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Rodolphe writes...

Did Miss Martian show her white martian form to Garfield before Lagoon Boy join the team ?

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Kasumi writes...

Question 1 Did Garfield learn kid flash's name is Wally West before or after Megan Morse became Garfield's legal guardian ? Question 2 How did Garfield learn kid flash's name was wally west ?

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Regina writes...

Did M'gann promise Garfield that Queen Bee will be punish for kill killing Marie Logan when M'gann came to visit Garfield after his mom died ?

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Slater writes...

Did Miss tell Garfield Queen Bee kill his mother or did Garfield tell Miss Martian his mother was kill by Queen Bee ?

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Thom writes...

Some adult had to take care of Garfield after he lost his mom before Megan Morse became his guardian. the question is Did this adult know Garfield's skin turn green ?

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Celine writes...

In what year of the young justice timeline did the story of the Sergeant and Lieutenant Marvel was to take place in the young justice comic ?

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Vilensky writes...

THIS are Sergeant and Lieutenant Marvel questions What year did they leave the team ? Why did they leave the team ? How did the two Marvels get their powers ? How did they join the team ? Why did they join the team ?

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Appelbaum writes...

Mister Greg why was decided have it in Young Justice that Martians age three time slower than humans instead of having it that Martians age four times slower than humans ?

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Siegfried writes...

In the universe of Young Justice during the first year M'gann was member of the team Did Miss Martian believe she would live to have a lifespan that would be as long as a martian normally lives ?

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Silla Brush writes...

What did Garfield go as when he went on hallowing after Marie logan's death by queen bee and before his skin turn green ?

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