless your paper wasn't due until 2004, I guess I'm too late to help you there.

Macbeth (with an "a" and a lower case "b") the play was indeed a major influence on our version of Macbeth, but we chose to follow the less-told tale that was the true (or truer) history. But we kept the Weird Sisters in it, and even a few lines of Shakespeare where possible. Plus of course we added the gargoyle race, weaving Demona in and out of Macbeth's story. Or rather, we weaved Macbeth's story into the tapestry that is the Gargoyles' Universe.

As to my background, I'd suggest checking the FAQ and coming back here if you have more specific questions that the FAQ didn't answer.

Response recorded on January 21, 2004

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Zarok writes...

Hey Greg I hear your writing a novel, if so…

1) what's it called?
2) What's it about?
3) And most importantly where can I get it?

Greg responds...

1. Anyone who was at G1998 could probably guess.*
2. Ditto.
3. No where right now. I'm about halfway through the second draft. And it's not like I've got a publisher lined up. But believe me, when I'm ready I'll let all of you know.

*Note: that's a not-too-subtle hint that great and wonderful things happen every year at the Gathering. I reveal and show things there that I don't and won't at any other time. So check out...


and find a way to get to Montreal this August. You won't regret it!

Response recorded on January 15, 2004

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The_Souldier writes...

I didn't come across this anywhere in the archives so, how did you decide to name your cat Iggy? I'm really just curious, I can't really say it's a stupid name or anythig, because here we have a cat we call Mr. Cat, a cat named Monkey, and a lizard we simply call Stinky.

Greg responds...

Iggy is short for Igthorn, as in Duke Igthorn from the Gummy Bears tv series. The Dukey was always a favorite of mine.

Another favorite was Bigtime Beagle from DuckTales, and our other cat is named Bigtime.

Our dog is Norman, named after Norman from Marsupilami. Not sure he was one of our favorites, but we wanted to use a Disney villain name, and no other name fit our dog.

Response recorded on January 09, 2004

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Lacy writes...

Hi, actually this is more of a general ramblin fan letter than a question.

I love gargoyals, and even after all this time I still do.

OH! Though one good question just came to mind (and likely has been asked a million times) Do you plan on ever re-releasing gargoyals as they were in the first two seasons? (not that stupid farce that ABC mangled.) Do you have to wait for any wavers of contracts or has Disney totally bought out all rights to the show so that we never have hopes of seeing it anywere unless they deside to grace us with it (like that would ever happen)

I also noticed that Aladdin the series was in your list of series you did, that was surprising to me, but then again not really, now that I think about it the series had alot of the same feel as gargoyals. (GO MOZENRATH! chee, I'm such a sap for the bad boys)

Gargoyals still holds a strong place in my heart and was definately the first series I ever did fan art, as well as stories about. (Hey I can read,just said I did it, not giving nothing here, nor do I want to. They just fun stuff for me personally anyway.)

Puck is definately my favorite charactor, and it was a huge disapointment to me, my little sister and our circle of friends who are all fans when he wasnt even given an apearence in that chronicals series. (well other than as Owen) So much got crammed and cliche'd in that series, BLEH gotta get off it >.<

Anyway, love the details and developement of the charactors, they all were so believeable and real. The series touched imagination and feeling as no show has, it wsn't just animation as america treats it, but a true series, like Babyalon 5 and StarTrek series. It is the exsample I use most often in arguements for animation used as another form of filming rather than just entertainment for children.

I really hope to see more someday.

OH!!!! End question!!! Did you ever write out how you planned the series to go? If so, did you ever put them to the web? If so... CAN I SEE?!!!!!

Greg responds...

I'm glad you liked the show.

I worked on developing Aladdin for television -- though that wasn't exactly rocket science -- but had nothing to with its production. I'm sorry if that was unclear.

Disney ALWAYS owned Gargoyles outright. Bringing it back is not up to me, though I'd like to and I continue to hold out some hope.

I have a master plan and tons of ideas in my head, going forward and backward. A fraction of that plan is on the web, and can be accessed by checking the ASK GREG FAQ.

Response recorded on January 09, 2004

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Random stuff...

Random ramblings before I go on vacation...

*I am DYING to see "LORD OF THE RINGS: Return of the King". I can't believe how much I want to see this movie. It has been ages since my geeky self has been this desperate. I literally can't remember the last time I so NEEDED to see a movie.

*I bought both extended DVDs for the first two films. (The first one, a year ago of course.) Honestly, what I really can't wait for is the Extended version of Return of the King, but since that's a year off, I'll settle for seeing the "short" version on the big screen. All I can say is that I hope to hell that there's a movie theater on Marco Island, and if so it damn well better be playing ROTK. (And that's right. I'm cussing! Oh, don't look so shocked.)

*I'd like to see a music video featuring Demona to Dido's
"White Flag".

*I'd like to see a music video from Goliath's POV -- but featuring Elisa -- of "Amazing". (I think that's the title. I'm not sure who the artist or band is.)

*I've seen an interview with Peter Jackson saying that originally -- a long time ago -- he wanted to make "The Hobbit" but found that the rights were a mess. He wanted to make "The Hobbit" to demonstrate that he could do "Lord of the Rings". But discovered that the rights to the latter were free and clear, so switched his ambitions to the LOTR, which he wanted to make as TWO films, as he felt he couldn't do justice to the story in one film. Thank God, he got to make three. And, yes, I'm desperately hoping that after "King Kong" (which I'll trust him on, since he's earned that trust, but if ever a movie did NOT require remaking...) he'll do "The Hobbit" as a prequel with the Ians and JR-D and Serkis.

*I can personally vouch for the rights to Hobbit being a mess. When I was a development exec at Disney -- and again, later, at DreamWorks -- we looked into acquiring the rights to do a new animated Hobbit Movie. The rights were hopelessly mired. I understand it isn't quite as bad now. But at the time, a huge number of people/groups had a claim (some more legitimate than others) to the thing. After looking into the situation, my boss wouldn't touch the thing with a ten foot pole.

*I'd really love to do a WWII Blackhawk movie someday.

*Last week, I saw a short film based on William Faulkner's short story, "Two Soldiers". This is my all time favorite short story EVER. I highly recommend it. HIGHLY. And the movie was pretty darn good too. The kid was amazing.

*Saw Clancy Brown again today at a recording session. He kicked ass, as usual. I'd love to tell you what he played, but I honestly don't know if it's confidential or not, and I don't want to get in trouble. Hopefully, I can talk about it soon. I'm not sure he remembered me though, which was a little depressing.

*Saw George Segal walking down the street in Beverly Hills. He didn't seem to remember me either. Of course, we've never met.

*Saw Diane Lane and Christopher Lambert tonight at my daughter's school "Winter Program". They're kid goes to the same school. I've never met them either, but I'd love to ask them what it was like working with Sir Laurence Olivier ("A Little Romance") and Sir Ralph Richardson ("Greystoke"). I wonder if it would bug them that the movies I'm MOST interested in are more or less the first one's each of them ever made.

*I realize I'm intentionally name-dropping. And I also realize it's kind of obnoxious. But, hey, I live in L.A. and I work in the biz, sort of. So I might as well go all out. I also met Steve Harris ("The Practice") and Ming Na ("e.r.") at the Recording session today. And I saw Rino Romano (Johnny Rico from "Roughnecks: Starship Troopers"). Rino, at least, remembered me, thank god.

*The funny thing about LOTR and my passion for the movies is that I'm not a massive Tolkien fan. I read the Hobbit and the Trilogy when I was in my early teens. And I liked them all right. But I wasn't rabid about it. And I could never get through the Silmarillion, though I tried at least three times. I reread the Hobbit to my kids about two years ago. And again, I liked it. But I TOTALLY LOVE THESE MOVIES. Totally obssessed!

*I ate way too much candy at the recording session today.

*It's been a long time since I really rambled on this site. It's been fun. Have a great holiday, guys.

Seeya soon,


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Art Carney (1918 - 2003)

Growing up and living most of one's life in Southern California makes having a number of so-called "Brushes with Greatness" inevitable.

Sunday, I saw Tony Shaloub in Larchmont Village, but since I had recently seen him at Los Angeles International Airport AND spoken with him at Logan International Airport, I refrained from accosting him again, lest he think I was stalking him or something.

And just yesterday, I rode up an elevator with Florence Henderson, who looks great, by the way.

So the fact that I once met Art Carney is, in and of itself, not particularly remarkable. But his passing seems an appropriate time to relate this story.

In the mid-seventies, I was in Junior High. I read a LOT. I had somewhat eclectic, and geek-leaning tastes, but most of what I read were mystery novels, especially mystery novels that were part of on-going series. One such series was Harry Kemelman's Rabbi David Small mysteries. (This is a series that I highly recommend. The more recent books aren't quite as strong, but the original seven are terrific.) Each book's title began with the day of the week. And the first mystery was called, "Friday the Rabbi Slept Late."

One day, I came home from school and found that my street was, as they say, "bustling with activity". An army of humans and trailers and equipment had descended on Queen Florence Lane. In the seventies, in the San Fernando Valley, this was still something of a rarity. But in any event, I was fascinated. They were filming a movie in and around the house directly across the street from ours.

Soon, I discovered that the movie was a telefilm called, "Lanigan's Rabbi". It was an adaptation of "Friday the Rabbi Slept Late." I'm not sure how I managed this, other than persistance and the chutzpah that comes with not knowing anything at all, but I kept telling people that I had read the book that the movie was based on. At some point someone grabbed me and introduced me to the director. I have no idea if he was humoring me or truly interested, but he asked me a number of questions about the original novel, claiming that he -- and that in fact NO ONE on the set -- had actually read the thing. There were, I was told, certain things in the script that weren't tracking for him. So I answered his questions and told him how the mystery played out in the book. He took it all in and seemed grateful for the insight.

In any case, he then did something fairly astounding. He let me hang out. That's it. But I was allowed to watch filming. I was allowed to get food from the catering truck. I was allowed to sit with the actors and talk with them. Now, this couldn't have gone on for very long. It's not like I was employed by the movie company or anything. I didn't follow the shoot to its next location. But they spent at least three or four days in the cul-de-sac where I lived. They gave me a copy of the shooting script, which I then had autographed by the movie's two leads.

One of those leads was Stuart Margolin, who's probably most famous for playing "Angel" on THE ROCKFORD FILES. "Lanigan's Rabbi" wound up spinning off into an on-going series, and for some reason Margolin didn't end up playing Rabbi Small in the series. But he was terrific in the movie. And he was an extremely nice guy, who didn't seem to mind chatting with a thirteen-year-old, who was hanging around the set.

But the part of Police Chief Lanigan was played by Art Carney. Now Art Carney is a certified genius. Emmy winner. Oscar winner. Of course his performance as "Ed Norton" in THE HONEYMOONERS is nothing short of brilliant. His on-screen teaming with Jackie Gleason, a match-made in sitcom heaven. Among other things, Ed Norton was the clear inspiration for any number of cartoon characters, ESPECIALLY "Barney Rubble". People often forget, however, what a wonderful dramatic actor Carney was. How he brought a touch of humanity to every role he played. Rod Serling knew this. Art is unforgettable as a drunken department store Santa in "The Night of the Meek" episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE. A part that Serling wrote especially for Carney. He is also truly wonderful in a number of movies: "Harry & Tonto" and "The Late Show", among others.

I knew almost none of this at the time. I didn't even know Ed Norton. In New York, the Honeymooners has probably NEVER been off the air, but Los Angeles was and is an I LOVE LUCY town. It would be nearly a decade before I would move to New York and learn to appreciate Ralph and Ed and Alice and Trixie.

What I knew at the time, all I knew at the time, was that this was a big time star -- in the middle of shooting a movie -- who spent time with me. Time by the catering truck. Time on the set. He explained how things worked. He explained why things were done the way they were done. He was just so damn nice -- nice enough that as ignorant as I was -- I didn't take it for granted. It impressed me even then.

A few days later, they were gone. Stuart, Art, all of them. The movie finished shooting in my neighborhood and moved on. Some time later, the movie went on the air. We didn't have a VCR back in those days, so I don't have a copy. I followed along on my shooting script and took note of all the little changes in it. It seemed to me (though I might have been seriously kidding myself) that the final version of the film leaned a bit closer to the original novel than the shooting script in my hand. I was certainly kidding myself when I took credit for that somewhat dubious conclusion. And without a doubt the coolest moment was watching Rabbi Small and Chief Lanigan (Stuart and Art, as I called them) walking down the hill of my street and turning a corner and suddenly being at the Rabbi's Temple. There was no temple around the corner from Queen Florence Lane, but the transition was so seamless, it seemed miraculous. A true bit of movie magic before I understood movie magic. Before I was even vaguely jaded.

I just now spent a half hour looking for that shooting script. I couldn't find it. I hope it turns up eventually. I'm sure I wouldn't have thrown it out, but there's a good chance it was in one of my boxes that was in my parents' basement, part of my past which was destroyed by a flood caused by the Northridge Earthquake. I hope not. I haven't thought about any of this in years, but now it's something I'd like to revisit in more detail.

I wrote about Bob Hope a couple of months ago, when he passed, and I suppose this is a very similar kind of tribute. Others will, I'm sure, write more important, more personal and more informed things about Art Carney in the next few days. But I wanted to add my bit.

Not just for the incredibly talented performer, a loss we should all feel, though not too intensely as he has achieved a meta-Xanatosian immortality through the many great performances we will always have to rewatch time and again. And not for the friend and/or family member, because he was none of these things to me, and I was none of these things to him.

But oddly, I wanted to write a tribute to the stranger. To the nice man, who was patient with a dopey know-it-all kid. He was warm and funny and made me feel welcome.

And for that I am truly grateful. Thanks, Chief.

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George writes...

So, Greg , what type of series are you currently working on your own besides Gargoyles and Redemption Squad, a.k.a. BAD GUYS, Max Steel, Timedancer and all of those other Gargoyles Spin-offs?

Greg responds...

For starters, of course, Max Steel is not a Gargoyle Spin-Off. It was a show on Kids WB, produced by Sony and based on a toy from Mattel. I developed it and worked on the first season in 1999. Since then, I've had no involvement.

I have never stopped trying to bring back Gargoyles or one of its Spin-Offs in some way, shape or form, but in the meantime I still have to earn a living.

I've worked on a number of shows as a freelancer since Max. A non-comprehensive list would include: 3x3 Eyes (English dub), Atlantis: Milo's Return (direct-to-DVD/Video), The Mummy, Kim Possible, Bionicle: Mask Of Light, etc.

I've also been working more recently for a number of companies in development, including Platinum Studios, Warner Brothers, DAG and Hasbro. (All in addition to various spec projects on my own and with partners that I/we hope to sell some day.) I'd love nothing more than to talk about this stuff, but it's both bad luck and bad business to talk about a project before it's sold.

Finally, most recently, I've been writing for a new Warner Brothers animated series for Story Editor/Producer Duane Capizzi (of "Men in Black" and "Jackie Chan" fame). Again, I'd love to talk about it, but I don't know if Warners has announced the series yet, and I definitely do NOT want to be the guy who let the cat out of the bag.


Response recorded on October 22, 2003

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julio writes...

greg I was wondering what is your favirote gargoyles episode or you really don't have a favriote gargoyle episode

Greg responds...

I've answered this before.

I am fond of all the episodes, but I believe our multi-parters are particularly strong (AWAKENING, CITY OF STONE, AVALON, THE GATHERING and HUNTER'S MOON).

If I had to pick a single episode that turned out the best on every level, I'd choose THE MIRROR.

Response recorded on October 17, 2003

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Wolfram Bane (wolfram_bane@hotmail.com) writes...

Weisman, Greg

Given the 'everything is real' concept, does Greg Weisman, gargoyle scholar, exist within the Gargoyles universe?

Greg responds...

I never said that "everything is real".

The Weird Sisters believe that "All things are true".

There's a huge difference in my mind.

As to whether there's a Greg Weisman in the Garg Universe, I honestly haven't given it any thought. Which in and of itself seems strange, don't you think?

I've thought about me being transported to the Garg Universe. And after seeing "Galaxy Quest" (directed by Dean Parisot, a dad in my kids' Indian Guides and Indian Princess Tribes), I thought about what would happen if the gargs actually showed up at the Gathering, but I haven't thought about whether or not I have a parallel version over there.

And now I can't because you just submitted it as an idea.

Oh, well.

Response recorded on October 15, 2003

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George writes...

So,what is Greg Weissman working on right now besides Gargoyles 2198 and Redemption Squad?

Greg responds...

I'm not actually working on either of those things right now.

I'm doing work for Platinum Studios, DAG Entertainment and Hasbro. I hope to be starting work soon on a couple of projects for Warner Brothers. I'll keep you posted.

Response recorded on September 09, 2003

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Hey gang,

Just a quick note to let you know I won't be answering questions here next week. I'm off to Scotland with my dad. We're renting a car and driving along the west coast and the Isle of Skye.

I'll keep an eye out for Wyvern Hill.

And I'll be back in the office, answering questions on September 8th.

Take care,

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Sam writes...

What was Greg Weisman's major in college?

Greg responds...

Undergrad: English w/an emphasis in Fiction Writing.
Graduate: Professional Writing w/an emphasis in Playwrighting.

Response recorded on August 27, 2003

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Greg Weisman writes...

hey greg, my name is greg weisman also, sorry, but i dont have a question. i was just on yahoo and i typed in my name and you came up as one of the greg weismans. its really cool that you work for disney. its wierd too because when i was 12(maybe younger or older)and i used to watch Gargoyles all the time. it was one of my favorite shows. im 16 now. sorry to take up your time, i just thaught it was wierd that we have the same name. once again im sorry that i didnt have a question and i hope you could email me back at Gweece@aol.com bye

Greg responds...

Hey Greg, I hope you haven't been pissed off at me for 19 months waiting for my e-mail response. I only just saw your posting. (Long line.)

I'm afraid I have to make it a policy not to e-mail people directly off this site. I'm afraid that (a) the requests would never end and (b) the usefulness of ASK GREG would be damaged as a forum for all the fandom.

What city do you live in? I get calls for other Greg Weisman's all the time. When I lived in New York, I'd often have to ask a confused caller, "Are you looking for the blond Greg Weisman or the Brown-haired Greg Weisman?" Inevitably, the ones with the sexy voices were looking for the blond.

Response recorded on August 25, 2003

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Jimmy_Q writes...

I recently skimmed through you smart-ass responses and I ran in to this question from matt: ok, a beast generally lays more than three eggs in a lifetime. and you are being difficult (as always) and not being very specific... ok, we know that beast mature and can mate a generation before other gargs, and we know that beast live about the same length of time that other gargs do, but can beast continue having children after other gargs stop? if not then garg beast can have about 4 eggs, if so, they could have alot of eggs, i think.
so, how many eggs can a female garg beast generally lay?
you responded: The world may never know.
(That smart-ass response was a reference to an old tootsie-pop commercial. Anyone old enough to remember it has my sympathy.)
I'm quite familiar with that commercial and I'm only 20, so I guess that makes me old, huh? And to think I used to feel so young and virile, too...

Greg responds...

I think they must repeat it periodically. I'm nearly twice (TWICE) your age, and it first ran when I was a kid.

Response recorded on August 05, 2003

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jjwspider writes...

Who-hoo! An update, thanks Greg!
Onto the questions:
1) Will we ever see the Gargoyles episodes collected onto DVD? I would love to own the collection and think that it could possibly lead to more Gargoyles toons, as a Direct to Video thing maybe?
2) What projects are you currently working on?
3) As an aspiring cartoon creator can you give my any advice on who to contact or how to break in to the business?


Greg responds...

1. Disney tells me that the DVD of the first season will be released sometime in 2004 to coincide with the series' tenth anniversary. Further releases will obviously depend on the sales of the first release.

2. I'm in development on a number of potential projects, but nothing definite. My current paying gig is for Platinum Studios, where I'm writing a bible for their entire Universe.

3. Where do I start? How about referring you to the "Animation" achive here at ASK GREG, where I've answered this question before.

Response recorded on August 04, 2003

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Sorrowful Jones! How could I forget to mention Sorrowful Jones?!

Those are probably my two favorite Bob Hope movies, "The Lemon-Drop Kid" and "Sorrowful Jones". Of course, as some of you know, I'm a sucker for a Damon Runyon story in general. Many members of my family were Damon Runyon characters.

Also, today my brother was kind enough to plug ASK GREG, so it's more than high-time that I return the favor.

If you like Baseball -- and especially if you like the Dodgers -- you might want to check out his website, where he writes a daily column about dealing with the emotional trauma, the highs and lows of being a baseball fan. I never miss a day.

Check out:


(I wish I knew how to make the above an actual link. But you guys all know how to cut and paste.)

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When I was a kid, my grandparents lived in Palm Springs. My brother and sister and I had been staying with them (without our parents), but it was time to head home to L.A.

We were flying. A short flight, a small plane. We got to preboard, because we were unaccompanied minors. One other guy got to pre-board. Bob Hope. Cuz, well... cuz he was Bob Hope.

My grandmother, Sue Weisman -- who is now a healthy 93 years old -- approached Mr. Hope and without hesitation asked him to watch over her three grandchildren during the flight. Keep in mind this was about three decades ago. Bob Hope was a HUGE star. I have no idea what he thought of the request, but he was very gracious and agreed.

The plane had two seats on either side of the aisle. So my younger siblings, Robyn and Jon, sat next to each other in the front row to the right of the aisle. I have no memory of who got the window seat and who got the aisle seat between them. But I know where I sat. I sat in the front row aisle seat across from them. (I was the oldest, so I was the one sitting alone.) Sitting next to me was Bob Hope. Now, this was a night time flight. And not crowded. I remember very clearly that I was kinda annoyed by the seating arrangements. I had flown before, but I had never flown at night and I was young enough to think I'd have a better look at the stars and the moon. So I had really, really wanted a window seat. I also can't imagine that Bob Hope's first choice would have been to sit next to a bunch of kids.

