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Dreamer writes...

Megan's character development is very complicated. why do not we know her story? why is she unreliable for 3 seasons?

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Jose writes...

If Gargoyles returns will it continue where it left off?

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Baru Drake writes...

I was wondering... is the Phoenix (entity) a child of Oberon? Or, is it something else completely different? Coz' I don't see how this ridiculously overpowered bird could be a mere "third race"

Having the power to cross between the past and the future, this creature is literally one of the most powerful beings in the Gargoyle universe, considering that it can easily travel back and forth to either the beginning or the end of time. It can literally just send anyone to the big bang if it wanted to.

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Todd Jensen writes...

Something I recently saw at the Phoenix Public Library reminded me of the fears you'd mentioned that "Gargoyles" would be perceived as a "Batman: TAS" imitation. I spotted a few copies (four in all - someone on the library staff must have had fond memories of the series) of the "Gargoyles Season Two Volume Two" DVD there, and noted that the blurb on the back called the gargoyles "Gotham's guardians". Well, Gotham *is* an old nickname for New York (going back to Washington Irving), and there's the alliterative appeal, but it still makes it look as if somebody confused the gargs with a different nocturnal crime-fighter.

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Skin writes...

Hi Greg. Did/Do you have an idea of who would’ve voiced Scorpion, Hobgoblin and Carnage in Spectacular Spider-Man?

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Alex writes...

Hey Greg,

Does Zatanna have any other family members besides her father? I know in the middle of Season 1, Batman offered to take her in, implying that she literally had no where else to go.

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Jimmy writes...

Hello Greg,

I know that you've worked with Sony, Disney/Marvel and such. The Question is, could you !!Imagine!! working with them again, like helping them out with your knowledge about spider-man (The Story, Dialogue between characters etc.) for the MCU and future movies ?

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B writes...

Does Halo’s chant to use her violet aura have any meaning? Is it and the ‘tongue of the old gods’ considered magic?

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Josh writes...

What was the motivation for M'gann to rock the bald and badass look in "Outsiders"?

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jonny modlin writes...

I would like Gargoyles to be released on Blu-Ray. I am interested in seeing Gargoyles released on Blu-Ray.

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