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Rory Bledel writes...

How soon after Megan Morse finish Happy Harbor high school did she became Garfield's guardian ?

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Hawkins writes...

Did Garfield get the purple surfboard looking like thing he has beside the wall inside his mount justice bedroom in episode Darkest before or after he started living at mount justice ?

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Montgomery Doohan writes...

Who was in charge of taking care of GARFIELD Logan by the time of his mother's funeral ?

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Jurgens writes...

Why was Garfield not said he was not allowed to live with his martian blood sister in 2011 after his mom pass away in 2011 ?

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Wilfred writes...

Was it in team year two or in team year three that Garfield started living at Mount Justice ?

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Rodney writes...

Why did Wonder Girl choose to begin a relationship with Tim Drake Robin knowing her lifespan is longer than his at the end of young justice invasion ?

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Casey writes...

Why did Miss Martian only learn how Marie Logan died in episode Earthlings and not sooner ?

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Lanita Lacobs writes...

Did Garfield Logan begin living at Mount Justice with Megan Morse as his legal guardian in 2012 or in 2013 ?

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Tosiaki Oota writes...

Why did Miss Martian choose have a relationship with Garfield after his mom was killed if miss martian did not expect Garfield was going to some day live at her home mount justice ? This is before Garfield live at mount justice .

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Hallett Rosenfarb writes...

How did M'gann learn were Garfield was live at after Marie Logan died so M'gann could visit Garfield after his mom died ?

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