But we both made the best of it. I told him that I had actually seen him on tv twice the previous day. (Again, remember, he was a huge star then, so this was not unusual.) His golf tournament was during the day, and he had been on a Dean Martin Roast the previous night. He explained to me that the Roast had been recorded weeks before.

That's about all I remember. And I'm sure in the next few days you'll see and read a bunch of much more efficacious and worthwhile tributes to the man. There are a couple movies of his, "The Lemon-Drop Kid" in particular, that I truly cherish. And his work with the USO is unparalleled.

But I just thought I'd add this: He was a man that my grandmother could trust with her grandkids. And I think that's saying something.

Rest in peace, Bob.

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Vashkoda writes...

Hi Greg. I was just wondering if you could give us an update on the following:

1) The Touchstone Gargoyles movie.

2) The Gargoyles Encyclopedia you prepared (have you been adding anything to it? Have you been submitting it to publishers?)

3) Any projects you're currently working on.

Sorry if any of these are sore subjects to be bringing up. Thanks for any answers, though.

Greg responds...

1. I think that's on hold. There was a management change at Touchstone, and it seems the new management is currently not pursuing the project. Not surprising after seven years of unsuccessful development and I don't know how many writers. But it is disappointing, considering the kinds of movies that dominate the box office, it seems like they're missing a bet.

2. The Encyclopedia is done, though it could stand another draft if I had the time, which I don't. I have no publisher to submit it to. For starters, I don't own Gargoyles. Secondly, I really don't have any connections in the world of publishing. Third, everytime I've talked to anyone (not fans, but publishing pros) about the project, I've gotten nary a nibble of interest. If any of you know anyone in publishing who might be interested, I'd love to get it published (with or without the timeline).

3. I've been working recently for Platinum Studios, developing their comic book universe. It's been fun. Last year I wrote one Mummy, which has aired and one Kim Possible, which hasn't aired yet. Oh and I worked briefly on the Bionicle Direct to Video "Mask of Light" that's coming out later this year. That's it for animation.

Response recorded on June 06, 2003

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Lord Sloth writes...

How do you feel today?

Greg responds...

Eh, fine. I'm dieting, which makes me a touch cranky. I overslept too. And my back's a little stiff. But otherwise, I'm good.

Thanks for asking.

Don't do it again. ;)

Response recorded on June 05, 2003

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F7 Addict writes...

I was sitting down watching Hercules-The ani.series. It ended and I started watching the credits(a habit I've formed since working at a movie theater). When what to my wandering eye should appear but Jon Weismen. Any relation?

Greg responds...

YEP. My kid brother. His name and my sisters', though not their personalities, were used for the two younger Hunter siblings, Robyn & Jon Canmore.

Response recorded on June 03, 2003

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Shan writes...

Greg, I was thinking about your resume again recently because someone asked what other projects you were involved in. If I'm not mistaken, every show you've worked on has either been primarily boy-targeted (GARGOYLES, TROOPERS, MEN IN BLACK, MAX STEEL, etc.) or unisex-focused (DUCKTALES, BONKERS, etc.) To my knowledge, JEM is the only property you've ever done any work on that was primarily intended for girls. Did you find any unique challenges or concerns in that, or was it just simply a matter of telling a good story?

Greg responds...

The unique challenge to JEM was that I had NEVER written for animation before. Otherwise, I just try to tell a good story. I actually prefer to write female characters, which is not always appreciated in the conventional-wisdom-world-of-boys-action-shows.

Response recorded on May 29, 2003

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Zelandonii writes...

Have you written any novels? Have you thought of writing one in the Gargoyles universe?

Greg responds...

I have written the first draft of a novella. I'm about halfway through the second draft, though to be honest, I haven't worked on it in almost a year.

I have started a number of other novels, without finishing them. It's an unfortunate fact that I have trouble motivating myself without an externally enforced deadline.

I would absolutely LOVE to write a Gargoyles Novel. A series of them, actually. I've got a number of stories in mind. All I need is an interested publisher. I can't justify writing a book based on a property I don't own without one.

Response recorded on May 21, 2003

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Anonymous writes...

Since Jon and Robyn were named after your siblings why didn't you name Jason after yourself?

Greg responds...

Too arrogant even for me.

Response recorded on May 09, 2003

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Aaron writes...

Enquiring minds want to know, Greg: When you were in college, did you ever wall yourself into your dorm room and spend two days writing fan fic about an animated show? ;)

Greg responds...

No. I didn't have a t.v. in college -- and thus there's a four year gap in my otherwise copious television knowledge.

Of course, I didn't have a computer until the last semester of my senior year. And I hated typing before computers. I wrote everything long hand and then typed it up only when I was confident that I didn't want to make any changes. So I typed very little. And the internet? Forgeddaboudit. Didn't exist -- at least not to my knowledge.

Also, I was an English Major with an emphasis in Fiction Writing, so I had plenty of writing to do for classes. And starting in my sophomore year, I was already writing professionally for DC Comics. So any non-school writing at that time, tended toward paid work, not fanfic.

Besides, the whole concept of fanfic didn't really exist for me until after the Garg fans told me about it.

I guess I did right a King Lear fanfic once -- as a term paper.

Response recorded on May 09, 2003

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lily writes...

Okay, I've never been able to get to S8 before, and I don't have the extensive amount of time to read through EVERY answered question, but I did skim through the archive and FAQ contents, so I'm hoping not to repeat an old question. Anyway, I was curious as to whether you felt Disney (or more precicely cartoon form) was the best outlet for your vision, considering the amount of pressure ratings, time slots, ect. puts on those types of entertainment. I would have thought that you would have built a comic or graphic novel (and I differenciate them due to the difference in quality of art/story)fanbase like more sucessful Jap Cartoons (Dragonball, Pokemon, ect.)have done. I'm not questioning methods and I'm not exactly an expert on your past in the greater Disney hierarchy, what's dodne is done, just curious.

Greg responds...

Are we talking generally or about Gargoyles specifically?

To take Gargoyles out of the context of its creation at Disney is to remove any reality from my answer. I'd love, at this stage, to do Gargoyles in any format that would have me and it. But at the time, the show was created by a specific group of people in a specific place.

If we're talking generally, again, I'd love to do any of my ideas in any format that would have me. But no one is battering down doors to get me. I'm scrounging these days for every freelance assignment.

Response recorded on August 13, 2002

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Galvatron writes...

Have you found a new job?

Greg responds...

I've had better luck (a bit) generating freelance work this year (as compared to the last two). But no, I haven't yet found a steady gig. It's a tough market right now.

Response recorded on July 22, 2002

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Lord Sloth writes...

Happy birthday to the one and only, Greg Weisman, Creator of WORLDS!!! Or, since you wont read this for a few months, Merry Christmas to THE Greg Weisman, Puppet Master of GARGOYLES!!! Or perhaps just a happy UN-birthday for you, whenever this is.

I take it that it is no coincidence that the day Charles Canmore was killed by Demona happened to be on the day you turned 18 (if my math serves me (it usually doesn't)). Is there any cool story as to how that came to be? And I seem to remember there being some other dates in Gargoyles that are one with your special day, but I could be wrong since I can't think of them. Are there by any chance?

Anyway, have a nice day and good luck with your 38th year, unless it's 39 by now... Cheers.

Greg responds...

Actually, in 1980 I was turning 17, not 18.

And there's no cool story for this one. I just used my birthday because it seemed like the right time of year and I felt like it.

I've used my birthday (9/28) a few times:

994: Tom, Mary and the refugees enter Wyvern Castle. [This one has less to do with my birthday, then with the fact that I decided that the date of the flashback in AWAKENING ONE should coincide with the Gargoyles World Premiere in Florida, which was on 29 September 1994. Working backwards, it's obvious that the refugees got to Wyvern on the 28th.

995: Tom, Mary, Finella, Magus, Katharine and the eggs escape Edinburgh Castle. [Again, this is just a coincidence. They escaped on Michaelmas Eve. Michaelmas is 9/29.]

1963: Vinnie is born. [I gave him my birthdate since he was my stand-in in THE JOURNEY.]

1980: Charles Canmore dies. [See above.]

1995: Demona summons Puck in THE MIRROR. That same night Fox contacts Vogel, inducing him to betray Renard. [The events of the Mirror just broke down in the chronology so that they wound up happening on the 28th. On the other hand, OUTFOXED originally aired on my birthday in 1995, so I tried to have something from "OUTFOXED happen on that day -- though the main events of the episode could not have taken place until later.

1996: Xanatos captures Coldstone in the Himalayas. [This event had to have happened around this time, but I chose my birthday, cuz I felt like it.]

That's it for now.

Response recorded on June 12, 2002

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Audra writes...

Even though the only episode of The Goliath Cronicles you worked on was The Journey, did you see all the episodes of The Goliath Cronicles?

Greg responds...

I've seen the other twelve Chronicle episodes exactly once each.

Response recorded on March 28, 2002

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Duncan Devlin writes...

At the end of H.G. Well's 'The Time Machine', the question was posed: "What three books would you take with you [to form a new society]?"

What would be
a. your three choices?
b. Goliath's?
c. Demona's?

Greg responds...

Forming a new society is so outside the scope of my ambitions or desires, it's hard for me to answer on the spur of the moment for myself let alone for the others.

Ultimately, I'd have to include the complete works of Shakespeare, something by Faulkner and something (probably) "The Blue Hammer" by Ross Macdonald. But then there's Stoppard's "Arcadia". Hmmm. I don't know.

Response recorded on March 28, 2002

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Audra writes...

Was Gargoyles animated in the widescreen version? I know Gargoyles is a TV show, so it was meant to be seen in standard version on a standard TV, but I know movies like The Lion King II Simba's Pride was direct to video, and never shown in theaters, but there is a widescreen version of the movie. Thanks, I just was curious.

P.S. What do you think of both Lion King movies?

Greg responds...

No. Gargoyle's aspect ratio was strictly designed for the tv set.

I thought the first Lion King was wonderful. (Not perfect, but wonderful.) And the opening still gives me chills, despite the fact that at one NATPE, I must have seen it five hundred times in one day.

As for the second one, I've never seen the whole thing. Just glimpses here and there, so it's not fair for me to comment.

Response recorded on March 28, 2002

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The Cat writes...

Hey Greg,

Ok, anything new happening with you and everybody else?


Greg responds...

Everybody? I should think so.

Me? Yeah, I'm doing a bit of work. It's nice to be employed. It got scary there for awhile. I had a speaking engagement in Clearwater, Florida. (Waves to Kelly and Tore!)

And I've got a couple of other paying gigs going now. It's a bit premature to talk about either, but I'm sure I'll be letting you know about them soon as I can.

And, as always, I'm juggling a ton of spec balls up in the air, hoping something comes of them.

Response recorded on March 04, 2002

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Anonymous writes...

Will the destruction of the WTC change any of your plans for Gargoyles and its spin offs?

Greg responds...

No. Not really. It changes me though, which may have effects that even I don't realize.

Response recorded on February 14, 2002

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Shan writes...

Greg said:

It's a bit of fluff, but I remember really liking it. Fun fluff. (It probably didn't hurt that in rehearsing the kiss between Antiope and Theseus, Elizabeth and I sort of discovered that we liked each other. As a result, we were boyfriend and girlfriend throughout my senior year of high school. So, as you can imagine, my memories of the play are rather fond.) Elizabeth also recently reminded me that David Schwimmer, now of FRIENDS, played Giganius the Herald.

Shan asks:

I don't mean to pry too much but does Elizabeth = your wife Beth? (You don't usually refer to her as Elizabeth)

I think this the case, but there is the possibility you dated a different Elizabeth that you still talk to and need to distinguish the two. (This is coming from someone who dated two different people named Robert, one was my first relationship and the other my ex-fiance.)

Thank you.

Greg responds...

No. Elizabeth was my high school girlfriend.

I met my wife Beth (which isn't short for anything) in graduate school.

But Elizabeth and I are still friends, though I haven't actually laid eyes on her in years, because we live on opposite ends of the country. But we exchange e-mail periodically.

Response recorded on January 14, 2002

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Vic writes...

What shows or properties did you work on before gargolyes?

Greg responds...

Many, many. All the Disney stuff, primarily DuckTales and Darkwing Duck and Bonkers and Raw Toonage, but most of the rest in some capacity or another too.

Before that I was at DC Comics, where my main claim to fame (though not much fame) was Captain Atom.

Response recorded on November 29, 2001

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Shan writes...

You've mentioned collaborating on a (I presume spec) feature script with your brother Jon. Without intruding on your brother's privacy too much, is he within enough distance of you that it's practical to work together in person on semi-regular occasions?

My sister and I are back collaborating again on some projects, but only because technology has caught up to us. We worked together for years when we lived at home, but when she got married and moved to Seattle and I moved to Los Angeles (which happened within a 6 month timespan), the level of development on Internet for the masses wasn't quite on our side then. Now we both have our own Internet accounts (versus subaccounts on Dad's AOL), email, and Final Draft 5. It feels like we're getting a lot done, and I'm glad to have the interaction back, but it's not quite the same thing.

The question I'm leading to is this: If you had to (or actually do) all your work by Internet with Jon, do you think (or do you feel) you could still create the same quality and level of product? Or in your mind is there just no replacement for the in-person collaboration experience?

If this turns out to be a hypothetical, I apologize since I know you don't prefer those.

Greg responds...

My brother and I both live in Los Angeles. We have very different lives, so getting together isn't particularly easy, but we manage.

When writing the outline, we worked the story out in person. Then took turns writing and rewriting each other.

When writing the screenplay, we did the reverse. Took turns writing and rewriting each other, by sending the material back and forth over the net. When we were done, we got together to polish the first draft.

Then we sent it out for notes. When we got those notes, we got together again to work out a plan for what and how we were going to change. Then September 11th. We haven't worked on it since, but he's coming over to my office this Friday to work on the second draft.

In essence, a lot can be done these days over the internet. But I tend to think that something is lost when people don't get to gether in person.

Response recorded on October 10, 2001

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Todd Jensen writes...

In your latest ramble, you mentioned that you were working on a novel. While I obviously doubt that it's a "Gargoyles" one (not unless Disney suddenly decided to release a line of "Gargoyles"-based fiction - if they did, I feel very certain that you'd be at the head of the volunteers line), I was quite interested to hear that (especially since I'm writing one myself), and wish you well on it (not only in getting it written, but also in finding a publisher).

Greg responds...

Thanks, Todd.

It's written. Finished it week before last. Turned it into my manager, who's reading it now, I guess. Hopefully, I'll find a publisher. Keeping my fingers crossed, anyway.

Response recorded on September 11, 2001

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Virginia writes...

Are you going to be able to make any kind of art gallery in the near future? I love your work and would be interested to be able to purchase picutres from the gargoyle and Max Steel series. My 3 year old son loves the show too, btw.

Greg responds...

That's great. But I'm not an artist. Can't draw worth a darn. (I said darn because your son is only three.)

Response recorded on September 09, 2001

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Anonymous writes...

Why do you dislike Terminator 2? Was it because of the time travel?

Greg responds...

Well, I think the time travel is a mess, certainly.

But I just didn't like the movie either. It's been so long since I've seen it, that I don't feel comfortable giving a full review here. My command of the specifics is non-existent, I'm afraid. But as much as I loved the first one, that's about how much I disliked the second.

Response recorded on September 09, 2001

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JEB writes...

'Ello, Greg.

1) What years were you working at DC Comics? Were you there around the time they did CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS? (I'm assuming yes, since you worked on its 'cousin' WHO'S WHO IN THE DC UNIVERSE.)
2) If (1) was yes, did you work on anything Crisis-related (excluding WHO'S WHO)?
3) What did you think of the Crisis, story-wise? (I liked it, of course. Then again, anything with cosmic stuff and grand epic battles is guaranteed to be a favorite with me.)
4) Which did you like better, the pre-Crisis multiverse or the post-Crisis single universe? (I like them both, but I miss the former.)
5) What did you think of the Crisis' effects on DC Comics as a whole? Do you think it did more good, more harm, or do you think it didn't really do either? (I think it was interesting, and created many excellent opportunities for revamps (Superman, Wonder Woman, and Captain Atom being among the best). However, the continuity blips- especially those afflicting poor Hawkman- were a major long-term failing.)

Sorry if these questions are a bit annoying or disinteresting to you, but I just realized that you were in the offices around the time (at least) that the post-Crisis cleanup was underway, and I was curious about your views on that period. Thanks!

Greg responds...

1. I started freelancing for them in 1983. I joined the staff as an Editorial Assistant in 1985, toward the tail end of Crisis. I was promoted to Assistant Editor in 1986. And promoted again to Associate Editor in 1987. I quit my staff job in '87 but continued to freelance for them until late 90 or early 91 (overlapping with my Disney career for a year or two.)

2. No. I was a peon in those days. Unless you count xeroxing stuff. Of course, Crisis had ramifications that lasted for years, so you could say I later worked on things that were "Crisis related".

3. Some of the issues of Crisis are powerful great stuff. But the name Anti-Monitor never did much for me. And I have to say I miss the parallel universe stuff a bit. It wasn't so much Crisis as what came out of it that disappointed me. For me the results either went too far or not far enough. And there was so much well doing and redoing... It's all hindsight, and not like anyone at DC is asking me, but I'd do things differently.

4. Definitely the multiverse. I'd bring it back if I could. "Crisis on One Earth". I think it's what allows them to start over every twenty years or so, let the characters age normally. But then move on to a new Earth, where the old ones can still be reached, but we can see Superman, etc. young again. Let's us leave behind missteps without shattering continuity. Etc.
5. Well, I've kind of answered this already. But again, I don't want to blame Crisis. I think Crisis did ITS job. I just don't love all those revamps. (Except Captain Atom, of course.)

It's fun to revisit old stuff. That's why I'm here no need to apologize.

Response recorded on September 09, 2001

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Jacob writes...

Hi Greg

Are there any series you have produced or created that you like more than others? Maybe you could write your three favourite ones.

Greg responds...

Well, Gargoyles. Duh.

But I also really loved working on Starship Troopers aka Roughnecks, though I was neither the Producer or Creator.

(I assume we're limiting this discussion to series that actually made it on the air.)

Anyway, those would be my top two, in that order.

Response recorded on September 09, 2001

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Justin writes...


You have mentioned that you are color blind. I believe you said you are red-green deficient. So my question is,
What colors do you see the gargoyles as?

Because you said you thought Goliath was blue, when he really was purple.


Greg responds...

See, now this sounds like...

All right.

Brooklyn looks kinda burnt red to me.
Hudson... I don't know. Brown maybe.
Lex... Brown or green.
Broadway... green/blue.
Kai... hell, I don't remember. Blue or purple?

Response recorded on September 09, 2001

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Lacey writes...

Which character do you feel is most like you, or closely resembles you physically and/or mentally?

Greg responds...

None really resembles me physically, I think. But many of you have seen me at Gatherings. Do you agree?

As for mentally... if you took ALL the characters and squashed them together you'd get me, I think.

Response recorded on September 08, 2001

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Yttrium writes...

You mentioned you were in a play called THE WARRIOR'S HUSBAND and played Theseus. Could you tell us what it was about?


Greg responds...

Sure. Although, keep in mind, that I was in this play over twenty years ago. So I may be misremembering stuff. I'd recommend hitting a library and reading it for yourself. It's by Julian Thompson.

But anyway... Hercules and Theseus attack the Amazons to get the girdle of Hippolyta, which Herc needs to complete his ninth labor. Homer is along to report on the action.

Hercules is very strong and carries a big club, but is neither bright nor brave in this play. Theseus is smart and cunning and good with a sword. He likes to let Herc stand up as the front man, while he makes things work behind the scenes. He's used to getting his way.

The Greeks come up against the Amazon Queen Hippolyta and her younger sister Princess Antiope. All the Amazon men are pretty wimpy. The title character is an Amazon man named Sapiens, Hippolyta's husband. He gains backbone as the play progresses.

Theseus and Antiope do battle. Antiope is very turned on to find a man who can hold his own with her. Theseus, used to just getting what he wants, is also knocked for a loop to find an equal in this woman. They fall in love. Together, they end the war. Herc gets a girdle. Not THE girdle, but everyone figures no one will notice the difference. It ends happily.

It's a bit of fluff, but I remember really liking it. Fun fluff. (It probably didn't hurt that in rehearsing the kiss between Antiope and Theseus, Elizabeth and I sort of discovered that we liked each other. As a result, we were boyfriend and girlfriend throughout my senior year of high school. So, as you can imagine, my memories of the play are rather fond.) Elizabeth also recently reminded me that David Schwimmer, now of FRIENDS, played Giganius the Herald.

FYI, Katharine Hepburn played Antiope in the original Broadway cast.

And thanks for asking this question. It makes me very nostalgic.

Response recorded on September 08, 2001

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Entity writes...

Since you're so close to catching up, I figured I'd clear up what I meant when I said there was a difference between your "pre-LA and post-LA responses." It just felt like, right after The Gathering, you got reinvigorated. Your responses have been more frank, conversational, and for lack of a better word, peppier. Or perhaps I should reference Ed Asner on that last one and use the word "spunk." :)

Greg responds...

Really? Cool.

Certainly, I believe the Gathering was invigorating.

But I wonder if you still feel that way...

Response recorded on September 06, 2001

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Jim R. writes...

Sorry, I clicked Submit too soon. This goes with my previous post.

And do you consider Gargoyles your cobblestone, milestone or somewhere in between? Meaning, do you think Gargoyles was your first series to become as great as it has, or do you think that you'll never do anything even close to what an impact Gargoyles has had on people like us fans, or are you still full of high hopes to possibly out-do yourself someday?

Greg responds...

Geez, this is a depressing question.

I try NOT to think this way, period.

Response recorded on September 06, 2001

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Vega writes...

Hey again.

I assume you're a fan of animation in general, considering your career choice. What are some of your favorite animated shows?

Do you find that the North American preconception of animation as being "for kiddies" as a hinderence to making quality shows like Gargoyles?

