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Lan Roe writes...

After his mom died did Garfield Logan live with Uncle John before GARFIELD lived with M'gann at the cave and if so why ?

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Hilario Yanez writes...

Why didn't miss martian try to convince her uncle and the other members of the justice league to let Garfield live with her in team year one knowing queen bee killed his mom and he had no more human family members ?

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Todd Hoeksema writes...

Did Conner not know how Megan was as allowed to bring Garfield to conner's birthday party since Garfield was not living at the time with megan when Garfield was at conner's birthday ?

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fido writes...

Don't you find it amazing that the show which aired in the mid 90's produced a character, who was only in 4 episodes mind you, the Puck... so important and so popular that he has made such an impact on the fan culture... that over 20 years later people are still making new fan art and fics about him on a daily basis. When you created him did you think he would gain such a following?

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Cassi Henry writes...

How did Garfield learn kid flash's name was wally west ? When did Garfield learn kid flash's name was wally before or after Garfield begin living at the cave ?

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Garbrielle writes...

Did Garfield attend Christmas or thanksgiving with M'gann in 2011 and if so how was this allowed ?

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Brad writes...

When M'gann begin attending Happy Harbor School as Megan Morse what did the information on her say where she was born at and when she was born and were did the information say were she lived at and who was her legal guardian in the school records ?

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Bradely Odell writes...

After Marie Logan died did M'gann plan to take Garfield to live with her at mount justice after she finish happy harbor high school under the name Megan Morse or did something happen after she finish high school that made her to make the decision to become Garfield's legal guardian ?

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Lachlan writes...

Did M'gann's teammates give or at least try to give M'gann a birthday party in 2011 only to learn matians age three times slower than humans because of that she will become biological equivalent of seventeen in 2013 not in 2011 ?

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Tucci writes...

How did Garfield arrive at the place his mom Marie was killed by queen bee ?

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