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Anonymous writes...

Had Garfield live at mount justice fore a period of time already before miss martian gave Garfield the red color bio-suit Garfield has in young justice invasion ?

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Nana writes...

How high are the odds to see 1)Duela Dent, 2)Scandal Savage, 3)Rose Wilson or 4)Zachary Zatara in YJ?

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Dragomir writes...

How physically strong are gargoyles exactly? We've seen them perform many impressive feats of strength over the course of the series that no human could ever match without some form of augmentation (bionic enhancements, genetic mutations, power armor, sorcery, etc), but if possible I'd like to know just how powerful they actually are, like, how much weight can the average gargoyle lift in comparison to a well above average gargoyle like Goliath or Demona? How many pounds? Or dare I say, tons? Like humans obviously not all gargoyles represent the pinnacle of their kind's athletic potential, hence why I listed Goliath & Demona as examples of peak physical performance, but even the weakest of gargoyles are seriously tough customers, as Lex has demonstrated more than once despite his size, or Hudson despite his age. So, yeah, I'd love to know how the strength levels of gargoyles ranging from below average, average, and above average, AKA strongest. Thanks for your time!

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Jacob writes...

Hey, Greg?

I'm an aspiring writer. But mainly just as a hobby. Yes I know, writers who write for fun will likely never become accomplished writers.

Bit of dark humor aside, um. I seem to be stuck in a creative rut.

For the past seven months I've made up ideas for superhero stories. Yet, every time, I get quite far into the creative process, and my mind just disconnects. I end up lacking motivation to write, I scrap the idea, and I start over.

I was wondering if you had any advice from writing Gargoyles, or really anything else, that might be able to help me out of this cycle I find myself in time and again.



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Jacob Kusnerik writes...

Hi Greg,

Just began watch ing Y.J. in preparation for Season 3. So far, it's AWESOME! Though one thing puzzles me a bit. Now,personally, I didn't really have too much of a problem with it, but I was greatly curious; why WAS Superman so uncomfortable around Superboy when he first met him and for so long afterward.

My personal guess is that in addition to being disconcerted with fact that there was a clone of him in the world, he had had such bad experiences with Kryptonian clones in the past-*koff Bizarro koff*- he wasn't used to the idea that there was actually a clone of him that wasn't trying to hurt him or his family and friends. He didn't know how to act around Conner except with suspicion.

Still, there seemed to be something else. Was there something I missed?

Thanks and good luck with Y.J. Season 3,


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Kzzz writes...

What does the color green mean in reach scarab ranking

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Srivastava writes...

1 What is the inuniverse explanation for the different color of scarabs, does it have something to do with biology, rank or is it at random.
2 Have u ever considered doing a young justice spin off.
3 Is it ever gonna be revealed what happened in the time skip that drastically changed the heroes like nightwing wally and those who joined and left in the 5 year gap

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Dragomir writes...

In "Future Tense" Puck depicted Demona & Brooklyn as mates, now obviously that's not happening considering Brook found Katana & started a family, but was there ever a point in time in which you were seriously considering the idea of a reformed Demona hooking up with Brooklyn in the future? OR, was Demona & Brooklyn's illusionary relationship meant to be a hint towards the eventual pairing up of Delilah and Malibu later on? Or was that all just coincidence and Puck's "shipping" of Demona & Brooklyn was never meant to be a clue as to their future or the futures of their clones? I only ask because I was always interested by Puck's ominous warning to Goliath regarding how his portrayal of the future, while not one hundred percent accurate, could still give hints as to the possible futures of the gargoyles as well as their friends and foes, i.e. like how although Lexington himself didn't turn evil as he did in Puck's illusion, his clone did indeed "join the darkside" by siding with Thailog. Thanks for your time!

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Jacob writes...

Are there any gargoyle clans in Russia?

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Martin the Mad writes...

Taking into account crwodfunding pages and Internet Television, did you consider working on "Gargoyles" again, continuing where the story left off?

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