As a side note, I really have to heap some praise on everyone who worked on Gargoyles. There are some subtleties in the series that would do a top quality anime justice. The subway rescue in Hunter's Moon, as well as Goliath at Elisa's window. To be more specific, Goliath greets Elisa on the train, Goliath overhears Elisa talking to Jason Canmore. Silent, but eloquent beyond words. That kind of subtlety of expression is very rare in North American animation.

Greg responds...

I like animation, of course.

I know I've answered the 'what are your favorites' question before... so I'm not going to attempt a comprehensive list again. But it's hard to top the original Johnny Quest. And I liked the Herculoids a lot. And Batman the Animated Series. Gummi Bears, etc. For a more complete list check the archives.

And yes, of course, it doesn't help that the country almost exclusively views animation as a kids medium. On the other hand, I don't mind writing for kids. I think kids are a lot smarter than most people give them credit for.

Response recorded on September 06, 2001

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Shan writes...

To my question about future occurences of Jeffrey Robbins you said:

>Yep. (And you worry too much. I'm not paying that close >attention.)

1. I'm glad Jeffrey wasn't a one-time character to you. Even as a teenager I wanted to see characters with disabilities in animation, to reflect the wide variety of people in society as a whole. My sister and I co-developed a series years ago where a visually impaired character was prominent (maybe someday we'll get to do somethin with it). Fifteen years after I first got seriously interested in animation, I've seen a wide growth in character ethnicity but still not much in this area. It's one reason I loved working on EXTREME GHOSTBUSTERS and having Garrett (voiced by Jason Marsden, also Pvt. Brutto from ROUGHNECKS) as our wheelchair bound hero who was such a good character you practically forgot about the wheelchair. Jeffrey's the same kind of character. While portrayed as the character is, ultimately you see the person.

To make this into a question, especially now that I realize that the elder Brutto in ROUGHNECKS ends up in a similar situation (not sure whose choice that was though): without forcing it into the story, would you be open to incorporating more characters with disabilities in animated series?

2. Me worry too much? I think there's a space in line for you behind my father and Kevin on that one. If Mom or my sister think it they're not saying. (In other words I get told that a lot.) Won't deny it. But you do I have to remember I didn't know you that well back then... much changes in a year.

Greg responds...

1. Absolutely. Robbins, of course, was never a one-shot character. For starters,even with TGC, he appeared twice. And I hate to take credit where credit's not due, but I actually do believe that bringing Sgt. Brutto back in a wheelchair WAS my idea. Certainly, I was the first to write him back that way in "Funeral for a Friend". Claw was mute. Renard was confined to a wheelchair. I'm not tooting my own horn here, I just think that maybe you're overlooking characters because they fit so naturally into the series that you forgot they were disabled. I also would love to do a hearing impaired animated character with Marlee Matlin doing the voice. She used to come into Rockets and I once had such a big crush on her that I swore that if she came in one more time, I'd ask her to marry me. (She must have sensed that cause she never came back.)

2. Uh.... (The big problem here is that you attribute better memory function to me than I actually have. What were we talking about?)

Response recorded on September 01, 2001

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Bruno writes...

Hi, Greg,

I'm curious about you and the big screen. Was you really used to five movies a week?

1-Why did you stopped?

2-Do you have plans to see any specific movie? 'The Lord of the Rings', maybe?

3-I know that you're working at Disney, so you don't need answer this if you don't want: Did you saw 'Shrek'?

Good luck with Team Atlantis!

Greg responds...

1. Well, to some extent my life changed. When Cary Bates and I were seeing that many movies a week, we both lived in New York and kinda had no other life except that and work.

Then I moved back to Los Angeles. I had friends and we liked to see movies, but we weren't obsessed about it like Cary and I had been. Plus I was going to school AND writing for DC Comics AND working at Johnny Rockets, so I had less time in general and less disposable income as well. (Well, that's debatable, but it seemed that way.)

Then I went to work for Disney working very long hours. I met my future wife. We still went to movies but we did lots of other things as well.

But the big change was having kids. Duh.

And once we got out of the habit of seeing everything or even nearly everything, I found I didn't like movies as much.

2. I've given up on planning to see movies. We get out so infrequently, that movies I had been dying to see are often gone by the time the opportunity arises.

3. As of yesterday, I'm no longer even freelancing for Disney, but either way I would have answered your question. Yes. Saw Shrek with the kids. Enjoyed it. I don't think it's a great movie, but I did think it was an enjoyable one.

And Team Atlantis (the series) is dead. BUT, if I haven't mentioned this before, they will be releasing a direct to video sequel. This is really three episodes of what WOULD have been the series strung together with a brief but (I think) impressive framing plot. So you will get the opportunity to get a taste of what the series might have been like. And if you come to the next GATHERING, you'll get a bigger opportunity.

Response recorded on September 01, 2001

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Kelly L Creighton/Kya White Sapphire writes...

Just got done reading the Greg Weisman section of the archives. Time for a LONG rant.

I wanted to tell you at the gathering, but I forgot. which angers me to no end, because i went on and on about this at work for months before i left for LA. in awakenings, elisa makes the number three on her hand. you said how odd it was that the japanese animation studio had her make three in that particular way, with the thumb, index and middle fingers. the reality is that thats the PROPER way in AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE to make the number three. they must have looked it up to see "how americans do it." what people usually do as three, with the thumb holding down the pinky, is actually "six" in sign language. and the thumb holding down the index finger is "nine" (with the middle being eight and the ring finger being seven.) a 'hitchikers thumb' is ten. :)

speaking of awakenings, the "nice mask" comment isnt in the "movie". i was mad. i pouted all night last night.

re: goliath and elisa needing help to have a child
technically, theyre closely related enough that they prolly could have a child. that child would not be fertile tho. a Stallion and a female donky can have a hinny, a Mare and a male donky can have a mule, but neither a mule nor a hinny can have offspring. though, in your book, a garg and a human may be way farther from eachother than a donkey and a horse. despite the fact that donkeys and horses arent nearly as related as they look.

I know you dont think this way, but humor me for a second. if you were an animal, what would you be? Tore (my fiancee) would be a polarbear. he likes red meat. he likes the cold. he LOOKS like a polarbear, even when hes not overweight. he acts like one. people give him the respect of one. and he's all white collar(fur) on the surface, and blends in with the crowd(snow) but underneath hes jet black(covered in tattoos, a closet freak ;P) it took a long LONG time to find an animal for me. im nocturnal. im cute. im mostly herbiverous, but not completely. i like florida's hot and muggy weather. i sleep a lot. we went through many rodent and lemur species before settling on flying squirrel.

on the topic of what names mean (oh wise one :) my full name is Kelly Leigh Creighton. Kelly started as a gaelic name, i think spelled calleach, pronounced ka-LEE-ack(phlem sound here). Then the irish clan the O'Kellys took the name. and they were a big factor in the liberation of ireland. so it became fashionable to name boys Kelly. then in 1958 i believe, there was an actress named Kelly. so it became okay to name girls kelly. which is more the case now. anyway, Kelly means "warrior of the king" or "female warrior" Leigh is an english word still used today (in britan) which means "meadow". my last name, Creighton, started as a scottish name, and then spread to england and ireland, where it took many diversion such as Crichton, etc. my family roots have been traced to scotland. it means "near the creek." so fully, my name means "Female warrior of the King, in the meadow near the creek." i always wonder if i will find a meadow near a creek with some unmarked grave in it or something.

along the same track, have you seen the gargoyles code? its a long string of letters and symbols that, if you know how to read them, describes one's character. part of the code is for real life, and asks how obsessed you are. the maximum obsession is defined by one who would be willing to be a test subject for a mutagen that might make them a gargoyle. im one of those silly people. are you? doubt it... (thats not meant to be offensive, i just doubt youre that kind of person :)

at the gathering, while talking about all the spinoffs, specifically i think you were talking about 2198, you said "and its really sad that im still working on this." actually, i dont think its sad at all. im pretty happy about it. because it really is something special. and we all believe in you. its pretty cool that youre as obsessed with your own shows as your fans.

i also recently learned that you dont drink, and think smoking is pretty haneous (sp?). that rules. its nice to see other people out there like that, not just in the fandom too. its really rare these days. not that i didnt respect you before, but i really respect that, and in a way, appreciate it.

i read about how you fell out of the bunkbed when you were little. that reminded me of my bunkbet gymnastics. i hate using the ladder, since i can never find it when im sleep walking. (i sleepwalk a LOT). so ive trained myself to grab the bar on the side of the bunk, or if there isnt one, the lip underneat the bunk, and flip over the side to land on the floor. thing is, if i lose my balance i land on the edge of the bunk below, instead of the floor, and wake whoever is sleeping there. usually, though, since im sleepwalking, i wont remember that i did it unless they confront me about it in the morning. so no guilt ;P

on sleepwaling: i have recently discovered that any time someone tells me im dreaming, i get very angry at them and insist im not, even if i am. i have instructed my parents (specifically my mom, my dad did it anyway because he thought it was funny) to just agree with me, pretend i make sense, and send be back off to bed. o_O

ive wanted to tell you about my religion for some time, but ive been a little nervous to, because its a touchy subject with some people. but after reading your views, i feel like i can at least give you a short version, and it shouldnt be too bad. basically i believe that there are an infinite number of universes, all connected by a void. everything is true, in some universe or another. and some things can travel thru the void into other universes. so basically all religions are true, because there are an infinite number of universes. i simply choose to pray to an alternate set of dieties than the normally accepted ones. which isnt to say i put any less faith in God or Budda (sp?), etc. I just choose not to pray to him/them. which i think this kind of falls into your beliefs anyway, since you belive in alternate universes, and that all things are true. which is basically what my religion preaches. so youre Raptorian and didnt even know it ;P

theres actually scientific evidence coming to light to support the "theory" of alternate universes. cold dark matter, morphic fields, time as a fourth dimension, the possible non-existance of time... its fascinating. this thing that i knew all along is now getting proved by science. basically, the theory of cold dark matter states that there is a force in the universe that is more powerful than gravity. but it only partially exists in this universe, so it is hard to see and study. and most of the force it exerts is exerted in another universe, so were not even getting the full effect. morphic feilds is the theory that everything in the universe is connected by lines of force. this explains why when an atom is split, and two electrons go zinging away from eachother at high speed, one can look at the north/south orientation of one electron and know that the other electron is the exact same. because they are connected. which is why dogs know when their owner is comming home, even if the spouse does not. which is why people can sometimes instinctively know that something is wrong with a loved one, even if miles away. why twins, if separated, can still sense what the other is doing, even if they dont have a twin. why sometimes we can predict the future, or get flashes from the past. morphic fields trancend even time. there is also a theory that states that time is the fourth dimension. basically, since were three dimensional creatures, we can see the EDGE of things in TWO dimensions (meaning you can see the edge of a planar surface), and we can COMPREHEND things in the THIRD dimension (you cant see the edge of a 3D object, a coke can for example, the edge curves away from you and you cant see it. technically, it has no edge). fourth dimensional beings could see our EDGE, and comprehend the fourth dimension. we, as 3d creatures, can only measure what we think is the passing of time. a two dimensional creature could only measure the third dimension. of course there is another theory, who's own creator admits that its just a neat theory he came up with and doenst actually believe in. he said that maybe time doesnt exist at all. maybe we think time passes, just like when we watch a movie we think the pictures are going by, but its just many still frames. as in there is an alternate universe for each second in time. and we only think there is motion because at each second, we have the memories of all the things that have passed before. its an interesting theory, but im more inclined to think of time as the fourth dimension.

anyway, im done rambling for the night. please feel free to comment as you see fit, or not at all :)

Greg responds...


Random responses...

I think that humans and gargoyles are biologically much further apart than horses and donkeys.

I already AM an animal. Homo Sapiens, I believe.

Even after your explanation, I'm still not sure what the Gargoyles code is. But no, I wouldn't want to be a mutagen guinea pig.

And I was being a bit fecetious and/or self-deprecating (given my audience) at the Gathering when I said it was 'sad'. Obviously, I enjoy still thinking about the property.

I do think smoking is a fairly heinous and shockingly stupid habit. Though I generally try not to preach. As for alcohol, I see nothing wrong with drinking in moderation -- for most people. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those people.

I'm Jewish. And a bit pagan. I believe in the religion of the Three Musketeers: "All for one, and one for all." Or something like that.

Time has also been referred to as the fourth dimension in the sense that it spots any point. You can spot a point in three dimensions and still miss it if you don't also measure it's location in time.

Response recorded on August 30, 2001

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Homer Thompson writes...

I read in the archives that you liked the Simpsons and Futurama.

1.Which episodes do you like the most?

2.What do you think of the new eiposdes thay had the last years (2-3 years ago)compared to the first ones (87-97)?

Greg responds...

1. I have a number of favorites. A few Simpsons that spring to mind is Lisa learning about her fist love in the future; the chili cook-off; the first couple Side-Show Bob episodes; the one with John Waters; and many, many others...

2. I think that recent Simpsons though still funny are a bit too random for my tastes. No coherent storylines that take things through from beginning to end, rendering most themes that they half-heartily try to employ as useless. But I still watch cuz individual bits still make me laugh.

Futurama however has the energy and story strength that I think Simpsons is now lacking.

And King of the Hill may be better than both of them. (I don't like the art as much, but I've gotten used to it.)

Response recorded on August 30, 2001

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Kelly L Creighton/Kya White Sapphire writes...

someone commented they spent $40 on a sushi dinner for two.

o.O Tore and I tend to spend around $100 (no kididng, the bill from a group of eight people was $205 - $95 of it was from Tore and I.) and we dont drink alcohol. the idea of TWO sushi dinners for $40 boggles my mind.

oh yeah, my question: do you like sushi?

Greg responds...

I like California rolls.

Response recorded on August 30, 2001

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Lord Sloth writes...

The Hunters Moon(all):

1) Did the cops have some sorta clue that the subway might be hijacked? If so, where did they get it?

2)In part 2, why was the wall of the airship that Jon and Robyn were thrown against electrified?

3) By the end of part 3, did Jason figure out that the other special someone Elisa was talking about was Goliath, or even that it was a gargoyle? Did Elisa tell him in the end?

4)How old are you?

Greg responds...

1. If you mean robbed, yes. There had been a series of subway robberies.

2. That was never visually clear. And I forget what our original intent was exactly -- a junction box maybe -- but I was always a bit disappointed in that moment for that reason.

3. By the end, he knew.

4. 37. Although, technically that's a totally different topic and I shouldn't have answered the question.

Response recorded on August 30, 2001

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Entity writes...


I've recently allowed myself to be engulfed in astrology, and so I'm wondering:

1) What is Xanatos' birthday?

2) What is Elisa's birthday?

3) What is Goliath's "hatch"-day?

4) What is YOUR birthday?

Thanks :)

Greg responds...

4. September 28, 1963. Libra.

As for the others, I have years, not specific dates. At least at this time.

Response recorded on August 30, 2001

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Anonymous writes...

Is Fiona named after a relative of yours?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on August 15, 2001

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Tmansdc writes...

Hey there Mr. Wiseman uh I mean Mr. Weisman,

One question, what are you currently working on as of July 8, 2001? Thank you very much for answering my question and why didn't you answer my last one?

Greg responds...

I don't know why I didn't answer it. Is it possible Todd disqualified it? You might want to review the guidelines for submitting.

As of this moment, 8-15-01, I am unemployed. I have one more Team Atlantis recording for a Direct to Video that they are doing that salvages a fraction of the work we did on the cancelled series.

I recently finished writing a screenplay with my brother and a novel on my own. But my main project these days is looking for work.

Response recorded on August 15, 2001

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Kathy Lowe writes...

I really enjoyed the Gathering this year. Many thanks to you and the staff for getting all the guest panelists.

My husband is a rather shy type; he thought the following question during the production seminar, but didn't even tell me until several days after the Gathering.

What is the silliest idea you ever had, and what is the silliest idea you ever pitched?

Greg responds...

Pitched? I don't think I ever pitched anything that I didn't legitimately believe would make a good show.

Including a shot of Michael Eisner getting his rug yanked off by one of the "Quarks" in the pitch for that show, might have been the single STUPIDEST thing I ever pitched. (You'll notice we never did make "Quarks".)

As for silly ideas, I get a lot of those. There's this notion about a guy named Vinnie, who....

Response recorded on August 08, 2001

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Kelly L Creighton/Kya White Sapphire writes...

Im very sorry if this was asked before, but looking through the archives I can't even begind to thing of what category it might be in.

You know a lot of us have created our own characters and our own stories. How do you feel about that?

Im very posessive. I would say "mine! leave it alone!" That's why I refuse to publish anything with my own character (myself I mean, not just a random character I created) in it, for fear that someone would role play as her or write about her in a way I didn't like.

Greg responds...

As I've said before, I have mixed feelings about fanfiction. On one level it's very gratifying that the series inspired so many people to create their own stories. And I know that all this fanfiction helps to keep the property alive for everyone.

But a part of me is territorial. And particularly gets annoyed when people who've written fiction say, I like my version better. On one level, I can't begrudge it. On another, I do have that impulse to say, "Hey, create your own universe then."

I exist on many levels mentally on this and many other points.

Response recorded on August 07, 2001

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Tynne writes...

I remember a while back you wrote about enjoying Scott McCloud's recent Zot! Online revivial.

Do you currently enjoy any other comics (whether online, newspaper, or print books).

Thank you.

Greg responds...

I read the entire L.A. Times Comic section everyday -- even the ones I hate -- out of habit and compulsion. I still love Doonesbury. Dilbert's amusing. I like Get Fuzzy a lot. The rest range from pretty good to just awful.

Response recorded on July 11, 2001

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John writes...

Hi Greg,
This one is a personal question:
In this year, we had and we will have some great movies, and we have a new trend: Movies about computer games. My question is, wich of these ones will/have you seen, and what do you think about them?

Almost Famous
Tomb Raider (game)
Resident Evil (game)
Final Fantasy (game)
Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter

Ok, Thank you for awnsering. have a nice day:-)

CU, John

Greg responds...

I enjoyed Almost Famous a great deal. I also enjoyed Shrek.

Haven't seen the rest, and some of them aren't even out yet. I'm not sure what you expect me to say about a Lord of the Rings movie that I couldn't possibly have seen yet? If you're looking for me to pre-judge something, that ain't gonna happen.

Response recorded on July 11, 2001

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Steven L. writes...

In general, did you enjoy telling stories that all ages could relate to, or were there times when you felt frustrated that you had a great idea for a more adult story or issue to explore, but couldn't due to the restraints of being a "children's show"? A bit of both?

Greg responds...

I loved what I was doing. I do occasionally have a dirty mind. But I'm happy to fill it with details left off screen. All the themes I wanted to address I could. I did. At least through the first 66. Down the road? Who knows?

Response recorded on July 11, 2001

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Sloth writes...

Who is your favorite character in the garg universe? assuming u have one.

Greg responds...

I don't. Goliath is the prism through which the universe was recreated. But I love 'em all. Even the bad guys and the nobodies.

Response recorded on July 06, 2001

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Corrine Blaquen writes...

Hee, hee. I just noticed something that I found amusing. Macbeth must have some sort of 'Red-Headed Curse' upon him or something! All the women that affect his life somehow have had red hair. His dear wife Gruoch was the first. And then Demona, whose red hair has virtually become a trademark! His hired mercenary Fleance is a carrot top. And by extension of Demona, his French ex-wife was a redhed too! None of the females in the series with any connection to him don't have red hair. I like it. It's neat. Was it intention, or is it just an amusing fluke? If a fluke, did you ever notice?

Greg responds...

I'm color blind.

Response recorded on July 03, 2001

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Brittany writes...

how on earth did you can you draw gargoles that good the only good thing i can draw is anime charaters.

Greg responds...

I can't draw worth a damn. Hopefully, you all think I can write though.

Response recorded on July 02, 2001

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Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky writes...

Ok, this has been on my mind for a while, and checked the archives and didn't find it there.

What was Raven hoping to gain by driving everyone away from Queen Florence Island in "Heritage". I don't really understand his motivations there.

Greg responds...

I used to live on Queen Florence Lane in Woodland Hills, California.

He was looking to gain power. Queen Florence Island was a place of power. He didn't want to share.

Response recorded on July 01, 2001

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Anonymous writes...

Why did you give up reading comics? I mean there are still some good ones such as Rising Stars(Rising Stars) and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen(Moore).

Greg responds...

Never heard of 'em.

It's kind of a long story, but in a nutshell here are a few factors as to why I gave up comics in 1996:

1) Many of the comics I was reading at the time ended their run. Love & Rockets. Sandman. Etc.

2) Other comics I was reading became UNREADABLE. Hulk springs to mind. It wasn't really Peter David's fault. But by that time Hulk was the only Marvel Universe Book I was still reading. Then the Marvel Universe split in two or something, and I couldn't make heads or tails out of Hulk anymore. DC's Universe wasn't that much better.

3) Comics I still wanted to collect, like Cerebus, were becoming hard to find. There was no longer a good comic shop near my office. I couldn't go every week like I used to. So I'd try to go once a month. I'd miss an issue and not know it for another month when the NEXT issue came out. By that time, finding that back issue became VERY difficult.

4) Because so many comics I used to love were gone or unreadable, I was down to collecting very few titles. Given that I collected so few and the logistical difficulties of getting to a decent store, I was no longer feeling the old, "Gotta get in there and by the next issue of everything" pressure. Half the time I did go, I no longer found ANYTHING that I wanted.

5) I didn't plan on quitting. I went to a store in November of 1996. Didn't get around to going again in December or January of 97. By February or so, I realized that I had gone a while without... and that I didn't MISS IT AT ALL. This was a shocking revelation to me. SHOCKING. I'd been addicted to comics for DECADES. I had a huge collection -- particularly huge since from 1985-1987, I got every issue of every comic being published (with very few exceptions) for FREE. (I was on staff at DC at the time, and the various publishers had a gentleman's agreement to provide each other with free copies). Once I found I didn't miss it, I decided to quit. Freed up a ton of time and money.

Response recorded on July 01, 2001

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Jim R. writes...

This is something I've been wanting to ask for a while.

A lot of information on the net in relation to Gargoyles is the criticism reports I read. Critics who evaluated Gargoyles say that as for children, it's a good show to teach morals, right-and-wrong differences, and social problems. They especially mention the episode "Deadly Force" in particular as a lesson learning experience about the dangers of weapons.

But, as for those of us adults, we believe Gargoyles was Disney's way of appealing to a more mature audience. Most of us would say its attractive because of the story, characters, episodes, Shakespearian underlyings, or the overall fictional universe idea makes it interesting. These things, I think, are what make adults come to Gatherings or purchuse merchandise, etc.

So, my question is: Who would you agree with more? The people like us fans, who ask you questions, still watch the series on our VCRs, and adore the story. Or, the critics who would say that Gargoyles is a good children's cartoon, suitable for teaching them lessons of behavior, ethics, etc.

Greg responds...

I view my audience like a target. There's a bull's eye in the middle, and concentric circles surrounding it.

Put another way, I try to write on multiple levels. Eye candy and clear lessons for younger kids. Shades of grey and other more sophisticated material for older audiences. Hopefully, I'm reaching the widest possible audience. That's the goal.

Mostly, however, I write to please myself. The more I do that, the less likely it is that I become a hack.

Response recorded on June 30, 2001

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Laura 'ad astra' Ackerman writes...

Another try at sending this out-

I just typed up a particularly long question that didn't post and got lost, and I was foolish not to copy it somewhere before hitting submit. I apologize if it turns up later and this becomes a double post, and also if I can't get rid of the autoformating in Word and it looks a little screwy. After losing that long a question I am not taking a chance working directly into the web page.

It has been a long time since I posted a question... of course it has been a long time since I have been caught up with your answers. After reading all of the new responses, particularly those dealing with Oberon and Titania, a question has come to mind. [Actually two, but how many new ways can you ask, "What did Titania whisper to Fox?"? That question should almost have its own section.] The short form of the question is this: Just how different are Oberon's hildren from humans? I am not referring to physical or magical characteristics, but rather do they think in a quantifiably different way than do humans?

The long version of the questions comes after the long digression:

A while back a friend practically shoved an anthology into my hands and insisted I read a particular article. I believe it was called, "Hamlet in the Bush". The gist of it was that a young anthropologist found herself with an indigenous culture for a long boring stretch. [She had thought the off season would be a wonderful time to get to observe their culture. Had she asked them they would have told her the off season is the off season because the weather is so miserable that they cannot even visit the next village. They spend the time drink the local equivalent to bear waiting for it to pass.]

Before leaving she had had an argument with a friend. She argued that at base all humans are the same and once you do some explaining to take care of cultural differences, a great work of literature would be recognized as such by all people. The example that was bandied about was Hamlet, so he gave her a copy as a going away present.

With nothing else to do she sat in her tent and read it over and over until the locals asked her what on Earth she was doing. They were a non-literate culture and to them reading papers meant reading boring legal documents. Even a white person could not be so daft as to spend weeks doing so. She seized upon it an opportunity to test her theory and they, being a story telling culture, were happy to oblige.

She immediately ran into two problems:
-1-They didn't have a concept of "ghost". Zombie, yes. Evil spirit in false guise, yes. But the idea of a dead person's spirit hanging around this world was simply ludicrous to them.
-2-They thought Claudius was a great guy. He acted as an exemplary uncle and brother-in-law, although he waited a bit long in taking care of his brother's household. [Three whole months! And with only one wife to tend the fields!]

In the end they loved the story (with their corrections) and thought she was on her way being a great storyteller, (being female aside). They also told her to be sure to tell her elders that they had been good hosts and had corrected her misremembering lest she continue in error.

I think her premise held, but she hadn't realized how far cultural difference went. The more complex the story, the more it was tied to its own cultural assumptions and the harder it is to explain to another culture.

Back to Gargoyles-

In Gargoyles the basic emotions seem pretty much universal. Gargoyles, humans, New Olympians, and even Nokar and Matrix as far as we have seen them, display them. Love, hate, curiosity and fear, as well as slightly more complex emotions of protection and loneliness are clearly expressed and are more easily understood than some lost cultures of our own ancestors. Are Oberon's Children fundamentally different, or if we can imagine long enough the effects of great power and incredibly long lives we can empathize without too much brain-sprain?

There are great works of speculative fiction that try to understand the mind of The Other. Zelazny had a whole series of stories of robots worshiping and trying to understand the long last human race. I recently read a great book called "Exogesis" (a post-modern Prometheius) by Astro Teller dealing with how a newly emerged AI might think and how humanity might respond. If I would list every book I could think of on the topic I will never stop typing and will eventually have feel the urge to start listing plays and movies as well, (and probably have to deal with Frankenstein, and I am not fond of the book. It is hard to like a book when you hate the main character. Perhaps the movies were right to make the monster the lead character. :).

It all boils down to this: Are the Children of Oberon "the Other", or something very much like ourselves?

Boy this is long! sorry.

Greg responds...

Don't apologize. It's fascinating.

Boiling it down...


Are Oberon's Children fundamentally different, or if we can imagine long enough the effects of great power and incredibly long lives we can empathize without too much brain-sprain?

I'd have to say the latter. Great power. Little or no responsibility. Long lives. Being able to look however you feel at a given moment. You add these things up and they may seem other for awhile. But fundamentally, it's about extrapolation on our human emotions.

Because fundamentally, as a writer, what else can I do? Maybe someone else has the talent, ability, INTEREST in truly creating the OTHER. But not me. I'm interested in US. Gargoyles, humans, Oberon's Children. Toss in the New Olympians, Nokkar, the Space-Spawn, the Lost Race, etc. I'm fundamentally interested in figuring out what makes us real world humans tick. Or boil it down further, and I'm fundamentally interested in figuring out what the hell makes ME tick. All the characters in the Gargverse are just there as an alternative to me being in therapy, I guess.

Does that make sense?

Response recorded on June 29, 2001

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Phil writes...

I've enjoyed reading your development files for Gargoyles. The fact that you're here and still working on the concept years after it's been cancelled leads me to a question:

At what point did you realize that Gargoyles was not just another cartoon series? It's obvious now how different Gargoyles is from Bonkers or Tale Spin, but at what point in development did that emerge?

Greg responds...

There came a point when Frank Paur was hired to join the project, when I realized I didn't want to let go of it. That it was too personal, too in synch with my own head. Normally at that time, I developed shows (like Bonkers) and handed them off to a producer. This one, I could not let go of.

Which is not to say I knew there'd be conventions, websites, fanfic, fanart, etc., way back then. I had no idea the series would generate that kind of loyalty. I just knew I cared about it.

Response recorded on June 27, 2001

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Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky writes...

Don't have time for a large ramble on "Outfoxed", so I'll just comment on a few key points.

Cyberbiotics> I was wondering what became of Cyberbiotics after "Awakening", so it was nice to see them again. And personalizing them in Renard, so we know who it was that got hurt by Goliath and everyone's actions.

I didn't think much of Vogel's resemblence to Owen. I thought they were cousins or something, or perhaps that one was a clone. He also made an interesting character, and I thought his change of heart was believable at the end.

Halcyon Renard. First of all, that is a great name. I like the sound of it. Yes, I did figure that he was Fox's father. I may have flunked out of French class that year, but I knew what Renard meant. He was a great character to, and Robert Culp did a great job doing his voice. Also he made a nice opposite to Xanatos.

Goliath was well-used in this episode. Also nice to show that he's far from perfect in his waiving off his responsibility in the destrcution of Fortress I.

Fox was great in this episode also. She became one of my favorites here. I was surprised by her pregnancy, but it seemed to be a natural step in where she and David were going. Seeing her beat David in their karate match was fun, but I'd like to see him win one some day, he lost to Owen to. Fox's attitude at the end with Renard was priceless, and nice to learn her birth-name. Janine was very appropriate.

Also, with Demona, Elisa, Angela, Fox etc, "Gargoyles" has a lot of great woman characters. That's one thing I really like about this show.

The theme/moral of integrity was a good one, and well handled. I understand how Renard feels when he says it's a daily struggle. I for one have been guilty of taking the easy way out and waiving off integrity. But I try to practice it as often as I can.

This was a very good episode. Not one of my favorites, but very good.

Also, don't ask me how, but I knew that David and Fox were going to have a son. I also knew that IF Goliath and Demona had an egg it was a daughter. Don't ask me how, I just knew.

Hopefully I'll have a longer Ramble/Review for "Revelations". I enjoy doing those.

Greg responds...

ANd I enjoy reading them.

I do like writing female characters a lot. My Starship stories also made the females more prominent. Women just appeal to me as subjects. I just hope I do them justice.

Response recorded on May 04, 2001

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Seeker of Knowledge writes...

In an earlier post, you said you wanted the God of the gargoyle universe to be bigger than the God of Abraham. How is that possible? The very nature of the Judeo-Christian-Muslim teachings makes this impossible. And He is in no way limited to these three religions. If you examine other faiths, it is easy to see that even religions as distant from these three as American Indians have some similarities.

Greg responds...

I see similarities all over. ALL OVER.

These things aren't mutually exclusive, which I believe was my point.

But I've studied the bible, and I see CLEAR signs in it of a non-monotheistic god. He seems to be a geotheistic god, particularly in chapters of Genesis and Exodus. Not the only. Just "THE BEST" (or at least the toughest).

Personally, I'm a Jew who believes in God. But I can't limit my perception of him to the Torah. It just doesn't work for me. Having said that -- and before I get slammed for saying it -- let me state clearly that the above opinions are first and foremost, merely that -- OPINIONS. They are my highly personal opinions. I have no interest or desire in trying to get anyone (ANYONE) to see things my way -- anymore than I have any interest or desire for someone to attempt to convert me.

So take everything I say with a grain of salt. Or a pillar of it.

Response recorded on May 02, 2001

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Bruno writes...

Hi, Greg,

Do you play - or played - videogame?

Greg responds...

We had a full-size arcade Pong machine when I was a kid.

Response recorded on April 17, 2001

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Pyro X writes...

Are you really colorblind?

I am as well! I didn't know this. we have something in common, although not a great thing.

Greg responds...

Technically, I'm red-green color deficient.

Response recorded on April 08, 2001

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Jim R. writes...

Where do you answer our questions? At home? Work? In your car? In your sleep?

Greg responds...

I have three offices. One in Beverly Hills, my freelance office. One in Burbank, my Disney office. And one in my home.

I almost NEVER answer questions at home, because I almost never log on from there. I'd rather spend time with my wife and kids.

I answer at one of the other two offices whenever I have a free hour or so.

Occasionally, on vacation, if I have web access, I'll stay up late and answer after everyone else has gone to bed. Like now.

Response recorded on April 08, 2001

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demona writes...

hi greg could u go to my chat room the addy is http://www.masquerade.com/main.htl my group sog would be very excited to see u there out meetings are every sunday at 8:00 pm eastern or standerd time i am there as demona there is also a macbeth etc and we all would love 2 see u there !

Greg responds...

Generally, I don't have internet access on the week-ends. And at any rate, 8pm Eastern is 5pm Pacific, and that's time I spend with my kids. But thanks for the offer.

Response recorded on April 08, 2001

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Demona Taina writes...

One of my favorite smart-ass responses, among many, well, one guy asked (I can't remember whom) what Goliath was like when he was a baby. You replied: "Purple." [LOL] So I'm a hopeless Goliath fan. :P

Greg responds...

Yeah, that's good. (THough I'm amazed I thought of that, being color-blind. Heck, I didn't even KNOW Goliath was purple for about a year after I first saw his color model. I just assumed he was blue.)

Response recorded on April 08, 2001

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Jim R. writes...


I just thought to let you know, that I enjoy reading your movie reviews. You see way more movies than I do, so reading some of your thoughts about them is interesting to see whether I would agree if I've seen the movie or not, and to see whether if I should. Ebert and you would be a sight to see...

Greg responds...

If I see more than you, than you must see next to none.

Once upon a time, Cary Bates and I saw like five movies a week. But that was back in the eighties. These days, I'm lucky if I see one movie a month.

But thanks for the kind words.

Response recorded on March 29, 2001

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Cleo writes...

Who is your favorite character on the Show?


Greg responds...

Don't have one. They're all my children.

Response recorded on March 29, 2001

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Jim R. writes...

What was your very first job? And what was the first job that was relevant to what you really wanted to do for a living or that you enjoyed? Was it working on Gargoyles?

Greg responds...

My very first job was in a mail room at American Medical International, Inc.

It had nothing to do with my career aspirations.

My first career oriented paying job was for DC Comics, as a freelance writer.

Gargoyles was YEARS (and many other jobs) after that.

It'd be pretty astonishing if my first job was as the creator and producer of a nationally syndicated tv show, don't you think?

Response recorded on March 29, 2001

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Andrea L. Marbry writes...

Dear Greg,
Just wanted to offer my very belated congratulations on the Starship Troopers video Roughnecks: The Pluto Campaign, coming out in March 2001 (according to Previews Magazine). Hopefully, this will be the beginning of getting out a whole lot of your work out,
including a certain other show of mine that's near and dear to my heart. Do you know who I can write to in order to get more dvd's and videos of Sony's animated stuff out?

Greg responds...

I don't, no. But you might try RoughneckChronicles.com or something.

I got a copy of that first DVD. I didn't work on those episodes, but they are coming out with a second DVD that has my five Tesca Nemerosa jungle shows on it. It also has a commentary track with me, Producer Audu Paden, Executive Producer Jeff Kline, the various directors of each episode and Rino Romano, the voice of Johnny Rico.

By the way, Troopers has just been nominated for two Emmy awards. One for sound, and the other for Best Animated Series Special Class. If we win the latter than a bunch of us will actually walk away with statues. This is my first emmy nomination. I'm pretty psyched about it.

FYI Gargoyles was nominated for sound emmys. Didn't win, unfortunately. But I was never nominated for that show.

Response recorded on March 29, 2001

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Shavri writes...

I had a nightmare last night, Mr. Weisman, and it was about you. In it, you died, and in one of the suckiest ways, too. You fell backwards off a bunk-bed ladder and cracked your skull. It was so horrible! I saw it in slow-motion over and over again; you falling down, your mouth gaping open in a scream, then, "BOOM, CRACK," and I think there was blood coming out of your mouth when you were lying on the floor...you looked so pitiful and helpless. You weren't even that high up (about 2 or 3 feet off the ground)! I wasn't there, but somehow I saw that event (you know how weird dreams can be). I remember seeing somewhere in a comment room and on the news that you had died, and then I was flashed with the image of your horrific death. I felt so bad! I was thinking about how you weren't going to be able to answer the question I asked you yesterday, or any question for that matter. It broke my heart to think that, if a "Gargoyles" movie was going to come out, you wouldn't be there to see it or critique it; and how you'd never be able to work on another show if you were given leave to. I mean, you fall 2 or 3 measly feet off a ladder and die! What a horrible way to end your life! It must have been one of those dreams where you couldn't tell whether it was a dream or not, because I woke up thinking you were dead and how badly it sucked. I was thinking, "Wait a minute IS he dead?"...And trying to remember if someone had said you were or not. Then finally, I got over my disorientation and remembered you were NOT. Please don't think I'm crazy or anything. I'm not sure what brought this on. Probably partly because of the injury that caused Dale Earnhardt's death(a fractured skull), and that somehow incorporated itself into my dream. I really don't know why you were in it. Mr. Weisman, Dear, Sweetie, even though I don't know you personally and vice versa: would you do me a favor and PLEASE, please, BE CAREFUL around LADDERS(especially bunk-bed ladders) or ANYTHING else. Maybe you should wear a helmet or something when you climb one (yeah…I know what you're thinking, but still). If you die should from something stupid I will be VERY unhappy with you for not heeding my advice. So BE CAREFUL, please, don't make me into a psychic.

Greg responds...

I am immune to bunkbed death, so never fear.

As kids, my sister and I -- and later, when she got older and got her own room -- my brother and I shared a bunkbed. Being the oldest, I had the top bunk.

Once, late at night, my dad heard a loud thump. He came into our room and found me sleeping on the floor. I had fallen out of the top bunk without waking. He picked me up and put me back in bed. I never woke up.

The next morning, he came into our room and found me asleep on the floor AGAIN! I had fallen again, again without waking up.

[Of course, on one level, this may explain a lot.]

So anyway, have no fear. And as for the rest of you. Don't get any ideas.

Still, I'm keeping track of ideas for future contests once this 2198 contest is over.

Write Greg Weisman's obituary sounds like morbid fun.

Response recorded on March 29, 2001

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Pyro X writes...

Greg: Did any of your personal views -IE) something you were really opposed to- come out in any way on the show?

Greg responds...


I'm opposed to illiteracy. Does that count?

Response recorded on March 13, 2001

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Bruno writes...

Hi, Greg,

You walked out of Meet the Parents. If this was your second time, what was your first?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on March 13, 2001

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Dan M writes...

My dog's name is Norman too.

Greg responds...


My dog's name is actually Air Commander Bentley Norman. (It's a long story.) We usually just call him Normie.

Response recorded on March 13, 2001

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Aaron writes...

Thanks for the reminder that you worked on DuckTales. I've been meaning to ask you, there was an episode where Scrooge and co. go in search of a lost play by the great bard William Drakespeare. Was that one of yours?

Or the one where Magica sends Scrooge into the future and everything has gone wrong in his absence? Shades of Future Tense?

Greg responds...

Nope. Neither of those were mine. In fact, I'm fairly certain that those were both made before I started working at Disney.

The four episodes I story edited were:

1. "New Gizmo-Kids on the Block" aka "Honey, I Shrunk the Gizmo-Suit". (I can't remember which title we ultimately used.)

2. "The Golden Goose, Part One"

3. "The Golden Goose, Part Two"

4. "Curse of the Metal Mites" (Or something like that.)

Plus I also worked on the Valentine's special (aka the 100th episode) and a bit on the Feature Film, Legend of the Lost Lamp.

Response recorded on March 13, 2001

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One writes...

1) What are your personal feelings regarding Demona? Do you see her as a tragic victim of humanity's fear, the weird sister's machinations, etc? Just a mad gargoyle who can't let go of the past and refuses to accept responsibility for her own actions? What's your take on her?

2) In your opinion, which character of the series is most like you? Why?

3) If you had to go through everything Demona went through... how do you think that would have changed you? What would you be like?

Greg responds...

1. She is complex. She contains multitudes. I'm fond of her in a strange way. But that fondness doesn't mitigate her actions as far as I'm concerned. On the other hand, I've always been fascinated with the idea of redemption. So who knows?

2. None really. Or all of them put together. Or Vinnie, because I'm often hapless. Without hap.

3. A puddle.

Response recorded on March 13, 2001

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Jim R. writes...

3 questions directed towards you:

Will you ever write a book? Maybe an autobiography or production series telling about what you've accomplished?

If you should ever be asked to tell about yourself on the A&E show, "Biography", would you?

Greg responds...

1. I'm writing a book now. Don't know if it'll ever get published.

2. That's less likely. I have no interest in writing an autobiography. The latter sounds interesting, but for something like that, I'd want a publisher interested in advance.

3. Sure. I'm holding my breath.

Response recorded on March 02, 2001

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Jim R. writes...

I am curious. You were an "executive producer" for Gargoyles, right? What does an executive producer do for an animated series? Did you work on any of the artwork? Any of the storyline? The voice actors?

What is it that an executive producer does? In a nutshell, of course, I know you're busy...

Greg responds...

Haven't I answered this a hundred times?

No. In those days, Disney TV Animation did not give out "Executive Producer" credits. I started as a "Co-Producer". Then became a "Producer". Then "Supervising Producer". Through all these title changes, my duties never changed. [Which is to say, that a title doesn't necessarily give a consistent read on an individuals responsibilities or efforts. So I can't speak for all Executive or even Supervising Producers. I can just tell you what I did.]

I came up with all 66 story springboards and supervised the writing staff. Though I didn't have the title, since my producer credit rendered it redundant, I was the Supervising Story Editor for the series. I personally wrote and story edited "The Journey". Though I did not produce the Goliath Chronicles episodes, including Journey.

I also supervised all recording sessions with the actors. I voice directed one episode (VENDETTAS).

I don't draw, but I did give notes and approvals on all designs and storyboards. I also supervised post-production. Called retakes, supervised final edits, mixes, on-lines, etc.

I didn't do any of this stuff alone. But along with Frank Paur, I was the final word on everything.

Response recorded on March 02, 2001

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Jim R. writes...

I am curious, why did you leave Disney in 1996? (I hope this question doesn't open up some old wounds that you may have encountered.) And I wasn't sure if anyone had ever asked you that.

Greg responds...

Yeah, it's come up before. The short answer is that my contract was up. Disney didn't offer me a new contract. DreamWorks did.

Response recorded on February 26, 2001

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Jim R. writes...

I guess Elisa won't be taking Goliath to '"catch a Giants game" after all since they lost to the Ravens. Ha, Ha. So, Greg, which team were you gunning to win, or don't you care?

I personally don't care much for football, I just watch it for the commercials... :)

Greg responds...

I'm afraid I didn't really care. I went to school with John Elway, so I'd been a Broncos fan for years, until he retired. But Giants/Ravens? I have no connection to either team.

Response recorded on February 22, 2001

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Baal writes...

At times, have you considered NOT working on new Gargoyles stuff and just leaving the series as is? I would understand if you gave up, tho I'd be a little disappointed (among others). It would be a shame, but thats life. Tho it seems like you've come close already with one of the spin offs.

Greg responds...

Sometimes I think it would be more healthy if I just gave up. Then if it came back it would be a pleasant surprise.

But I can't give up. Just can't.

Response recorded on February 15, 2001

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Pyro X writes...


Generally, what does an Executive producer do, as in preparing a show like Gargoyles?

Greg responds...

Well, I wasn't an Executive Producer. Gargoyles didn't have any executive producers.

I was a Supervising Producer. I came up with all the springboards, reviewed all premises, outlines, scripts. Supervised Voice Recordings, edit sessions, sound mixes and on-line sessions. Gave notes on all designs, storyboards and animation. I was a busy boy.

Response recorded on February 15, 2001

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melcelestial@hotmail.com writes...

Seriously, how'd you get noticed by the world of your high-qualitied animations, A-Z starting from college? What inspired you to start the career as a cartoon animator? Do prefer 2D or 3D? What gave you the inspirations to start a cartoon????????

Greg responds...

O.K. First off, I'm NOT an animator. I'm a writer. And largely, at the time, I followed the work and the opportunities. I got a job in animation and followed that course until it eventually led me to create Gargoyles. But it was in that order, not the other way around.

As for 2D and 3D, I have no absolute preference. I like good animation, no matter the format. I like well-told stories. Some subject matter works better in 2D, some in 3D. And I like doing shows where the content and the format are working together as opposed to at odds.

Response recorded on February 07, 2001

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Jim R. writes...

Were you thinking about Gargoyles when you had your Wheaties today, Greg?

Greg responds...

I rarely eat breakfast.

Response recorded on February 01, 2001

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Corrin Blaquen writes...

Who are Erin and Benny's favorite characters? What are their favorite episodes?

Greg responds...

I'm not sure. And they're not here to ask.

Erin dressed up as Fox and Benny dressed up as Xanatos at the last Gathering in Orlando, so I think they might have an affinity for those two. I think they like Elisa. Erin liked young Macbeth.

But I don't know.

Response recorded on January 26, 2001

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JADE writes...

Hi Greg,
Did you know that your name is rooted in the name Gregory which is Latin: Gregorious. Which means "Watchman; watchful one." A man vested with authority and alertness.
English nicknames: Greg, Gregg.
Foreign variations: Gregor, Gregorius (German), Gregoire (French), Gregoor (Dutch), Gregorio (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese), Griogair (Scotch), Greagoir, Grioghar (Irish)

I just thought it was cool. :)

Greg responds...

My name is Gregory. Gregory David Weisman.

And name stuff always fascinates me.

Response recorded on January 26, 2001

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demona writes...

hi greg what show are u working on?

Greg responds...

I'm currently working on developing a series for Disney with Producer Tad Stones. It is currently too soon to say what that series is. We don't yet have a green light and I don't want to jinx it.

Response recorded on January 26, 2001

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demona writes...

at the end of the show the credits come on and i see your name what was your job?

Greg responds...

I was one of the Supervising Producers. My specific responsibilities were largely over story. I was the Supervising Story Editor. I came up with most all of the springboards, and assigned them to our various story editors and writers. I then made sure all the premises, outlines and scripts were in good shape. I also wrote and story edited a little myself.

In addition to that primary responsibility, I supervised voice recordings. I gave notes on designs and storyboards. I co-supervised post-production, including film edits, sound mixes and video on-lines.

All this after, I led the development of the show in the first place. I was hardly a one-man band, but from inception to the end of the second season, I was the only guy who was there from beginning to end.

Kinda proud of that.

Response recorded on January 26, 2001

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Vilija writes...

Hi Greg! Happy Christmas! My question this time's on Christmas presents.

What does Goliath want for Chirtmas this year?
(Does he celebrate Christmas? If not, what does he and other gargs celebrate? Winter Solistce?)

How about Demona? (Santa knows she's been naughty, though.)

What'd Elisa like this year?

Thank you, .... Wait! Today's winter solistce! Have a good one. (and a good holiday.)

P.S. What're you wishing for this year?

Greg responds...

I'd lean more toward Solstice than Christmas. And I don't think Goliath is very interested in material possessions.

Demona wants the same old thing. A human-free earth, and all the power, with no guilt.

Elisa -- I think she'd like a quiet night at home with Goliath.

And me? Well, I wanted the video to Ferris Bueller's Day Off. And I got it. YEAH!

Response recorded on January 17, 2001

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Corrinne Blaquen writes...

Greg, have you done any voices on Gargoyles?

Greg responds...

I was the second commando, who said: "Nice Mask" in Awakening, Part Two.

Response recorded on December 21, 2000

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demona writes...

hi greg are u working on any other shows?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on December 21, 2000

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puck40 writes...

And since this is off topic of the last question...

Which do you prefer, Mc Donalds or Burger King?

Greg responds...

Soft spot for McDonalds. I like it better overall, I guess.

Truth is I like almost all fast food. Always have, always will.

Response recorded on December 21, 2000

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matt writes...

i heard that you are friends with Douglas Bader, the pilot in "M.I.A", is this true? if so, what does he think of you putting him in the series?

Greg responds...

What's true is that I met Douglas Bader once, when I was a boy. My family went to Disneyland with him and his wife. He was a friend, or at least an aquaintance of my father's. He was also one of my father's heroes.

Sir Douglas has since past away, so I've no way of knowing how he feels about being in the show. But I'd hope he'd see it as the tribute it was meant to be.

Response recorded on December 01, 2000

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Yttrium writes...

Do you have a favorite episode? If so, which one is it?


Greg responds...

I've answered this many times before.

I do love them all (though there are things in EVERY SINGLE one that drive me nuts -- and more things in some than in others).

But I have a special place in my heart for the multi-parters and "The Mirror".

Response recorded on November 09, 2000

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Todd Jensen writes...

You mentioned in one of your recent posts being of a nocturnal disposition. Is this one reason why the gargoyles in the series are nocturnal as well - that you chose to make them awake by night as a reflection of yourself? (Although it does strike me as ringing true to the kind of atmosphere that gargoyles have about them).

Greg responds...

More the latter. But I suppose it's one reason why the series has always been so personal to me. (One of many, I guess.)

Response recorded on November 01, 2000

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Vashkoda writes...

Hi Greg. You're right, the birthday question belonged to another category. So now that you yourself are a category:

1) How was your birthday?
2) How was the New Orleans wedding?
3) How is/are your new project(s) going? Can you tell us what they are?
4) When will you remind your kids how great "Gargoyles" is and make them watch it with you again? ;)

Greg responds...

1. Great.

2. Fantastic.

3. It's a little premature. Definitely by the Gathering.

4. I try not to hawk my own wares too much with my own kids. It's a bit too pathetic. They do like the show, but they like a break from it now and then. We did just watch Silver Falcon though.

Response recorded on October 26, 2000

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Selen writes...

sorry i know i just wrote you but i really need this question to be answered. i,for some strange reason, believe that some of these things in gargoyles exsist. like:Avalon,Weird sisters,gargoyles,good and bad witches and wizards. do you believe or are you just another person that says its only a cartton!!! it dont matttter to me but i gotta know.

Greg responds...

To me, it's more than a cartoon. I believe in a lot, but live my life in the here and now.

Response recorded on October 20, 2000

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Lexette writes...

Hi, Greg. I'm a first time questioner. This questions about you, actually. I just wanna know who your fav gargoyle is and why. Also, what's your fav episode?

Greg responds...

I don't have a favorite Gargoyle. I like them all.

I largely feel the same way about the 66 episodes I worked on, but I'll admit to having a soft spot for "The Mirror" and the various multi-parters.

Response recorded on October 20, 2000

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Maria writes...

Another silly Question from Silly Maria: ^_^
Why is 'adopting' for Goliath and Elisa more convenient?
I obviously have a very different thinking pattern. I guess I feel that if someone really loved someone else they would be willing to make some sort of change. So that's why I find it hard to believe that Elisa or Goliath can't make a magical change or something. In my mind, just because you change your form doesn't necessarily mean you are changing who you are. It can change a PART of who you are, but it doesn't change everything about you. You are who you are inside. And that includes your SOUL. Your soul is who you are. That's why we are able to differentiate between right and wrong because GOD gave us that gift. We just abuse it sometimes or ignore it, because we are down here on earth to learn. And from circumstance and learning different behaviors, we sometimes become what we were not in the beginning.
So, why would it be so inconvienient? (Bad spelling. . . :P) I mean, I am probably WAY off base. But that's just the way I feel . . . if that's all right.

I guess the problem for us Goliath and Elisa fans is we REALLY want Goliath and Elisa to have a child. Yet, contradictorally, we understand that ethnically, it would be impossible. And yet we hope for a miracle. I guess in my frame of mind, seeing them raise a family of their own would be like some kind of resolution. Strange, isn't it?
Anyway, enough of my rediculous ramblings. I probably don't make any sense - though I try to. It's just hard sometimes to put my thoughts into words. And they don't always come out the way I want them too. So for that I apologize. A hard life has let my communication skills go to par. ^_^!
Well, if that wasn't too - ridiculous - I'll take off now. TTFn. Ta Ta For Now!! :)

Greg responds...

There's nothing wrong with the way you feel.

But it's not the way I feel. I am a secular, at times Pagan, Jew. And yet, I would not convert to another religion for anyone. Not for "love", certainly. If my "love" couldn't accept me for who I am, why would I want her? Most of my life, I dated non-Jews. It's theoretically possible that I might have married one. But I still would not have converted. As it turned out, I did marry a Jew who "practices" the religion more than I do. I haven't gotten "more Jewish" because of her. I've fundamentally stayed the same. And yet, being Jewish is part of who I am. Part of what made me who I am. Same with being short. Same with being nocturnal. Same with being a guy. A heterosexual. A storyteller. I can't change any of these things (or a bunch of other things) without fundamentally changing my identity. Who I am. Who I want to be. I'm not talking about changing breakfast cereals. I'm talking about fundamental factors to my identity in THIS LIFE. Maybe I was someone entirely different in another life, and maybe my "SOUL" is an unchanging light that shines through the prism of each new life. But the prism matters to me. And I think it matters to Goliath and Elisa too. And by the way, I don't see why ADOPTION is any less legitimate a way to share their love with a child than spitting a kid from one's combined loins.

But did I use the word "convenient"? If I did, what was the context? Because the decision was not based on convenience.

Response recorded on October 19, 2000

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New Orleans...

I'm heading down to Louisiana tomorrow to do some research and to attend the wedding of former Gargoyles Casting & Voice Director Jamie Thomason to former Gargoyles Talent Coordinator (and now a talented voice director in her own right) Julie Morgavi.

So I won't be on-line for about a week.

Take good care of each other.

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LSZ writes...

Do you personally believe magic similar to the way magic is portrayed in the Gargoyles universe exists in real life?

Greg responds...

I believe in everything. But that doesn't change the pragmatic way that I generally lead my life.

Response recorded on October 05, 2000

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Sapphire writes...

The mutagen that turned Derek, Maggie, Claw, Fang into Mutates seemed cool, in reality they never created such a mutagen yet but later on they might. This is a stupid question but how would you act if a mad scientist injected you with a mutagen that turned you into a humanoid lion or something?

Greg responds...

I'd be pretty unhappy.

Response recorded on September 27, 2000

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Gengar writes...

What Happened to your mother!

Greg responds...

My mother is just fine, thank you very much. She's very proud of me.

Response recorded on September 25, 2000

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puck<40> writes...

Greg responds...

I once read a Star Wars novel right after the original movie came out. It stank. Kinda turned me off that whole thing.

But you never know.

;-; you read Splinter of the Minds eye? huff. See when I read this trilogy of books it turned me *onto* the other books. Timothy Zahn is really a great writer. And turned me on so much so that I read through so many of the bad ones... including "splinter" <which was released shortly after the movie, pure crap>. Occasionally I try to make my way through another one here and there..... But everything pales. PALES!!!!!! ~taunts all the star wars fans who disagree~ sheep!!!! can't any of these so called hardcore fans see that a BIG MACHINE OF DEATH is kinda boring? book after book.... ;-; so depressing. But This trilogy.... MWAHAHAHH. 9.9; sorry

erhm, heheh. ^.^ anyways.... ~wavies the books in front of Greg~ If I managed to send these.... or not even these. Just the first one to Jen, would you consider reading it? "Heir to the Empire". Made the best seeeelllleeeerrrssss list. =) Hit number oooooonnnneeee. read the reviews online of it if my sales pitch didn't sell it.

and forget about the rest of the books. <a couple short stories are superb here and there but mostly they're blah>

running off now, spanish homework to do.

Greg responds...

You don't have to send me books. (Thanks for the offer.) The truth is, I'm not interested in reading Star Wars-anything right now. That world isn't firing my imagination. The next book I plan on reading is William Faulkner's "New Orleans Sketches." Plan on starting it on the plane ride down to New Orleans. Right now that's just where I want to go.

But if I ever get nostalgic for Star Wars, I know which books to pick up. Thanks.

Response recorded on September 25, 2000

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Green Baron writes...

Hell. Greg. How are you doing? I hope your trip to my hometwon is going according to plan. E-mail me if you have any questions about fun places to visit. I can also help you get a cheap route from the airport to your room, especially if you're staying on St. Charles Ave.

Anyway, here are my questions:

For some reaosn, I'm in an evil modd, so:

Is Demona evil?

Is Oberon evil?

Is Xanatos still evil?

Greg responds...

Define evil.

My friend, Fred Schaefer, and I are arriving on October 10th. We'll be renting a car. Hanging around New Orleans for a few days. (Fred's a native.) On the morning of the fourteenth, Fred'll go stay with his folks, and I'm gonna head to Donaldsonville for the wedding of GARGOYLES voice director Jamie Thomason to GARGOYLES talent coordinator Julie Morgavi. Then on the 16th, I'll head back to New Orleans, pick up Fred, head to the airport and then back to L.A.

GB, I'm not sure I have your e-mail address. Could you get it to me through Crzy?

Response recorded on September 21, 2000

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Emmlei writes...

On a 9-15 post, you said you were working on a project that may/may not go into preproduction. could you give us an idea as to what is? you've roused my curiosity.

Greg responds...

Can't yet.

Not til November at least.

Response recorded on September 21, 2000

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Todd Jensen writes...

So you were the one who came up with the "Disney's Villains" idea, eh? I'd read about the plans for making it in "Starlog" once, and found the idea amusing, but didn't know that you were the one behind it. Thanks for telling us about it.

Greg responds...

You're welcome.

And yes, I'm behind a number of random stuff. Bwahahahahha!

Actually, it's not that shocking. I was Director of Series Development. It was kinda my job.

Response recorded on September 16, 2000

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frank writes...

Greg, I hear that your developing for Disney again, any truth to that.

Greg responds...

Yes. In fact, I'm typing this from my new office on the Disney lot. I should be here about once a week. Much more often if the show I'm working on gets a green light into pre-production.

Response recorded on September 14, 2000

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Kelly L Creighton/Kya White Sapphire writes...

just read yer x-men ramble. so i thought id ramble a little ^_^ (twice in one day!! AAK!)

re: jurassic park and the lost world
okay anyone who knows me knows i LOVE dinosaurs. i love these movies because they have dinosaurs. but anyone who WATCHES these movies with me will immediately know that ive seen them at least 30 times (no exxageration) and i continually spout off the mistakes. editing errors, creative liberties and just plain MISTAKES. theres a HUGE list of them. the spelled the embryo label "stegAsaurus" instead of "stegOsaurus." they have the car fall into a revine as the t-rex pushed it over where it had torn down the fence, but WAIT? how did it tear down the fence if there is a revine? for that matter, where did the ground go that the goat was standing on? one could say that in the shot of the car going over, there is a patch of high ground on the left, but the t-rex actually pushed the car over where it had stepped out originally, hence the torn fense (am i clear on this? i dont think i sound like im making sense...) there are TONS of mistakes. but i like dinosaurs. so lets say i like the dinosaurs in the movie, more than i like the movie. i wanted to ask tho, have you read the books? dont read the lost world. it was written for the movie, and was badly done. but the original JP- was FANTASTIC. at least in my opinion. i read it 8 times. even better was Robert Bakker's Raptor Red. HIGHLY reccomend that one.

re: x-men
rogue's hair goes blonde in the end because her character in the comic book had a patch of blonde (or white, depending on what comic u read) hair on top of her head. i duno if that was originally a tribute to any other character or not. (i hadnt read the original comic. the only exposure to x-men i had was the animated serise, which i only watched a few of.)

re: comics in general
i used to read a lot of wonder woman (not the original stuff, but from about 1990-1991) and WildC.A.T.S. i LOVED the cats. Zealot was my HERO. but then the comic went all soap-opera and i was like "this sux." they broke up the original cast. its like "we have something thats doing well. lets CHANGE EVERY ASPECT OF IT, SHALL WE?" (soung familiar?) i did buy a few of Zealot's comics (#1-3 i think) and Grifter's (#8-10). grifters kinda sucked, but i liked Zealot's.

are there movies that you DO like? im guessing not many. perhaps youre spoiled on shakespear (oh thats a shame ;P) of course it may be that youve created something so great, with such attention to detail, that anything without that minute attention just doesnt do anything for you. care to comment on why youre repulsed by so many movies?

ok enough ranting for one post...

Greg responds...

Re: J.Park: I haven't read the books.

Actually, there are a lot of movies I like. I recently listed a whole bunch.

I also like The Bishop's Wife (the original), Groundhog Day, Miracle on 34th Street (the original), An American in Paris, Highlander (despite myself), Sliding Doors, The Croupier, etc.

Response recorded on August 23, 2000

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Kelly L Creighton/Kya White Sapphire writes...

for the "Greg Wiseman section"

Greg, i recently read in the archives that youre colorblind. Amazingly i know a LOT of colorblind people. (i hear its common among men, perhaps as much as 1 in 10 men has it. i actually learned the reason behind this in my bio class when we studied genetics. colorblindness is a recessive gene that rests on the female chromosome. women rarely get it because they get two femal chromosomes, or X's, and its unlikely that theyll get TWO X chromosomes with the colorblindness gene. men, however, only need ONE X with the colorblindness gene, as the male Y chromosome cant counteract the gene.) ANYWAY, this brought up two points:

a) there is a way to "cure" colorblindness. i dont know if youve ever heard of it. apparently, they put a red contact lense in one eye (specifically the left or right, but i cant remember which) and it allows you to better distinguish color. not that you would see color "normally" but you would have better definition.

b) you know it goes the other way too. i read an article in Discover magazine (i spend too much time with that magazine) about a type of person who has OVERstimmulated color perception. whenever they see a certain letter, its a certain color to them. (as in "all my E's look green." tho not everyone associates e's with green, this happened to be the case with one person.) or they associate music with physical touch-type feelings. or smells with colors and so forth. this kind of person is rare, but they exist, and most of them (according to the article) said its wonderful- they feel sorry for those of us who dont have this sensation.

ANYWAY, sorry, i felt the need to ramble. ^_^

Greg responds...

a. Yeah, my brother, who is also color blind tried it. But I think it says it made his eyes look funny. And we've both adapted fairly well to this minor, minor disability. So frankly, I'm too vain to want to change the color of one of my eyes for the sake of better definition.

b. Wow. Cool.

Ramble anytime. That's why we're here.

Response recorded on August 23, 2000

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Kelly L Creighton/Kya White Sapphire writes...

HIEE! its me, Kelly, from the gathering. (the one "with the great voice") ANYWAYS ive been reading the archives since i got BACK from g2k and noticed that some got cut off at the bottom from way back when *pokes gorebash* so i dont know if this has been asked. and i may eventually find the answer in those long... loooOooOooOnnnNnNgg archives, but:

we see what elisa looks like garg-ified and fox odin-ified.. how do you picture yourself (either way) as an altar ego? or do you have an altar ego? or is each of the characters in some way an altar ego?

Greg responds...

Yeah, they're all me. And none of them are. Spike once drew a very cool me-as-Goliath picture. But I don't view myself that way.

I have alters, I guess, for Star Trek and even a few things that I've created. (Particularly things that I created as a kid.)

But with Gargoyles, the whole thing is me. Sorta.

Response recorded on August 23, 2000

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Todd Jensen writes...

In "Awakening Part Four", when Hudson and Bronx are watching television, Bronx is up on one of the couches in the room. Just what is the clan's policy regarding Bronx on the furniture? Is he generally allowed up on it? (Of course, then again, if Bronx wants up on the couch, who's going to tell him that he can't get on it? :)

Greg responds...

My dog Norman has his own barca-lounger in our den. So who am I to tell Bronx where he can sit?

Response recorded on August 21, 2000

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Todd Jensen writes...

First off, congratulations at getting so many of the April questions answered in one night! (I have to admit, the dent that you made in the queue impressed me to such an extent that I don't mind the fact that you didn't get to finish April).

Now to my question.

I understand that you were the initial writer for the pilot episode of an animated series called "Roswell Conspiracy: Aliens, Myths, and Legends", but that they later on had somebody else rewrite the pilot. (I saw the rewritten pilot, but nothing else of the series; my local television station dropped the series after that for a wrestling program :( ). At any rate, I thought that I'd ask you a bit about it.

I've heard it claimed among some Gargoyles fans when they were discussing the series that you were the one who originally came up with it but were taken off it afterwards. Is that correct, or were you merely the one assigned to write the pilot?

(While it's hard to judge a series from only one episode, I will admit that the pilot did appeal to me on a certain level, largely because I liked the idea in it of various races of secret alien colonists on Earth being the originals of such mythical beings as banshees and werewolves).

Greg responds...

1. I was removed after writing the bible and pilot. My version of the pilot, which was performed at the Gathering 1999 by "The Greg Weisman Players". The version you saw used much of my material, but was a fairly total rewrite.

Response recorded on August 19, 2000

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Duncan Devlin writes...

Do you play Magic: The Gathering?
If no, think about starting. It is alsmost a supplemental to the Faye aspect of Gargoyles.

Greg responds...

No. And I'm not likely to start.

For one thing, I don't have time for another obsession, and for another, I like to go back to original sources (or at least semi-original). I don't want to get too immersed in the universes of other creators.

Response recorded on August 11, 2000

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My kids had a midsummer night's dream...

Last night there was an outdoor production of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. We were told it was a very kid friendly production and it was free, so we figured it wouldn't hurt to take the kids. If they got antsy, we could always leave.

As most of you know, I have two kids: Erin (age 5) and Ben (age 3). I asked them if they wanted to see a show with Puck in it. (The only Puck they know is the one from Gargoyles.) They were very enthusiastic about wanting to go. I tried to tell them the story of the play. But it's fairly complex when compressed, and I wasn't sure if they'd gotten it.

There was supposed to be a pre-show at 6:30pm, so we got there in time for that. But there was no pre-show. Instead the show started at 7pm. Since they had already been sitting for a half hour I was sure the kids wouldn't make it through the whole play.

But, man, they loved it! Erin was riveted throughout. Benny had a couple of moments when he was more interested in the stars that had begun to appear as it got darker. He also started to sing to himself a couple times. But he never fell asleep, never got drowsy. Never ran around. Or got noisy or anything. Both of them sat on the grass and watched the show, laughing and applauding until it was over an hour and forty-five minutes later. (Obviously the play was trimmed a bit, but all the language was Shakespeare.) They loved the costumes, the magic, the comedy. When Titania ran through the audience and approached them, they were both beaming.

After the show, they ran up to introduce themselves to all the actors. They gave BIG hugs to Titania. It was pretty amazing.

And for me it represents the first step in introducing them to Shakespeare. We're not exactly there yet. But I've been missing a lot of Shakespeare Festivals since the kids were born, and soon I'll be able to take them along.

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Carlota writes...

After so many years that I have watched Gargoyles, I have to say that this show rules! I remember THE MIRROR episode and the one thing i have always wondered was why couldnt goliath go to puck and ask to be human to be with Elisa? that what has always been on my mind. I know that Puck/Owen was limited to his power, but before that. why did nothing ever came up. why?

Greg responds...

Why would he want to? Being a gargoyle is who he is. You don't change that.

Look, I'm Jewish. Religious in my own way, I don't much care for organized religions including my own. But even if I fell in love with a woman, there's no way I'd convert for her. Then I wouldn't be me.

Response recorded on August 02, 2000

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Blaise writes...

I like your ramble on the Wind Ceremony. It sounds quite beautiful. It also feels extremely relevant to me because as of this writing it's been nearly 3 weeks since the death of my aunt. Her own ashes were scattered from a tackle-box into a river--she always loved fishing.

Probably a silly question, but would you have shown the Wind Ceremony in the series?

Greg responds...

Yes. Eventually. But I wasn't in a hurry to kill anyone off.

Condolences on your loss. A cousin of mine died last Friday. He was 43 years old and had a massive heart attack while swimming in a pool with his seven year old son. His own mother dived into the pool to pull him out, but he was already gone. I'm going to the funeral tomorrow. I'm not expecting a Wind Ceremony though.

(I'm not sure why I wrote that.)

Response recorded on July 26, 2000

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Chapter XVII: "A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time"

Written by Brynne Chandler Reaves & Lydia C. Marano
Story Edited by Michael Reaves

Well, I watched "Lighthouse" again last night with my family. First thing I noticed was the bad "Previously" recap. This is all my fault. The recap features Macbeth, because I wanted to make sure the audience knew who he was. But that blows out the first act surprise reveal that he's behind it all. Up to that point in the story, you'd be thinking Xanatos. But because of the dopey recap, you know it MUST be Mac. Later in the season, after I got hammered over these recaps by the folks on the Disney Afternoon e-Mailing list, I learned never to put anything into the recap that wasn't revealed in the first five minutes of the show to follow. But here's a perfect example of me screwing up my own mystery.

We introduce archeologists Lydia Duane and Arthur Morwood-Smythe. Dr. Duane was named after writers Lydia Marano and Diane Duane. Professor Morwood-Smythe was named after writers Arthur Byron Cover and Peter Morwood. Arthur is Lydia's husband. Peter is Diane's husband. I don't know anyone named Smythe.

Macbeth episodes, at least up to this point, seem to be cursed with mediocre animation. (Of course, everything's relative. Mediocre on Gargs was still better than most series got. But relative to our expectations, this ep is pretty weak.) I bet Elisa would have really looked cute in that red baseball hat if the animation had been even slightly better.

I don't know how clear it is in the prologue. The idea there, was that the wind was blowing through the lyre. The haunting sound drew the archeologists further into the cave. They read the warning which indicates that the seeker of knowledge has nothing to fear, the destroyer everything. They are supposed to hesitate, look at each other, decide that they are seekers not destroyers and then open the chest. Merlin's clearly put a safety spell of some kind on the chest. An image of the old man appears and basically checks to confirm whether the archeologists are in fact seekers or destroyers. Satisfied, the spell disipates. But you can imagine what would have happened if a Hakon type had stumbled in.

Anyway, it never felt like all that came across. Did it?

Brooklyn (re: Broadway): "Ignorance is bliss." In High School, I had a classmate named Howard Bliss. We had chemistry together with Mr. Miller. Mr. Miller once asked the class a question that we all should have known. No one knew the answer, and our own idiocy generated laughter among Miller's students. He just shook his head and said: "Ignorance is bliss." He forgot that he had a student named Bliss. It generated more laughter. I don't know why I told you that. But it's what I thought about when Brooklyn read that line.

There's a semi-heavy-handed "Read More About It" feel to the clock tower conversation regarding Merlin. Goliath practically quotes those public service announcements, saying there are many books about him in the library. I don't mind. I had wanted to cite a few actual books -- like Mary Stewart's THE CRYSTAL CAVE -- but our legal department wouldn't give us clearance for that. Very short-sighted.

A connection is made between Merlin and the Magus. This was not an accident, as at that time, I had planned to have the Magus journey with Arthur on his Pendragon quests to find Excalibur and Merlin. I later changed my mind. But the Magus does at least play a Merlin-esque roll in the Avalon three parter.

I always wonder who was playing in "Celebrity Hockey" that night.

Macbeth's standard Electro-Magnetic weapon was my idea. I didn't design it exactly, but I did make crude little drawings of something that looked vaguely like a staple gun, with two electrodes that generated the charge. I was always proud of that weapon. It was uniquely Macbeth's (and Banquo and Fleances'). Set him apart from all the concussion, laser and particle beam weapons we used elsewhere. (I did the same kind of thing on the Quarymen's hammers.)

It's fun to listen to B.J. Ward voice both sides of the confrontation between Fleance and Duane.

Banquo's model sheet showed him squinting out of one eye. Some episodes, not so much this one, but some took that to mean he only had one eye. So he walks around looking like Popeye for the entire episode. (His big lantern jaw helps accentuate that.) There are a couple of Popeye moments in this ep. But more in his next appearance I think.

It was my idea to just have Mac's mansion rebuilt without explanation. I don't exactly regret it, but it's kinda cheap. We burned it way down. He has it rebuilt. It makes sense. But we usually dealt with consequences more than that.

When he rebuilds it, he installs those cannons. They were supposed to be giant-sized versions of the hand-held E-M guns. But they don't come off that way. Instead they fire at the gargoyles. And mostly seem to destroy the various turrets of Macbeth's own place. Ugghh.

As in "Leader" we get another scene of Goliath and friends confronting Owen at the castle. Looking for Xanatos, when in fact Xanatos isn't the threat. It made sense in both episodes. And it's always nice to showcase Owen a bit. But after two of those in four episodes, I wasn't gonna do that again. (At least not until KINGDOM.)

I love the "Macbeth Theme" that Carl Johnson created for the villain, which is featured at the end of ACT ONE.

Macbeth opens the "second scroll" and starts to read Merlin's seal. This caused tons of fan confusion, as he read "Sealed by my own [i.e. Merlin's] hand". No one seemed to get that he was reading that. They thought Mac was saying that he [i.e. Macbeth] had sealed the scroll. Of course that notion renders the whole thing confusing as hell. But it never occured to us that anyone would take it that way.

We also introduce Jeffrey Robbins and Gilly in this episode. Gilly is of course short for Gilgamesh, one of the legendary characters that Robbins once wrote about. It's just a bit odd, because Gilly is a female.

Robbins is a very cool character. Wish we had had the opportunity to use him more.

I like how when Robbins and Hudson are introducing themselves, Robbins gives his first and last name. Hudson says, I'm Hudson, "like the river". An echo of how he got the name. And a reminder that names aren't natural to him. Even if they are addictive.

John Rhys-Davies is just fantastic as Macbeth. I love his speech to Broadway. It accomplishes everything we needed it too. That line about the "human heart" by the way is a reference to the Arthur/Lance/Gwen triangle.

I also love his line: "I'm Old, but not THAT Old." This was a little hint to what we'd reveal in CITY OF STONE. Sure Macbeth's from the eleventh century, but not the fifth or sixth. It's like someone saying to someone my age, "So what did you do during World War II?"

Lennox Macduff. That was a cool touch. Also a hint as to how Macbeth feels about Shakespeare.

I like the Phone Book scene too. Hudson says "Hmm. Magic Book." Robbins replies: "Aren't they all." Great stuff.

By the way, as Robbins goes through the phone book, scanning names, he passes "Macduff, Cameron". One of my college roommates was Cameron Douglas, who was really interested in his Scotish heritage. That was a mini-tribute to him.

My daughter Erin reacts to the fact that Macbeth threatens to use Merlin's spells on Broadway. She points out that Macbeth had promised to let Broadway go after he had the scrolls. She's surprised he hasn't kept his word. My wife at that point reminds Erin that Macbeth is the villain. Erin gets that. But you can tell it isn't quite sitting right with her.

Later when Macbeth DOES let everyone go without a struggle, Erin is clearly not sure what to make of him.

And on one level, that's exactly as we wanted it. Macbeth is a troubled guy -- a hero who's devolved into a villain. A suicidal villain on top of that, though we hadn't revealed that yet. But he is a villain. Later, it's debatable, but here he's taken to being an ends-justify-the-means kinda guy. And even his ends are hazy at best.

I love Broadway's "precious magic" speech. It's so wierd hearing poetry from the big galoot. But that's so Broadway. The soul of a poet. Bill Faggerbakke was a huge help.

And I love Robbins "They are lighthouses in the dark sea of time..." speech. I love that it's not exactly the title. Brynne and Lydia did fine work on this one.

I wonder what happened to that lyre?

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Mr. Thrugg writes...

Don't worry I don't have any cartoon ambitions, but I was just wondering how you ended up writing a cartoon show of all things?

Greg responds...

I was in graduate school at U.S.C. I interviewed with Gary Krisel who was head of T.V. for Disney at the time. I didn't know this, but he was starting up Disney's Television Animation Division. Gary liked my resume because it contained a range of qualifications ranging from my Shakespeare studies in Oxford, England to writing and editing Comic Books for DC Comics. After I graduated, he and Bruce Cranston offered me a job as (basically) a junior executive at TV Animation. I accepted, thinking it would be a temporary thing while I worked on my writing. Instead it became a career detour. I worked my way up to Director of Series Development. I wound up spending five plus years as an executive. Finally, after creating and developing GARGOYLES, I moved laterally over to be a Writer/Producer of that show. And that's basically what I've been doing ever since.

Of course, none of that includes the JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS I wrote years earlier, but that's a story for another day...

Response recorded on July 10, 2000

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Padraic Dewey writes...

Greg -- I notice you had (almost) nothing to do with THE GOLIATH CHRONICLES. May I commend you on your good fortune? I found TGC to be nauseatingly preachy, simplistic, and heavy-handed. (Yes, I'm aware those terms overlap.) On with the questions:

1) Anything in the works for you now? I like your style, and would love to see more of it.
2) Since Toon Disney is now airing Gargoyles and TGC, are you aware of any (remote as may be) possibility of more shows being produced? Doubtful (as ALL get out), I know, but I figured...

Greg responds...

1. I'm basically unemployed at the moment, except for a teaching gig through UCLA EXTENSION. I've been working on a live-action screenplay with my brother on spec. Otherwise, I've gone to a lot of meetings. But nothing's happened yet.
2. Not in the short term.

Response recorded on July 10, 2000

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Chapter XVI: "Legion"

Story Editor: Michael Reaves
Written by Marty Isenberg & Robert N. Skir

I just watched "Legion" again. Time to Ramble.

From the memo I posted earlier this week, you'll see that the never used on screen names of Othello, Desdemona and Iago were my idea. But I've always wondered if that's the case. The outline that Marty and Bob wrote immediately prior to that memo had all the Othello elements very, very present in the story. All they didn't do was NAME the characters. I always wondered whether they and/or Michael had the Othello story specifically in mind, consciously or un-, and I just capitalized on it.

The Goldencup Bakery Building, which semi-secretly houses a defense department hi-tech research and development installation is modeled after the Silver Cup Bakery Building -- which actually exists in Brooklyn (as I recall). That Building was trashed in the original HIGHLANDER movie in the final battle between Connor and the Kragen (who was played by a pretty damned horrific Clancy Brown). Small world.

I was always worried that the whole Othello, Desdemona, Iago, Cassio (whoops, I mean Goliath) backstory was a bit vague in this episode. Did anyone have problems getting it?

I don't think I'd like to be one of those Goldencup Guards. Coldstone punches one of them out. That's gotta hoit. He just seems fairly unstoppable in that Xanatos-program controlled sequence. I like how that plays.

Matt says to Elisa: "You never let me drive." My wife's reaction: "Was that in homage to me?" My wife, you see, almost always drives when we're together. She gets carsick when anyone else drives. And I don't much care.

Speaking of Matt, we've got that line about him spending six months reading RECAP manuals to justify why a normal detective would be in charge of RECAP in the first place. Just trying to avoid either adding a superfluous character and/or making the situation seem artificial.

Another appearance of the Scarab Corp. Logo, even though Scarab is never mentioned by name. Oh, well...

Coldstone flees the Goldencup. Goliath and Lex pursue, and Coldstone attacks them. Then he immediately stops, when he sees it's Goliath. The problem I always had with that scene is that the lighting made it obvious that it was Goliath from moment one. (Not just to us, but to Coldstone.) If Goliath had been in shadows, it would have played better.

Minutes later Lex asks Goliath if it's wise to take Coldstone into their home: "He hasn't always been your friend." This was, theoretically, a reference not simply to the most recent attack, nor even only to the events of "Reawakening", but also a reference to the pre-Massacre backstory of the actually non-existent love triangle (or square or pentagram if you include Demona) that caused Goliath and Othello to fight way back when. Lex remembers those days too. Othello was always a bit of a hot-head.

I love Goliath's response: "Without trust there can be no clan." And I love that this is part of a Lex/Goliath exchange. It fits in perfectly with the message they taught each other in "Thrill of the Hunt". Gotta take some chances on occasion. Or else you'll always be alone. It's an anti-Demona mentality. Or rather a mentality that is strikingly un-Demona-esque.

From the moment Coldstone premiered in "Reawakening" I knew (that if we survived to a second season) we'd discover that he was created from three Gargoyles. Tried to work that conceptually into the design more, but we never quite achieved it. So basically that becomes something that the audience has to take on trust.

Which brings me to the title "Legion". It's a one-word title which usually is a tip-off that it's one of mine. I know it's a biblical reference. Some possessed guy with a demon/devil inside who goes by the name "Legion". But that's not actually where I got it. When I was a kid, I saw this tv movie based on Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN. It starred Michael Sarazan or Chris Sarandon. (I always used to mix those two guys up.) It was trying to present a more realistic believable version of the Frankenstein story. I was pretty young. And I don't remember too much about it. I do remember that I was supposed to be asleep -- past my bedtime in the days before my parents gave up and I began going to bed long after they were asleep. But instead of being asleep, I was watching it, in the dark, with the volume turned as far down as possible, me sitting right by the set, so I could flip it off if I heard my parents' door opening. (This was long before remote controls were common.) Anyway, the one scene that I really remember is a scene where they put the Monster under hypnosis. The voices of all the people who "donated" body parts begin to speak. And one of them quotes the "Legion" thing from the bible. But I didn't know that. That is I didn't know back then that he was quoting anyone or anything. It just seemed like a very powerful, poetic and humanly true statement. So it wasn't until college that I read that passage in the bible and realized where it was from. Can anyone cite the actual quote? I can't remember where exactly it's from, and I don't feel like searching right now.

Anyway, all this is relevant because Coldstone was ALWAYS our Frankenstein character from the "IT'S ALIVE!" moment to the "Legion" stuff here.

Coldstone calls Hudson "Mentor". That's a "name" I've been long considering for Hudson's "designation" in the DARK AGES prequel spin-off.

Coldstone shoots Goliath at point blank range. Goliath gets up unharmed. A far cry from what happened to G in "Long Way to Morning." Now in the outline and script, it says that Coldstone uses his "concussion cannon" as opposed to his laser cannon. But nothing in the as-aired episode makes that distinction. And so it just looks irresponsible to me. Like suddenly we're saying violence has no repercussions. Did that bother anyone else?

I love the dark comedy of Coldstone going bonkers at Ellis Island. Fighting with himself. I think Michael Dorn did a terrific job playing all four aspects of CS's personality. Which of you figured out what when? I'd like to know.

The Trio has the Recap visor. Now all they have to do is find Goliath, Hudson and Coldstone. How will they do that? "Three guesses?" A very elegant way to explain how in a huge city, they're able to locate three gargoyles.

Kenner's Coldstone toy is a lot of fun. With it's window into Coldstone's soul. And the spinner that allows any of the four personas to take over at random.

Xanatos doesn't even appear until the VERY END of Act Two. And it's not even really Xanatos, just a program designed by him. Normally, I'd say that wasn't playing fair. But I feel like his presence was obvious all-along. (And did David personally design that program. Or did he just put his stamp on it, management-style?)

There's a moment when Goliath, thrilled to see his rookery sister again, hugs Desdemona. She is immediately annoyed, because she knows that hug is prone to misinterpretation. It's a nice little touch in the animation.

I always wondered what if anything Demona thought about that ancient conflict way back when. Was Iago playing her as well? Trying to make her jealous of Desdemona? I think maybe he did try. But wouldn't it be cool if she didn't credit it for a second. If she just knew intuitively that Desdemona didn't present any threat at all to her relationship with G? Because, I feel the opposite is true. That Demona knew intuitively that Elisa DID present a threat. Say what you want for Demona, but her subconscious knows her man.

I love that moment where BOTH Iago and Xanatos are whispering in Othello's ears. Poor slob never stood a chance.

We've got a nice little Xanatos tag in this one too. Certainly not a doozy as in "Leader" or "Metamorphosis", but it's got a nice little kick to it, I think. And that's THREE episodes in a row. X had been busy.

And then I love the last beat back at the clock tower. Goliath has confiscated Coldstone's body, to keep it safe and "among friends" should he/she ever wake up again. I wanted to keep it in the corner from that point until "High Noon". Always present and visible. We didn't for two reasons. First, we figured it would be a bit confusing. The Batcave can get away with the giant penny and other souvenirs from Batman's cases, because there ARE multiple souvenirs. But just having one immobile gargoyle in the background, as cool and creepy as that is, would be horribly distracting for any audience member who missed this one particular episode. And second, we had our tier system. What if "Legion" wasn't ready as scheduled. We couldn't have Coldstone sitting around the clock tower in later episodes that we'd be forced to air first. Talk about disconcerting. So we invented a back room. Where Coldstone, the Grimorum, the Gate and eventually the eye could be stored.

Comments welcome, as usual...

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Jae'elae writes...

On behalf off all the lovely ladies, and even some of the UN-lovely ones, of the fandom (and this is directed at you personally)

Boxers or briefs?

::can't wait to see how he dodges this one::

Greg responds...


Response recorded on July 03, 2000

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Ambrosia writes...

Ever since you first mentioned you were going to be teaching a class at UCLA, I've been thinking about it, but I'm just far enough away to make the commute impractical. Also, it overlaps my Spring semester. By the time you get this, you'll have already started, but is it okay if I crash a class or two? I've never been to a Gathering and I'd love to say hi. I'm currently a math major, but I've been seriously considering doing SOMETHING (I know, very vague) with animation. Anyway, I would have loved to attend, but maybe another time.

Greg responds...

I'm sorry, but I can't let you crash the class. I have students who paid for it. It just wouldn't be fair.

However, you're more than welcome to come say hi at Anime Expo this Saturday, July 1st 2000.

Or any Gathering.

Response recorded on June 30, 2000

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Kayless writes...

Hey Greg, I have some religious questions for you.

1. Since you are seemingly very well versed in religious doctrine, I'm curious as to how you feel about the Judeo/Christian scriptures that prohibit wizardry. Deuteronomy 18:9-18:12 (Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord) makes it quite clear that God brooks no wizards in his fold. Is there a conflict for you since so much of the myth Gargoyles is based on revolves around magic?

2. What about the uncanny resemblance between gargoyles and demons? Why do the two look so much alike? Did dybbuks manifest themselves in the form of gargoyles in order to sow discord with humanity, hence the current demonic stereotype and poor human/garg relations?

3. How do the Fae feel about the whole God business? They seem a rather worldly lot, though some might be old enough to remember biblical events.

4. Why is Percy still using the grail? The Holy Grail is a sacred artifact, not your run-of-the-mill magical maguffin. Why would it continue to grant its power to Duval, who has since proved unworthy? I know you said it was costing him a high physical price but I find it odd that it should be giving him any kind of benefits at all (Anybody see what happened to the bad guy in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?).

5. Last one. Is the Judeo/Christian God the supreme ruler of the Gargoyle universe? Given the plethora of Gods and Goddess on the show, I'm just wondering what your views on this are (I prefer to think that He's the one in charge, but I had to ask).

Thanks for your time, as always. Now I must return to the Vole Wars…

Greg responds...

1. I'm clearly less "versed" than you seem to think. I won't comment on your citation in a vacuum. And I don't have a bible here in the office to check the context.

When you ask if I'm conflicted, I'm not clear on your question. Are you looking for my opinion on the bible? Personally, I think the bible is an astounding piece of literature with much to teach us. But I see the hands of man all over that book. And although it might lose me some fans, I cannot believe that God authored it. Inspired it maybe, but authored it, no. At any rate, I think many things in the bible are subject to interpretation. Often multiple interpretations.

2. Where do you get the idea that there is ANY resemblance between gargoyles and demons? From Medieval painters? Look, we haven't seen any demons in the series. We haven't seen any demons in the gargoyles universe. No angels either. I'm not saying whether they exist or not. But you're question assumes facts not in evidence.

3. The whole God with a capital G business? Like humans, every Child of Oberon is different. I try not to make monolithic generalizations.

4. Assumes facts not in evidence. A. Who says he's still using the grail? I said he still had it. B. And in any case, your question asked "Why". Why wouldn't he if he could? C. Who said the grail can "grant" power? D. If it can, who said it is? E. Who said Duval has proven unworthy?

And I certainly refuse to use "Last Crusade" as an authority.

I will say that the Grail is part of the reason that Percival and Blanchefleur are still alive. And that a price for that has been paid. But don't oversimplify.

5. As you may know, I'm Jewish. Most of my fellow Jews would not consider me to be religious, though that's something I might argue with. Personally, I believe in God with a captial G. Whether that means he's the Judeo/Christian God seems like a parochial question to me. Almost an elitist question. I also believe that God is REAL BIG on free will. His miracles are many but subtle, and all come with a free scientific explanation -- because if he simply manifested like George Burns on trial, then where's the free will? So why should things be any easier in the Gargoyles Universe. The Gargs believe in a God that is the sum total of all things. They are monotheists and animists all at once. I don't think that's inconsistent with Judeo/Christian beliefs, but I also don't think you're going to see any purely objective evidence on the show, ever. Take to the Gargoyles Universe what you will. And it should, if I'm doing this right, give you something back -- whatever you do, or don't, believe in.

Look, I know it seems like I'm blowing off your questions. I'm not. But try reading them with a fresh eye. They're almost impossible TO answer in a straightforward manner, because they are extremely complex, and yet they take for granted so many things as fact that have not been established either in the cannon or here at ASK GREG. These are all interesting topics and I encourage you to pursue them. But break your questions down. It'll help you avoid making assumptions.

By the way, what's a Vole?

Response recorded on June 29, 2000

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Me and my daughter Erin

My daughter Erin is here with me, and together we will answer some ASK GREG questions for you.

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Man Mountain writes...

Heya Greg, here is another question for you. We know there are the 3 races: Gargoyles, Humans, and Fae. We know Gargoyles and Humans can't mate without help and we know Humans and Fae can mate pretty easily. So the obvious question is, can Gargoyles mate with Fae and has that happened in your opinion? I can't even imagine the possibilities of such offspring that would create. At least from a human perspective, Fae/Human offspring is relatively easy to imagine: Normal Humans with a little something different (flaming hair, magic ability, whatever). But a Gargoyle and a Fae... would it work the same way? Mostly Gargoyle with a little something extra? Just wondering, thanks!

Greg responds...

Erin says: I like your question. And it's a good one too. Faes could connect to Gargoyles. And I think you have got something.

Benny, my three year old son, just came home. He says: I want to say that I love you, Daddy.

Greg says: I have great kids. I love them both. Meanwhile, I see no reason why gargs and Fae couldn't have babies together. For that matter, if a Fae was so inclined I see no reason why fae and termites couldn't have babies together.

Response recorded on June 17, 2000

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Greg Weisman Update

As promised, here's a little update on what's been going on in my professional life...

The first season (all thirteen episodes) of MAX STEEL have been completed. I've lost track of how many have aired. I think they turned out pretty good. At any rate, the show is a success and will be back for a second season. Unfortunately, I won't be. The WB didn't invite me to produce/edit/write season two. So you can forget about any long term plans/arcs I had for the series. Still, I wish the show well. (After all, it'll still carry my "Developed By" credit.)

In other news, today I finished recording all of the two volume (seven episode) video anime series 3X3 EYES. I think we assembled a terrific cast for the English dub. Here's a complete list:

Christian Cambell* as Yakumo Fujii
Brigitte Bako^ as Pai/Sanjiyan/Pabo Ayanokoji/Parvati/Howasho

Thom Adcox^* as Monkey
Edward Asner^* as Grandpa Ayanokoji
Earl Boen as Benares
Leslie Boone as Ken-Ken
Susan Chesler as Lee Ling-Ling
Bill Faggerbakke^ as Steve Long
Elisa Gabrielli^ as the Doll Demon
Jean Gilpin* as Mrs. Wong/Xunquai
Taliesin Jaffe as the Frog Demon and Feihong
William Katt as Tinzin
Mia Korf* as Natsuko
Ralph Lister as Choukai
Erin Matthews as Mei-Shin Long
Yuji Okumoto* as Chou and Naparva
Gregg Rainwater^* as Jake MacDonald
Dina Sherman as Dawn and Ran-Pao-Pao
Rick Simone as Tatsuya
Keith Szaribajka* as Professor Fujii and Ryouko
Rosie Taravella as Grandma Ayanokoji
Greg Weisman^ as Hide

and Keith David^ in a roll so rocking, I can't reveal it here. :)

* indicates a Voice Actor I worked with on MAX STEEL.
^ indicates a Voice Actor I worked with on GARGOYLES.

Anyway, the voices are all recorded. I've got three mix sessions left to do. I should be done in a week or so, at which point -- I'm unemployed.

Or nearly. I'm still teaching the animation writing course through UCLA extension. That's been a lot of fun and it keeps me pretty busy. Plus I'm working on writing a spec screenplay with my brother. And I go on the occasional job interview.

All this means is that it looks like I'll soon have plenty of time to dive back into ASK GREG. At one point we were closing in on completely catching up. Now we're over three months behind. But I'll try to make some fast progress. We've now got Todd Jensen helping Gorebash out to keep the site current, so that should help us avoid the "Nothing in queue" problems that were slowing us up before.

And I hope to see most of you at Gathering 2000 this August. It should be a GREAT con this year. I'll be there with Thom Adcox plus my wife and kids. We'll have new and special treats from Gargoyles, 3x3 Eyes and another EXCLUSIVE radio play event -- something that I guarantee you won't want to miss. Plus Disneyworld is a shuttle ride away. Make your reservations now.

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Brandeewine (Julie Cavignac) writes...

Greg, I just wanted to comment, and say how much I have really enjoyed reading all of your ramblings and tidbits of information given. Many responses you give to questions are so "smart ass" that it is hillarious. I would tell you how cool you are, but if I do, your head will probably swell to some unimaginable size, considering how often you hear it. :-P In case you couldn't tell, I was just kidding. Just the same, I love your work, as well as all of the cool Background info on the shows. I hope everything is going ok for you, your classes, your wife and you kid(s). Keep it cool.

Greg responds...

My wife and kids are doing great.

I start teaching a new class this week, so ask me how it's doing in a few.

The career's been better (way better if you count Gargoyles) but I am, strangely at peace (at least as of this second) about that. And I'm really enjoying my Voice Directing work on 3X3 Eyes.

Thanks for asking. And thanks for the kind words.

Response recorded on April 03, 2000

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Coldlaser writes...

Hello mr. Weisman.

It was only recently that I saw Frank Welker was one of the voice actor. This guy is amasing when it come make animal sounds or strange voices. But, did you ever thought of giving him a role where he would actually talk, like all the other voice actors?

I first knew Welker as Megatron, Soundwave, Galvatron and other Transformers (well Decepticons actually), he was great!

Greg responds...

I first worked with Frank on DuckTales, where he talked very well. He did the voice of BigTime Beagle (among others) a particular favorite of mine. (Our cat's name is BigTime.)

And Frank did a few "Speaking Parts" for us: Banquo, Kiron, the Stone of Destiny and a bunch of one-liners here and there. We try never to let talent go to waste.

Response recorded on March 31, 2000

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Jessica Brimer (shadowrider@blomand.net) writes...

Hi again!
I just read your Jan 6 comment on seeing Galaxy Quest (which I still haven't seen but want to :) )and just wanted to say it's nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks up ideas like that:)

Greg responds...

Welcome to my world.

Response recorded on March 11, 2000

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DougJoe writes...


Back in August I asked some questions about Duval, his name, and identity. I wasn't trying to figure out who he was. I already had that figured out... as you said, it's one of your worst-kept secrets. I just noticed that no one ever mentioned his first name, so I thought that it might be a sneaky clue or something to that effect to his identity... I was actually surprised when you responded that you hadn't thought of one. I would have definitely liked to see how that particular revelation would have played out in the series.

No question here, but thanks again for answering all of ours. You mentioned that you had wanted Ask Greg to be something sort of a dialogue... hope this is what you had in mind.

Greg responds...

Yeah. Sure.

You'd be surprised at how many things I HAVEN'T worked out yet. I'm a little amazed I know as much as I do, but I don't pretend to have it wired. For me to really tap into the gargoyles universe requires concerted effort. And I rarely have time to do that these days.

Response recorded on March 09, 2000

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JEB writes...

This question has little to do with Gargoyles, but I was just curious- have you watched any of the series "Beast Machines" on Fox? Several of your former co-workers (Michael Reaves, Brynne Chandler Reaves, Bob Skir) are involved in it, and I could detect some definite Gargoyles traces in some of the characters. If you have seen it, what's your opinion of it?

Thanks in advance!

Greg responds...

I've never seen it.

Response recorded on March 03, 2000

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Todd Jensen writes...

You once gave a list here of Shakespeare plays that you especially liked because you had ideas for using them in your stories: Henry IV Part One, King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, Much Ado About Nothing, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Macbeth, The Tempest, Hamlet, and Love's Labor's Lost. Just for the fun of it, I went over that list recently to see how many of these you'd made use of in "Gargoyles", or had indicated making use of in this forum.

HENRY IV PART ONE: You mentioned that Dingo's real name would be Harry Monmouth, an aka of Prince Hal, and I definitely see a parallel between the two.

KING LEAR: Aside from the mention that I once made of the similarities between Edmund and Thailog (which may not count since you indicated in your response that it was subconscious on your part), I noticed that Xanatos quoted this play in "Vows" in his "Reason not the need" line to Petros Xanatos (interesting, since in the play, Lear quoted that line to one of his daughters - either Goneril or Regan; I can't remember which - so that Xanatos had reversed the parent/child roles here).

ROMEO AND JULIET: The quotes in the library scene in "The Journey", Queen Mab, and Terry and Sphinx as a parallel to Shakespeare's star-crossed lovers.

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM: Oberon, Titania, and Puck. (No prizes there).

MACBETH: Macbeth and the Weird Sisters. (Again, no prizes there).

THE TEMPEST: You mentioned having plans to bring Prospero into "Gargoyles" at some point.

HAMLET: Ophelia's name, Elisa doing the "more things in heaven and earth" quote in "Heritage", and Xanatos's "Alas, poor Yorick" parody in "Future Tense".

That leaves just "Much Ado About Nothing" and "Love's Labor's Lost" on the list. Had you ever planned to use anything from those plays in "Gargoyles", similarly?

Greg responds...

As with everything, given enough time and episodes, it would probably be inevitable.

But no, not really. My idea for "Much Ado" is a feature screenplay, which I hope to make myself write someday. My idea for "LLL" is a stageplay, which I also hope to make myself write some day.

And incidentally, my idea for Lear is another stage play, based on a one-act play that I wrote in college (actually when I was living in Oxford). The one-act had three parts for actors: EDMUND, the MEN and the WOMEN. Me, my roommate Cameron Douglas and my then-girlfriend Peggy Gold, performed one reading of the play at Stanford in 1985. I played Edmund. Cameron played the Men. Peggy played the Women. I've always hoped that I could expand this into a full length play. I've had the structure and basic story in my head forever. It's just another one of the long list of projects that I am too enfeebled to pursue.

(I'm much less of a role model than most of you think.)

Response recorded on March 03, 2000

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Ed writes...

Here's a silly one.

You keep referring to various notes or stuff you'd have to research. Do you have a Gargoyles folder or something? Or is it bigger than that? Disks? Is it organised even, or just littering notebooks strewn every which way? How big is it anyway?

Or is it all trapped within the power of your mind? (an evil cackling moment there if ever there was one).

All right, that was a silly several…

Greg responds...

Tons of it is just in my head.

Plus I have journals... and most of my notes are spread out over the journals I've kept between 1991 and now.

Plus I have a big filing cabinet with all sorts of stuff, including my timeline and various pitches, old scripts, etc....

Plus I have over 170 computer files on the work we did and the work I planned.

I have the Gargoyles Encyclopedia (first complete draft) which is in major need of a good editing.

Video tapes...

Just a ton of stuff...

Response recorded on February 24, 2000

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Ed writes...

1. Do you believe intelligent life exists outside of Earth?
2. Did Goliath and Elisa believe it before they met Nokkar?

Greg responds...

1. How could it not?

2. Elisa would probably have responded as I did, which doesn't mean she believed in U.F.O.'s. Honestly, I'm not sure if Goliath ever gave it any thought.

Response recorded on February 24, 2000

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Cid Highwind writes...


I was wondering what other Animation shows (If any) Do you like?

Greg responds...


I liked almost anything with Marvel or DC Super-Heroes in it. (I had very undeveloped tastes.)

I watched tons of cartoons and liked more than I disliked probably.

When I was at Disney, I liked Gummi Bears, some DuckTales, Talespins, Darkwings and Old Development Bonkers, among other shows.

These days, I watch almost no cartoons. I really love KING OF THE HILL. I like FUTURAMA a lot. SIMPSONS is about as weak as it could be right now, but there's usually something in every episode that makes me laugh.

Response recorded on February 23, 2000

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Blade writes...

I've always though Demona was a very strong Gargoyle. Could you tell me how much she can bench? I know its odd but I've always wondred. Maybe around 500lbs?

Greg responds...

I have no idea how much weight I can press, let alone Demona.

Response recorded on February 23, 2000

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And now a word from...

Seth asked for more words from Benny. He's napping, but my five year old daughter Erin wanted a chance to communicate directly with all of you. Here she is...

"My best friend likes the gargoyles. In fact, I like them too. My name is Erin Weisman."

That's all she had to say right now. Maybe more later.

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Seth "IRC Goliath" Jackson writes...

Will we hear anymore words of wisdom from Ben in the near future?

Greg responds...

Probably. But he's napping right now.

Response recorded on February 20, 2000

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I don't normally approve of letting people take "cuts". Or of breaking rules I've set myself, like the one about separate topics requiring separate posts.

But Lexy is writing a paper on GARGOYLES for her HONOR'S ENGLISH CLASS, and she needed some questions answered. I'm a big fan or Honor's English classes, so I couldn't resist. But I figured you all might be interested in the answers as well. So with Lexy's permission, I'm answering them here.

Dear Greg,

Thanks SO much for helping me with my paper. I hope
to do you,and the rest of the fandom,proud:) Here are
some questions I whipped up for an interview. But If
you have anything you think would be helpful to add or
to subtract from them, please feel free to do so.

1) What do you think are some reasons ppl find
mythological creatures, such as gargoyles, intriguing

GREG'S RESPONSE: I think people like to let their imaginations run. And why limit those imaginations to what we know exists. If a concept has its own internal logic, something real in its emotions and relationships for an audience to grab a solid hold too, then there's little limit to how far-fetched the fantasy can get.

2) What started your personal fascination with

GREG'S RESPONSE: A high school trip to Europe and hearing the tidbit that Gargoyles were placed on castles and cathedrals to scare away evil spirits. The notion that monsters were used against evil was very intriguing. And this was years before we developed the series.

3) Name some of your favorite books or stories you
enjoyed when growing up.

GREG'S RESPONSE: Wow. Um. How far back to you want to go? GO, DOG, GO was an early favorite. Later, I liked the Hobbit. I liked reading about myths of all kinds. I had the D'Aulaire's GREEK MYTHS and NORSE GODS & GIANTS books and I reread those over and over. I also was always a big fan of detective fiction. I liked Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Later, Conan Doyle, some Christie, but my favorites were Hammett, Chandler and ROSS MacDonald. I loved the LEW ARCHER novels. I liked Heinlein in Science Fiction. "Requiem" is a heartbreakingly beautiful little story. I liked Mary Stewart and especially Mary Renault. I read a lot. I liked a lot of diverse stuff. I could go on for hours.

4) Did anything in particular inspire you to create

GREG'S RESPONSE: I've spoken to this before. Gummi Bears was an inspiration, as was Hill Street Blues (my all-time favorite tv show). My on-going fascination with stone gargoyles. And the pragmatic need to be constantly feeding the Dragon that was the Disney Afternoon.

5) Do you believe that gargoyles and other statuary
such as grotesques are rooted in evil traditions? Or
are they there for the common good through harsh
example? (explain)

GREG'S RESPONSE: Neither. I think they are symbolic (or rather emblematic) of something primitive and primal. They scare away evil. Not all monsters are against us. We need our dreams and nightmares.

6) (circa) When did you start work on the television
show 'Gargoyles'?


7) When and why (circa) were you (and others) forced
to cancel 'Gargoyles'?

GREG'S RESPONSE: The question is phrased in such a way that it's difficult to answer directly. We never planned to do more than 65 episodes. That was a standard run for any show. Now in huge success, a show (like DuckTales for example) made additional episodes, and I won't deny I had hopes that we would to. But the answer came back no. Our ratings were strong. But we were a consistent second place to Power Rangers. So we weren't cancelled. But new episodes would not be made. Then ABC and Disney merged, and ABC wanted some Gargoyles. All my bosses at Disney had left and the new management wanted their own people on the show. So they made me an offer to continue that was designed to make me say no. In hindsight, I should have said yes anyway, but that's spilt milk. I left and they made additional episodes for ABC under the Goliath Chronicles banner. The ratings were not good. Neither, in my opinion, were the episodes. So it wasn't renewed.

8) What did the television show 'Gargoyles'mean to you
as it's creator?

GREG'S RESPONSE: It was and continues to be the highlight of my professional career. Nothing I've done, before or since, let me bring my vision so intact to the screen. It was very collaborative, not every idea was mine, but I still feel like that was the one show that achieved what I hoped it would achieved. I'm ridiculously proud of it, beyond all reason, really.

9) What was the central theme or message of the show ?

GREG'S RESPONSE: There wasn't just one. Among the messages was the obvious DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER moral. Plus plenty about the preciousness of life and hope. Themes of redemption are very important to me. Guilt, fear, love, trust, loyalty. You name it, at some point we through it in. Often episode titles were designed to remind both audience and writer of what the major theme in that story was.

10) How many Gatherings have you attended?

GREG'S RESPONSE: All three. Two in NYC. One in Dallas. And I hope to continue to go as long as you folks want me.

11) What is your opinion of the Gatherings?

GREG'S RESPONSE: It is always one of the true highlights of my year. How could it not be? I'm basically treated like royalty for 72 straight hours. Since that doesn't happen to a guy like me much in real life, it's pretty damn cool.

12) What do you hope ppl who watch 'Gargoyles'will
come away with?

GREG'S RESPONSE: First and foremost, I hope they were entertained. Not a little, but a lot, and on multiple levels. I hope we got the adrenaline going. I hope we touched their hearts. I hope we gave them something to think about. I hope we educated them a bit, or more likely gave them reason to want to be educated about, say SHAKESPEARE or Scottish History or King Arthur or Native American customs or whatever. I'm greedy. I want all of this.

13) What did you like most about the show 'Gargoyles'?

GREG'S RESPONSE: I'm not objective enough to answer this one.

14) What did you like most about working on the show

GREG'S RESPONSE: Honestly, the autonomy. The freedom. I also had some incredibly talented collaborators and when we were in gear, we really hummed. But for sheer fun, it's hard to beat those voice recording sessions. That was the part of the job that generally was the least like work. It's where all the potentials of the show come to life and few of the problems are revealed. Just fun.

15) Why incorporate so many classic dramas and other
time honored themes within 'Gargoyles'?

GREG'S RESPONSE: Purely for my own amusement. And with the hope that some people will either also be amused or will come to be amused as they discover these things. Plus it made my job easier. The story of Macbeth is so good, that adapting it practically wrote itself.

Thanks so much for all your help:)!


GREG'S RESPONSE: You are welcome. Let me know if I can be of any more help.

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Zeliard writes...

Hi, other than your work, do you watch other cartoons?

Greg responds...

Very rarely, these days.

Partially, this is a free time issue. As in, I don't have any...

But partially, it's a reaction to the horrible things I know about the animation business. I get angry about behind the scenes stuff, and I don't need more reasons to be pissed off.

Response recorded on February 09, 2000

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Steven writes...

Hay Greg,
I read you've been working on a few projects lately like Starship Troopers and Max Steel.But,would creating a new series from scratch be totally out of the question?
e.g. new plot, characters etc of your own....

Greg responds...

No. I've created many new series, as anyone who's attended the Gatherings and our Radio Plays can attest to. But selling those is another matter. I haven't (as yet) had any luck selling another new series.

Response recorded on February 09, 2000

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Jade writes...

Happy Brithday Greg!
All the best wishes!
Have fun and most of all make it a safe Brithday!!!!!

Greg responds...

Thanks, Jade.

Response recorded on February 03, 2000

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Andrea "Elisa Maza" Ivanovs writes...

Hi Greg!

I just wanted to wish you all the best for your birthday!!!
Yepyep, have lots of fun and go on being a, can I admit this, excellent person. ;)

All the best,


Greg responds...

Thanks Andrea/Elisa!

Response recorded on February 03, 2000

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Seth C. Bagnall writes...

Do you do any professional illustrations yourself, perhaps draw as a hobby, or are stick figures about the best you can do?

Greg responds...

I have one goofy face I can draw. Stick figures, I'm mediocre at. If I really work hard, I can doodle and/or copy something that will only look semi-awful. But no one has ever mistaken me for any kind of artist.

Response recorded on February 01, 2000

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Todd Jensen writes...

You gave a list here once of Arthurian writers that you've read: Geoffrey of Monmouth, Sir Thomas Malory, T. H. White, Mary Stewart, Roger Lancelyn Green, John Steinbeck, Thomas Berger, and Norma Lorre Goodrich, as I recall. I was wondering if you might be interested in giving your opinions (in brief, of course) on their Arthurian writings - and Goodrich, in particular. Having read her Arthurian books myself, I'm curious as to what you thought of them. (My own response to them was that the author had an engaging style, but a lot of her notions struck me as improbable - such as her effort to substantially revise Arthurian geography by putting everything up in Scotland - and I even detected a number of factual errors and slip-ups in them).

Greg responds...

Believe it or not, I've never read Malory from cover to cover. I've read huge chunks of it. And I've skimmed the whole thing. But he doesn't really engage me as a writer. I'm not sure why.

Thus, it is Roger Lanelyn Green who almost acts as my so-called primary source. God, I loved that little book.

Geoffrey was endlessly fascinating.

Steinbeck didn't finish, which was frustrating. It wasn't the best read.

Berger was a lot of fun. Though I don't personally "believe" many of his interpretations of the legends, it was a great read.

I loved Stewart's THE CRYSTAL CAVE. But with each successive book, I found less and less to connect with Stewart's interpretations. And her Mordred book really bummed me out. It seemed like she felt a need to turn Mordred into a real hero at the expense of just about anyone else. Bugged me.

T.H. White's ONCE AND FUTURE KING. I love this book. And I love his "Book of Merlyn." Beautiful writing. Human and fanciful. Irresistable to me.

As for Goodrich, well, I don't have the background to argue her facts. I found much of the material unconvincing and flat-out dull. But I thought she had one real insight. Lancelot has always been viewed as a late addition to the mythology. As a character who was probably NOT historical. (Whereas Arthur likely was.) Her linguistic explanation, connecting Malory's Lancelot with Monmouth's Angus was very convincing. I'll try and duplicate it here...

ANGUS latinized becomes something like ANGUSELUS.

But Anguselus was a title that could properly be rendered as THE ANGUSELUS.

Frenchifying this would make it L'ANGUSELOS. With the last letter silent.

Over time, it would not be unlikely for the name to be simplified. If a syllable got dropped it could very easily become L'ANSELOS.

And if the last S is silent (as it likely would be in French) then it could easilty become an equally silent "T". Thus L'ANSELOT.

Or LANCELOT once it was anglicized again.

This may sound like a stretch. And I may not be doing it justice above. But early Celtic accounts include the character of Angus. Lancelot was assumed to be a later and fictional French addition to the legend. (And thus a character from France.) If Lancelot is in fact Angus, then that lends a certain credence to the entire legend. And I just love that idea.

Response recorded on January 24, 2000

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Todd Jensen writes...

A little side-note. I happened to see the episode that you wrote for "Disney's Hercules" - I thought I'd mention it after noticing that somebody else on the list mentioned it. I quite enjoyed it - particularly the portrayal of Theseus as a sort of ancient Greek version of "Batman". I also noticed, as a side-note, that there was a certain thematic echo of "Hunter's Moon" in it (although I don't know if you'd intended it or not) where Hercules got so caught up in his efforts to wreak vengeance upon the Minotaur that he lost sight of what was really important, much the same way as Goliath in his pursuit of the Hunters.

Greg responds...

First off, Todd, thanks for the kind words.

There are certain themes that interest me, and so you'll see them revisited in my work (probably ad nauseum) over and over. The theme of, well, let's call it "What Profit Vengeance?" is one of my favorites. So I wasn't deliberately trying to echo "Hunter's Moon" so much as I was servicing a set of ideas that seemed apropos to both series.

As for the Theseus-as-Batman stuff. Well, that's a no-brainer. The Superman/Batman dynamic -- that is the teaming of a hero possessing superhuman abilities with a hero who merely makes the best possible use of his human abilities -- originated with Herakles and Theseus. (Or at any rate, it goes back that far.) So the notion of flipping that, and playing Herc/Theseus as Superman/Batman seemed wonderfully ironic and a fertile place to find comedy.

In high school, I acted in a play called THE WARRIOR'S HUSBAND. I played Theseus, and I've had a real affinity for the character ever since. In that play, Hercules was kind of a mope. (Very strong, but a mope.) The Greeks were waging war against the Amazons. Hercules was in charge, but Theseus was the real brains of the operation. Yet he's also the guy who really falls hard in love for Antiope, sister to Queen Hyppolyta. So instead of conquering -- as he had originally intended -- Theseus winds up manipulating everyone into a compromise. I like that in a hero.

Theseus is part of a sub-genre of archetypes, (an off-shoot of Trickster figures like Puck, Coyote or Odysseus/Ulysses). He's the primary example of the Archetype of "THE BASTARD", which includes such diverse characters as Shakespeare's Edmund from KING LEAR, Joan of Arc's ally Dunois and multiple characters from Arthurian legend (including Merlin, Arthur, Percival, Galahad and Mordred). There are so many parallels between Arthur and Theseus that reading Mary Stewart and Mary Renault seemed almost redundant. (Not really.)

In fact, Luach (or Lulach) is also a prime candidate for that archetype. When he was born, Gruoch was still married to Gillecomgain. But gossip around the castle hinted that the babe's true father was Macbeth. After Macbeth and Gruoch married, Macbeth adopted the boy as his own. At which point the gossip shifted to insist that Gillecomgain was the boy's father. (You can't win.) Pre-DNA testing, there would be no way for Luach to ever be certain of the truth. Maybe Macbeth didn't even know. Hell, Gruoch might not know.

Life's a bitch when you're a bastard.

Response recorded on January 19, 2000

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Aris Katsaris writes...

Well... I could ask in the comment rooms for this one, but here goes: How is it pronounced anyway? Your name I mean. Is it pronounced WISE-man or WAYS-man or WIZ-man or what? Thanks. :)

Greg responds...

It's a hard "I". But the S is pronounced S not Z. So it rhymes with RICE-man. But, you know, with a W.

Response recorded on January 10, 2000

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Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky writes...

I recently saw the "Hercules" episode you wrote, "Grim Avenger"

I laughed my butt off during it. Great job. I particularly liked the bits where Theseus/Grim Avenger kept narrating outloud without realizing it.

I also liked the bits you wrote with Cassandra falling in love with Theseus. She's usually such a cynic, it was fun to see this other side of her.

On the whole, great job. You are great at everything you write.

Greg responds...

Thanks. I liked writing that one. I've always loved the Superman/Batman relationship. And Herakles/Theseus is the original. I just pointed it up a bit more.

Though I should say that the wordless stuff where Cass is running across the beach toward Theseus wasn't mine. I guess the board artist added it.

It was also fun to have Michael Dorn playing another Minotaur.

Response recorded on January 10, 2000

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Galaxy Quest

I saw Galaxy Quest this past Saturday. Not a perfect film by any means, but I enjoyed it.

But mostly it got me thinking. The Star Trek parallels were obvious, and it's hard to apply the same kind of scenario to, say, a Gathering.

But I wondered how I'd respond this summer in Orlando if Thom Adcox and I (for example) were confronted by a woman who looked sort of like Salli Richardson but with blue jeans, black shirt and a red jacket. She tells us she really's Elisa Maza and she need our help.

I wound up coming up with this whole scenario in my head about Alexander accidentally using his magic to send Elisa, Fox and Lexington to our universe. I finally find out definitively what I've suspected all along, which is that I'm not inventing these stories, I'm simply tapping into another universe. Turns out I got a lot right and a little bit wrong here and there. (See previous comments about how I missed beats on "Hero of Ulster" and "Grief" as examples.)

Trapped in our universe, the unlikely trio happen to see an episode of the show. They get on the net and find out about me. And with no other idea how to get home they track me down at the Gathering, hoping I'd know how they are SUPPOSED TO GET HOME.

Then I got stuck. The whole idea got very messy. (This story is really up Cary Bates' alley. I still have that old issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE where Cary travels to EARTH-TWO, turns evil and tricks the JLA into killing the JSA. In that story, the Spectre personally intercedes with God to fix things.)

Anyway, I think this is what Todd calls a 'creativity demon'. I've been trying to "crack" open this story since Saturday night, with little success. But I'll keep working on it, and if I come up with anything good, I'll ramble further.

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Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky writes...

What is it like for you to have so many people worshiping the ground you walk on?

Greg responds...

Pretty cool most of the time.

And then I get an embarrassing question like this one...

Response recorded on December 30, 1999

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Airwalker writes...

Do you currently read any comic books?

Have you done any comic book work recently?

Greg responds...

No. I gave them up cold turkey in 1996. I was already down to very few books. Bone. Cerebus. Maybe a couple of others. But it was getting too hard to find the books I liked. And many had been cancelled, discontinued or rendered unreadable.

As I'm sure you know by now, I did write a JUSTICE LEAGUE/CAPTAIN ATOM/GARGOYLES story that was just published. But that's it.

I'd love to write comics again, but no one's busting down my door, and I don't have the energy to initiate a hard sell of my own.

Response recorded on December 30, 1999

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Raza_Paro writes...

Dear Greg Weisman,
I have currently seen 2 episodes of Gargoyles, in GERMAN, and I think that it is the best animation-serie ever.
I understand rarely a entire sentence, usually two words in a sentence, and oftenly nothing.
Yet, it is pure quality from A-Z.
It doesn't get transmitted in my country, I am still trying to convince them, but they just don't get it.
When are you born?
I'd like to add you to my Celebrity Birthday Book.
I feature all the creator s of Sitcoms and general comedies and dramas.
But, you are missing cus I don't know ehn you're born.www.geocities.com/hollywood/chateau/6004/ActorArea/birth.html

Greg responds...

I was born on September 28th, 1963.

My social security number is ...

Wait a minute. Maybe I should keep a few things to myself.

Response recorded on December 30, 1999

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Airwalker writes...

Would you ever consider reprising your role as Xanatos Goon #3 if the show ever returned?

Greg responds...

Actually, I was the 2nd Commando.

But I'm not in the Union. So theoretically I never said "Nice mask!" Never. Understand.

Response recorded on December 30, 1999

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traveler writes...

okay, stay calm. Mr.weisman,um greg.Alright I'm okay. First of all I would like to say that I've been wanting to talk to you for sometime, but since before I got my computer [webtv] I never had access to the web,and the location in which I live it is hard for me to get to a gathering. I have been with the show scince it first came out and am very sad that it is gone .

1.Are you currently working on a movie script? I was sort of hoping for a PG rated film , I mean most of us fans are over 12 now and we love it even more than we did when it first came out, because now we can appreciate it more.

2. would you rather have the movie be live action or animated?

3.If the movie does at least okay,would you have plans to recreate the series ? Do you think Disney would give you another chance?

4.What future plans did you have for Eliza and Goliaths relationship? Will they one day become mates.

5.If gargoyle children are raised by the whole clan, would that mean that goliath is the trios parent.

6.Did you create Sata [Timedancer] or did someone else.

7.Are the new olympians oberons children.

8.Alot of names came from the bible[David Gabriel, Eliza, just to name a few] . Is this coincidence or does gargoyles have biblical ties.

9.Is gargoyles a creationism based story or were they created by evolution.

Thamks for listening, I look forward to the day when gargoyles will be shown again.

Greg responds...

1. No.

2. I have no preference, but if you're talking about Gargoyles, they are planning it to be live action with CGI.

3. I hope so. I like to think so.

4 - 9. Sorry. Questions on separate topics, must be posted separately.

Response recorded on December 30, 1999

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Hi Gang,

I'm back. And determined to pour through these questions. I can't believe I'm still backlogged until JULY!!!

But first, let me give you a quick update on what I've been up to recently.

Post-Production has been completed on my first arc of stories. They are all set on the jungle moon TESCA NEMEROSA. I think they turned out wonderfully. I'm still very proud of the writing, but I'm wildly impressed with the CGI. (And yes, there are a few small things that bother me, but...) Overall, I think it's a very powerful set of stories.

We've completed writing and recording all 13 episodes for the first season. Post-production should begin after the first of the year. The CGI series should premeire in February on the WB's Saturday Morning. And now that the heavy lifting is done, I'm all but unemployed, which means I should have plenty of time for ASK GREG.

A good friend of mine did the English dub for this Japanese Anime series. Thom Adcox does the voice for one of the leads, and I do a few incidental voices here and there. (Yes, the man who brought you "Nice Mask!" and "Father, the rockets aren't working!" is back behind the microphone. God help us all.) It's available on home video in stores starting mid-January.

As many of you already know, I did a CAPTAIN ATOM/JLE/GARGOYLES parody team-up for this comic book. I wrote it a year ago and I still haven't seen the final result, but I'm told it turned out all right. And every copy you buy puts about a tenth of a penny into my pocket... Seriously, it wouldn't hurt if this issue sold out and was followed by a letter writing campaign asking DC to do an actual Gargoyles comic. Don't know if it would work, but it wouldn't hurt.

For those of you living in the L.A. Area, Kevin Hopps and I are teaching a twenty week course on writing for Television Animation through UCLA Extension's Writer's Program at Universal CityWalk starting this Spring and running through the Summer. Hope to see some of you there.

Now, back to your questions...

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Heather "Hudson" writes...

1)Can I call you "Uncle Greg"?
2)Between Jackal and Hyena, who is the oldest?
2a)By how long?
2b)Are they only children? as in no other siblings?
3)Would Hudsn have ever acknowledged Broadway, as being his
"biological" son?
4)When is Thom Adcox' birthday? month and day will do...

Greg responds...

1. I'd prefer "Greg".

Separate topics must post separately. Otherwise, I'll never get through the backlog of questions.

Response recorded on December 29, 1999

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Where have I been...

I can't believe I'm still answering questions from back in July.

Please have patience with me. I have been completely swamped working on a new series for SONY (makers of MIB & Starship Troopers) and the WB (the network of BATMAN BEYOND). It's called "MX1: MAX STEEL", and if I survive the production process it should be a pretty cool show.

Here's a little info:

I'm the story editor and one of the producers.

It's not the same job/responsibility/freedom that I had on Gargoyles, but it is the closest I've come to it since way back then.

The Executive Producers are Richard Raynis and Jeff Kline.

The other Producer (on the art side) is Bob Richardson.

Sue Blue is our voice director.

We've got an order for 13 episodes. Each stands alone, hopefully, but as usual with my stuff they'll play better in sequence. I hope they air in order someday.

As of today, the writing breaks down as follows:

1. "Strangers" by Greg Weisman.
2. "Sacrifices" by Greg Weisman.
3. "Shadows" by Lydia Marano.
4. "Sportsmen" by Jon Weisman.
5. "Seraphim" by Michael Reaves.
6. "Spear-Carriers" by Kevin Hopps.
7. "Snow-Blind" by Mike Ryan.
8. "Sharks" by Katherine Fugate.
9. "Sabres" by Cary Bates.
10. "Sphinxes" by Gary Sperling.
11. "Swashbucklers" by Jon Weisman.
12. "Scions" by Cary Bates.
13. "Shattered" by Kevin Hopps.

The voice cast is pretty impressive to, with quite a few names familiar to Gargoyles fandom...

Our five regulars...
Christian Campbell
Jacob Vargas
Shannon Kenny
Chi McBride
Lauren Tom

Recurring & Guest Cast includes (in order of appearance):
John de Lancie
Keith Szarabajka
Jean Gilpin
Martin Jarvis
Thomas Wilson (aka Matt Bluestone)
Edward Asner (aka Hudson)
Jason Marsden
Jeff Bennett (aka Brooklyn, Owen, etc.)
Julia Kato
Obba Babbatunde
Cam Clarke (aka Young Gillecomgain & Eric Sturlesson)
Thom Adcox Hernandez (aka Lexington)
Greg Rainwater (aka Natsilane & Coyote Trickster)
August Paro
Robert Cait

And that's just after having recorded five episodes.

The show is 100% CGI. We have high hopes.

In other news, I just attended what could be called my first GARGOYLE wedding. Marc Perlman (our music editor) and Laurel Whitcomb (our publicist) met at the Gargoyle Premiere Party in 1994. They've been an item ever since, and finally made it official yesterday. The wedding was great fun, and I was singled out as being responsible for bringing them together.

Geez, talk about pressure.

I loved it.

I will get back to answering questions as soon as I can. Hope this little update tides you over a bit.

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Ceira writes...

Dear Mr. Weisman,

This may sound like a stupid question to you, but I figured that if anyone could answer my question, it'd be you. A friend of mine and I are kinda having and arguement about eyes. Mainly Puck and Demona's. She says Puck's are blue and Demona's gray. I say Puck's are grey and Demona's black. What color are Puck's and Demona's eyes?


Greg responds...

Ceira, for once I'm not trying to give a smart-ass response. Here's the thing. I don't remember and I'm color-blind. So even if I pulled out the videos and looked, the odds are about fifty-fifty as to whether I'd be able to tell.


Response recorded on October 11, 1999

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Airwalker writes...

In HUNTER'S MOON 3, the date (September 28) that you picked for the confrontation between Charles Canmore and Demona in Paris, did you have a specific reason for picking that date or was it just chosen at random?

(I wonder because September 28 1980 was my 2nd birthday and when I saw the date on the screen, I immediately sat up.)

Greg responds...

My birthday is September 28th too. Although I wasn't two in 1980.

Response recorded on September 21, 1999

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Airwalker writes...

I know that you were only involved with THE JOURNEY in TGC. But in the episode GENERATIONS, the story had Demona completely alienating Angela, with the ending of the episode indicating that Angela had completely given up on her mother. If you got the show back, how would deal with this, how would you fix this?

Greg responds...

I have and will continue to resist addressing these questions at this time.

Understand, GOLIATH CHRONICLES was very, very PAINFUL for me. Besides "The Journey" I watched each episode exactly once -- a bitter experience each time. (And note: This is not the fault of the people who produced those episodes.)

I have no desire to put myself through additional needless pain.

Now if the show were to come back, the pain wouldn't be needless. It would be worthwhile, and I would gladly watch, even study, each episode again, looking for loopholes, for what I could ignore, etc. etc. etc.

It may sound arrogant, but I have no doubt I could salvage my continuity in its entirety.

But for now...

The only Chronicle that exists for me is "The Journey."

Hope you understand.

Response recorded on September 21, 1999

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Vanessa writes...

Ok, My question is not related to the content of the show, but the production.

1. How closely did you work with each of the departments (ie. writers, artists, actors, etc.) while you were making the show?
2. Who had the final say about what actually aired and what got cut?

Greg responds...

1. The writers and story editors worked for me directly.

The actors worked for our Voice Director Jamie Thomason, but I sat right next to Jamie at every recording, so I knew them very well.

The pre-production artists worked under Frank Paur, Dennis Woodyard and Bob Kline, and I largely dealt with those three Director/Producers as opposed to having direct contact with the artists. BUT -- there were tons of exceptions and I got to know many of the storyboard artists fairly well. Plus I had brought our (2nd season) lead character designer Greg Guler onto the show in its development phase. So I worked fairly closely with him.

I also had one on one meetings with our timing directors.

As for the actual overseas production artists. People like Roy, I had no real contact with them. Mostly I left that to Frank, though I occasionally communicated with the head of Walt Disney Japan via FAX.

In post, I worked directly with everyone. Editors, Sound folk, music, etc.

2. There isn't one answer to this. I had a tremendous amount of authority on the first two seasons, but I did have people I answered to. Largely, they gave me pretty free reign. Frank had equal authority. We generally agreed or at least could reach a solution together. Occasionally, whether we agreed on something or not, a decision would go up the ladder.

Response recorded on August 23, 1999

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My son Ben wanted to ramble. He's two years old.





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OnyxStar writes...

Well, I'm so glad that this forum is back that I've completely forgotten all the questions I've been saving. So I guess the only one I have is kind of general.

I know you've stated before (though not in so many words) that you believe in God. (I do, too). I'm going to be as vague as possible, but in a novel I have started I have a magic-user who is also a religious person. A friend of mine seems to think that this is a paradox, that all magic is inherently contradictory with God. My friend is a very religious person and I'm sure she knows better than I do (her father is a minister, for goodness' sake!), but to me there's no contradiction. Have you ever met with that problem? How do you view magic in relation to religion?

I realize that that's kind of a 'loaded question,' so you don't have to answer if you don't want to do so. But I'm curious what your opinion is. Thanks! ;-)

Greg responds...


"All things are true..." as Luna would say.

I believe in magic up to a point, and I see no conflict in that with my belief in God.

But, and this is important, I don't believe in a petty god. Or, despite the Bible, a jealous one.

I can see how those who do would find conflict where I see none.

Response recorded on August 21, 1999

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Trey Palmer writes...

What are you up to these days, and aside from convention appearances and this, how has it affected your professional life?

Greg responds...

Currently, I'm writing, story editing and producing a new television series for SONY, the WB and Mattel. This is AFTER having finished my stint on STARSHIP TROOPERS which will premier in syndication this month. On the latter, I story edited ten out of the forty episodes (#16-20 & #36-40). The writers on my two arcs were myself, Jon Weisman, Lydia Marano, Cary Bates and Michael Reaves.

On my current series I'm using all of the above plus Gary Sperling, Kevin Hopps, Mike Ryan and Katherine Fugate.

The current series will premier in January, 2000.

As for you're second question, I'm unclear on the antecedent of "it". You mean my current work? Or Gargoyles?

Response recorded on August 21, 1999

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Ethan Webb Long writes...

Are you a gargoil. wich one if so. I'm your bigest fan in the world.

Greg responds...

No. And thanks.

Response recorded on August 17, 1999

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kathy writes...

Hi Greg,

It sounds like this year is treating you pretty well (except for the back. Ouch, done that. Does your chiropractor have you exercising along with those adjustments?)

Anyway, here are some change of pace questions (just in case you can't remember when Fox got her pilot's licence. j/k)

1. You've got all afternoon and a full tank of gas. Do you head for the beach, the mountains or the desert?

2. What part of the newspaper do you read first?

3A. Which fad or trend have you seriously considered trying out?
3B Which one do you wish would go away?

4. What is your favorite fast food restaurant?

5. What person, place or landmark sums up Southern California for you. Why?

6. If someone else hadn't beaten you to it, which fictional character do you wish you could have created?

Best wishes,

Greg responds...

Hey, Kathy. Doubt this will be very interesting, but:

My chiropractor has given me exercises. But I'm a slug most of time.

1. That question just doesn't work for me. My mind doesn't function that way.

2. Generally, the front section.

3 a & b. I can't think of any at this moment.

4. Carney's.

5. Nothing sums up So Cal. Nothing's that simple.

6. Again, my mind doesn't quite work that way. But I do remember a tv show called STRANGE LUCK, or something like that, starring D.B. Sweeney. I thought that concept was brilliant, and I was extremely jealous of it. Unfortunately, it only lasted one season.

Response recorded on August 17, 1999